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  1. I'm hearing Poehling will have to start with the club if he's still injured because he was on the roster to end last season? And with one week and a few days left of preseason this is a real possibility? T or False?
  2. Ive seen nothing from him yet to suggest he has a remote chance of making this team. Seems everyone is outplaying him except maybe Drouin Reilly and Follin are being pushed hard by Leskinon and Fleury who have both stood out in comparison. Suzuki at RW should bring some flare to that line tonight. Will be great to see him against an OTT top line of similar aged players (obviously with more NHL experience.)
  3. Weal could turn out to be another real savvy steal for Montreal. Hes put up real nice numbers since coming over.
  4. Agree 100% It's why I keep saying let the kid just play his game and merit his place... doesn't help the craziness that hes started his career with 2 real solid games. With that said, Suzuki looks great tonight as well. Cant help breaking a smile right now.
  5. Suzuki looks great in this 2nd period... What good problems MTL has moving forward
  6. Kulak got beat as well... Lehkonan looks faster tonight
  7. Today, tsn 690 pundits (not fans) were comparing him to Kesler... I say we let the kid play and see where it goes. His style of play for what I've seen in WJC and thus far with the habs is neither Danault Kesler or Wheeler for that matter. Outside of being responsible in his own end that is
  8. I thought cousins was more of a C then a Winger? But hes only seen action thus far as a winger
  9. Wheeler had 35 points in 44 games in his 3rd year of college compared to Poehling's 31 in 36. Correct me if im wrong but poehling was also 1 or 2 years younger? And under age in his 1st NCAA season? Again correct me if I'm wrong. Poehling was also a huge reason why St.Cloud was in fact a juggernaut... not to mention his WJC/ MVP to go along with it. Wheeler took 10 seasons in the NHL to hit 90pts and 6 seasons to hit 60... nobody and I mean nobody expected him to be a 90 point player coming out of college but hear we are 12 seasons later! Why are we comparing the 2 exactly... and if we are we should be comparing their college careers which were very similar except for poehling being the youngest player in the NCAA during his 1st year there... All we know so far about Poehling at the NHL level is that he has 4 points in 2 games and doesn't look out of place one single bit
  10. We doing this again? I cant find a single post suggesting this guy will be an offensive star from anyone... What he was however (at least yesterday) was "arguably" the best skater for both teams... which turns out to be a great follow up to his first pro game (last year's final game of the season vs Leafs) This is all we can ask of the 200LB / 20yr old. If he continues to play like he did last night, CJ and MB might have there hand forced as it was with KK. As he will "merit" a spot on this roster. It was disappointing to see him lose the draw to Barkov in the final moments of the game but nice to see CJ deploy him rather then Danault to preserve the lead. HE NEEDS TO consistently be good at the draw to have a real chance in a top 4 Center role. Very interested to see Suzuki's performance tonight given better linemates.
  11. evans is in again? 3 straight? wow julien really wants to get a look at him... Suzuki getting a real opportunity tonight with Byron and Weal.
  12. hudon was the big disappointment of the night. I know its one game but this guy has no chance of making this team. We are to deep! haha He's on life support with MTL The top 2 lines were no shows. Especially Drouin, Danault, and Tatar. Belzile, Barber, Evans definitely earned another look even if they are Laval bound in the end. Poehling looked real good all over the ice I thought. More specifically in his own end... back checking, killing penalties etc which surely has CJ all smiles
  13. Is getting rid of gallagher romanov and a 2nd for Laine smart? How did that deal work out for Vegas? Patches for Tatar suzuki and a 2nd? And I get it that Laine is another level of goalscorer and 5 years the younger... I think I'd just like to build this roster Internally at this point and let the smart cap management continue. The general Markov is growing on me though. 1 million Plus bonuses is that doable 40 year olds 1 million +65 games 1 million +18 minutes 1million + 45 points 4million worth it...
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