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  1. After Petterson, Boeser, Miller, and maybe Horvat, the talent seems to drop off a lot. I'd say 2 top six players and a couple 3rd liners that can fill in on the top 6. Another year of development for Patterson and Hughes will help.
  2. That was a disappointing loss. I really like this Canucks team.
  3. Waits for Allan Walsh tweet after watching Canucks game...
  4. For 10 million so he could clear the same as he does in dallas
  5. Montreal outplayed Philly 3 out of 6 games and matched them in game 1. I feel like if you play this series 10 times, Habs win 9 of em. What a drag after seeing them play so well, to come out behind. Luck was on Phillys side.
  6. Bad luck man. Niskonen absence is noticeable. Habs should be the ones up 3-2. Ugh
  7. 40 more minutes like that minus the penalties and habs have a chance
  8. If there was ever a reason for a suspension.
  9. That was a viscous cross check to the mouth. There are better angles available that shows how bad it was.
  10. Watch the niskonen cross check to Gallagher mouth. It was brutal. That was far more intentional than kk. Hopefully there is no suspension
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