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  1. I like the" wading chest deep in a pool of poop with your mouth open". Now that's a good analogy.
  2. Honestly, I haven't minded his work overall with the team. There are moves I like and moves I dislike, but the overall resume has been a competitive team. player development is where it all falls apart with me. Why blow the team up when chances are you are just gonna screw up the picks anyway.
  3. I'm definitely a fan. I try to stand back and allow things to play out before I judge them. Zero impact players have developed in this system. I've seen your rebuttals and I am not willing to call Andre ghetto or macarron an impact cut. Every team has those guys. It's hard to progress in a cap system when your drafting and development stinks worse than a restaurant dumpster fire.
  4. I have found Bergevin's work with the roster acceptable overall. But to not identify the gaping hole in player development, and not only that, to follow the failures up with a round of promotions, is firing material. Zero prospects. Zero. None. Not one.
  5. How is Martin Reway feeling? He's about the only good prospect left.
  6. The bottom line in all of this is that the team at the end of this season was short on scoring. Adding Drouin would be a win if radulov stays on the team. If radulov signs elsewhere, you just gave up your only high end prospect in your entire system and did not fill a hole in the top 6.
  7. Completely defeats a win now scenario. It's actually a downgrade because you give away sergachev for nothing. Drouin replaces radulov. Sergachev is gone.
  8. If Drouin replaces radulov, and there is no top 6 upgrade this year, the loss of serg will be for nothing.
  9. Signing

    No idea.
  10. Signing

    That's what I thought when I saw this. I actually hope it's a sign that MB is addressing that part of development. I recall him saying years ago that the farm team would primarily be prospects. Some veteran ahler players should teach the kids how to win.
  11. I think part of the problem lies with Bergevin as much as Lefevre. I didn't pay a great deal of attention to the old teams, but it seems to me they had full time AHL players to lead the way for the youngsters. Now the leaders on the team are a revolving door of prospects and call ups.
  12. I like de LA rose. I think he is a good choice for the 4th line. Nice and cheap now is up to him to prove his worth. Win puck battles. That's all I expect of 4th liners.
  13. I try to work panglossian into a sentence at least once a week.
  14. So rumor is that mcjesus is close to a contract valued at 13 and change per year. Might be fun to re discuss the offer sheet now.
  15. 12 million? Ouch. The old grump still puts up the points, but holy crap.