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  1. This news just TOTALLY made my day!!!!
  2. ummm... Komisarek and Higgins actually got into it last year after returning from NY over Christmas. They seemed really embarrassed about it after when the press was talking to them, but they seemed fine. This quote by Higgs from the article's actually quite funny: "We've been friends since peewee," Higgins said. "The guys have been ribbing us since practice ended. Mike stayed at my house on Christmas Eve and guys were ribbing me that I was upset because he didn't make my grandmother's bed or we fought over who was getting the aisle on the flight back to Montreal." http://www.canada.com/
  3. KoZed, I've been following your sig with great interest... Keep it going. Maybe the Samsonov Jinx will be broken!
  4. I'd also have to agree about Perreault. And with respect to the Niniimaa / Ribeiro trade, whoever said it was a decent gamble said everything I needed to say. Niniimaa isn't great, but we needed a D, and we needed it NOT to be Patrick Reverse. And anything to get rid of Mickey Ribs is a good thing.
  5. Man, I don't envy Gainey his position, but I'm glad he's the one at the helm making the decisions. Could you even imagine if (shudder) Houle was still the GM with something this difficult to decide? It woudl be a TOTAL nightmare. I'm not saying I'm gonna like the decision (my best case is they keep Souray and Markov), but at least whatever happens, I'll know that Gainey put in a thorough and thoughtful analysis and did what he truly believes is best for the team with the resources at his disposal. It's so much easier to cheer for my favourite team with knowledgeable, smart guys running t
  6. That's not a dream; that's a nightmare!
  7. It wasn't for lack of trying, that's for sure. They had good chances last game, just both goalies stood on their heads.
  8. Some article last week said that he was likely to need all six weeks to recover, and he was gonna miss the trip to NY in early december, which is too bad for him bc he always plays well, and gets a lot of family / friends in the crowd. Wish I could remember where the article was... sorry can't find the source.
  9. oh, yes, i realize that. I should have actually quoted Habstown, who was asking if Higgins was in NY while rehabbing... I meant that I still think he'd be rehabbing in Montreal.
  10. ???? So you could torture him for leaving ???
  11. Fanny


    I like Nieuwendyk as much as the next guy, but he's got injury problems all the time. Part of being old. very old.
  12. me too... but maybe it's just my hope against hope... Still, for those saying he's talking about signing elsewhere, he said he knows it's a business, but he also said something to the effect of "the grass isn't always greener elsewhere. Maybe I take less pay to stay here".... that gave me hope that at least there's a chance he sticks around.
  13. I would highly doubt that he'd not be in Montreal for rehab. He probably needs to be working with their staff while he gets better. And it's not like it was a 6 month injury where he couldn't do anything but rest for the first 3 months...
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