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  1. 2018 NHL Playoff Thread

    Yes yes Subban played with emelin to start the season while Ellis was hurt because Ekholm was moved up the line up to play with Josi. That doesn’t change the fact that Ekholm is PK’s Partner... and has been for the last 44 games of the reg season as Ellis didn’t miss “more then half”... PK’s season took off once reunited with Ekholm and those 2 became one of the best shut down pairs in all of hockey. Pk is a worthy finalist and i don’t need to be told PK’s fantastic. I know so. But like I said pk has Ekholm and Jones has Werenski both head and shoulders better then doughty and hedmans partner. Added to the fact that there’s an argument to be made that PK isn’t even the best D on his own team... I love PK but I’ll have to give the nod to doughty then hedman.
  2. 2018 NHL Playoff Thread

    You would think Subban’s Defensive zone starts etc. would be as such considering his partner is Ekholm who is very under rated defensively himself and there defacto shutdown defender?... jones has an exceptional partner in werenski that drastically helps. pk has ekholm doughty and Hedman not so much.. doughty hedman Jones PK Carlson
  3. 2018 draft thread

    I like Svechnikov as well. wallstrom to when it comes to pure talent.
  4. Habs Sign Jake Evans to 2yr ELC

    Haha not sure what your tallking about .... firstly I was proposing sending 2x 2nd round in 2018 2019 1st Shaw and schlemko (6+million in salary)plus a mid range prospect(McCarron maybe) the other way for o’reilly!!!! Which is hardly nothing or fantasy and actually a huge over payment to get the player we need. pacioretty 2019 x 1st round 2018 2nd round for fowler (defence plan A) Again an over payment to get the player I want. Hardly fantasy land tavares (should be our #1 priority) and DeHaan (defence plan b) are both UFA’s pacioretty for edmundson(RFA) plus picks (defence plan C) Again hardly far fetched And if you want to talk fantasy So you think pacioretty and a low 2nd from TO Will get us a 1st rounder, a d prospect (unnamed) plus C prospect Rubstov? They most likely wouldn’t do Rubstov alone, let alone the D prospect and first rounder your asking as well. This isn’t yahoo fantasy hockey. what GM is trading a winger for a Center prospect?... that’s right... nobody except maybe MB! And twisting my words on Shaw... as well! who btw has suffered what 5/6/7 concussions in the last 2 seasons alone? Fantasy or reality that he doesn’t play through his contract?
  5. Habs Sign Jake Evans to 2yr ELC

    He is for me when you have a 3rd line of Drouin Danault Hudon
  6. Habs Sign Jake Evans to 2yr ELC

    I’m not saying he’s going to turn into our #1 C... in fact I have him in my ideal line up on the 4TH LINE. And yes I think he he has room to still grow to be more then he is today. Can he become a regular 3rd line C? Why not? He’s played 250 games and he’s only 22...
  7. Habs Sign Jake Evans to 2yr ELC

    I prefer my 4th line of Byron DeLaRose Sherbak With Evans in the minors and the habs picking up two top C’s but to say DeLaRose has realized his full potential at 22 isn’t accurate either.
  8. Habs Sign Jake Evans to 2yr ELC

    They are 11 months apart in age so pick your poison on JDLR and Evans stunted growth.
  9. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Personally I think nothing has changed... the elite are the elite in 2018 just as it was in 2008. I think the mis conception here is age and speed... the league is faster now slower players are out for faster players. If you can skate you’ll still be in the NHL in 2018 regardless of age. for example Out of the top 20 scorers this year 10 of 20 are older then 28 or past there UFA year. tavares is 27y 4 are 22y and under 5 are 25/26y is there a difference from 10 years ago 2008? Out of top 20 in 2008 7 were 28 and over 3 were 22 and under 10 were 23-27 The average age of the nhl has gone up 1 year over the last 10... however there has been a significant bump in players under 26 most of it having to do with quality of draft and More importantly the management of the salary cap! 30 yrs old plus in top 40 scorers 2018– 9 2017– 9 2016– 12 2015– 11 2014– 7 2013– 9 lockout 2012– 13 2011– 12 2010– 6 2009–10 2008– 11 Speed and salary cap and quality of draft class...
  10. Habs Sign Jake Evans to 2yr ELC

    They couldn’t mess around with his contract negotiations or risk losing him. I’m a big believer that the habs need to 2x centres. We definitly need a #1 and either a number 2/3 or 4 depending if we think Danault can handle the 2 hole and if JDLR who is only 22 can take a huge step next year. Is it to much to hope Evans can hold down a 4th line role as soon as next season allowing us to not pick up a 2nd C like O’Reilly? tavares (or we are lottery bound) danault (if shielde by JT he is more then capable) DeLaRose (only 22... still lots of potential) Evans (21 and 4 years college under his belt) McCarron (his inability to seize the moment has dissapointed me. Looked a bit quicker down the stretch though, and more engaged)
  11. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Forgot dumping Clarkson in that... haha
  12. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Your missing the point... Firstly, I didn’t say it would be easy! I laid out a plan... maybe its a shitty one but a plan none the less... Ive listed multiple options there... however creative MB needs to be to get sh%T done is what he’ll have to do. Maybe he should call Big Lou in T.O to see how to get sh&T done. All i know or believe is if we are gonna flip this teams fortune quick without trading young assets its Gonna have to involve dumping/ clearing salary of A.shaw And Alzner for sure. Maybe Schlemko And buying out Alzner would be a last resort... putting Shaw on LTIR a last resort but if we want to get better we need 2 x C and 1 LD Is it that hard? dumping shaw, alzner and schlemko for futures? waiving Carr/ froese/ L. Shaw? trading A. Shaw/ Schlemko 2 x 2nd round picks in 2018 and a 2019 1st rounder for a disgruntled O’Reilly? Include a mid range prospect ufa signings of Tavares and DeHaan (both isles)? trading pacioretty and a protected 1st rounder in 2019 and 2nd in 2018 for Fowler and not signing DeHaan? trading pacioretty Schlemko + for Edmudson and a pick? drafting Dahlin? Nothing is impossible... like i said MB could always ask Lou for advise The buyout 7 years (edited) Yr 1 +74,000 (saving money) Yr 2 -1.3 Yr 3 -4.4 Yr4 -2.4 Yr 5-8 -1.3 so 6 of 8 years would be absorbed fairly easily and 3 and 4 seasons from now, MB would have to get creative with some cap relief. Like i said ask Lou how he was able to get TO this season to absorb all of Horton lupul greening marcinon plus retain 1.3 million of Kessels salary this year ( grabovski just came off this year)
  13. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    line up A line up B max 4.5 scherbak 0.863 tavares 12.0 gallagher 3.75 galchenyuk 4.9 o'reilly 7.5 lehkonan 0.84 drouin 5.5 danault 3.0 hudon 0.65 byron 1.17 DeLaRose 1.0 scherbak 0.863 Deslaurier 0.950 weber 7.857 DeHaan 5 fowler 6.5 petry 5.5 mete 0 .748 juulsen 0.863 reilly 0.725 price 10.5 lindgren 0.750 *Deslaurier 0.950 *Carr 1.0 (edited) *McCarron 1.0 *Benn 1.1 line up A = 80.67 million line up B = 78.67 million cap 2019= 80-82 million estimated bold= estimated cap hit *=scratches keep in mind i said thats starting the season with Max67! Moving pacioretty and shifting that cap to trade for my choice in Cam Fowler ANA or a way lesser costing joel edmudson STL would be 9.5 million leveraged in say DeHaan's 5 million plus 4.5 in maX freeing up 3million . roster moves D. Carr signed waived or traded in line up A D. Schlemko traded or waived K. Alzner traded or waived or bought out at only 72,000 relief (year 1) -1.3(year 2) L. Shaw signed waived or traded A. Shaw LTIR (Lupul and others) or traded B. Froese waived or traded other options joel edmudson RFA in a trade involving pacioretty and picks prospects ian cole UFA Dahlin with the lottery pick***HaHa so yes it can be done if planned properly. sorry but we will not be better if all of benn schlemko and alzner are still around... but could you imagine a C depth of tavares (27) o'reilly (25) danault (25) delarose (22) Mccarron (22) drouin (22) prospects evans (21) poehling (19) ikonen (19) thats 23 not 24! not sure how you got 86 million or 24 players like i said, this is how i would try to fix this team!! still waiting on other arm chair GM's and there realistic plans
  14. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    i obviously meant just the 23 man roster and 3 scratches. i included all our current depth tavares 12 oreilly 7.5 DeHaan 4.5 danault 3 that would put us at the cap give or take and thats with patches next year... however, no alzner no a.shaw (who i believe career is in jeopardy due to concussions) no 1 of benn or Schlemko so yes its actually do-able with benn or schlemko (whoever we keep) and Deslaurier and McCarron or Carr as scratches We cant over pay on DeHaan or Danault though if we move patch for multiple picks and or prospects and parlay all that into Fowler or any 7 million dollar LD then for sure we will fit under the cap.
  15. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I know it’s a pipe dream and maybe this belongs in a different thread and I’m sure I’ll get negative talk but this is what I would do.... Max67 J.Tavares* BGally A.Galchenyuk O’Reilly* Lehkonan Drouin Danault Hudon Byron JDLR Scherbak DeLaurier* McCArron* A. Shaw* Carr Evans L.Shaw Calvin De Haan Weber Mete petry Reilly Juulsen Alzner* Benn* Schlemko* I. Cole bold = additions * trade bait -keep in mind picks would be on the table to get o’reilly done and I’ve included him as an option because of talk of his availability... MaCarron Shaw Schlemko Benn Alzner and as many multiple picks to get it done - Tavares is a free asset -Dahlin obviously would be a pipe dream - Calvin De Haan is a free asset -I.Cole as 2nd option if we move a few depth dman for O’Rielly this is not far fetched and we have cap space to make it happen I believe. Obviously we could look at flipping pacioretty and others to upgrade the LD as well or recoup picks dealt for O’Reilly. i dream of Cam Fowler ANA playing with Weber or a cheaper Edmundson STL My options for D would be as follows Dahlin Fowler Edmundson DeHaan i.Cole
  16. Oct. 24, Panthers vs Canadiens, 7:30 PM

    Take the hwy east to the coast and check out Porto Ottiolu. It’s nice there.
  17. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    I had read that they were top 3 in shots and both top 10 in high danger shots and scoring chances akso pacioretty has been absolutely terrible and non existent tonight!
  18. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    The refs are ruining this game with all the PP’s
  19. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    You’d think it make you miss Markov? Not Subban as P.K. liked to flip it high and in the air where as Marky was more tape to tape... and metes was a beauty!
  20. GDT #3 Habs @ New York Rangers, October 8th 2017

    Ya don but no mention of all our “firing on all cylinders” forwards!
  21. GDT #3 Habs @ New York Rangers, October 8th 2017

    I don’t know, to me the chances to score have been there... going all the way back to the playoffs. We just can’t bury our chances. It seems to me more and more as a “talent issue” rather then an adjustment to the system. On the defence Petry and Benn look weak and mistake prone thus far. Davidson played a decent game and Alzner Weber and mete were just fine! mete is looking more and more like an absolute 4th rd steal the more he plays. His composure and iQ are off the charts for a 19yr old. He’s daring on the pinch and is willing to hold the line more so with the belief he has the speed to recover as well as the confidence Weber will cover for him... I like him thus far. He’s got a great first pass and his stride is definitely better then most on the team. I think this guy ends up sticking all year unless he has an epic collapse in the next 6 games.
  22. GDT #3 Habs @ New York Rangers, October 8th 2017

    Is he gonna let the kid play a starring role? Or put Benn in a position to fail?
  23. Oct. 7, Habs vs Capitals, 7 PM

    BBenns outlet and even clearances are absolutely brutal... Wow this has been his worst game as a Hab... Petry’s been bad as well. The funny thing is mete in his short TOI had been one if not our best D
  24. Oct. 7, Habs vs Capitals, 7 PM

    On a bright note Don Cherry said victor mete was the best junior midget skater he’s ever seen... even better then McDavid! Lol
  25. Oct. 7, Habs vs Capitals, 7 PM

    I’d say first mistake of the season this year was Julian’s decision to start Benn on the top pair with Weber... no reason to make that change before the game even starts!