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  1. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Drouin and Ehlers reunited could be intriguing to Winnipeg...
  2. Habs sign Nick Cousins

    I think this team is already better then last year. Chariot is an upgrade on Benn. Shaw is out and if Poehling or Suzuki merit a spot we are looking good for the future with a young team and a healthy cap. We do have to many signed for next year... here’s hoping he puts a 3 player package together coupled with picks for someone substantial.
  3. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    Ya... but by then we will be 2 time champions and the decision will be easy!
  4. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    i was thinking... Cant believe MB tried to stick it to Dudley like that?
  5. CHIAROT signed

    Let me rephrase i will take Gardiner for 2 years 6million. I dont want him for 6/7 years at 7/8 million. The point i was trying to emphasize with those numbers accurate or not was that he is not a tier 1 top nhl Dman in my opinion and thus i dont want to throw big money and term at him just to get him to A) sign here B) appease the fan base starving for another yearly blockbuster. Im happy with building from within until someone truly worth there weight comes to us (e.g Erik Karlsson, Aho) not the Duschene, Lee and Gardiners of the NHL no offence to any because they are good players just now over paid to to UFA status
  6. CHIAROT signed

    Gonna agree here. This might actually be a savvy pick up. When watching the Jets, he isn’t a liability at all and in fact even though he didn’t have the name recognition of a Myers, buff or morrisey he quietly led them in hits and blocks played good minutes, can throw the body, protect his goalie and most importantly can skate the puck out of corners and make a first pass. He might be a good fit next to Petry. We will have to wait and see im sure we would all love the Karlssons of the world (I surely did) but i dont want to over pay for Jake Gardiner at massive rate and long term
  7. CHIAROT signed

    See i believe Chariot will be slotted into the number 4 spot next to Petry. Allowing Petry to push the pace a little more and join the offence. I believe he’s done now on the D side. Mete Weber Chariot Petry Kulak Folin Reilly Juulsen* Leskonan Brook Fleury That would be my depth chart Gardinar does not want to sign here and i dont want him at 7 x 8million
  8. 2019 NHL Offseason Thread

    They only have 8.5 million to sign Marner this season (with Horton’s LTIR). IIve read Sandin and Lindgren are not NHL ready let alone becoming the #2/#3 on a contender. I stand by my belief that the leafs once Marner is signed will continue to deplete their depth... Muzzin UFA 6.5+ Barrie UFA (cant even afford his current salary of 5 let alone the 7+ Ceci UFA 5+ Anderson UFA the following year 8/9+
  9. 2019 NHL Offseason Thread

    They also lost 2 first rounders a second and a third? (Plus rosen) They still dont have enough to sign Marner I believe if Kerfoot 3 rfa Ceci 4.5 rfa Leaves only 8.5 for marner Barrie will want 7+ next season so he'll be gone Muzzin will want at least 6 so he might be gone as well because they will gave to anticipate paying Anderson 7 million a year later. They can't afford that unless they move Nylander to... so ya To me they are depleting the depth they incurred during 10+ years of horrible hockey results and will be in cap purgatory yearly.
  10. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    Me neither. He’s a train wreck who will be paid 4.5 million at the minimum. I think the long game for TO is cap hell. Can they even afford Barrie for 7 million next season? Kerfoot will get 3.5 million at the very least this season Muzzin will want 5/6 next season Marner at this point must not be wanting to leave money on the board... good for him.... This team will have to retool again next season all the while depleting their assets. Habs do have a lot of cash a lot of picks and some good young kids... at this point shaw moving opened the door to Suzuki or poehling more likely making the team. That’s a good thing. I still think Evans is a sleeper in our pool of depth this season. Even Gardiner.. Do we want him at 7/8 million. Surely he has 6.8 million on the table
  11. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    Dont think Thompson is gonna make the cut for the opening night roster. I'll go with... Weise Alzner Peca Hudon after signed will all be cut/ waived or traded Drouin Aho Domi Tatar danault gallagher Lehk KK Armia Byron Poehling Weal Thompson Evans* Mete Weber Gardiner Petry Kulak frolin Reilly Price Kincaid That's my opening roster with Gardiner and Aho signing Leskonan Juulsen suzuki as outside looking in
  12. Free Agent Frenzy

    I wont hold my breath on any deal st this point. Seems Lee like most UFA's is using us as leverage to score a better deal with most likely his isles
  13. Free Agent Frenzy

    Could you imagine he got them under the cap obviously we'd have to find takers for Peca Thompson Weise* Alzner* Mason* Hudon rfa At the very least
  14. Goaltending options?

    Kincaid to Mtl is a done deal
  15. Free Agent Frenzy

    Kincaid to Mtl announced