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  1. Samsonov to Chicago

    This is a cap move, not a player move. Gainey's buying out Cullimore so he IS NOT A habs. Salmelainen will be evaluated later. Smart move Bob. $$$$
  2. Kovalev Apologizes to Gainey

    I've said this before, and I'll say it again. Carbo is at fault as much as Kovy. I am old enough to remember Carbo as captain, and he strutted around the ice before the opening face off like he owned the world. Point is, he has a a very good hockey mind but also a huge ego. I can see with certain players, such as Kovy, how he could rub some guys the wrong way. I hope Carbo is learning, he has said as much. I also hope he doesn't turn into a egocentric coach who isn't sensitive with certain guys. You have to learn how different buttons have to be pushed with different guys. Good Luck Carbo. Good Luck Kovy. Good Luck habs!
  3. The Carey Price Thread

    Took my youngest to his first ever hockey game last night. We sat 3 rows behind Chicago's net, so we watched Price up close for the whole 2nd period. He's the real deal. Fast as a cat, calm calm calm, very good handling the puck, top notch rebound control, made a glove save from in close that I still don't know how he did it, and he has poise. And he's tall. Fred Brathwaite (ex NHLer) was the opposing goalie and Price looked like he was a foot taller. He's gonna be something else in the NHL. Can't wait. Is he NHL ready? Gainey and the boys know better, but when he is, he'll be a star.
  4. Not sure who though Edited title
  5. Gainey press conference

    Basically Gainey announced he's sticking with the players we have. http://www.habsinsideout.com/2007/02/gaine..._imminent/#more
  6. Great article on Red Fisher

    Met him when I lived in L.A. at the Old Western Forum and he was a true gentleman. Then, I had to contact him this past year (for biz) and again he was very kind. Always enjoyed reading his columns as well. He deserves all the praise he gets!
  7. Is Carbo a good coach?

    Carbo has always been a thinking mans player. He had a great reputation as a defensive strategic assistant coach and he was recognized for his work in both Montreal and Dallas. But, to me, he has always carried himself as a prima Donna. At the beginning of the year he was ranting and raving at calls, them he stopped and acted a lot calmer. Of course the team was playing well too. Great I thought, Gainey has talked to him and he is learning. Now he's back to screaming again and the quotes from him seem very egocentric. "I will do this". " I will do that". "He's not doing his job"......instead of saying the old team phrase "WE". I am hoping he learns to get through this. He has a superb hockey mind but will he become a vain and temperamental Ego head like some coaches or a thinking strategizing positive influence on his players will have to be determined.
  8. Ken Dryden

    237 games. That's how many games Dryden played in the NHL before he lost 2 games in a row. Yes that's five years from his first NHL game until he lost back to back games. AMAZING!!!! I found myself actually crying during the ceremony. His speech especially, I was balling. LOL. He brought back so many memories for me. Hearing on the radio that some new kid was going to start for the Habs, watching him from way up in the greys as a kid, him reminding us of the great Roger Doucette (sp), his beautiful prose....on and on he went and I got awfully nastalgic. I was involved in the CBC "Canada Russia 72" and I learned how important he was to the team, to Canada, he was so bright, so talented... Very proud of the guy. Quite the human being. And a Montreal Canadien!!!!
  9. Having a problem with posting my avatar pic. It's hosted on Yahoo Photos and I guess the address is too long. Make sense? Any suggestion? Thanks!
  10. Best Start Since...

    We have definitely won some games we could have lost, but good teams do that. They find a way to win. Rememeber how many games we played without out set Dmen. Just wait till we have everyone going on all cylinders. A more balanced attack and we will start blowing away some teams. Gainey will make a move or two, Sams will finally adjust (rememeber Gainey said it would take him half a season) Kovalev can only get better and Higgins is back. I also like Carbo's attitude behind the bench. I was worried he'd be emotional, yelling and uptight. But he appears focused and in control. He has surprised me and I give him credit. :logo: GO HABS GO!!!! :logo:
  11. New Morning show on the Team 990am

    Best of luck with the show Moe!
  12. Streit and Sammy

    Somehow this thread has turned into a negative Latty post. If you look at the title it is about Streit and Samsonov and how well they are playing, especially last game. I was just mentioning it would be nice now for things to start clicking for Latty. Let's keep things positive as the thread intended. Thanks!
  13. Streit and Sammy

    Have to say Streit and Samsonov both looked great last night. Quick with the puck, smart and very effective. Sammy was even good along the boards and had quite a few scoring chances. Streit played with a ton of confidence that bodes well for the D long term. Now we have to get Latty going. He sure loses the puck much too easily. I know he will only get better but I also hope he doesn't lose confidence along the way.
  14. Niinimaa? Where art thou?

    As far as Niinimaa is concerned, he's doing fine if you don't notice him. I'm sure Carbo has asked him to just keep things simple. That's all they need from him
  15. Canada Russia 72" Mini-series

    So glad you got it! Did you watch the CBC or the newer un-cut version? Personally, I think the un-cut version is grittier, funnier and just plain better.