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  1. And that's the decision that may end ultimately Marc Bergevin's time in Montreal. Everyone knows that PK's deal was Geoff Molson's deal, and either Therrien, Bergevin, or guys in the room used it as an excuse, along with some poor play on the ice, to force a trade out of town. He was overpaid, but to keep high quality players in Montreal, sometimes you have to overpay. The bottom line is that Subban played best when didn't do too much, and the last year in Montreal, he tried to do too much because Price was out and he felt he had to do more. I think guys in the room let him twist in the wind way too much, and I wonder if that's starting to happen again. I'm also wondering if this might be an opportunity to see where the real leadership is. It's not Weber, it's certainly not Patch, and it's not Pleks. Is Gallagher a leader? Is Drouin a leader? Is Shaw a leader? Is Byron or Danault a leader? Not a speech-maker, but a guy who doesn't care what the score is, and plays every shift with the same focus and drive. Because if there's no leadership in that room, you're in even more trouble than you thought. The old saying goes, lead, follow or get out of the way. Seems like more are opting for the last option than the first two.

    never mind, it looks like they did the transfusion during the intermission.

    After tonight, there's three days off. Is there any way that to get Byron's blood transfused into everyone else on the team?

    No offense. No defense. No size. No toughness. No depth. No character. No leadership. No plan. No quick fix.
  5. Montoya given 2 yr Extension.

    He's a pedestrian 4-4-1, but his GAA is 1.98 and save percentage is .932. Slightly better than Carey's
  6. 2016 IceCaps Offseason Thread

    The thinking could be, the more guys willing and able to fight, the fewer suspensions they'll have to serve. And let's not forget that McCarron dropped the gloves when required too. He won't have to do it as often, but he will.
  7. Dec. 21, Habs vs Predators, 8 PM

    Last time I checked, they all had letters on their jerseys. It's a CH on that crest. If you can't find a leader, be one.
  8. Dec. 1, Columbus vs Montreal, 7:30 PM

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and says Fonzie didn't like that penalty
  9. Dec. 1, Columbus vs Montreal, 7:30 PM

    which version of Eller shows up tonight, I wonder SCORES!!! BYRON!!! THE BARD IS ON THE BOARD!!!
  10. Coyotes @ Canadiens: 7:30PM EST RDS, CityM

    That's the Beaulieu I'm looking for!!! Escape the check, move into the slot and get the shot through.
  11. Coyotes @ Canadiens: 7:30PM EST RDS, CityM

    SCORES!!! PATCHES!!! cue the comeback… AGAIN!
  12. Coyotes @ Canadiens: 7:30PM EST RDS, CityM

    My only criticism of Beaulieu is that he doesn't shoot enough. In Hamilton, he averaged 2 shots a game; in Montreal he's not getting a shot per game. He's got 3 shots playing on the PP this season - and ironically 1 goal. He's gotta trust his shot more and get the puck to the net instead of just throwing it into the corner or around the boards. Give the forwards rebounds to put home.
  13. Coyotes @ Canadiens: 7:30PM EST RDS, CityM

    First season? Where have you been!!! It's his fourth season as a pro, 2nd as a regular in Montreal, and he was a top-two blueliner in Hamilton.
  14. Coyotes @ Canadiens: 7:30PM EST RDS, CityM

    let's see if the guys have another comeback win in their bag of tricks