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  1. 2017-18 Line-up

    There's reports lou and Babcock are in Moscow talking to Russian defender Igor Ozhiganov. Don't know anything about him!
  2. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I quoted your follow up quote but here you go
  3. Permanent Rumour Thread

    What does any of this have to do with mailing it in? The guy loves hockey. You see it in his game, his attitude, his face. Absolutley zero reason to think he's not a force next year!
  4. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Radulov has performed in each year of his career Montreal/khl/ Nashville... he comes to play even when he's getting paid!
  5. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Pretty sure with all of Matthews marner and nylander expecting huge raises starting a early as next season, most likely Tavares is priced out of TO unless at least one or both wingers going the other way... Agree that better chance of JT a ranger but, habs are probably up there on his list...
  6. Habs sign Mark Streit, 1 year, $700,000

    What do i care about what philly wants? I said that I AM willing/ or i would take giroux for plex and a 2nd. That's what i would be willing yo give up for 5 years and 8.25million of giroux. I didn't say philly would take it and I didn't say it was fair...
  7. Andrei Markov tribute thread - officially not back

    Slavin is a good hockey player
  8. Habs sign Mark Streit, 1 year, $700,000

    I'd take giroux for plex and a 2nd
  9. Andrei Markov tribute thread - officially not back

    Why not? Absoluty nothing points to Chicago having a better D core then us. They just lost there glue guy and are pretty much 2 deep in seabrook and Keith.... Washington? Winnipeg? Dont get me wrong as historically the habs have had an atrocious record the last 10 years with marky out of the line up. But the sky has not fallen quite yet. Still think dumping ping plex and shaw gives us the cap space needed. To sign. Its Markov and a Centre!
  10. Andrei Markov tribute thread - officially not back

    theres more then one way to move the puck up the ice... and most times skating it out isn't always the best option! for example weber makes quick decisions with the puck and pushes the puck forward through simple high percentage passing not necessarily the home run breakaway pass, alzner and benn are very similar, they all seem to move the puck quickly forward through passing rather skating. this is an effective way to get the puck out as long as the forwards are responsible and not releasing on there defensive responsibilities to early. markov for example was an extremely good passer, but this late in his career moving the puck by way of skating was hardly his forte. petry is our best skater, but he's hardly the only guy able to efficiently move the puck forward and transition to offence. the habs have a ways to go and i'm intrigued to see how this team finally takes shape... friedman recently reported his belief that MB is dreaming big at the moment bigger then most of us suspect!
  11. Andrei Markov tribute thread - officially not back

    MAybe all 150LBS of Victor f'n Mete is the answer? No offense to victor but I love the general! Always have with that said, i'd much rather have an 8 million dollar forward signed right now , and shaw and plex traded to gave the space to sign Markov, if that's what it to took!
  12. Habs sign Mark Streit, 1 year, $700,000

    Also doesn't jerabek have a euro clause? It's NHL or back to Europe.
  13. Permanent Rumour Thread

    keep in mind that Danault started the season at 3rd line Wing and moved to C the top line in december? after Galchenyuks knee issue
  14. At the end of the day a team assembled starting the season of pacioretty galchenyuk radulov drouin Danault lehkonan byron plex Gallagher Hudon McCarron Shaw mitchell Markov weber alzner petry schlemko benn jerabek davidson Price montoya This Is not a team that needs to rebuild in 5 years. radulov choosing the $$ money is just the way it goes... but imagine we don't trade for Drouin and Rads still goes to Dallas and we are left with just sergachev... things don't seem as good either... remember Rads was free and he's a UFA. i think signing Markov 1 year and finding a big C upgrade that will include moving plex, one of shaw or Gallagher a prospect and draft picks to get it done will put us in serious contention..
  15. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Ya and if anything Drouin is worth way more then duschene currently