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  1. I never post here... i just read them. But man, ive never seen people with such short term memory (this obviously doesnt apply to everyone).
  2. Wheres Nesquik now? I dont see a reply from him. Cant take the heat... ur not even 1% of the man koivu is. KOIVU! KOIVU! KOIVU!
  3. This is pretty bad ass!! 20 shots on price during the 3rd period... did we get dominated that much?
  4. Sounds like the habs are preparing for a move....
  5. IF i were him, id want out at some point as well... we didnt make the playoffs 5 out of the last 7 years. Thats sad and i feel bad for koivu.
  6. Everyone is exaggerating about the last game.... that game would have been won if it wasnt for colaiacovo or wtv his name is lucky goal, that is what completely demoralized the habs and did it for them. I saw the end of the game at that moment. Everyone felt it im sure. It's definitely sad to be beat by a shitty lucky goal! but toronto has always have more luck then us.
  7. Were not makin the playoffs... were losing to toronto saturday night. its pretty much what i thought all week long.
  8. with BOB not making a trade, this shows to his team that he still has faith in them! i beleive we can make the playboffs with the team we have right now... and now that the team realises bob gainey also believes that, theyre going to play even better!! just wait and see...
  10. On TSN ice chips or whatever, it is reported that koivu and samsonov are going to be out of the lineup tonight due to the flu. Its not reported anywhere else, and i dont see why they would send Milroy and Kostitsyn down if this was true. Just letting ppl know that its been reported. Dont think its true though! hopefully not! I just noticed now actually that Habsinsideout.com has mentioned it as well refering to TSN.
  11. This is stupid... Koivu is a captain. get over it. we go through a bad moment and u blame everything on the captain!? right... good solution! sort of like firing the coach right? lets do that 2? cuz we have fired a coach nearly every year.... maybe we should start getting a new captain every year!! man thats a genius idea... dunno why i didnt think about it before? new captains every year everyone!!! problem solved!
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