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  1. Philadelphia vs Montreal 7:00pm

    Just about to walk into the Bell... first 5,000 get a Domi bobblehead haha gohabsgo
  2. The Powerplay

    I don't know, it just seems that our power play has never looked to good ever since PK and markov play the points together. it seems to always be a mess cause PK constantly is pushing his slapper and wants to flip flop with marky all the time disrupting the points and flow of possession. i am a FIRM believer that if therrien simply flips gilbert and markov in pairings you will see instant dividends. 1st unit patch DD gallagher PK gilbert 2nd unit paranteau plex galchenyuk markov beaulieau -a lefty feeding a lefty on the right point creates the perfect one timer and markov seems to be able to make any lefty an offensive juggernaut on the PP why not beaulieau... On the flip side, PK needs a right handed defender to feed his shot on the PP to really maximize this weapon and take it to the next level in scoring. the simple secret to our power play.. a little blast from the past (success)
  3. Jan. 5, Predators vs Habs, 7:00 PM

    I don’t agree. Teams do not necessarily need to draft early in the 1st round to contend. The Crosby, Malkin mcdavid McKinnon Matthews of this world don’t come into the league yearly! you could easily draft a yakapov or a puujarvi instead of Laine or get Nugent Hopkins 1st overall ... What you need to do is draft WELL in the 1st anf 2nd rounds regardless of where your drafting. We created an organizational hole in MTL because we went on a 3/5 year stretch where all our 1st and 2nd rounders didn’t pan out regardless of when drafted. That’s what created a gap with the core already established on the team and with nobody coming up to join them and MB only testing fringe UFA’s trying to find lightning in a bottle caused this reset! We seem to have gotten over that hump recently with better early round picks and haveing created a prospect depth vacuum these last 2 seasons with multiple picks creating better odds of landing someone significant. hopefully with more to come in this upcoming draft with a lot more picks. This team right now is a great blend of young and old players -25 and under (the majority) -30 and under (the 2nd most) -over 30 ( the least) are we not one of the 3 youngest teams in the league? -we had 7 WJC players in the tourney (the most by any team!) -one in each of the 6 positions on the ice and all of them playing key roles on their team. Romanov, Primeau and Poehling all looking like great value picks where drafted at this point. i do want us to stay the course... but jump on the prospect of a great value deal for a decently aged LD to fill the whole left by Markov and his drafted successor Schergachev that we traded away. And I will repeat we are “pretending” to be contenders at this point but with that said, we are one d man and one kid from taking the next step to really being in the midst of a large group of “contenders” not named Tampa Bay.
  4. The Impact of Shea Weber

    Did you read the whole post?? It was meant in no particular order but quote me when I say... “there lies the problem” and with that that said, I would argue every coach in the entire NHL would take Weber over Josi. and I really like Ekholm but Petry has out played him over the last 1 1/2 seasons without the benefit of playing with superior supporting cast/line mates! And as stated we don’t even have a 3rd Dman to mention to counter P.K. so... there lies the problem!
  5. The Impact of Shea Weber

    Ellis is over rated personally and I’d rather have our 5-6 Dman then there’s as they are no better. Ekholm - subban - josi Weber - Petry - nobody there lies the problem
  6. Jan. 5, Predators vs Habs, 7:00 PM

    Lots to like with this young, young team! As long as they learned a lesson! So a deeper more experienced squad beat us tonight coming off a back to back that they just lost to an inferior team. Lessons learned! lets see if we learned anything from that 7-1 drumming to Minny a month ago
  7. The Impact of Shea Weber

    Off topic but really not.... I remember the habs record with Markov and without was like night and day... I miss that general back there!
  8. Dec. 31, Habs vs Stars, 8:30 PM

    And he’s accrued those 40 games for all the right reasons... can’t wait till those posts and potential assists start going in more frequently.
  9. Game#32 November 13 Hurricanes vs Habs 7:30

    and i said he would go under on the player points prediction... haha
  10. Game#32 November 13 Hurricanes vs Habs 7:30

    How did they set up on the PP? Did they even get set up
  11. Game#32 November 13 Hurricanes vs Habs 7:30

    I heard they are in white at home?
  12. Game#32 November 13 Hurricanes vs Habs 7:30

    LoL it’s a start that’s for sure... one of them has to be a QB though I’m guessing Petry stays on the right/top and Weber tees them up from the left... Drouin should now come off the right side boards with Domi and Gallagher in there perspective corners? at work till 9 so won’t be watching till then
  13. HABS @ WILD, DEC 11, 20:00 ET

    What does bob mac's opinion of team canada's projected lineup have to do with suzuki playing most of his junior career at wing? Im not saying he hasn't or cant play C. just saying i am very, very reluctant to even mention him as a C as early as next year on the habs given the fortunate turn of events this season at that position. I can very well see suzuki playing out the same way Galchenyuk did... is he a C or is he a winger? ALSO, There is no way at all Domi gets moved back to the wing considering the great success he's had thus far. Of course if he completely falls off the rails moving forward then all bets are off. You would have to believe as early as next season DOMI KOTKANIEMI DANAULT are all locks which leaves room for Evans, Poehling in a fight for the last C spot. Gallagher is not going anywhere! And again, i only see suzuki making the team as a winger.
  14. HABS @ WILD, DEC 11, 20:00 ET

    With kotkaniemi Danault Domi and Evans likely earning a 4th line role. Suzuki will more then likely only make next years Habs as a winger. Keep in mind he’s played way more wing then C at the junior level.
  15. HABS @ HAWKS, DEC 9, 18:00 ET

    Would you buy "the best offence is a good defence"? The transition game off the rush from both Byron and Lehkonan after that line turns pucks over would be where the production i'm talking about would come from.
  16. Domi > Galchenyuk

    Galchenyuk has in fact been moved to the wing. He's been playing on Schmaltz's wing since the trade. Maybe we can finally, finally put the Galchenyuk at C debate to rest.
  17. HABS @ HAWKS, DEC 9, 18:00 ET

    im sure a line of Lehkonan Danault Byron would be more then capable of playing the tough minutes against the top lines. As well as contribute on the score sheet. In fact I would wager they contribute more so then they do currently. This would essentially free up Gallagher and Tatar to be even more dynamic without having to nullify the other teams top line. You'd also have to consider the other team would try and shut down Domi and Drouin. So with all this said, when playing at home, CJ could actually create some really good match up challenges for the other team trying to stop a dynamic line of Tatar and Gallagher with a much more offensively inclined Kotkaniemi (who has shown already that he is not a liability in his own end and has good defensive awareness). I was preaching this change for a few weeks now. I've also noticed many pundits starting to discuss the change in recent days. And although it's not something that needs to be done imminently. I do believe it will be done before to long.
  18. Permanent Rumour Thread

    i was just busting them... with that said, i cannot see MB making any deal for a forward who isn't a massive upgrade to the forward corps
  19. HABS @ HAWKS, DEC 9, 18:00 ET

    I’ve been saying that for almost 2 weeks now... the ultimate shut down line... byron Danault Lehkonan they even scored the one shift they played together the other night and I though CJ actually listened to me. Kotka gets 2 wingers who can really finish and Bob’s your uncle.... Stanley Cup 😏
  20. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Of course they are... we play Minny tomorrow
  21. Xavier Ouellet clears waivers, sent to Laval

    Losing players to the waiver was expected considering all the players signed plus the IR to start the season. That added depth really helped in October and November
  22. Habs @ Sens, Dec 6, 19:30

    They completely shut down the opposition in the 3rd again tonight.. since weber’s return, pretty much every game they have held the other team to under 5/10 shots in the period. This is a huge indication to me that they are really heading in the right direction. Agostino looked good again as well. Strong on the puck. He might actually be cementing himself on that 4th line. With Armia set to return in 3 weeks a trade or waiver claim looms large. ANd yes, if They fix that PP we could become a really dangerous team, considering we are one of the better 5on5 teams and especially because we draw the most penalties in hockey.
  23. Habs @ Sens, Dec 6, 19:30

    I’m not at home and taping the game... just checked in though byron scored from lehk and Danault? did CJ drop Danault and move Jesperi up with gally and tuna?
  24. Habs @ Sens, Dec 6, 19:30

    I’ll take that bet?
  25. Sens @ Habs, Dec. 4, 19:30 ET

    no thanks... he looks great in his #15 habs sweater. He's not going anywhere.