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  1. Haha Mr O'Connel or that other funny guy, what's his name? Milbury?
  2. If you think this thread's silly, hop to this one: http://forum.canadiens.com/forum/fre/viewt...opic.php?t=5909 No kidding, there talking about Phaneuf & Bochenski over there! Yep Bochenski scored a hattrick the other night. Quick! Hahaha
  3. During the lockout he played for the Mannheim Eagles in the DEL and he looked good at times. I saw him stand on his head quite often for the french national team. He's a good goalie.
  4. Huet's looking forward at playing his first game for the Habs. The last couple of days he has been working with Mr. Melanson on his position, recovery and play behind the net. Huet played 4 games (0-4-0, 3.79 GAA, .862 Sv%) in the AHL after recovery from knee surgery. He played two solid games and 2 bad ones. Those bad games won't bother him much. Huet doesn't know when he will get his first start. "I don't know if I will start the game in Carolina the 31 december." Yokes. Huet is also looking forward to the olympics, where he'll be representing team France. "I'm the team France starting goalie for 5-6 years now." says Huet, who played already at 2 olympics. "Hockey in France is in a rebuilding mode. We're behind on Suisse, Germany & Austria, but the future's bright." OK, my english is not perfect but here's hoping you'll understand the text.
  5. Cristobal Huet a hâte de disputer son premier match à Montréal http://www.cyberpresse.ca/article/20051206...5128/CPSPORTS01 I'm not French, but I'm kind of alarmed... does that say Huet would hate to play his first game for Montreal?!? Nope, he's looking forward at playing his first game here.
  6. Pretty sure Souray is better than Salei when not playing well, there is no point in acquiring him. And Sykora is too expensive, we have kids that can step in on the socring lines, leave Bonk alone on the checking line, maybe after his injury fully heals we'll see the Bonk of old. There is no point in any trades bringing in forwards, there are plenty in the system(Sykora has 2 years after this). The only trade needed is for a top D-man, which Salei is not. Correct, we need another D, a top-D. That's all for now.
  7. Cristobal Huet a hâte de disputer son premier match à Montréal http://www.cyberpresse.ca/article/20051206...5128/CPSPORTS01
  8. A son mourns his mother Komisarek recalls her love, support. 'Won't be a day that goes by during which I won't think about her': Habs defenceman HERB ZURKOWSKY The Gazette Wednesday, December 07, 2005 "Some kids don't experience the love and support from their parents," the Canadiens defenceman said yesterday during a lengthy interview, his voice cracking often with emotion. "But I saw first-hand the sacrifices and how she took care of us. There won't be a day that goes by during which I won't think about her. "She's in heaven, looking down and smiling." Komisarek's mother died last Tuesday, more than 10 months after she learned she had pancreatic cancer. She was 51. Her son flew home the night before, leaving a practice in Gatineau before a game the following night at Ottawa, to be by her bedside. It was a routine that had become all too familiar to Komisarek this season. Virtually every Sunday morning at 6, he would board a flight to New York, often after a game at the Bell Centre the night before, to spend the day with his mother before returning to Montreal that night. And, through it all, he kept a stiff upper lip and continued playing, 21 games in all, while averaging slightly more than 14 minutes of ice time a game. "There hasn't been a time on the ice where I haven't thought about her," said Komisarek, who will turn 24 on Jan. 19. "It's been tough. If I told you it wasn't on my mind I'd be lying. But I've still got a job to do." "I know my mom was a special lady," Komisarek said. "I was fortunate to have her around for so long and see the influence she had on people. I see her now through others' eyes." After missing three games last week, Komisarek practised yesterday, his teammates' first day back on the ice after last Saturday's win over Los Angeles. He sat at his stall, reliving the story and talking about his mother's life, as wave after wave of media came by to offer condolences. "I'll be playing for her," he said. "I'll continue to make her proud." http://www.habsworld.net/out.php?2731 http://www.cyberpresse.ca/article/20051207...5128/CPSPORTS01 [Edited on 7-12-05 by mathieug]
  9. Good job Mathieu, a 36 Save, 2-1 win in Toronto. Bien joué! http://prodtsn.tsn.ca/audio_video/video_lo....asp?reel=23565 [Edited on 7-12-05 by mathieug]
  10. Tuesday Mike Komisarek practiced with the team. Welcome back Mike. Mike Komisarek est de retour à l'entraînement www.cyberpresse.ca/article/20051206/CPSPORTS/512061331/5128/CPSPORTS01
  11. EA SPORTS NHL 06 Dynasty mode Washington 3 @ Montréal 6 1ST PERIOD WSH Halpern(PP) (Zubrus) 2:21 MTL Perezhogin (Koivu, Rivet) 8:47 MTL Perezhogin (Kovalev, Koivu) 17:01 2ND PERIOD MTL Bonk (Sundstrom) 5:05 WSH Willsie 9:59 MTL Plekanec (Bonk, Sundstrom) 17:27 MTL Perezhogin (Kovalev, Koivu) 19:48 3RD PERIOD WSH Zubrus (Cassels) 5:11 MTL Ryder (Ribeiro) 9:08 EA SPORTS 3 STARS 1 A. Perezhogin 2 S. Koivu 3 A. Kovalev Goalies: (WSH) Kolzig 30 Sv, 36 SA (MTL) Danis 30 Sv, 33 SA Upcoming Matchup Vs Atlanta (10-7-0-3) :hlogo:
  12. They just keep changing managers, as if their problems laid there. Did you see Luxemborgos' last game? The 1-0 win on the Ronaldo goal (handball?), yikes. Brutal. Beckham losing it, going nuts once again.
  13. Correct. Maybe a prospect in a couple of years, maybe a couple of prospects in a few years but not now. Schneider, Ouellet & Ellis are good prospects. It won't help them in the short stretch. True.
  14. It has to be this one, without a doubt http://svec.cegepsth.qc.ca/sports/inter/li...ard/rocket2.gif You need to cut & paste to get the link working. Make sure you close the gap in Rich_ard!
  15. Huet the canuck? No way you'll land a goalie in Vancouver. Not now they've gotten pretty deep in goaltending depth. Dan Cloutier/Alex Auld/Rob McVicar/Maxime Ouellet/Wade Flaherty/Julien Ellis-Plante/Cory Schneider/Lukas Mensator/Alexandre Vincent
  16. Don't kill me. The song's just a joke, hé. ..avec Pierre Dagenais sur son trio.. Hihi Quoi?
  17. What do we do about Ribeiro? Maybe we can sing a song? Sing along! http://www.vertvenus.com/smediaaudio.html Go :hlogo: Go
  18. Do I love Higgins, man oh man. Grit, smart, willing to learn and always, always working hard. Great kid. If only Ribs had Higgins' head on his shoulders..
  19. thank god.. for habsworld ... for the 7th day, for Mr Bob Gainey, for (almost) all the women in the world, for wooden hockeysticks with (almost) no curve, poutine, Natasha St-pier, for picking up Steve Begin from waivers, for 3-2 OT wins, Paris by night, Québec winters, Belgian chocolate, Mark Messier retired, for Maple syrup, my great parents, french fries, ..I'm a country boy (lol), ... but most of all, thank god for Habsworld! [Edited on 5-12-05 by mathieug]
  20. Here you have the Chara segment, the final minutes in the Ottawa-Los Angeles game. http://kingsmediazone.com/jimfox.wmv
  21. Wasn't he a GM in Anaheim? Gordon Bombay told me that. [Edited on 4-12-05 by mathieug] Don't know who that is but I know that the reason he was fired from Florida's GM wasbecause he made this "crazy" trade: Oleg Kvasha + Radek Dvorak for Olli Jokinen + Roberto Luongo At the time Milbury was the big winner and Murray got fired for creating Florida it's future. You don't know Mr Bombay? Coach Bombay from the D-5 team? He invented the flying-V! That Gordon Bombay.
  22. Wasn't he a GM in Anaheim? Gordon Bombay told me that. [Edited on 4-12-05 by mathieug]
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