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  1. Oct. 24, Panthers vs Canadiens, 7:30 PM

    Take the hwy east to the coast and check out Porto Ottiolu. It’s nice there.
  2. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    I had read that they were top 3 in shots and both top 10 in high danger shots and scoring chances akso pacioretty has been absolutely terrible and non existent tonight!
  3. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    The refs are ruining this game with all the PP’s
  4. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    You’d think it make you miss Markov? Not Subban as P.K. liked to flip it high and in the air where as Marky was more tape to tape... and metes was a beauty!
  5. GDT #3 Habs @ New York Rangers, October 8th 2017

    Ya don but no mention of all our “firing on all cylinders” forwards!
  6. GDT #3 Habs @ New York Rangers, October 8th 2017

    I don’t know, to me the chances to score have been there... going all the way back to the playoffs. We just can’t bury our chances. It seems to me more and more as a “talent issue” rather then an adjustment to the system. On the defence Petry and Benn look weak and mistake prone thus far. Davidson played a decent game and Alzner Weber and mete were just fine! mete is looking more and more like an absolute 4th rd steal the more he plays. His composure and iQ are off the charts for a 19yr old. He’s daring on the pinch and is willing to hold the line more so with the belief he has the speed to recover as well as the confidence Weber will cover for him... I like him thus far. He’s got a great first pass and his stride is definitely better then most on the team. I think this guy ends up sticking all year unless he has an epic collapse in the next 6 games.
  7. GDT #3 Habs @ New York Rangers, October 8th 2017

    Is he gonna let the kid play a starring role? Or put Benn in a position to fail?
  8. Oct. 7, Habs vs Capitals, 7 PM

    BBenns outlet and even clearances are absolutely brutal... Wow this has been his worst game as a Hab... Petry’s been bad as well. The funny thing is mete in his short TOI had been one if not our best D
  9. Oct. 7, Habs vs Capitals, 7 PM

    On a bright note Don Cherry said victor mete was the best junior midget skater he’s ever seen... even better then McDavid! Lol
  10. Oct. 7, Habs vs Capitals, 7 PM

    I’d say first mistake of the season this year was Julian’s decision to start Benn on the top pair with Weber... no reason to make that change before the game even starts!
  11. I’d have to think the only reason mete was not a 1st rounder and highly thought of his directly related to his small stature. Also, most will agree that he was a beast in last years OHL playoffs and actually out played sergachev in a head to head playoff battle. And im not saying sergachev isn’t a beast... I’m just saying Mete’s size is the reason he’s gone under the radar only until the spotlight of la belle province has shined on him...
  12. 9/25, Habs vs Leafs

    My biggest issue is the decision when Drouin can't go that they insert Mitchell into the top C spot. I'm sorry but Mitchell does not need an audition. I would of given McCarron or DeLaRose that start last night and said here you go... Show me what you got playing with one of the best goal scorers in the NHL (patch) and our relentless workhorse who never takes a shift off (Gallagher)!! worst case scenario he flops... best case is he has a multi point night and his confidence gets boosted... wasted opportunity to develop our players in my opinion!
  13. Habs announce training camp roster

    I don't think it's speed either. I do think his stop/ start acceleration is a huge problem though. Most likely his biggest at this point. He's constantly doing fly by's to maintain speed. the only defence I have for him is that as a #1 pick and years of training camp under his belt this yeAr maybe just maybe he should of been given some reps in the top 6 with top 6 talent. Not because he belongs there but to at least say "hey the kid got to play with our best wingers and it just didn't work. A) we are looking for a top 6 C B) as a confidence boost... sometimes it's all you need. C) give him an oppurtunity to succeed or fail... but at least give him an opportunity. It's preseason! 19 minutes in a preseason game between 2 legit wingers would be ideal to see what he really has to offer rather then 10 minutes with AHL wingers. Maybe that's the jolt he needs to take his game to another level! we just watch OTT do it with there 6'6' rookie C between stone and Ryan as an example
  14. 2017-18 Line-up

    There's reports lou and Babcock are in Moscow talking to Russian defender Igor Ozhiganov. Don't know anything about him!
  15. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I quoted your follow up quote but here you go