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  1. Icetime for little Zhogs? "On a besoin de savoir qu'à chaque match, on va obtenir le même rendement de sa part. Il y a des matchs où on lui a donné cette occasion-là et il n'a pas répondu. Il a donc eu moins de glace. Il faut montrer l'exemple pour que les gars réalisent que le temps d'utilisation va à ceux qui le méritent. Quand il démontre qu'il veut travailler fort, c'est important pour moi de lui donner du temps de glace." - Claude Julien here's hoping he gets 20' and a strong game. :hlogo: :ghg: :hlogo:
  2. This the girl? http://www.jentina.com/
  3. Think I know the girl you're looking for. Can't find her name right now. As soon as I know more I'll let U know. http://brits.co.uk/index.jsp
  4. Go Habs Go. Kovy wants to skate with the team. I'm getting excited, here's hoping the team gets fired up as well. Time to give that Cujo guy some @ss who@ping. Ice team for the kids! Time to skate your @ss off! :hlogo: :ghg: :hlogo:
  5. OK, you can play catanacio and easily score 2, 3 or 3+ goals. Goals scored isn't much of an indication of the system they play. While playing that ugly catanacio you counter attack. With a little luck you can score 4 goals on only 4 counter attacks. If you have the offensive talent. And yes, squadra azurri has some talent. Too bad Italia doesn't play as a team. As for Totti, that kind of behavior doesn't belong on a soccer pitch.
  6. Italy hasnt played the cattanchio in decades, and they have had the best strikers of the last decade including Baggio Zola Inzaghi Del Piero Vieri Tottti etc etc etc Hu? Oh, OK. Did you see Euro 2004, only 1 year ago? Or Euro 2000? No catanacio?
  7. "Sean Avery wasn't on the ice, so it must be that the unhappy customers were directing their disenchantment at their beloved Canadiens." - Red Fisher, Montreal Gazette
  8. also read that #5 a couple of years ago, think it was in Journal de Montréal, a women was suing him because of that. Says a lot about Hainsey, the person.
  9. Mama mia, gotta love Catanacio! Haha
  10. No kidding!! A couple of years ago I saw my coach (a Beauport, Qc native) cruising around main street -in heavy traffic- on the Zamboni! Afterwards I found out he had problems with his car, drove it into a ditch, so he needed a depanneuse..
  11. "We didn't compete. We lost one-on-one battles, we didn't win races to the puck. That was the biggest thing - we have to compete harder." - Claude Julien "On savait tous qu'on devait être prêt et vous avez vu comme moi que ç'a été une disgrâce du début jusqu'à la fin. Il y a des gars dans les nuages dans le moment. Ils devraient se regarder dans le miroir. En tentant de trop en faire, on se complique la tâche. On doit travailler plus efficacement au lieu d'essayer d'être spectaculaire" - Craig Rivet "Tout le monde doit pousser dans la même voie, et il y a plusieurs joueurs qui ne le font pas. Les gars savent quoi faire pour être prêts. Peut-être que ce n'est pas tout le monde qui se prépare adéquatement." -Steve Begin
  12. In the zone? Started 7 (.925 Sv%, 2.29 GAA, 30.6 SAG, 4W) of the Kings last 10 games. In his last 4 starts (started the kings' last 4 games) he faced 126 shots, allowing 8 goals, good for a .937 Sv%. Earned LA coach Murray's confidence? Keep up the good work!
  13. Somebody must have read the newspaper. Hamilton 7- Houston 1. Scoring Summary First Period 1. HOU – Roman Voloshenko-17 (Patrick O’Sullivan, Erik Westrum) – 12:06 (pp) Second Period 2. HAM – Maxim Lapierre-4 (Peter Vandermeer, Danny Syvret) – 9:15 3. HAM – Marc-Antoine Pouliot-6 (Andrei Kostitsyn, Dan Smith) – 10:49 4. HAM – Corey Locke-9 (Danny Syvret, Francis Lemieux) – 16:03 (pp) Third Period 5. HAM – Francis Lemieux-7 (Peter Vandermeer, Maxim Lapierre) - 3:15 6. HAM – Duncan Milroy-8 (Jean-Francois Jacques, Corey Locke) – 8 :56 7. HAM – Michael Lambert-6 (Cory Urquhart) – 9:39 8. HAM – James Sanford-1 (Marc-Antoine Pouliot, Johnathan Aitken) – 9 :53 Goaltending Hamilton: Yann Danis (17 shots, 16 saves) Houston: Josh Harding (25 shots, 20 saves) / Seamus Kotyk (9 shots, 7 saves) Three Stars 1) HAM – Maxim Lapierre 2) HAM – Francis Lemieux 3) HAM – Peter Vandermeer Partsource Sparkplug of the Game: James Sanford :hlogo: :ghg: :hlogo:
  14. If I'm not mistaken it's 7 edmonton skaters and 1 oiler goalie, the rest of the team baby Habs.
  15. This one? http://tinyurl.com/axf6m D'accord It has to be this one!
  16. The lines at yesterdays practice: Dagenais Ribeiro Ryder Bulis Plekanec Zednik Higgins Begin Sundstrom - Perezhogin -
  17. It has to be this one, no? http://tinyurl.com/axf6m
  18. Ok, this threads title is not a quote of mine, I just found this story, worth sharing. Hamilton is on track to fall into last place overall in the AHL By Scott Radley The Hamilton Spectator Dec 9, 2005 If you're sitting at home thinking to yourself, Gee, this year's Hamilton Bulldogs team kinda stinks, you're right. They do. They're awful. But if you're looking for someplace to lay the blame, hold fire on most of the overmatched players. That's because the responsibility for Hamilton having a team that's in real danger of falling into last place in the entire American Hockey League before Christmas lies with the Montreal Canadiens and its feeble attempts to ice a competitive squad. .. Things really hit bottom last weekend when the Dogs dressed only 15 skaters for back-to-back games in what was truly a minor-league moment for a minor-league team. Even owner Michael Andlauer admits he was embarrassed by that one. "I expect that with our relationship, they will provide us with 18 players and a competitive team," the frustrated owner says, stressing the second half of that sentence. "I don't expect them just to provide 18 players." That's not happening. Five losses in a row and 11 of their last 12 prove that. And the fact that he has no say in any player decisions means he can't do anything to fix things. Which is part of the reason he's meeting with the Canadiens next week to find out if something can be changed. .. In the Habs' defence, it's unreasonable to expect to have a stocked farm team every year. Can't-miss prospects aren't easy to find. Drafting is a crapshoot. Most of Montreal's best young players have recently made the leap to the big team. That's where free agents come in to fill the void, though. Franchises that are serious about building a solid farm team start with the prospects and then build around that with AHL veterans and guys who'd otherwise be heading to Europe. Yes, that costs money, but it works. For two years now, Andlauer's said he'd be willing to spend a few of his own dollars to bring some talent of his choosing here. The Habs so far don't appear interested. .. Of all the skaters who are Habs' property, only Corey Locke, Andre Benoit and Ron Hainsey have excelled. And Hainsey's gone now, lost to the Columbus Blue Jackets on waivers. If it wasn't for the players the Oilers sent here as part of the renewed split-affiliation, this team would be truly atrocious. Jean-Francois Jacques, Marc-Antoine Pouliot and Brad Winchester have largely kept this ship sort of afloat. How much? Despite playing fewer than a quarter of the man-games their Canadiens' counterparts have, Edmonton's prospects have provided more than a third of the Dogs' goals. Nobody's demanding a champion every year. But the team has become worse in each season of the Canadiens' three years in charge. .. If they aren't willing to do what's necessary to provide a decent product, they need to let Andlauer step in and try. It's hard to imagine he could make things worse. [Edited on 9-12-05 by mathieug]
  19. Human after all. Nice going young man! Thumbs up for José! C'était une journée grise de novembre. José Théodore, à sa première saison complète avec le Canadien, accompagne ses coéquipiers lors de la visite annuelle du club à l'hôpital Sainte-Justine. Il ne se doute pas que cette expérience va transformer sa vie... et celle d'un enfant gravement malade. http://www.cyberpresse.ca/article/20051209...1006/CPSPORTS01
  20. In today's jukebox: Arno, Live in Brussels.
  21. BtH is correct. Jean-Francois Racine is 1 good goalie!
  22. Huet the backup. I'm looking forward at Huet playing his first game in a Habs jersey. He's a good goalie, no doubt, but how will he handle the pressure that comes with playing here in Montréal? Here's hoping he doesn't choke. Hoping all goes well. That would be best for Huet, Théo and little Danis.
  23. Good idea, Gillet & Komisarek.
  24. Canadiens GM Bob Gainey announced Thursday the signing of forward Francis Lemieux to a three-year contract. Do you know this kid? What kind of player is he? I know he's 1 small player at 5 foot 11, he played junior in the Q and was signed by the Bulldogs as a FA. Anybody seen this kid play? [Edited on 9-12-05 by mathieug]
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