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  1. First Goal for Mete

    Mike Johnson is saying he will score as well.
  2. What is with this team? That's a goal I think. My bad. Puck didn't cross.
  3. Meat can skate too. Goal of the year.
  4. Wow! What a goal by barkov
  5. Sweet soccer reaction by trochek. Need a medevac?
  6. Ya baby. Nice pass by reilly there.
  7. Domi > Galchenyuk

    I agree with that. Subban always came to play. I miss a lot of what he brought. I don't miss the embellishment and constant complaining too refs and so on. He's not too blame, but I also don't miss the contract drama that seemed to never end.
  8. Domi > Galchenyuk

    When I think subban with the habs, low drama is nowhere in my mind. It was all drama. To call his post nonsense, I felt was a bit arrogant.
  9. We gotta slump our hands?
  10. Domi > Galchenyuk

    Subban is high drama.
  11. Ya that fourth line looked brutal. They better improve.
  12. Feb. 16, Habs vs Lightning, 7 PM

    Time for video games. Can't watch this train wreck. Gotta play 60 minutes.
  13. Feb. 16, Habs vs Lightning, 7 PM

    3 points out of 8 against power house teams. No bark in this dog in the third.