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  1. Thanks for the good work. It inspired me to do a little research of my own......the main reason why there is such a large PP/PK discrepancy is because of the amount of turnovers (giveaways) we have committed so far this year. We are by far #1 at 526. Edmonton is a distant second at 459. The third place team, Buffalo, has "only" 390 turnovers, or 136 less than we do.....that is totally absurd!! But it makes sense because it's usually the team that doesn't have the puck that is going to be penalized. Whatever system we're playing isn't working and it's burnng out our goalies & PKers. Check
  2. Totally agree here about playing BGL, and I too remember that TB game....it's the game that Tanguay got ran into the boards by their huge goon Artyukhin (6'4", 254 lbs) and injured his shoulder................I remember asking myself as Tanguay was being helped off the ice, "Isn't this why we signed BGL?"
  3. I'm indifferent about losing Saku Koivu. When I hear a guy like Grabovski say that Koivu is the only habs he actually respected, I start thinking that maybe Saku was the only one who wasn't berating him in the dressing room. But after seeing this punk's on-ice antics last year, then I think that Koivu should have been all over his ass from the get-go. So I can understand why some people on this board are glad he's gone. But I also really do believe that alot of you have been influenced over the years by the hatchet-job done to Koivu by certain media types: "Oh, our captain doesn't want t
  4. From the Ducks website, http://ducks.nhl.com/team/app?articleid=43...mp;service=page Koivu's interview with the local So. Cal. press after signing.....
  5. I have a feeling Bob will re-sign TK and Dandy to fill out the roster: Cammalleri..... Gomez.....Gionta A. Kost..........Plex.....D'Agostini Lats.........Laps..............TK S. Kost.......Metro........BGL/Dandy RESERVE Forwards: Stewart + Chips + MaxPac (Hamilton??) Spacek & Markov Gorges & Hammer Dandy/Weber & Gill RESERVE D: O'Byrne + Subban (Hamilton??)
  6. I hate the F@@king Bruins! I hate the F@@king city of Boston! I hate the F@@king state of Massachusetts! I hate F@@king New England! (yes, even Rhode Island!) The belching arrogance exuded by the Bruins & their fans will collapse within amid extreme violence and manifest the emergence of a black hole that will swallow up all that excess "wicked" karma!!......Habs in 6!!
  7. After reading 3 pages of what BGL will do to Lucy, what a downer this is....merde!!
  8. Calgary...perhaps? It seems an unlikely trade partner because he's not really a Keenan-type player even though he's had him before in NY; but secondary scoring is what Calgary needs to make a serious run at the cup, and perhaps Kovy can provide this.......the Flames have a lot of big wingers that play the physical game (as the Habs saw first-hand last week)....exactly what the habs need.....maybe someone like Boyd, Glenrcross, Moss or Bourque? who knows?
  9. totally agree......and that's because their roles keep changing every single game........i understand that Carbo is experimenting, trying to hit paydirt, but it looks like by the lack of effort that all the juggling is getting real old real fast......
  10. This is a given --> league rules stipulate that to be on the team you must have played a minimum of 20 games (Whitney & Gonchar aren't even close).....if Chara miraculously catches up to either K and/or M, then I'm putting a bounty on Bettman's head!!! Fleury needs to play in only 2 more games (out of 4) before Jan. 2 to be eligible ......so it looks like Price will have a battle; but even if he loses out to MAF, aside from Thomas (who is a lock IMO), nobody in the east has the stats that CP has.
  11. [b]MILBURY IS A COMPLETE BRAINLESS ASSHAT!!![/b] This moron is a worse Habs hater than Cherry. He completely canceled Hughson's excellent commentating. I'd rather listen to Old man Cole with his 45 second brain lapses and Harry Neale's completely uneducated analysis. I can't believe they let this moron analyze this game. Has he watched Kovalev for the last 4 years? This year is completely different than two years ago...his only bad season. Kovy is getting frustrated and feels he has to carry the team. He has back checked beautifully for the last two years. I hope this douche bag never commen
  12. What I liked most about this game.....every line scored a goal......IN THE THIRD PERIOD!!
  13. Don't know about that, Higgins & Koivu also have chemistry....with Tanguay, it might actually be Line 1b once they gel.................Tender did have a very good game, and I do like him on the PP at times in front of their net (apparently he's been studying game film of Holmstrom) To further complicate matters, I've watched both games, and Tommy K. has just been awesome playing w/Lang & SK.....his hustle & forecheck has given Lang the time & room (which he needs) to make plays........Dropping him down to the 4th line when Higgins returns is inevitable, but .................b
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