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  1. I agree with Tony, Z is a clutch palyoff player. Why do we need to trade anyway? The Habs are on track. The Habs have a LOT of youth and prospect; our time is not this year but a few years from now. As far as I know we are playoff bound - objective achieved.
  2. I am fine with the team selection except for Doan. What has he done lately. In addition I think he is English white trash; not the Canadian image
  3. If Kov got all his points (before the knee surgery) on one knee, I wonder what he will do with 2 good knees. Can't for Koivu to return!
  4. PMAC, please do not compare me to Houle! Ouchhhhhh! I hate Houle for what he did. Yeh Yeh hate is a strong word. He is one of the 3 amigos that f#%^# things up.
  5. If a trade is good for the team than it's good for the team. EVERYONE can be traded. Trading a star player playing a key roll (Theo Koivu and Kov) is however, a high risk proposition that could hurt. I still have nightmares of red light Rasicot (sp?) so trading a good goalie is very risky. If someone offered a Joe Thornton for Koivu or Kov I would make that trade (with tears)
  6. Hey the game is on Sportsnet!!! I can watch it!! With the return of K and K I pray for the team to be energized for a good game. Otherwise this could be a slaughter!
  7. Not sure why Price got cut. Chipchura is the captain. Now that the decisions have been made let's look forward and cheer the boyz and hope for Gold even if Gold could be a stretch (from what I hear).
  8. No need for a trade to shake this team up yet. The first shake-up is to have K and K return than we will need to be patient some more since this is a rebuilding team, which should make the paly-offs. If this poor performance continues than expect some activity by the end of January, maybe early February. BUT Gainey could make a trade before if there is a sweet deal to be had.
  9. The problem is that when a team is in a long slump everyone gets frustrated. When frustration sets in the fingers come out. Not sure if I like the fact that the kids are not playing a lot since I perceive them to be playing well. I might be missing something. Need to have PATIENCE
  10. I do not think anyone will be traded unless another GM makes it worth Gainey's while - Than nobody is safe. I do not see us giving up multiple palyers for 1 player because we lack depth. I do not see Z being traded because although he is not playing well he is one of the only pure scorer that we have and we need goals. I would not trade any experienced player because we are already loaded with youth. A team cannot be sucessful(ish) with too many young guys. I don't think Gainey should trade youth because we are rebuilding and with the cap only teams that can bring up prospect will suceed. I'm officially confused myself.
  11. Who do you believe the wife or Sheldon? Well at least Sheldon got to score on a beauty! Sounds like a bitch though.
  12. Gretzki is an embassodor to hockey in general and to Canadian hockey. He is human but he is still morally and ethically without reproach. It is easy to target the person at the top of the hill. I do not need to agree with everything he does to still understand what he brings to hockey and society as a whole.
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