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  1. 3rd period was good. That goalie was unreal in the 3rd.
  2. Primeau is a rebound machine. I would be pad passing on him if I were Colorado.
  3. Thompson needs to find his October mojo. Need that 4th line to pick it up.
  4. Egad. So sick of watching this trash.
  5. I completely agree. He needs some ahl time.
  6. They didn't need khe sahn in 68 to lose in 73. We dont need ld in 19 to lose in 24. Love the reference.
  7. For sure. When you're panicking because a 20 year old prospect ( mete) who would be bottom pair on a deep team, gets hurt, you got some splaining to do.
  8. I'm surprised its Primeau. Kid probably shit when they told him he's coming up. I'd be scared.
  9. The problem is folin Reilly fleury ollafson and kulak are all #7
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