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  1. The team 990 is reporting that Brisebois is playing instead of O'byrne. WHAT THE HELL! We need physicality.
  2. Says this while he still has Matthew Garon as his avatar.
  3. There are too many rumours swirling around. Confirm or disprove that Ryder has been traded.
  4. Apparently we don't share the same sense of humour
  5. He's our trade bait. As you can see from this link, however, http://hfboards.com/showthread.php?t=448287, we have abused Ryder's value so much, that he ain't worth anything to the general hockey fanbase and is considered spam. Poor Ryder.
  6. If we win this game clean, does it give the team enough of a lift to erase the slump we're in and to move forward? It is Detroit after all.
  7. I'm never watching a Habs Devils game again. We officially suck against Brodeur and always will.
  8. Ok I know Latendresse scored a goal but really I want to know how he played. Is he good enough to stick on the first line? Someone who watched the game and who knows a bit about player scouting, please answer.
  9. Man, didn't the Leafs trade Rask for Raycroft to the Bruins. I mean we should take advantage of the bad GMing in Toronto. I hate that stupid rule.
  10. Please don't give me the whole, 'we would never trade within our division' garbage. I want us to look at trades as simply trying to get better. Ryder is young, but we lose him to free agency if we don't trade him. Blake is not doing well in TO but maybe he'll fit better here. Blake for Ryder?
  11. Somebody pm me the sopcast link, for some reason it's not working.
  12. If I'm Carbo, I put Ryder back up there on the first line for second period. I know it's sounds like a horrible idea but Kosto is just making that line look like AHL material.
  13. Now you know why I had a bad feeling about this game. And no, I'm not one of those guys who is pessimistic about every game, this is the only game I've said this about.
  14. Not a good start, freaking Smolinski. Our first line seems ineffective so far. It will take time for Kosto to fit in.
  15. Why do I have a bad feeling about this game? Somehow I feel like we're due for a loss, almost like we're playing over our heads.
  16. They had a 1a and 1b situation when they aquired Doug Gilmour for the playoffs. They eliminated Boston, but then lost the next round I think to Tampa Bay (correct me if I'm wrong). We need a better center than Koivu, along with Koivu to win the stanley cup. We are also badly needing a RW.
  17. If we played anywhere near the level we did during the Ottawa game, we would have a 6-0 lead right now!!! AAARGH!
  18. We can't lose!!!!! We can't lose!!!!! (extremely useless post)
  19. The Mike Komisarek penatly was such an idiotic call by the refs. It's like the refs are saying that you are not allowed to go for the puck if it trips someone in the the process. Komisarek made contact with the puck first and then the guy tripped over his stick. Refs have got to be better than that.
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