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    im pretty kool.. i where kool stuff and like kool things like kool aid..:)
  1. Hey thank's to everyone on your in put it was highly appreciated
  2. abishore is making good saves today eh?? see the picture proves it was moi :0
  3. So delema im watching a game with my b/f the guy here named maca...hippi macaskill or witch ever nickname you know this fine habs fan.. and his dad..ya know im wearing my habs shirt i got from afree thing at LE BELL CENre ANd my canadians tattoo on my wrist that i stole from matt maca hippi macaskills family... im all like yay habs ..so here i am ..not knowing what the hell the reff is saying or what the habs hockey men are doing.. what score it is , then it dawns on me..IM A FREAKIN POSER but i do like the habs i just cant follow them so anywho i try to understand the rules by immagining playing soccer...lol for some may mean im stupid or gross cause soccer may be a ugly nasty mutha blupper sport but ya i played it before so basicly i know from that where mid field is where defence is and forward is AND the basic like positions and stuff.. so anyways ya so anywho im their the habs score... and matt and his dad are like YES going crazy ya know and im like *sits still pickin nose* no but im just sitting their and i was wonderin to my self...how did that goal just happen did surray pass the puck in to neat? je ne sais pas.. so im making a nyce list of things i know about habs... and if you want to post and lemme know more interesting facts of habs ,history of them, where they got their "habs" name who invented the C thing on their jersey , good players and useful info that i may have forgot so that i can know half as much as u devoted fans know anywho here i go OH and know telling me i better be hot cause im clinicly re.tarded lol because im in special care councilling and i know the symptoms and i dont think i am ..lol ok here i go... 1) koview ..he's the team captain, he had cancer but he doesnt anymore and hes from findland 2)souray ...he had or has a model g/f that everyone search's for on google , and he dress's like an indian in photoshoots and my mom likes him 3) huet ... is hurt 4) matt tells me hockey players hurt their groins alot 5) the habs had the gasstral flu and i had it and it freaking sucks u feel like ur gonna die 6) habs were 9th place.. not sure what they are in now.. 7) Guy carbano is our coach 8) Bob Ganey had hair... http://www.legendsofhockey.net:8080/Legend...m=P199203#photo, 9) zednick who left i know ..and koview their jersys were 11 and 20 and i was born on the 11th month and the 20th day and but matt liked those two numbers so i got flattered .. but then he sais its cause it was their jersys 10) oh ya and habs was from history it ment habitant for like french settlers B) 11) montreal canadians are not all from montreal they come from all other places.. 12) the ice is made of water 13) i hope the habs get free beer cause its very expensive and by that comment i guess u have relized i ran out of facts.. i know more i just cant think . any ways thanks for your time and reading my bad spelling mistakes and bad puntuation. :hlogo: Tanya the number 26784090203543849 knowledged habs fan.
  4. hey guys after that incident macaskill known as matt or vise versa after my post i think he relized he should tell me a thing or to about the good old hocky games or else he just felt sorry for my nonknowledge of this godly game here in canada , so ya inconclusion lol i understand why i didnt make sence in my last thread *blushs* i was wondering why i was clinikly ######..hahah i know now , but yes i am here to adoped the knowledge to take over this site and i am going to tell all toronto fans to come join this site and sOON it will be a bread of the canadians and toronto fans!and then soon enough...the toronto team will take over !and no more habs site..oh just jokeing guys i wont do that i dont know many toronto fans.. cuz im from montreal ! ya matt tried to get me into hockey by showing me the playersand tried to make me think one of them was hot so that id watch hockey more..then i picked surray and well it didmnt help.. but then i found out how his wifes name is tanya also and it was ironic then ya thats all i gotta say ill be watching everyones comments about hockey and ill become knowledgable and maybe ill become as intellagent and a hockey lover and ill correct one of you guys in the future:D ok bye for now and thanks for laughing at me in a good way
  5. i thought i said something right im doing this so my boyfriend excepts me as one, cause im trying to get into the habs spirit
  6. lol me to i dunno nothing about hocky:( i cant even spell it i dont think
  7. im really glad the habs won..not because i am from toronto.. or because i follow hockey.. but because the habs are part of my heritage they ARE the montreal canadians and i AM a now montreal canadian in spirit and who the *beep* is happy that montreal won 3 -2 with the help of dagenais can everyone say AMEN?? common people say IT LOUD AND PROUD for the beautiful people who like montreal canadians AMEN:/):ghg::hlogo::can:
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