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  1. Sept. 23, Habs vs Sens, 7 PM

    Chabot is legitness. I'm gonna take him in late rounds in my pool
  2. This will be one those debated trades for years to come. I'm really liking drouin and his upside at this point. The kid appears to be a true student of the game.
  3. Sept. 20, Washington vs Montreal, 7 PM

    I like your thinking on this topic. It's really a good point. One difference between a face off and a typical puck battle though, is the set Play. Players practice set plays a lot around defensive and offensive zone cave offs. I don't think it's quite as easily dismissed as you make it sound. But I agree with your thinking. It's a overblown topic by commentators. Meanwhile, a player wins 85%of his puck battles can be overlooked because nobody tracks it
  4. 2017 NHL Offseason Thread

    I'm going to the Habs knights game in Vegas in Feb. Holy expensive. I thought it would be a good choice because of cheap flights and hotel, but the seats are a fortune. 300+ for bowl seats. Just as much as a Canadian arena.

  6. Habs announce training camp roster

    Hudon, Reway, Mete, Jerebak, Mcniven are the players I will be watching closely. Nice to see some skill in the prospects. A weak farm system has been my main criticism of MB. I would love to see that turn around.
  7. Habs announce training camp roster

    I'm interested to see how mete does in preseason games. He is a dynamic young Feller.
  8. How long will Drouin last at centre?

    I excited to see him quarterback the pp. The kid looks like Backstrom on the power play. Scary good on the half wall. If your hockey pool has extra power play points, you might want to go off the board in the early rounds for him. Depending on who is available.
  9. Stephan Quintal gonna be gm next year?
  10. Andrei Markov tribute thread - officially not back

    Overall defensive depth has certainly improved. Top 4 depth is up for debate. Specifically the #2 spot.
  11. Andrei Markov tribute thread - officially not back

    I don't see this season as lateral quite yet. The defensive top 4 depth is big question mark. As it was last year. There is no number 1 centre. There hasn't been for 20 years. But the top 6 wing depth looks very good. And there is a healthy chunk of change available to make moves before the season or in the first half of the season. MB not have the cap room last year. I am cautiously optimistic.
  12. Rookie Camp roster/tournament thread

    I hope he did well. Would be a great story.
  13. 2017-18 Line-up

    That sounds exciting
  14. Maybe things aren't as bad as.....

    I am using this! Awesome!
  15. Fire Bergevin

    Petry Weber Shlemko Alzner? RR LL Hard to find too many working combos right now. Other Than pray to christ jarebek is awesome.