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  1. YEAHHHHHH! We caught the Leafs! Look out Bruins! We...are....on....a....roll.
  2. Hoping for a win, but unfortunately Cujo gets a shutout. optimism is now pessimism. Please prove me wrong. Win a game, compete, try, skate, shoot, AHHHHHHHGHGGGHHH! For Chrissake win a freakin' game. Going mad damn it with all this losing and making excuses for floaters like Ribeiro! We are catching the Leafs in last place damn it! AAHHHHHGGGGG!
  3. I only saw the highlights and that was depressing enough! It is time for Gainey to start shopping around. It appears, especially from listening to player/coach postgame soundbites that there is disunity amongst the players. Not only are they not functioning as on-ice units, I wonder about disruptions in the dressing room. What damage has Ribeiro's comments about Ryder done to the team? Is this the best leadership we can expect from him given the golden opportunity to lead with K and K out of the lineup? Something is not right and I think it extends beyond the ice surface. A team that had so much jump and excitement, albeit living on the edge, early in the year has tanked and shows no sign of coming out of it, with no leadership right now - from anywhere. There is more to this than just a losing steak and bad bounces.
  4. Come on JMMR; Zednik is not waving like the Queen. She has much more energy. I believe he has been fly fishing on a frozen pond! He sure has not been chasing pucks!
  5. For those who do not like to hear about the reality the Habs find themselves in because of so many dumb-ass moves by management in recent memory and who sound like irrational Leaf fans who think they are going to win the cup every year, here is the fiction you love to hear: Habs are great this year. The goaltending has been really consistent supported by a skilled core of dependent defencemen. The forwards are really penetrating the offensive zone this year making every shot count. The power play is really putting pressure on other teams to the point that they are afraid to take penalties against the Habs potent snipers. PK is second to none as back to basics hockey and strong postion play place the PK at the top of the league. The cup comes home this year. All is great in Montreal. For those with the rose coloured glasses on - enjoy the fantasy. The Habs are my team. Avoiding acknowledging the needs of this team by continuously making excuses for stupid managemnet moves and nonchalant performances like that of Ribeiro and other players has allowed this team to dwell in the basement for too long. Maybe your mediocre standards are acceptable to you and some inside the organization, but the Habs and their players have had too much practice for too many seasons in producing predictable sound bites for the media and their fans after each mediocre game and season.
  6. I think I will cut my cable wires so I won't have to watch the slaughter tonight. Oh boy, this is going to be ugly and embarrassing. Can we forfeit the game, bow down to the Sens, and beg/thank them for letting us leave without the embarrassment of being squashed like bugs? This game should be a game of shinny for the Sens. They will not even break a sweat. Who's our daddy? Sens certainly and even the lowly Leafs. Ugly, just ugly!
  7. Tonight's game against the Sens will be ugly. Over before the ten minute mark of the first period! Unfortunately, Habs fans across the empire will be totally and completely embarrased. I am praying fervently for a miracle tonight and preparing for the team's total annihilation at the hands of the Sens.
  8. I think that the Cruncher sums it up quite nicely. I too have been defending Theodore avidly until this year. How long does a goalie need to get back into his flow? and how long can he ride the laurels of one good year? I agree Julien should send a message to Theodore to get his act together and stop the big shots when it counts - earn his big money. Play Danis for four orfive games.
  9. Theodore's play continues to be inconsistent at best. With consistent goaltending, this team is the tops in the League. For those who defend Theodore, by using expletives and refernece to national origins to insult other Habs Fans, that is disgusting. Everyone is entitled to a comment on the game while respecting the opinion of others. Some of us want this organization to progress and that can only happen by accepting the reality of the performance. Theodore is capable of better play, but just accepting "doing fine" from a former multi-awards winner is not good enough. This guy must be held accountable. Play Danis for a couple of games. For the well-versed, when offering opinions on the game try to raise the intelligence level beyond profanity. A great team is headed on the down-slide if the goaltending does not improve. The shot totals and save percentages for most of the Habs games speak for themselves. This team outplays the opposition most nights and still loses games like the one against the Leafs last night - Goaltending.
  10. With continued inconsistent goaltending by Theodore, the Habs may have to score six or seven goals a game to be assured of a win. He has a knack of letting in softies when the game is on the line and the pressure is mounting. Yes, he will stand on his head once in a while, but his habit of letting the opponent back into the game far outweighs his heroics this year. The Habs should have beaten the Leafs in a laugher. Belfour, sad to say, embarrased Theodore tonight.
  11. Theodore once again cannot stop the puck when it counts under pressure. This is the best and most exciting Habs team in decades, but Theodore's goaltending is ruining great efforts by his teammates. With consistent goaltending the Habs are as good or better than Ottawa and ahead of Detroit for first overall. This Habs teams lacks one thing those two teams have every night - great goaltending. With above average or even average goaltending, the Habs should have beaten the Leafs in a laugher tonight.
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