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  1. A 2 year deal at 4 per would be great.
  2. Yes. 2 years ago, my complaint was that there were no impact players at any position in their prospect pool. This is no longer the case. They have a top 5 ranked prospect pool by most knowledgeable analysts. Stay the course I says.
  3. Winning is the best option imo. even if they miss the playoffs by a game or two. If they can play the wave attack with a healthy line up and convince themselves that they can compete, that confidence and a tweak or two may be all that's needed. I hate the tank option.
  4. I agree. I watch hockey to be entertained. He entertains me.
  5. Lehkonen is too good to trade imo. His point production is such a small part of his game. His contracts will never be huge because of he doesnt put up numbers but his play away from the puck is almost perfect. His trade value would likely not match his value to the team as a 3rd liner.
  6. Vegas killed them on d zone puck battles all night.
  7. Forgot about multi 20 goal scorer byron. Ok... two ti.e 20 goal scorer, but he is solid depth. Possibly caulfield the following year. Problem is you gotta pay em.
  8. I expect them to be good next year. Injuries to important players hurt them this year. Mete, Suzuki, poehling and Fleury have given them solid free depth. They more than made up for kotkaniemi's regression. Drouin and Armia were huge to the team success early on this year. The power play has improved, although its regressed recently. I am predicting 100+ points next year if they can get a decent backup.
  9. I dont wanna see kk do that anymore, but holy crap he was tossing haymakers. Even had the sweater grab jab going.
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