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  1. out 4 to 6 weeks...i'm sure all of u know that by now though...
  2. Don't get me wrong, i love Pleks also but he doesn't get bashed when he makes mistakes (and he does). Ribeiro makes mistakes as well as good plays yet he seems to be the one getting crucified out here.
  3. Atleast Ribeiro doesn't clear the puck over the boards, Tries to pass to his linemates, defends his teammates (komi last night), takes 2 high sticks to the face and continues with his effort...(Pho. game) give me a break. Ribs is not a pansy. he's a playmaker and a damn good one, especially when he has a full team behind him and a better managed bench. Everyone here expects him to be this machine but he isn't and his salary does not reflect that of a superstar's salary either. Get over it, Ribeiro is not the only reason this team is not doing well.
  4. he is truly amazing...i wish him all the best and a successful recovery.
  5. Do any of you actually read the whole article or just the parts you want to read? «Ce n'est pas un blâme, a-t-il répondu. Il a dirigé de bons tirs au filet. J'ajouterais qu'il en a obtenu cinq ou six par match dernièrement. Il compte quand même 10 buts à sa fiche. Pour ma part, je dois continuer à créer des occasions de marquer.» i mean, sure his comments were risky and he is not in position to criticize others when he's not playing well but he is picking it up slowly but surely. He is being punished for his lack of effort by being placed on the 4th line and getting his ice-time cut....But he is not the only one under performing. I think comments like these will only make them play even harder.
  6. Wow, the Ribs bashing never ceases to amaze me. How can you people forget all the good he's done for us and continuously bash this guy to all hell! Yes he has not been producing as much as we had all hoped but neither have others. Instead of complaining and bashing...how about supporting for once. You can argue and say "well the past is the past and it's now that matters."...i'll be the first to agree with you but frankly...our team is in so much trouble right now the last thing we need is the negativity.
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