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  1. I feel like this team goes where Price and Petry take it. Not Price and Weber. When Petry is on his game these last few years, he is a game changer. Hes gonna start playing better and the teams gonna succeed. They need 2 of Price, Petry, Suzuki to perform better and they will make Ducharme look good.
  2. Thats the best the team has played i several weeks. Something to build off. I enjoyed the puck support leaving their zone. Reminded me of the penguins breakouts. Except they are allowed to forecheck. I aways liked the penguins strategy in the defensive zone. Jaques Martin. Not pittsburgh
  3. Wait i thought it was 3-1 when I left work. Hahahaha. Losers. Reminds me of 09. Solid 08 leads to Tanguay and lang signing. I thought they were gonna be great.........
  4. The play of Price is a huge factor in the collapse of this team. He needs to earn his pay. No coaching change will fix that, unless its a goalie coach.
  5. Hughes would barely be playing with CJ as coach. He's a defensive train wreck.
  6. I like Brady more I think. Kids a gamer.
  7. I want to see cj pay the fine for that call. Stand up for the boys on this one.
  8. I normally try to remain objective about reffing, but that was complete robbery. The canadiens clawed back and eon that game in my eyes. That was not goalie interference. If I'm Julien or bergevin, I publicly denounce the call and pay the fine. Show my team I got their back.
  9. He had 4 seconds. And gally was pushed into him
  10. Gally was pushed into murray by the defender. He had 4 effing seconds to get set. Absolute shit decision. Absolute shit..
  11. He had 4 seconds to reset. Horrible horrible call. Absolute larceny.
  12. His multiple spectacular saves tonight are nullified by two horrible softies
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