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  1. Im not saying its what I want... Im saying what is highly likely unless he's willing to sign for cheap. Tatar is likely gone and replaced by either Ylonen Caufield Teasdale
  2. I think this opens the door to Danault and Tatar replaced by cheaper alternatives like Poehling Caufield Ylonen etc NEXT YEAR
  3. I think his salary is arguably fair considering his peers but I would of pushed for 4 years
  4. Tatar Danault Gallagher Drouin Suzuki Armia Anderson KK Toffoli Byron Evans Lehkonan Chairot Weber Kulak petry Romanov Edmundson Price Allen
  5. Thats not true... Suzuki led forwards in ice time in the Pitts series and the changes to the lines was made against Pitt not Philly. Yes Kirk promoted Domi up the line up... but the other line changes were mostly all made already. KIRK DID DUMP weise though thank heaven
  6. If I played in Edmonton NJ and Arizona in my 10 year career.... its a no brainer I would sign with Buffalo next when given a chance to choose my own destination. Why mess with success
  7. was david clarkson ever really good though? The guy scored 30 goals once in NJ and leafs gave him a treasure chest. But he was really just an avg 12 goal scorer outside of that one season... he wasnt that big or fast but was willing to fight. Basically a 3rd/4th liner who caught fire in a single season. Lucic was hands down superior to Clarkson (in fact not even comparable except for willingness to throw punches) and was able to put together a fine career thus far with multiple 20+ goal seasons and at least 40pts in more then half of the 13 seasons he's played, eclipsing 50pts 5 times and 60 twice. Lucic at 32 just cant skate with the kids in todays NHL anymore PLUS nobody wants to fight... Anderson's ability to skate I think will separate him from Lucic in his latter years... His shoulder definitely could be an issue moving forward due to his style of play. With that said, he still has much to prove to accomplish what Lucic did with Boston in particular.
  8. how many players in the NHL managed plus 25 goals and plus 200 hits in the same season? Taking a look at his trajectory, he was projecting to possibly break out in 2019/20 before packing it in after 20 games playing with a torn shoulder 17g in 78 games 19g in 68 27g in 82 very excited for this more so because he brings a huge frame throws the body BUT CAN SKATE!
  9. has a window opened up for a Brock Boeser move to pick up Defence?
  10. is hyman signed yet? tanev got the 4.5 i thought the habs should of gave him...
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/RRodeux/status/1314607128133459970?s=09 Fake news?
  12. And there it is.... Domi is gone
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