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  1. That the one I like as well. I dont know why. I think ots nicer than any jersey. Including current.
  2. I liked the old 3rd jersey. Before 09. White with dark blue stripe.
  3. I actually like Armia for what he is right now. An extremely reliable winger who can play up and down the line up. Protect the puck. Hold off defenders, and defend extremely well. Armia is an ideal 3rd liner, who can move up if needed. We often overlook the value of defensive ability. Of course i would love to see him put up a 60 point season and dominate, but I dont need that to like what he is right now. Danault, Armia, Lehkonen, and Byron all play extremely well defensively.
  4. The trade was horrible, but I dont think he's that far off points wise, for his contract.
  5. I disagree. This is a perfect contract, I think
  6. Minimum 25 goals? I hope you're right. I would guess 15 to 20 of each this year after adjusting to the new team.
  7. The old strategy of taking away the middle of the ice, may prove more difficult for opposing teams now with kk, Anderson, Tafoli, Armia, all showing reasonable strength on the wall. This also appears to be a team more suited to CJ's style. We shall see.
  8. I dont think 4.25 million is an overpay for a 50 point winger. I do wonder where he fits in the lineup though. I like Armia and Gallagher ahead of him.
  9. I feel like Juulsen has a better stick when defending, and his positioning was good also. Seemed to steer players to the wall better.
  10. Is domi that much faster? Anderson looks fast for a big man.
  11. I like Armia. A lot. I would hate to see him traded. Do you trade Danault this year, or give him another year to mentor slick nick and kk?
  12. After Petterson, Boeser, Miller, and maybe Horvat, the talent seems to drop off a lot. I'd say 2 top six players and a couple 3rd liners that can fill in on the top 6. Another year of development for Patterson and Hughes will help.
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