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  1. As much as I love the Habs, I'm afraid they won't make the playoffs this season...rebuilding year. As a true canadian hockey fan, I will therefore cheer on the Leafs who I figure should get a 4 or 5 seed. Go Leafs.
  2. Isn't Doucette from Montreal??? He's excellent! I also agree with the earlier mention of Beau Dommage
  3. I beg to differ.... true habs fans do NOT necessarily hate the Leafs!!! ignorant ones...however....
  4. I have Sirius radio.....I got that one last year specifically because of the NHL package....and Stern's imminent arrival Is XM starting in '07?...giving me 2 years on Sirius???
  5. I definitely agree that your ratings were written by the biased fan that you are....not that there is anything wrong with that your scores are only adequate if they are to be compared to habs teams of the recent past....if you mean to compare with rest of the NHL, we are definitely not an "A" team....if we were, how would you rate the better teams???....you'd have to invent new letters stronger than "A" to rate the Flyers!!! interesting read.....but not much more than fluff
  6. I agree with LS. Who knows what could have happened that season had Koivu not gotten hurt. and the season after....and after.... to this day, Koivu plays with more heart every night than any other player
  7. I couldn't disagree with you more!!!
  8. okay...we're just about set.....we need Huzer & dlbalr to switch to the new league
  9. me & my 3 other guys will be joining the Yahoo league...i also will have another guy join
  10. damn kids....old men like me & Huzer all know that the least appreciated and most underrated player was...Marcel Dionne....it makes a big difference when you don't win a championship....ask Barkley & Marino i have to agree that Ron Francis comes in a close second
  11. okay......welll.......I've been drinking.....ummmm.....apparently.....uhhh....not enough!!!!!!
  12. I'm from Sudbury too...and I'm undecided on the matter... therefore....my comments do not help whatsoever
  13. Hey, I sent you their emails yesterday thru Yahoo Messenger
  14. Hey Q60 I have 4 guys wanting to join....all good friends a Chiefs fan, a Niner fan and 2 Raiders fans...hehehe I sent them a link to join that I thought would work they got through the ESPN registration process but when they tried to join the league, they got a message that the league was full any ideas?
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