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  1. Why in the bluest of blazes is the game being blacked out in Mississauga of all places?!
  2. Thank the makers that they had some common sense!
  3. That one looks pretty slick indeed!
  4. What in the bluest of blazes is going on there?!?
  5. Gotta agree with you there... he makes each save look like an adventure (easy or hard). The honest truth is the he doesn't inspire confidence in his teammates to think he will make the save. While I agree the Minus 70 looks really bad, the status is a direct result of the shoddy goaltending they are getting this year.
  6. Ah the players others love to hate...
  7. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=194632&hubname= Way to finally complain to the higherups for a change! May not amount to much, but it gets the point accross.
  8. The true that the majority of people have jobs that they aren't happy with, but we have to pay the bills and while the sports athlete makes CONSIDERABLE more then I ever while in my life time, the human equation can't be overlooked. That is why not one time will ever win every game of the season. That being said, it is tough to overlook the way they played during to course of that match (my wife kept calling them pansies) when the game is on the line against my least favorite team the maple losers. Look for them to bounce back strong against a real tough opponent in the Senators next week!
  9. A true charector, competitor and gentleman that was quick with a whip to phrase a coment or two... He'll be sadly missed. Rest in peace Mr. Worsley and my condolences to his family!
  10. riker


    You can't go wrong without seeing Youppi sending his love to the Habs! I already have him as my wallpaper!
  11. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=189350&hubname= Sounds like an NFL Wild Card scenario to me... but I think I like it...
  12. Read Monsieur Todd's column: http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/news...k=64390&p=2
  13. riker

    Snow time!

    True but WE need the Army to clean it up, for the love of Pete!
  14. riker

    Snow time!

    No snow here in Mississauga either, damn it! I want a SNOWBALL fight!
  15. That picture is GOLD! Happy <insert reglious holiday of your choice here> everybody! :hlogo:
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