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  1. Game #78 Habs @ Columbus March 28 2019 7:00

    I couldn't disagree more. Here I'm thinking this team who happens to be the 2nd youngest in hockey is only fighting for there playoff lives because of there inabilitily to transfer excellent 5 on 5 play to special teams play whether we are talking -the PP (worst in NHL) -PK which was horrible to start the season but now improved to middle of the pack Even 3 on 3 seems to be a hinderance as we play OT " not to lose" rather then playing "to win" I think we are in this race despite coaching and lack of special teams. Give me an average PP heck even slightly below avg and we are in a race with BOS and TO for 2nd and 3rd rather then a wildcard.
  2. Game #78 Habs @ Columbus March 28 2019 7:00

    I'd rather have Galchenyuk!! Now your talking... We could only hope he wants to stick it to OTT by signing with us. I would keep Petry and play someone on there off-side
  3. Game #78 Habs @ Columbus March 28 2019 7:00

    That's not what I meant.... I meant it's not Columbus and there elite talent that put us to bed tonight. Sbit we had them looking like an AHL team after 20 minutes. I'm saying this team failed to come out in the 2nd period and weather an inevitable push back from a more mature hockey team. We are young and we showed it with the errors we made. Not to mention this team is missing a top end talent ( says our salary cap space) At least Carolina lost....
  4. Game #78 Habs @ Columbus March 28 2019 7:00

    He's NOT elite that's for f'n sure
  5. Game #78 Habs @ Columbus March 28 2019 7:00

    Elite players has zero to do with it... - a 5 on 2 from a bad change - a breakaway from a bad outlet pass turnover - a cross ice pass in there end resulting in another counter attack 2 on 1 - a tipped shot from the point .. Sure Panarin is great and gifted talent, and his one timer from duschense was Ovechkinesque but dont blame mental errors from this young team on lack of elite talent. You make mistakes and hopefully you learn from them
  6. Game #77 Panthers vs Habs 7:30 March 26 2019

    Byron is out till next week at the absolute minimum. What an idiot!
  7. March 24, Habs vs Hurricanes, 7 PM

    Who made that cross ice pass to Gallagher?
  8. March 23, Sabres vs Habs, 7 PM

    AND THERE IT IS!!!!!! FINALLY!!! What was it 4 straight games hitting a post or crossbar? Now he throws the puck and himself in the net!!! I love it! Auturi is off the shnide...
  9. Mar. 21, Islanders vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    And the Oilers score again
  10. Mar. 21, Islanders vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    I love when they sing nah nah nah nah....
  11. Mar. 20, Bruins vs Rocket, 7:30 PM

    Our depth at defence in the NHL this year helped keep him in the AHL all season to develop nicely. That horrible concussion to start the season really derailed him early on. I see him being a black ace if we can hopefully make it to the dance.
  12. Habs vs Blackhawks

    Sorry for hijacking this thread!!!!
  13. Habs vs Blackhawks

    I love PK Subban... his flare for the dramatic and constant enthusiasm is exactly the elements missing on this team. Clearly, his agility and puck moving would be welcome as well. I think this team would of been far better off with both Pk Subban and Shea Weber obviously. But sideways is always what it is sideways. If I have any complaints about PK it would be that he thought he was bigger then the team and NO player should be bigger then the team. Now im not saying he didnt LOVE Montreal as i Know he did... In fact i think he loved the habs more then anyone to wear this sweater in a long time.... And, If I could change one thing it would be him using the Canadiens platform (arguably the most popular team in the sport, with the largest fanbase, richest history etc) to push his personal brand. Wearing his own "PK76 with silhoutte emblem" at practice and in interviews and scrums etc. The day he announced his commitment to help raise 10 million for the hospital and did so without the Habs partnership and without any support from the team or teammates (who knew nothing of it the story goes) was his down fall and ultimate demise in Montreal I believe. This and and this alone... oh well the past is the past! With that said, What i wont do is support claims that Weber is starting his decline at 33. Obviously that decline will come, it comes for everyone. I just think Weber will be able to play at a high level (again barring injury) for many years because of his style. He's stayed relatively healthy his whole career outside of LY and I wouldnt doubt our captain will still be playing a significant role and logging 20+ into his late 30's.. not one bit. for old times sake...
  14. Habs vs Blackhawks

    we agree on alot... i just dont think the sky is falling with Weber anytime in the near future...
  15. Mar. 19, Habs vs Flyers, 7 PM

    7pm start!!!!