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  1. Drouin...Forget it. Domi and/or Gally will pull this one out.
  2. It sounds like the caps are getting all the chances.
  3. Sergachev = 25 points with average time on ice of 15 minutes. Drouin = 18 points with average ice time of 18 minutes. Can't wait to hear people make excuses for him because everybody was yelling to get him last year..
  4. That is unbelievable! Must be a record of futility.
  5. He is doing his part. We need more who hate to lose like Shaw.
  6. Is there anybody in the Bell Center? It sounds like a funeral home.
  7. Is this team ever going to score a goal?
  8. with Oli Maata as well but nothing more for an 8 goal scorer.
  9. This is absolute craziness. If you'd try not to score you'd score more than theses guys,
  10. Buffalo would be crazy to trade o'reilly for pacioretty. Right now if Pittsburgh is interested all they'd get is Connor Sheary.
  11. Habs not in a position to sell. Players value at rock bottom.
  12. Thanks. I can't see captain Max making it to the deadline. He would be an awesome fit in Pittsburgh.
  13. What a trade!!! Sergachev for no-heart Drouin. His character sure showed when he quit in Tampa.
  14. Man I gotta give Julien a lot of credit. His changes are golden tonight.
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