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  1. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    So are you saying that pacioretty needs to go at all costs this deadline regardless of what they get back? Best package available. Is he a bad captain? What does a captain do? Wears a C. Talks to refs and linesmen.... that's about it. I want to trade pacioretty. He is a great asset for trade. But if the deal isn't there, the deal isn't there. You don't trade him cuz he doesnt take ceremonial face offs well. I would wager 20% of his goals over the years have been from stretch passes. There is nobody to feed him that pass. The team sucks and it has nothing to do with Max Pacioretty and his captain skills. If trading Pacioretty fills a top c hole, you do it. But you sure don't trade him just to get rid of him.
  2. Injury news

    Me too. My boy offered me a descent trade for him. Wish I would have taken it.
  3. Feb. 17, Habs vs Golden Knights, 7 PM

    Positives. I was at the game and was drunk enough that I didn't care about the score. Fist bumped George larauque. Lol. Had a beer with Mike the mouth matisow. He's an alright guy. Recommended doing a game in Vegas. It's super fun. The fans are totally into it. Cool pregame. Blueman group intermission. Lounge seats are great. And it's vegas.
  4. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    Do you trade price for towes?
  5. Feb. 14, Habs vs Avs, 9:30 PM

    I agree. Niemi had been really good this year.
  6. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    For me, the best way to retool is start at the desks. Laval, st john have been terrible. Work on player development by bringing in some new faces. The right faces. Get some better pro scouts. Make it so that all those picks you make actually developed an impact prospect.
  7. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I am in favor of a pacioretty trade if it can land a top centre prospect or a future number 1 d prospect. But that's the only way. I'm not in favor of getting him out because he isn't a leader or shouldn't be captain. Cc I'm not saying you see it that way.
  8. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I understand that everyone wants to tear it down and start over. I just think with the core that this team has, it needs a retool. Not a rebuild. Obviously if the return is right, no player should be off the table, but ultimately I would like to trade Plek for a 3rd or better and try to sign him as a ufa. We are all proposing that we sell off and stock up on picks and prospects. The developement system is broken though. I would like to see some new pro scouts, because the pro scouting is terrible. I would like to see something happen in the system to improve development as well. I would like to see an impact player traded to get some top 6 centre prospects. But I can't help but think that on a 2 million dollar contract, plekanec would be a great mentor for those youngsters. I don't think this team is so broken that they need to sell it all off.
  9. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Show me where I said a 2nd AND a 3rd. I said if you can't get at least a third hang onto him. There is nobody in the system as good as him at centre. Its not like he is taking the spot of someone waiting to step up.
  10. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    If you can't get at least a 3rd, I say you don't trade him. He will be a fine 3rd line centre next year if the price is right. I haven't seen the definite lost step in his speed. All I've seen is his offense dry up. And an incredible defensive mind. I hate his salary, but I do not hate plekanec. For the right price I would like him to remain or resign as a hab. The likelihood of signing 2 top 6 centres next year is zero. I would like to see a 2nd or 3rd for him.
  11. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    He also hasn't lost his speed.
  12. Feb. 1, Montreal vs Carolina, 7 PM

    Gold jerry gold
  13. Permanent Rumour Thread

    AND draft dahlin. Win cup
  14. Habs vs Blues - 8:00 EST.

    I have admitted I was wrong. Not sure why feel compelled to be a smug asshole about it.
  15. Habs vs Blues - 8:00 EST.

    Actually I gave you credit for finding two good examples. Tampa is not a complete team IMO. They have holes. Nashville has borderline centres (yes they are better than montreals) and low wing depth, but you could argue they are a complete team this year. Since smith is not having a 32 point year like last uear. so I bchabnut concede and take back all previous statements about complete teams in the cap world, because one example in a 31 team league was provided to me. Therefore I am wrong and it is in FACT very common to have complete teams in the cap era.