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  1. So enough of the season was played to determine the playoff teams, but not enough was played to determine the draft lottery? Very manipulative in my opinion.
  2. When I was a little boy, there was only one team. The habs. My family were die hard habs fans. Guy Lafleur was my hero. Roy made me a true hockey fan in my teens and early adulthood. Koivu made the list the day he got his standing Oh. I know it was about more than just hockey, but the emotions I felt that day are still with me when I think about it. And now Ovechkin with that pure goal scoring ability and Crosbys incredible all around play keep me loving the game. Those would be my 5.
  3. The key is to flatten the rise so that as people have serious symptoms, the hospitals can handle it. Even though projections are that many will get it, we need to take social isolation seriously.
  4. I dont find it funny. It's a concern. But you may as well accept the odds that it's here, and odds are high that you are going to catch it. Human suffering doesnt amuse me.
  5. I'm gonna run around the Vancouver airport, licking every surface I can find so I can get it, recover and move on.
  6. It's out there. I suspect control is not going to happen
  7. Sort of glad that didn't connect. I like fighting but that swing was crazy.
  8. I agree on the nfl point. With the money at stake in today's nhl, I wish the draft age was 20 so you could get a better idea of development.
  9. I agree. If you look at the bulk of those years, the habs had some solid seasons and a few good playoff push.
  10. I want to see the team play strong and consistent hockey. I want to se Suzuki go on a points run and kk take the next step in laval.
  11. At this point, a tank is probably not a bad thing.
  12. Turned the game on for 2 seconds to see a horrible defensive gaffe on the left side to tie the game. Glad I'm boarding a plane
  13. Reffing was horrible but the stars took away the neutral zone halfway through the second and for some reason the habs decided to give the puck away every time they had it. You have the lead. If there's no play dont force one. Especially with the lead. Deserved loss I says.
  14. I agree. I rarely see beauty cross seam plays with this group.
  15. I would not trade any of Petry Tatar kovalchuk type elite players unless there is a top 4 LD coming back. Next year is the time to see if the reset was a success. Hopefully with a more balanced defense. If next year is a failure, sell away.
  16. Bergevin from 13 to 18 was reactionary and changed his game plan constantly. I hated him and wanted him gone. The new Bergevin is making some solid moves and being patient. I want to see the new plan play out, because overall, I like what I see. I also understand people's frustrations when looking at his job as a whole. It is quite poor overall.
  17. I agree. He is putting a positive spin on his demotion and development. Saying positives about his ice time and system.
  18. I would like to see the current team healthy and intact next year, with the addition of romonov and caufield and a hopefully confident kk. I'm ready to tear it down. I just think this team is better than their record.
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