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  1. 2019 NHL Offseason Thread

    Washington were heavy too. This is a copy cat league. I bet if 2020 is won by a heavy team, we will start seeing more premium on big players again in the future.
  2. The athletic

    Is it worth the 5 bucks a month?
  3. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Marner is a superstar. I would take marner over both laine and Gardiner combined.
  4. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Dude. Its hudon. Not hundon. Not sure if your phone is auto correcting or what, but for the love of God stop calling him hundon.
  5. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    I believe what bergevin said is correct in my view. 10.5 and 4 1sts was too much cost. The difference in up front money between 8.5 and 9.5 was not enough. If the owner was willing to pay 22 up front, another 3 or 4 million and another first wasn't going to matter. The leverage was the owner's liquidity and massive losses in sports investments last year. It didn't happen. It would not have happened with a 9.5 contract, and a top tier contract the price was too high.
  6. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    It's 5.5 million in a province where .5 extra goes to taxes. Very reasonable contract for 50 to 60 points in today's nhl.
  7. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I think drouin has a great contract relative ro his production. I don't know that I would rush ro trade him unless it was for a significant upgrade.
  8. CHIAROT signed

    I think the chasm has shrunk compared to last year. Chariot should fit in well with Petry and is an upgrade on Benn. Kulak and Mete both improved last year. But there is still a huge void beside Weber. With nobody to slide right in there. Hopefully Mete is practicing passing and shooting for 16 hours a day.
  9. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    For me he's a #3 or #4 defenseman on a very good team. In 6 games against Boston, The leafs had one 5 on 5 goal scored against while he was on the ice. Yet everyone remembers a single giveaway in game 7. I'm pretty sure I read about the leafs record with Gardiner vs without last season. The difference was huge. I'm pretty sure his real value is being downplayed by a few untimely giveaways that resulted in goals. A top three of Weber, Petry, and Gardiner. With Mete, Juulsen, and Kulak rounding out the bottom looks very good to me.
  10. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    I agreed with MB logic. The pressure all along was up front money and term. Not AAV or picks. At the top of the tier, the money was 21.5 up front in 12 months. At 10 million it's 24 or 25 million. They didn't feel the difference was worth it. If they will sign and pay the 21.5, they will sign and pay 25. And the was a comfort zone for him as well. Domi is going to get paid. Kk is gonna get a big ticket probably. He gambled on dundon's liquidity and lost. After the two ufa he wanted were gone.
  11. 2019 NHL Offseason Thread

    It will all depend on how anderson plays. He's the key with that team.
  12. The athletic

    I bought it. It seen as worth it for sure. Just to read basu and gain is so nice.
  13. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    The way I read it was that he committed to spend 250 over time and had provided 70 to carry the league for the year. He was told that 55 would be enough. They filled for bankruptcy and now he is suing for his 70 million to be returned, because he was given false information prior to the investment. But it was an unsecured investment so he's probably lost it. That's a pile of cash in one year.
  14. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    Gate revenue of 27 million. Losing 4 million a year. Add all this up and the owner could say screw it. Let him go.
  15. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    The owner had 70 million recently lost in the afl failure. Now he has to fork out 21 million over 12 months for a single hockey player. I wish I could spend 91 million without a return.
  16. Habs officially sign Keith Kinkaid

    He needs to play 30 soft games and win 18 of them. So price can win the cup in 2020.
  17. Free Agent Frenzy

    And you as the troll. The only time you come on the site is to scream about trades or offers. You took an entire year off from posting during a surprisingly descent season. As soon as something negative happens for you to focus on, you're right back. Nothing personal. I enjoy your grumpiness. But as much as illwill is a cheerleader, you are the reciprocal boo bird.
  18. 2019 NHL Offseason Thread

    Barrie is awesome. That was a smart trade. For the leafs. Colorado is stacked with young defense prospects and have no forward depth, so this is a good move both ways.
  19. Habs officially sign Keith Kinkaid

    Can he win 15 out of 25 games?
  20. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    So its Christmas day. My wife just showed me a picture of my brand new ktm 350 that I probably dont get. Not only that, I can't have a Honda 500 either. And I have to wait a week. But if I get it, it's a really good deal.
  21. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    22 million over the next 12 months is a lot of money.
  22. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    I agree. Not enough money to work.
  23. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    I sort of agree with button. I think Carolina will match it.
  24. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    Haha. Answered my own question after 3 others do.