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  1. Habs re-sign Tomas Plekanec

    It’s clear at this point that MacCarron has all the tools to succeed except the one GLARING ability to skate in this “new NHL”... i defended him him for a while with the hopes his skating would improve with more time. And although it has improved to some degree, not nearly enough to play any significant role ever. Not even on a 4th line. He just always seems to be behind every play all the time. As for plex and DLR... i not once said said this guy was going to be anywhere near our top 6 and start scoring! Not once! im asking for freaking change and plex is not change.. it’s more of the same bullS&t ! whether its its peca or DLR or Evans or even one of our new F’n rookies, or another move... I just want us to move forward from TPlex playing substantial minutes period! very frustrated with this off season!
  2. Habs re-sign Tomas Plekanec

    Your talking about a guy who’s actually stopped producing pretty much for the last 2 seasons right?? In a league that has taken a clear direction towards youth... Neither question was answered... just more rhetoric... how does this happen? What does DLR need to do to get the confidence to be put out on the ice by a coach who clearly trusts plex over everyone? Example> 3on3 OT even though we continue to get shredded in oT? what did danault do to get the chance to play between pacioretty and radulov for more then half a season? He started the season at 4th line winger and due to injury was catapolped to top line Center? Do you even recall the Centers we had or the injuries sustained? plex was a 2nd line C in the NHL and his AHL production showed that. He played 3 seasons in the AHL un interrupted as a top line center in comparison to DLR splitting time up and down from the AHL and NHL what did Gallagher do in his rookie season in order to get a spot in the top 9? How did he earn that spot? Or was he placed in that role and given the oppurtunity to run with it? so oloffson and company are going to unsurp DLR as soon as 2019?please DLR has peaked at C at just 23? So has all of Lehknonan, drouin, Hudon, Juulsen, Domi, sherback, Evans, peaked all aged 23 give or take? this is absurd! nobody is saying or at least im not saying DLR will become a top 6 center. im saying with the movement towards youth and considering DLR falls in the exact same age group as half the forwards why would Julien not give him an extended look on the 3rd line? He needs to be given the oppurtunity to play in that position for an extended period of time and see if he can run with it? We know all about what plex can do.... its time to pass the bloody torch cause the flame is OUT!
  3. Habs re-sign Tomas Plekanec

    Sorry... lost a step and has stopped producing...
  4. Habs re-sign Tomas Plekanec

    So what is 3rd line production in the NHL? 25-30 even strength points? How does a 22/23 yr old earn more minutes over a 35/36 year old who has clearly lost A step?
  5. Habs re-sign Tomas Plekanec

    Not sure why this has to turn into plex bashing or proof of how efficient plex is? i love and appreciate the guy.. BUT yes... I think they are heading in the total opposite directions... one is just starting his professional career and just turned 23years old and has close to 100 games played at C in the NHL the other is about to play his 1000th game and yes shouldn’t be used ahead of him this point. It’s time to pass the torch... let it go Without anymore upgrades danault drouin DeLaRose plex peca*** evans ***i don’t know much about him yet And the WC was just another point... hes played now hockey at every level for both club and country. Are we thinking he’s already plateaued? Turning 23 just last month
  6. Habs re-sign Tomas Plekanec

    -DLR just averaged +16 minutes on a championship WC team and played a nice role! What doe he need to do to get more minutes ahead of plex and EARN it! How do rookies earn their stripes? by being shown the confidenance in them by there coaches and actually giving them the chance! - plex after a million years in this league needs to still prove to GM's around the league of his value? (pretty sure most GM's paid attention to his value to T.O. LY in the playoffs) What will it take to let a just turned 23 year old C play over the 35 year old C ? more goals? more offence? better faceoffs? what? he falls in the same age bracket as more then half the freakin team! PLAY HIM in an increased role i'm sure he'll score more then the 6 goals plex provided! please explain? exactly how is plex better at this point? outside of years of his experience in the NHL? is he better offensively? Defensively? face-offs? DLR is younger, bigger, faster and at this point has played 110 more games in the NHL then plex at the same age! I'm not trying to degrade or not appreciate the years of commendable service plex has shown or given us. I just think that if this team has chosen to give youth a chance as stated by the Head Coaches own words then we need to give DLR an opportunity ahead of plex is all. DLR has played 119 games for us already at C for the most part albeit in a limited role. at what point do you give the kid a sustained look at an increased/bigger role before you pull the plug? im not saying hes our #1 or #2 for that matter. Just that he needs to be given a long stretch of games and shown the confidence of his coaches. Plex has played 1000 games in this league. how does DeLaRose earn more minutes then him after playing only 119 thus far? (which is 110 more then plex at the same age i might add... again) performance in practice? in the 8 minutes of limited minutes? or putting him out there ahead of plex in key moments of games and giving him a chance to succeed?
  7. Finally, I like the plan and direction!

    Not saying we will or won’t... to think we have no shot for at least 4 years wouldn’t be accurate either though
  8. Habs re-sign Tomas Plekanec

    DELAROSE is better then Plekanec at this stage in there careers and for this team and the direction they are heading! Nowhere did i say poehling or kokaniemi have even a chance at the line up... i had poehling currently 7th on our C depth and koky not even listed!! plex's role at the trade deadline is 4th line Center depth with the ability to move up the line up in case of injury or suspension.....
  9. Habs re-sign Tomas Plekanec

    That's my point... if this is our strategy moving forward, then DeLaRose should be eating the minutes and gaining valuable experience. The worst case scenario is we get a higher 2019 1st rd pick! Best case scenario DLR surprises us all.... -There is no surprises with plex... hes a serviceable 4C now. -I know nothing of Matthew Peca except he has been a key player in Syracuse and MB says he's on the team!
  10. Joel Armia and Steve Mason for Simon Bourque

    did we trade for Armia or Laine?? lol
  11. Habs re-sign Tomas Plekanec

    as it stands with no more moves danault drouin DeLaRose plex peca with evans poehling not far behind i
  12. Habs re-sign Tomas Plekanec

    Like i said, if he’s coming in and playing in the 4 hole and killing penalties then ok... if he’s taking key face offs,getting even a second on the power play or starting or playing in 3on3 and taking minutes away from kids just scratching the surface of their careers then F%$k that !
  13. Finally, I like the plan and direction!

    Not sure why or were you get us not contending for a playoff spot for 4 years... if history is any indication of future results... we are heading right back to the playoffs as early as next season let alone 4 seasons from now. i get we have holes in the line up at 1 and 2 C as well as 1LD but we have a lot of good pieces and some young pieces as well! Where*
  14. Time to face reality a blow this team up now

    I don’t believe this to be accurate. Gainey technically rebuilt the team through free agency and the Gomez trade... And we’ve been going about or business on a year by year basis ever since the turn of the century basically. -price we got 5 because of the lockout! -galchenyuk we got 3 cause we bombed out that year -sergachev we got because price got hurt and MB replaced him with Ben f⚽️❌kin scrivens -kokeniami because again price was garbage and MB missed out on his calculations. Everything else is regular transactions during a hockey season/ off season kovy was traded for...
  15. Finally, I like the plan and direction!

    Point is the leafs drafted 4 defencemen with the first 2 picks in each of the last 2 drafts clearly drafting by positional need... unless these 4 players weee the best available... I’m not sure...
  16. Finally, I like the plan and direction!

    What’s relative here in all this talk is that in the last 10 years the leafs were able to draft 6 players in the Top 10. Regardless if the “rebuild” started 3 seasons or 4 seasons ago or 5 seasons ago!!! That alone will speed up any rebuild significantly. The year they drafted Austin they dumped everyone they could at the deadline.. and were able to draft a generational C at #1 winning lottery. Also in hindsight.... the leafs first 2 picks of the last 2 drafts have been defencemen! so 4 Dman drafted in the top 2 rounds the last 2 seasons. Not sure if they were the best players available? Or drafted by positional need? Clearly contrary to Dubas remarks!
  17. Finally, I like the plan and direction!

    We have 9 picks in 2019 thus far... Also, torontos rebuild took a helluva a lot longer then people think considering they didn’t qualify for the playoffs for like 14 of 17 seasons leading into this coming season and have had 6 x top 10 picks in the last 10 years alone! They key here though is they hit on 5 of those 6 top 10 picks mAtthews #1 marner #4 nylander #8 reilly #5 kadri #8
  18. Habs re-sign Tomas Plekanec

    Me neither of it’s in a 4th line role.
  19. Habs re-sign Tomas Plekanec

    Tell that to “the general” AM79
  20. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I understand all that... and I have no prob with Evans starting in Laval to start the seAson to work his way into the line up after an off season surgery. I also believe/think if he came out of last season unscathed he’d be in the opening day line up this coming season. He to could of possibly been given the same type of assurances as plex to have him sign on with us! Ramage spent a lot of time this season watching and staying close Evans! I cant see why countless NCAA players have transitioned to the NHL after there college careers are completed... most recently Willy butcher and Evans can’t considering he was one of the best C’s in college. But to each his own I guess. My beef will be if plex plays ahead of DelaRose... I think at this point Danault and delarose should definitively be ahead of plex! Ideally we should be signing a C and moving Drouin back to wing....
  21. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I know that... your missing the point though... Julien just said he’d be giving the kids a larger role this coming season and now they turn around and sign plex which is 2 steps backwards I believe. I don’t want plex taking any minutes away from DeLaRose. DelaRose is younger bigger faster and prime to take the next step in his career after playing a role with Sweden in WC. I get it we need depth at C but we need top end talent not bottom 6 talent. The only benefit to this deal is pleckys chance to hit 1000 games and points milestones. jake Evans will be back skating by early to mid August from sport hernia... he is closer to being ready then we all think. He’s not 18... he’s 22.
  22. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Danault drouin DeLaRose Evans Plekanec
  23. Joel Armia and Steve Mason for Simon Bourque

    Pretty sure Froese, Rychel have no chance at making the opening night roster...
  24. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Maybe our only hope now is J.T. goes to SJ and we can land jumbo joe on a 1 year overpayment as a stop gap... thortnon danault evans DeLa Rose and Drouin moves back to wing
  25. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Everyone deserves at least a 2nd chance at life is all I’d say. His wife has given him one, why can’t a hockey team and their fans... im sure the moment he sets up a game winning goal or fires a one timer from the point all will be forgiven.... either way i dont think he’s the answer cause A) we need a LD B) it goes against the very principles MB and co. are trying to instill at the core