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  1. Nonetheless, I'm more then satisfied we have Suzy
  2. That was basically a swap of two 22 yr olds both having contracts coming up in a year. If they were able to land Laine, surely they wanted Suzy
  3. Personally, I think Torts needs to go. Columbus has lost alot of talent these last few years Panarin etc. Torts seems to be the common denominator here (my opinion only). With that said, the going rate for a big boy 22 year old C who has already put up 60 points and shown to step up to the plate in the playoffs is very significant. I dont want to trade for Dubois just yet either. Im definitely not willing to trade Romanov if his first 5 games are any indication of what to expect from him going forward. So far, I see the same guy who absolutely dominated WJC already begi
  4. Regardless habs will have to give up salary unless they are able to make other deals... Personally think MB only gets him if he's getting him on the cheap otherwise he's out
  5. Darren dreger reporting Dubois deal imminent... as soon as tomorrow
  6. I know its Pierre McGuire... but, he's now claiming the Habs are the fastest and could very well be the most talented team in the league from top to bottom. How quick the analysts and pundits jump on board Note* Nick Suzuki continues to defy odds and keep up as well as outplay (at times) the top C's in this league
  7. he's also rapidly becoming one of the best C's in the league as evidenced by his performance against some of the best C's
  8. Whats most impressive tonight is we have given up 5 PP's and they only have 10 shots after 2...
  9. He looks the same... just burying his chances
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