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  1. How about Weber and Shaw for Klefbom Draisaitl? Would such to not have a number 1 defenseman though .
  2. I saw that. Please phone him MB. Please
  3. Ya is probably unwise to spam the forum which is so active discussing countless other topics.
  4. Why not. He was a hab. It is news. I liked Ott. He was the best of the bums MB brought in at the deadline.
  5. The Kadri comparison is a very good one. You have to wonder how much of the development is coaching and hope much is personality and general intelligence of the player. I am still hopeful with Galchenyuk. At the end of this season, he was 5th in career points among players 23 and under. And only a few points separated 2nd from 5th. Is to bad Montreal doesn't have a Hossa type winger who could insulate his defensive liabilities and mentor defensive play on ice.
  6. Totally agree on Karlsson. I've been a believer for several years. Even when people said he wasn't that good defensively, I was wondering what they were watching. I'm not a boucher fan yet. That may change in the future, but I find his system incredibly boring. It is also not that flawless. It reminds me of Jaques Martin a lot. Martin teams always gave up a lot of shots, but kept them in low danger areas. They make the goalie look good, but the goalie still has to stop all those shots. Eventually they go against you. For me, Julien was a good choice, and I'm happy he is the coach.
  7. St. Louis just hired Steve Ott as an assistant coach. He was the only one I would have kept.
  8. This is awesome. Love this site more and more. We need habs30/31 back. I could go for some top Centre spam. That guy was a beauty
  9. I will be surprised if it lasts that long. Not to say it's all boucher coaching. It's the team too, but I just think that this sens team is going to revert back to the norm next year. You can't consistently get dominated in possession and shots against. Eventually it catches up to you and those bounces work against you.
  10. I didn't tell anyone what to talk about. But trying to spin that boucher made Karlsson great after he won two Norris trophies and 4 nominations is total silliness. If you guys want to prattle on about how the habs would be going to the final if hey kept subban, be my guest. There is a lot of use of the term "narrative" used in this site lately. You guys spin your narratives all you want. I find it entertaining. Unlike boucher hockey.
  11. Zero chance I ever read a positive post from you. Regardless of coaching. So 2 Norris trophies and 2 nominations and the world is just now noticing Karlsson is good? Boucher is a genius. Zero chance I wanted him before and I'm thanking God I don't have to watch his boring crap now. Oh ya I forgot. Lol at Subban vs Weber. It's done. I don't like it either but Jesus is getting old.
  12. Lol at subban vs Weber. Thank GOD MB didn't hire boucher. Most boring crap hockey ever. 2 scoring chances and two goals on seeing sure shots. Total luck they won tonight. Worst team in the playoffs and I will be very surprised if they don't regress next season.
  13. Haha. Good point. I was thinking about a Tavares type trade.
  14. Max at close to 40 goals every year with that cap hit could carry some clout in the trade market. Especially for a team with not a lot of money.