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  1. hes off to pick up his family in LA. I can see his wife and family loving MtL. God knows I do.
  2. Kopitar put up big points as a rookie so thats a tough comparison even for the best kids in this league! But, you can definitely compare him to say big boy A. Barkov (similar size etc) Did everyone think he would be a bust after putting up only 34 points in 71 games as a 19 year old in his 2nd season in the NHL with FLA? of course not! KK had 34 points in 79 games as an 18yr old in his first season! pretty close all the while being a full year younger!!!! The point is only in Montreal do we play out the careers of our players at only 18. I personally think we've brought him along pretty good so far. For one, we stuck to developing him as a C which is a huge difference compared to the constant flip flop we saw with Galchenyuk. Also, theres nothing wrong with being sheltered on the 3rd line as long as you get a regular shift in the line up, which he does! The moment he is no longer trusted to play a role in a game is when he should not be here. Are the top players in the AHL better than all the 3rd lines in the NHL? I'll guarantee they are not. Is playing with Lehkonan, Drouin, Cousins and Armia (when healthy) for 11 minutes a night more beneficial then 22 minutes with Chalres Hudon and Beliize? So it becomes this critical question... Are the extra minutes in a game against inferior players better for development then less minutes against better ones. When hes not playing hes watching and learning from the very best in the game in the world! not to mention professional coaching with pro teammates. To me, that has immense value of its own. I will say my biggest problem would be his lack of time on the PP and zero time on the PK. PP and PK are a great chance to develop his offensive and defensive skills further as well as a vote of confidence from the coaches. If he isnt getting healthy minutes in that area then he's lacking key developmental minutes he could be getting in Laval is all. Its a shame he's lost some development in the first half of the season due to injuries. We forget he had a knee procedure in the off season as well that slowed him down. Lately he's been much better.The great news is that fight probably gave him some self assurance regarding his latest head injury and the confidence to skate on the ice with a little more swagger... I believe we are going to see a much better Kotkaniemi in this 2nd half of the season.
  3. The thing is, Lehkonan just might end up on the 4th line. We have a week off then a month till the trade deadline to see what kind of run we can go on... we have 17 games left until the deadline (4 vs playoff spot competition) My guess is we need to go 12-5/ 11-6 to have a realistic chance and need to win those 4 games in particular. The good news is we have only 1 back to back left for the season. I envision a healthy line up possibly looking like Tatar Danault KOVALCHUK Domi SUZUKI Gallagher Drouin KK Armia LEHKONAN Poehling Cousins Byron Thompson Weal - sorry to all the Domi @ C guys but to me we are better with Suzuki at C and Domi utilizing his speed off the W -Poehling is looking to good to send back down although odds are he will be a casualty to him being waiver exempt. -I have us trading Byron and Thompson as I would be shocked if Thompson is brought back next year. Keep in mind both Byron and Thompson are wearing an "A". That's a very solid line up as long as Kovalchuk continues to play at an "elite" level.
  4. For sure... but, coming off a 2-0 shut out of the Flyers where he scored the winner... Anyway personally I think Weise is done in the NHL and Weal has much more to offer.
  5. Exactly... Weal is much better overall. I'd have to think Weal was punished for the giveaway that made it 4-1. That type of discipline for a mistake I just dont agree with. Sit him the rest of the 3rd but to bench him the next game? Not cool. On another note, cant wait for either Gallagher or Drouin to be back to really start showing our depth. Once fully healthy who's in the line up? Lehkonan on the 4th with Thompson and Peohling/ Weal/ Byron? That's pretty damn good considering Auturi has been real good over the last stretch. One if our best players! I'd think they'll spread the talent throughout the line up and roll 4 lines like the team was designed to do. Its remarkable what a big point producing RW will do to the line up I a trickle down effect.
  6. Ok so 2 seasons out... forgot about the lockout shortened season. The point is they were a top 10 team post stanley cup, key word being post stanley cup champs. Hardly the same as the current 3 years of missed playoffs and below avg goaltending. I'm sure we can all agree on that!
  7. Roy went to Colorado a year out of winning the Conn Smythe and winning 10 x OT games and the Stanley Cup. Hardly the same as Carey’s current situation. Again, Price has put together a string of 3 /4 games of good goaltending and we can only hope it continues. If he finds his old form then for sure he could be in play. But this 1 game on and 2 games off will never net us anything !
  8. See and I dont believe Price has the trade value everyone believes he does. Its not 2015!!! Although his last 3 games have been very very promising, his body of work over 3 seasons has not been good at all. Sure hes had some bright spots like Jan - March last year. But those bright spots have been few and far between. All that said, his salary alone is such a detriment to his trade value. What team can pay their goalie today 10.5 million? Nobody! Weber on the other hand at 7+ Million is actually of value. I think he could fetch multiple picks and a prospect.... just my 2 cents.
  9. So clearly you understood the sarcasm here as i was mocking your bet that he would get more points then Weise and Barber combined. A) Barber isn’t even around and Weise isn’t trusted to play more then 5 minutes. I could get more points then those two and i stopped playing hockey 20 years ago! FYI Im pretty sure I was bang on... and I also believe Gallagher should be moved to the 2nd line upon his return and Kovalchuk should remain on the top line ⬇️ I dont agree with Weal in the presser over Weise!!!
  10. Is it me or was Kovalchuk the best player for both teams last night?
  11. My biggest take away on Kovalchuk and I get its only 2 games.... A) Hes actually not slow at all and can keep pace with his teammates.. B) more of a question. Has he always thrown the body that much?
  12. Hes been horrible 50% of all games this year. 30% average and 20% good. When are we gonna stop blaming the defense and start pointing to the goalie? Are we seriously putting Price up on a pedestal cause of his performance in 2015 ??? Hes been no good for 3 seasons going on 4 for the most part.... and hes fed up? What a joke
  13. Exactly where he should be... we cannot afford to ease him in. He needs to hit the ground running. It's probably critical to his mental mindset as well to show and play well on the top line and on the PP. Couple points right away could do wonders for confidence. He was lining up at the left circle on the PP as well. At the end of the day, we signed him as cover for losing Gallagher so he should start there and play on the PP. Cousins should drop to the 4th line and Weise to the press box. If this turns out to be a success even for the immediate short term, imagine the line up implications when Gallagher returns. Cross your fingers
  14. agree totally... After a great 3-1 road trip in Western Canada and holding onto 2nd in the division after righting an 0 and 8 run with a 7-3 run, we fast forward 5 games and another injury to our #1 goalscorer and here we go again with fans going crazy. Some can be so fickle its tiresome.
  15. Romanov looked really good in this tourney as well. The KHL has turned him to quite the prospect.
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