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  1. I blame the guys on the ice but I also blame carbo for putting the wrong players on the ice and putting together lines that didn't work.
  2. I really like the sight of Beliveau and Orr holding each other. One question where was Fergie???? Was that Pierre Bouchard as Number 26?
  3. Carbo is supposed to have a game plan. What game plan did he have? The habs were outshot and outplayed in the first period. They had no system. The Leafs came out with a strategy. They forechecked, their defence chipped in. What was the habs system? Tonight was not the first night Begin has taken stupid penalties. Carbo relied on the likes of Begin and Dandenault not because they were playing great but because they were french canadians. Who should have been benched in the third period Begin for that stupid reckless play or Kovalev?
  4. I completely agree with point number one. Carbo was hired as a motivator. I sensed that in the first part of the year. Then he started developing this ego problem. All I ever got from him was this idiotic smile everytime the habs were penalized either justly or unjustly. Then came the remark to the press he and Muller couldnt put on the skates. At the time the habs were in 4th place and he told them they were crap. Then he broke up the Koivu Higgins Ryder line. Then he benched Perezhogin the best +- on the team. Then he put the dynamic duo of Dandenault and Bouillon together and benched Ninimaa. Once Begin returned he played on every line. I don't even want to discuss the Samsonov disaster which Carbo holds a major responsibility for. As well, I think Kovalev was right- Carbo favours french canadians players- skilled or unskilled. The big problem Montreal has is defensively. They need a defenceman coach. Even Souray and Markov had big defensive lapses. They need a tactician that can let them play the trap when needed like tonight. I don't know what Muller and Jarvis do? neither one ever played defence in the NHL.
  5. Thank you Mr Carbonneau. It's too bad the penalties ruined the game. However, in even strength Paul Maurice totally outcoached Carbo, the Leafs had a system in the first period canadians had none. Thanks to great individual play by Ryder the Canadians came back. However Carbo was clueless.His insistence on relying on players like Begin and Latendresse and Dandenault to go to war for him cost him the season. Great move having Kovalev play with young blood like Lapierre and Latandresse. They may turn out to be decent NHL'ers in 3-4 years not now. The Crystal wall shattered. Carbo destroyed this team's confidence at Xmas and he never let go.
  6. What saddens me is the sight of the last great dynasty of the habs. If only they could become young again. Who was Number 20? Cam Connors?
  7. I also wish him well. His speed could be a determining factor. However, I don't know if he would be a better fit on the Bonk line where he played most of the year.
  8. I think both. The Leafs have big forwards and Ninimaa is a big body
  9. Not sure what to think. I think perez will bring fresh legs. However I dont know if the chemistry will be there. I sure hope so.
  10. It's now or never as the Elvis song goes. I think a few careers are on the line tonight including Kovalev Koivu and maybe whether Souray stays in Montreal.
  11. a 9 goal scorer since Carbo treated him like crap all year and never played him on the powerplay Jeff O 'Neill has been a bust since joining the Leafs. He has nothing to brag about, and since he left the Hurricanes they won a Cup without him. What you are saying is essentialy what i am saying. Why has Sammy been a bust in Montreal? I think we are blaming the victim of Carbo's ego
  12. Let's get real dirty harry. No one took him because of his salary. Frankly from what I saw of the likes of Latandresse last night I think Sammy would be a vast improvement. Sammy won't be playing with the Habs next year and when he starts playing great with another team I hope everyone will question what happened in Montreal. I don't think you have to look further then Carbo. If the Habs don't make the playoffs Carbo won't last long next year.
  13. I'll take a loud mouth 50 goal scorer to a saint 10 goal scorer any day
  14. I wouldnt mind him being sent to Hamilton. I would be interested to see if he plays real well. If he does then who was to blame for his lack of productivity in MONTREAL?
  15. If the habs lose on Saturday I better not see the likes of Koivu Kovalev and Begin in a Habs uniform next year. If they win they can stay but if they lose I want changes NOW.
  16. Carbo will be repeating this till 7PM Saturday Huet or Halak Huet or Halak Huet or Halak Huet or Halak Huet or Halak Huet or Halak Huet or Halak Huet or Halak Huet or Halak Huet or Halak Huet or Halak Huet or Halak
  17. arggggggggggggggggh they were godawful. Never thought they were not gonna put an effort into it
  18. This is nonsense. MarK Messier one of the the undisputed greatest leaders in hockey whined about Roger Nielson and had him fired. Henri Richard the Pocket Rcoket and winner of most Stanley Cups as a player whined about Al McNeil and had him shipped off. This happens all the time Frankly my opinion was totally different. If Samsonov had said nothing then I would have thought he did not care. Why whine if you don't care. He was frustrated and he said the things he said. Frankly hockey is entertainment and reporters are there to get a story. I doubt your job is interesting to the general public. You mentioned Craig Rivet but does my memory fail me that he did not take his benching all that well either??? As for Ninimaa I saw him on TV said better let things remain unsaid as to what he thought of being benched. He clearly did not think much of it I dont know what code there supposedly is in hockey. The same code when Patrick Roy went ballistic before he was traded? The same code that brought Reggie Jackson and Billy Martin to blows? The same code that has soccer players throw things when they are substituted?
  19. So apparently when Sammy is pissed it's because he is not a competitor? Carbo has bashed Sammy repetitively in the media all year. Sammy says one thing and Carbo explodes like a spoiled brat.
  20. He left without talking to reporters even though he scored the winner. Koivu apparently always talks to the media. So his leaving was clearly a sign of whining that le journal de montreal picked up on Monday. Koivu is no saint. He was fairly benched on Saturday because of his poor performance on Friday. My qualm is that Sammy was sometimes unfairly benched.
  21. I dont think we know the scoop. I think its something embarassing in Julien's personal life. Wonder what it is???
  22. I do not think this is fair and balanced criticism. First off, Carbo is really responsible for this disaster. He castigated Samsonov after 4 games. Sammy had just had a kid and was obviously distracted. Carbo almost never played him on the powerplay. He stuck Samsonov with Kovalev almost all season. Anyone with half a brain would have realized that their playing styles did not mesh. It didn't have to take 40 games to realize this. Finally he started to lift his game when put on the Bonk line. He played a great game in Nashville when they won. The very next game or the game after he was benched??? Second, no one has ever complained about Sammy before. He was on a Stanley Cup finalist last year. And where are the Oilers this year without him. One could even ask where were the Oilers last year without him. Second, Samsonov outplayed Joe Thornton for almost 4 years before Thornton started to mature with the Bruins. The Bruins fans still think highly of him. So what happened??? I think what was as bad as Sammy and Kovy not meshing was Sammy and Carbo. Finally, in the second half his attitude started deteriorating. His play right before the final benching was gruesome. So Sammy quit on the team after being provoked all year by Carbo.
  23. after being in 10th place for a month I dont care just make the playoffs
  24. Good choices but we need one defensive left winger and it is either Bert or Gainey. Olmstead won cups elsewhere in Toronto for instance. However, he only played on a couple of the habs cups. Jacques Laperrierre was a classic defensive defenceman but he was not rugged nor offensively skilled. Butch Bouchard had the rugged body and was a leader. As for Chelios one cup does not make the grade. Well if we had an enforcer it would be fergie no doubt about that. I was also wondering how about the big M? Hard to take players like the BIg M Olmstead or Chelios who played a good portion of their careers elsewhere. Patrick Roy may be the exception :hlogo:
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