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  1. Where is the love for Weber and Chairot... Chairot must of been out there for 2:30min straight and Weber for 1:50 PLUS they both get chances on the rush WOW Price in the 3rd and OT... Hes starting to really turn it on. Im starting to see some swagger again.. Is he finally back?
  2. He actually double downed more then once to. He had a chance to "clear the air" and chose not to But to suggest that there is NOT a double standard being upheld, depending on what side of an aisle your on is just as disingenuous. And I'm not talking solely on the prospect of immigration. I'm speaking generally across all topics and ideas. Its sickening. I'm gonna stick with Cherry should of retired long ago. His firing over these comments was a very easy decision for Roger's Sportsnet. anyways this is an NHL thread... Politics should have no place in Sports.
  3. I couldn't agree more... With that said, Don Cherry's hockey relevance expired years ago. And, for that he should have retired long before the cancel culture got to him.
  4. Why past 40? He's only signed till 40! If we are going to look through the hindsight lens, over the last 3 seasons and now 17 games into this season. You would have to think Weber has the advantage statistically (even if ever so slightly) and one would think the trend if not for injury in year 2 would of been Weber being better over the whole span (traditional stats that is). Since Subban's back issues, Weber has really started to seperate from Subban and this season even though the sample size is only 17 games and there is still tonnes of hockey to be played, Subban has been brutal! 2019/20 Weber > Subban (early results) 2018/2019 Weber > Subban 2017/2018 Weber* < Subban *Weber injury 2016/17 Weber= Subban Weber is older but stronger and much less agile (not neccesarily slower) Subban younger and fleet of foot but has a bad back and is a pain in the a$$ ( think rumours of being moved after 2nd season and then actually moved for "cap reasons" after year 3) Pick your Poison... I'll go with Chara lite
  5. Still irks me after seeing refs record and then the full to slap that delay of game after knowing they missed that touch in the neutral zone during the offside. On top of a f'n penalty shot The bias tonight was unreal
  6. Let's not kid ourselves. We got a a point tonight solely because of staunch penalty killing and our goalie playing like the super star we all crave. 2 positives Carey Price A strong PK
  7. 6 killed penalties A stopped penalty shot. Carey Price marvelous..... What a boost in confidence So close to such a huge character win. Oh well. Take the point and please ease protest the refereeing
  8. The one thing that has become apparent so far in this young season, is the Habs playing up or down to their opponent. They can play toe to toe with the best teams in the league and then turn around and make marginal teams look like world beaters. The sign of a team still needing to mature.
  9. We got real lucky to end the period. Thompson should of got a slash/ hook to end the period on gostisbere
  10. Another solid period from Price... maybe the boys can put together a great 3rd and steal this one?
  11. You have doubts about a player 7 periods into his career? Price looks really good tonight thus far
  12. Is Price a problem in 2019-2020? Games 1 to 5 Possibly (Except for 1 great game) Games 6 to 10 Not At All! (Except 1 bad game) 2019- no playoffs NO-Had a good season. Struggled mightily though to start season in Oct and November when team was actually playing well in front of him. Came out of the slump in early December and we saw vintage 2015 Price for a good stretch. 2018- no playoffs YES-Absolutly terrible (worst in the league... yes Com, even worse then Anderson's .898 to his .900%) which sparked this debate 2017- 1st round loss NO- Similar to 2019 only his game went off the rails late in February and continued to slide through March and April. 2016- not in playoffs -INJURED.... Huge problem! 2015 2nd round loss MVP Season It's safe to say Carey Price went through something. And his game was significantly effected by it. The issues in his game started late in the 2017 season and lasted ALL of 2018 and into the start of last season. The good news is something clicked during the holidays last year because his game took a huge upward swing in December. He had refound his lost game and had a spectacular more then 2nd half season. This season as early as it is, has shown a bit of Price in every year. The terrible and the spectacular. So far these last 5/6 games weve seen a much better Price then the guy who started the season. We can only hope Prices volatile past few years are truly behind him and he can put together some strong seasons and do something special to close out his career...
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