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  1. So we trade the guy who scored 30+ a year even through his slumps at 4.5 a year? What we should do is parlay his cheap Cap rate and get another player. pacioretty is not the Problem. The problem is his cap savings are wasted on others who don't or aren't contributing to the scoresheet.
  2. JJ for Larry?
  3. Pacioretty (Tavares) radulov Lehkonan Thornton* dadonov* Byron Danault Gallagher Hudon Bonino* Shaw Mitchell Flynn Markov Weber Emelin Petry Jerabek Benn Davidson Price montoya trade tavares 4th Rd 2017 5th Rd 2018 to MTL for galchenyuk Beaulieau McCarron Victor Mete 1st Rd 2017 2nd 2018 UFA Thornton 2 yrs bonino 4yrs Dadonov 2 yrs plex clAimed by expansion vegas ..... it's how I'd arm chair GM total C revamped and id draft only centres and Dmen in 2017
  4. Jordie Benn is a helluva defender!! we absolutely stole him...
  5. gally has moved up the lineup?
  6. more like 4-5 games
  7. What can we say... Habs are deep...
  8. lol you mean you don't wanna see big MMcC between Rads and patches as early as tonight? lol how about Galchenyuk McCarron and Shaw... All i said was it was nice reward pushing a veteran like out of the line up to get another start...
  9. I've seen a vast improvement in McCarrons play recently, particularly the last 2 games. He's wanting the puck more often, and not just skating around with no meaning. He also doesnt look as slow as before, as his puck tracking has improved... A place in the line up this late in the season is a nice reward and a confidence booster.
  10. Devante Smith Pelly
  11. GDT

    Byron is way to fast to be playing on a line with OTT and McCarron
  12. GDT

    That was arguably the worst habs game I've ever been to...
  13. you know who looks better and better each passing game heading towards the playoffs? Andrew Shaw!
  14. He essentially went a week without a game out west... so I'm a believer that he's gotten plenty of rest this year. I personally would play him sunday Tuesday thurs Saturday. He hasn't played back to backs all year so why start now?
  15. How much does radulov love Montreal again....