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  1. There is a few things working in our favor 1- The penguins need to pick up some salary to make the minimum required 2-Michel Therrien is the Penguins' coach, he knows the Montreal players (some of them) 3-The Pens need to make the playoff now to get an arena 4-Crosby is and will be their number one center and Staal will be there soon also 5-Andre Savard is there too.
  2. What about offering a third year to Shanny. Let's say a 4.5, 4.5, 3 million. This way 4 millions would go over the cap instead of 4.5. You save money cap wise and offer him a third year, which could attract him. I would like to add that Shanny is worth a lot more than 30 goals, even if he scores less goals, he will drag Kovalev night after night, and he'll score more. Ribeiro will rack it up too. His leadership will help Koivu in the room, if K goes down, we don't have to worry about leadership. It's so much more than goals, he will also develop guys like Chipchura, Latendresse, Higgins, etc. He'S perfect for Montreal, Bring him IN!!!
  3. What about that Nigel Williams guy, huge guy 6'4 230, that played with Johnson
  4. I HATE Pedneault. Besides that, I disagree that the french media tries to protect the french players, They do say that we should have more francophones in the team, but when one of them comes in and he makes mistakes, he's all over the paper. The french crap goes both ways, they praise a french canadian that performs well twice as much as anyone else, but they also get twice the load of crap when they do something wrong. During the Canadiens' slope, I remember french medias all over Ribeiro's back, Theodore has been bashed quite a bit too. Dandenault was one of the worst players of all time in their opinion. I watch french T.V. all the time and understand everything they say, believe me it's not always pretty for french canadians! They I tell you that I HATE Pedneault, I think he needs thicker glasses.
  5. I agree, Bouillon should stay in the line-up in front of Dandy, Simpson and Streit (If we get someone else). The only thing missing to Bouillon is offensive abilities. He's one of the top in bodychecks, blocked shots and you never see him getting beat in a one-on-one. the problem is that Gainey uses him on the PP, he shouldn't be there! He's the kind of guy that will never hurt your team. He doesn't take stupid penalties, never looses one on ones, forces other team to keep their heads up, etc. On the other end he isn't a game breaker neither. If you look at the Pittsburgh game closely, Aeby gave many rebounds in the slot, BOu would of been able to clear and I believe that we wouldn't of needed 6 goals to win. On the other hand, Souray is the complete oposite, if we'd get another top d-man (offensive), he's the one I'd trade. He sucks on one-on-ones, and takes stupid penalties. His offensive upside could be carried by the new player picked by Gainey. My 2 cents!
  6. I would like to add that canadian dollar is doing very well also!
  7. Yeah, but isn't there a maximum % of the cap that you can pay a player?, this would keep it relatively stable (although mediocre players could get too much for their value), and if the cap goes back down at some point, many players of nhl caliber might end up in the AHL (Mogilny)
  8. Yeah, our young guns wil ahve an extra year of experience, hopefully a long playoff run and we'll have the space to sign free agents, and we'll even be able to trade and absorb some difference in salaries.
  9. Thanks for the correction, I just know they don't want to risk it.
  10. Don Meehan the very popular nhl players' agent, came to my class at McGill university today and said that the cap will be at 43 Million minimum and 46 maximum. He also explained that the players will make a push to have it at the lowest end of the fork. It seems weird, but he explained that there is an "escroc" (not sure how to spell it) costing the players a certain part of their salary when it his raised to high, which is sort of lke a tax, and he explained that a lower cap would keep the owners in line, reducing the probability of this extra "tax". Let's say that we can look forward to a 43 M cap next year and that it will allow Montreal to make hopefully, some great moves.
  11. I believe the Canucks are now over the cap, could someone clear it up for me?
  12. As far as I know, there is no increase on player's salaries counting towards the cap space. Each contract is divided into even amounts for every season. ex: someone makes 3M, 4M and 5M, for a three year contract, the average is 4M, therefore every year he would count for 4 M towards the cap. Let me know if I'm wrong, but I believe this is how it goes.
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