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  1. Have they confirmed yet whether Romanov is a go?
  2. Agreed But Jarry was the better goalie all year no doubt.. in a short series we can only hope to jump on them with good goaltending of our own.... I pray for Carey "Hart" Price this summer
  3. Poehling and Evans are both natural C's It will be very hard to match the Crosby Malkin duo. The only chance we have at C is if we can successfully roll all 4 C's. I would not doubt this will be Suzuki's opportunity to take a huge step, as he'll be assigned Malkin. Lehks and Byron will bring great pace to that line, especially on the back check against Malkin. I see Domi trying to find some chemistry in between Armia and Drouin who were both feeling it equally before all the injuries unravelled us together on the same line. the addition of Zucker and health of Guentzal will be key. Crosby/ Malkin factoring is no brainer. some big match ups for me Petry vs Letang (performance) Weber vs Malkin (1v1) Gallagher vs the referees but ULTIMATELY Price vs Jarry will determine the final
  4. I think they go back to the line that had success early in the year before Drouin and then Armia went down... Tatar Danault Gallagher Drouin Domi Armia Lehkonan Suzuki Byron Poehling Evans Weal Weise Chairot Weber Kulak Petry Mete Fleury Juulsen Price Primeau Should be interesting
  5. personally I don't want Buff either but as a scenario that MB does want to add... i dont want Vlasic for sure and think taking a flyer on Buff would be more ideal short term. Ive always had a heart Markov... My door is open as it was for Plex to reach a well deserved milestone!
  6. Agreed. But, If MB is still looking to add someone short term through UFA, I personally would look at throwing some short term cash at Big Bufylien. I think its safe to say Romanov is making this team from the start and will have to play himself off it... MB has a crush on him.
  7. With consideration given to Petry resigning,you would have to think the habs would give serious consideration to Fleury over Mete considering all the current left defence prospects in the system I would think. This coming season will prove critical for Fleury in regard to maturation and Metes to start putting up points. Mete NEEDS to start contributing on the scoreboard or he's toast!
  8. Habs Roy Naslund Richer Carboneau Chelios NHL Gretzky Lemieux Jagr Forsberg Messier
  9. ALL OF J.carter D.brown B.seabrook Z.parise R.getzlaf B.burns R.kesler C.perry WERE literally drafted right after kostitsyn. Pretty sure that was a missed opportunity no matter how you spin it (of course in hindsight) In fact, we actually had some pretty big misses that year! urquhart in the 2nd when we could of grabbed bergeron crawford or weber for that matter... Lapierre when backes went literally right after. thats a really bad draft to bring up. imagine we drafted anyone of those guys instead. I get it hindsight is exactly that! However, missing on all those Canadien boys minus kesler is something we should not even think to justify in Kostitsyn.
  10. kuznetsov is one of the best C in hockey and him and backstrom form one of the best C duos in all of hockey. Carlson is about to win the Norris. Wilson is one of the best power forwards (who can fight on top of that in the league). Thats some pretty good depth you speaking of... the so called roll players! what are the Habs missing exactly? A freaking Superstar... actually a couple superstars! its why I wanted only Panarin or Karlsson in free agency. We don't need anymore depth. Although Chairot was a very pleasant surprise!
  11. Kovalchuk presser in Brossard was great PR for future deals or signings.
  12. They also gave up alot to get Duschen! Only to trade him Stone and Karlsson. Those are 3 really good hockey players (2 of which are exceptional at there position)
  13. I would argue Dumba is inferior to Petry regardless of age... And the assets recieved for RD Petry flipped for RD Dumba just doesn't make sense. We need a #1LD as we have a #2 and a number #3 LD. I got Goodrow in my fantasy lineup!! Haha
  14. Not sure Dumba is the answer we are looking for as our #1LD. Hes a 2nd pair guy in my books and Chairot is doing fine in that role once he trickles down... and do we need Dumba with Romanov joining the team? We need a #1 LD... Also, expect a Pacioretty like deal for Petry if he isnt extended for another 3/4 years...
  15. But we opened up a position to young talent down the stretch... I'm guessing Evans will hold down that spot down the stretch?
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