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  1. A friend of mine who knows very well the russian hockey (he covers the RHL for HockeyTime.net), writes this interesting description about Pavel Valentenko: http://www.russianprospects.com/public/art...?article_id=522
  2. Sorry, I'm an italian fan and I don't understand what means that Cullimore will be bought out... ...maybe that he'll not play with the Habs nex season? thanks
  3. ridicolus but sounds good (to me) We trade Ribs, Ryder, Souray, Aebi and maybe a draft pick or a prospect to Pittsburgh for Malkin OR Crosby... The Penguins have Crosby/Malkin and Staal as first two centers and need experience for a spot in the playoffs. We sign Dumont (=> Ryder), Briere or Gomez (=> Ribs) and a D-man (=> Souray) and the game is done! ok, ok, in Italy is called "fanta-hockey" ...but as a Habs fan I like this rumor!
  4. maybe you mean here: http://centreeaton.shopping.ca/retrievesto...7099&mallid=eat at Eaton Centre?
  5. Hi! A firend of mine lives in Montreal (...Lachine or LaSalle, I don't remember) and he will return in Italy this summer (July-August)! I'm searching this one: Reebok Tampa Bay Lightning Vincent Lecavalier Player Name and Number T-Shirt Can someone tell me where my friend can buy this around the town?? PLEASE, the NHLshop is too expensive and is also sold out! THANKS!
  6. Here (http://www.megaupload.com/it/?d=2H8KS168) there is a file (.rar) with a little collection of hockey photos (NHL from october, WJC '06, European Champions Cup) that you can set as background in your desktop or everything else... I hope you like it...!
  7. Kipper don't want to go at the Olimpics for his phisical problems! The finnish media indicates Toivonen or Markkanen for replace Kiprussof, but not Niittymaki who is making a strong season! PS: sorry for the bad english
  8. HERE THERE ARE! (from sport-ekspress.ru) Goalies: Nikolaj Khabibulin (Chicago) Evgenij Nabokov (San Josè) Il'ja Bryzgalov (Anaheim) Def: Darjus Kasparajtis (NYR) Sergej Gonchar (Pittsburgh) Aleksej Zhitnik (NYI) Anton Volchenkov (Ottawa) Andrej Markov (Montreal) Daniil Markov (Nashville) Fedor Tjutin (NYR) Dmitrij Bykov (Dinamo Moscow) Forwards: Pavel Datsyuk (Detroit) Il'ja Koval'chuk (Atlanta) Aleksej Yashin (NYI) Aleksej Kovalev (Montreal) Aleksandr Ovechkin (Washington) Viktor Kozlov (NJ) Maksim Afinogenov (Buffalo) Aleksej Zhamnov (Boston) Aleksandr Frolov (LA) Evgenij Malkin (Magnitogorsk) Maksim Sushinskij (Dinamo Moscow) Aleksandr Kharitonov (Dinamo Moscow)
  9. And here there are THE ITALIANS - The Blue team - "Gli Azzurri" :lol: Goalies: Günther Hell, Jason Muzzatti :can: (HC Bolzano Foxes), René Baur (HC Senfter Valpusteria) [good young goalie] Defenceman: Florian Ramoser (HC Bolzano Foxes), Michele Strazzabosco [this isn't a hockey player...:nono:], Armin Helfer [the best italian player:/)] and Christian Borgatello [a good young player](HC Junior Milano Vipers), André Signoretti :can: (SG Cortina Segafredo Zanetti), Carter Trevisani :can: (Supermercati A&O Asiago Hockey), Robert Nardella :can: (Rockford IceHogs – UHL) Forwards: Stefano Margoni and Stefan Zisser [a very bad hockey player](HC Bolzano Foxes), Mario Chitarroni:can:, and Joe Busillo :can: (HC Junior Milano Vipers), Giorgio De Bettin :can: and Anthony Tuzzolino :can: (SG Cortina Segafredo Zanetti), John Parco:can:, Jason Cirone:can:, Giulio Scandella:can: and Lucio Topatigh [he's 40 years old] (Supermercati A&O Asiago Hockey), Manuel De Toni (Tegola Canadese Alleghe Hockey), Luca Ansoldi (Ritten Sport Hockey), Anthony Iob :can: (Ec Kac Klagenfurt) At home: Thomas Tragust (HC Merano), Carlo Lorenzi (Tegola Canadese Alleghe Hockey), Justin Peca (HC Junior Milano Vipers), Alexander Egger and Andreas Lutz (Ritten Sport Hockey), Nicola Fontanive (Tegola Canadese Alleghe Hockey), Luca Rigoni (Supermercati A&O Asiago Hockey), Dino Felicetti, Matteo Molteni and Andrea Molteni (HC Junior Milano Vipers)
  10. Excuse me, do you know where I can see the highlights of this game?? (...video streaming??) Thanks! GO GUI GO!!!
  11. Hi everyone! I'm Cristian, I'm from ITALY ...and I'm an habs!!! This is my first post here! Look at this: http://s54.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=30A1QZU...ZV0CT426EU8XC05
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