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  1. Ya and if anything Drouin is worth way more then duschene currently
  2. wasting away meaning not taking the chance, the plunge but we could always -sign a significant C on the free agent market not named manny MalHoltra (no offence manny) -deal plex away and try a new look at C? - trade significant draft picks to secure any other player.... - wait for a Micheal McCarron or Kyle Chipcura or Louie LeBlanc to emerge -fast track a kid just recently drafted... the point is 5 years of DD later with plex now on the outside looking in at top 6 duties and danault and galchenyuk are still question marks. we have a stalled current prospect pool but drouin and Lehkonan just bought us some time to develop more over the coming seasons. the key remains this 9 million to be spent
  3. id like to see them invest all or close to all of their remaining cap on another top end forward talent preferably C. id also like to see them concentrate on McKinnon and not Dush or tavares. also maybe seeing who can be had a little cheaper because of teams cap strapped like Wash etc.
  4. I don't see why it's delusional to think Danault can't be a good 200ft 2C. LY was his first full season as a starting C and even early on in the season he was on on the wing. He also didn't look to out of place and performed admirably when faced with harder competition on the top line. Who is to say this 24 year old doesn't have another level to his game. He has seemed to play well in a major role on essentially every team and league he's ever played in... remember he's in the same draft class as beaulieu.. so this coming year will be very telling. if he gets his offensive stats up this season and contributes more on the score sheet, I can't see why not. If there's no continued progression then a good 3rd liner He'll be.
  5. Point is we are wasting away good years of low cap rate of price and patch. All the while burning cap savings on plex while not even making a splash on the UFA market outside 4th Centers that can win face offs But lets see how he spends 9 million while using plex cap savings go to price extension
  6. You are taking me out of context. He is in fact the 3rd defence men out on the 2nd PP unit he's also the 3rd defence men out on there 2nd pair Yes he plays substantial minutes which is why I also said 1 of 4 defence... thats what I miss more so then anything on ice. BUT, can we finally put this leadership or bad for the room rhetoric behind us??
  7. Agree totally. but we aren't getting Tavares at the moment, Hanzel at the deadline would of been a clear mistake given what he fetched. What C could be had for sherghachev at the moment? Duschene? No thank you. a block buster for McKinnon would be a great option but sherghachev alone wouldn't get that done either. Little would be a good find but no for scherg.
  8. seems to me hes still very much a HAB! and enjoying life and love this summer. I could of had a lot of fun in that wedding party with all those beauties...
  9. All this "Leader Weber" stuff is old and is so annoying! This talk is spun by "us" the fans and Toronto sports media. Subban as a hab was portrayed as a villian, a high risk high reward individual hockey player who was a defensive liability. Post trade Toronto sports media spin it as the biggest heist by Nashville and oh how we have been burned. What a 360 by the media and fans. All off a sudden he's the best player in hockey. The real Truth is MB thought of Weber as -more stable on the ice and off it -He scores more goals -makes less high risk plays -more efficient on the PP -he's bigger and stronger. These are the reasons for the trade! All that other noise about leadership and problem in the room is just that, noise coming from fans, because even the players themselves like Subban from The General to Galchenyuk. (I still believe that off the ice one big reason for subban getting moved is how he handled the hospital pledge) outside of that MB clearly believes the team is best moving forward with price/ weber rather then price/ subban... On on the flip side Subban is now the 3rd defensman on the 2nd PP unit as he was all year/ playoffs in Nashville. He is not the #1D on the ice (arguably the 3D or 1 of 4) on a super deep line up. And that's ok to. He's a great player and even better entertainer... As for Montreal improving and taking the next step? until the next draft pick steps up to the plate and plays a major role like pacioretty, price, galchenyuk, subban etc. from within the program... we will continue to tread water and not take the Next step. We've hit an unlucky bump in the road of drafting and developing at one of the worst times as we really do have some good pieces of a core. Now landing Drouin and previously Danault as well as retaining radulov would of been another step forward, but in the end we were playing with house cards with radulov! now maybe Lehkonan can turn into a 30 goal man and we can finAlly have added another key piece from within. Something MB has preached from day one -build from the back -build from within -low risk moves that don't mortgage the future until youth can step up! Win at the draft table and we will take that next step is all!!!
  10. Last I checked the image of Smashville is alive and kicking but here I am thinking it's because everyone gets "smashed" in Nashville and not from hitting hard... seems you have all the excuses for everyone but MB... the fact remains poile has had 20 years... and his only real success as a GM came with solid goaltending from Riine and a defensive backbone of Suter and weber and then weber Josi Ekholm and now Josi ekholm subban Ellis. The move of jones for Johansen was huge as they were a team struggling to score as well. Also the emergence of the sophomore arrvidson as well as forsberg has really contributed. In the end though, if riine plays like he did the first 25 games rather then his last... Nashville doesn't stand a chance! speaking of rhetoric... MB has said multiple multiple times he would not mortgage the future for short term gain and he hasn't thus far. This is why you see low risk trades with outside chances of success in the interm of guys at the tail end of their careers. The biggest problem is the habs haven't made any really good on any picks in the last little while. This I believe is the true reason of the teams stalling progression to the next level. Lehkonan could very well be the first impact draft pick since Gallagher and Galchenyuk! Adding Drouin helps although losing sergachev hurts... (we will just have to hope juulsen, mete and 1 or 2 of the 5 defence drafted this year really pan out to help with that loss. Meantime we gain one of the most dynamic young forwards on hockey.
  11. FYI markov subban emelin jorges kaberle diaz campoli Y. Weber is what MB inherited on defence...
  12. pretty sure roy lost to dallas in the western final at age 34 and brodeur rang off the first of back to back 40+ win seasons just to name a few on top of that who knows what the prospect pool will bring in the next 5 years... hearing alot of good things of Ikonen drafted this year...
  13. I think 6 of the last 10 picks the leafs of had have been in the top 10 alone. if your a bottom feeder consistently, you are in a rebuild... because well your at the bottom and need to build. you wanted price to walk? Are you hab fan or a leaf fan trolling? Cause a hab fan at least would rather we traded him for a future asset at the very least.
  14. forgive me if i believe we will not need a rebuild in 5 years and that we are a not a bubble team as soon as this year or next as some are portraying. Instead, i believe, we will most likely fight for the division again next year, probably the conference for more reasons then just a dominant Carey Price (especially with a re-signed Markov and another 3/4M to play with this year and 12M next year give or take) Of course we can always add another major 10M upgrade by trade... who know,s, im not MB or his staff. All i know is we can take on salary... thats significant, we have 9 picks next year which is also significant, and we do have some young assets which is also significant.
  15. -cap space in a "cap strapped world" is worth Gold. -so you agree our defence is downgraded with out Markov re-signed and work needs to be done.. i think we can agree if markov signs our defence in the short term is better. (jerabek will be interesting try out) -so you agree we need a C as well -so you agree we need to work on a minor team program i dont believe this constitutes a rebuild in 1-5 years...