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  1. There's a hint of worry, but it's a modest amount. I think four years is a perfect term to have him locked up without extending too deep into old waters.
  2. It boggles the mind. There's no excuse for such incompetence.
  3. Max played for years on an EXTREMELY team friendly contract. He made just 750k more per year on his 6 year contract than Gallagher is making on his. When he signed, he was already a 30 goal and 60 point player. He easily could have demanded much more money for that term. Gallagher, on the other hand, was coming off a 19 goal and 41 point season. He was not yet a proven top 6 forward, so it made total sense for him to sign long term when it was offered. Let's also not forget that Max didn't leave in free agency to seek a huge deal. We traded him and he signed another team friendly contract in Vegas. One of the most consistent goal scorers in the league over the course of his career, yet he is not among the top 40 AAV forwards in the league. He didn't leave Montreal to go get what he is worth, because he is still not getting what he is worth.
  4. Let's also not forget that a state like Florida makes up for the no income tax in other ways. Property taxes are high and even though they claim only 6-8% sales taxes, I see bills all the time with taxes over 12.5% in total taxes. Sure, they have more income, but much of that gets chewed up by living and spending there.
  5. I had Letterkenny on my Hulu queue, but didn't get to it before I paused my subscription. I'm generally not a fan of stupid comedy, but Canadian stupid is usually better than American stupid, so I do plan on giving it a shot at some point. I must have been really bored at some point, because I actually did see the Don Cherry movies. I found him amusing when we wasn't going too far, but I generally didn't like him, so I'm not quite sure why I did. But they actually were pretty good. I got a little bit of sick enjoyment out of his son being so mad at Montreal. If you want something more serious to go with Letterkenny, I can't suggest Person of Interest highly enough if you haven't seen it before. Great premise, great characters, great balance of serial/episodic, and unlike so many shows, a great ending.
  6. They really jacked up his development this year. He should have been in the AHL all season if they were only going to give him 10 minutes on the 4th line at the NHL level. Give him 13-14 minutes and let him play with some talent. If you have to drop him down from time to time, fine. But give him a shot to succeed or let him play big minutes in Laval.
  7. I doubt Vegas feels fleeced. I feel like both teams got what they wanted out of the deal, at least after Pacioretty's injury hampered first season. Vegas was a top contender with a player who did not fit in in the team and a prospect who may or may not have helped them at some point in the future. In return, they got one of the league's most consistent goal scorers and a proven commodity. We got an adequate replacement winger and a much needed C prospect. I think both sides are plenty happy after two years, especially if Vegas wins the Cup. Now if only he also hadn't made so many other bad moves that have to be made up for... How many bad moves have there been for every Byron and Kulak? Karl Alzner. David Shlemko. Douglas Murray. Ben Scrivens and most of the other attempted backup goalies. Telling Markov to get lost after all he put into this team and while we had lousy depth on the left side. The Subban trade. Not to take anything away from Weber, but if you're going to trade your best player, fill your biggest hole in the process! That failure directly led to the failure of the Sergachev trade, and the need to pull off a third blockbuster to hopefully finally fill that hole in Suzuki.
  8. Perhaps a bigger surprise than the Habs taking the lead... Me agreeing with Commandant.
  9. Announcers mentioned it, but I couldn't see it when I looked specifically for it.
  10. What a bizarre situation. The goal called back, so Hart not actually being pulled.
  11. I didn't catch that he left his feet at first, so I guess that it's not as bad a call as I thought. But it jump-started a terrible PP and probably ends the season.
  12. That doesn't prove your point... You said Tatar outscored Pacioretty in each of the last two seasons. That means that he was better both last year and this year, not that the entire two year body of work was better. Tatar had a far superior season last year, but his career year this year did not beat an average year from Pacioretty. It's 1 and 1, not 2 and 0.
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