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  1. I think the flyers are going to start by rolling lines. To see where we Match up personally.
  2. Vorachek IN So ill go with Giroux Couturier Voracek Laughton Hayes Konecny VanRiems Grant Aube-Kubel Farabee Thompson Pitlick Provorov Niskanen Sanheim Myers Gostisbehere Braun Hart
  3. We don't have last change in games 1 and 2 but I'm sure CJ will look for Danault to get Hayes And Suzuki to get Couturier. Grant and KK. But let's see what Vign wants. Either way we will need 4 lines going to get by the flyers
  4. Rangers are a tough comparable... they are always a Panarin, Richards, Jagr, Messier, Gretzky, Graves away from fast tracking any lost season or failing organization. Lets be honest here. We cant compare to the big apple when it comes to attracting the very very best of the UFA market on a yearly basis. They are also notorious for making big trades that alter the team all the time...
  5. thats my point... its all he does.... AND ITS NOT ENOUGH cause he rarely wins the puck back... anyways enough sh8tting on the guy. We need everyone
  6. when you get the puck and you immediately pass it to the nearest player no matter the time or space you have or dump it in or chip it out and then go skating... ya you don't want it enough... I've come to the realization that he will be there game 1. All we can hope for is that he is able to rise to the occasion and give it to the flyers who kicked him to the curb.
  7. Spare me the bullsh*t Don... Put him in... Let's see what he's got... Wiese doesn't want it enough!
  8. I dont think Nylander is landing a top 2 defender alone... prospect maybe but not a legit NHL top#2 why would we want Kerfoot? We have Suzuki KK Danault Poehling Evans Domi Kapanan? cause hes a finn? hes another overrated Leaf again id take Nylander off the leafs hands but, surely they are dealing again this season from a position of weakness.
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