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  1. In theory I like the move, as it is so low risk. But does anyone see it working out well under Julien?
  2. Guys like Harold Baines and Jack Morris get into the baseball HOF these days, it's not exactly as exclusive as it used to be either.
  3. https://www.nhl.com/news/hockey-hall-of-fame-class-of-2019-announced/c-308054180 Shocked there's no thread about a Hab being elected to the Hall of Fame. It certainly came out of left field after 15 years, but cool to see a player of his style get recognized. Three Selke trophies is nothing to scoff at.
  4. Macavoy suspended for a game... too little, too late.
  5. I know someone who works in the Blues front office, so after Nashville, I pull for them in the West.
  6. That's nonsense. The goal was for Vegas to be competitive, not a playoff team, let alone a finalist. Even with the new rules, they were still selecting from 3rd and 4th liners and bottom pairing defencemen. Only a handful of higher end guys like Neal were available. I mean, you think anyone expected that Wild Bill would become an elite scorer? In two full seasons he had 5 goals and Columbus paid Vegas to take him. Vegas simply had a magical season. You draft with the same rules next time and I will bet money we're back to the norm with an expansion team.
  7. I just feel like I frequently remember thinking, "there's a another hit where any other player would have to fight." Admittedly, I thought that for many years before hearing the reason why he didn't fight, so it's possible I was never able to quite get that poor opinion of him out of my head. I guess we're just coming down to semantics. To me, illegal carries a stronger meaning than something simply being against the rules. I see in the dictionary, though, that one of the valid definitions is specifically something being against the rules in a game or sport, so you've got me there.
  8. Real character guy Bergevin brought in! Ridiculous that he was not suspended for any regular season games.
  9. The thing is, Emelin's brand of physical hockey includes checks that cross the line. Look at the few times he actually did fight. When Abdelkader jumped him, it was after a dirty hit on Larkin. When he fought Kane, it was after he delivered two cheap shots to Kane's face. When he fought Chara, it was after he hacked Seguin in the wrist. Emelin is a dirty player and managed to be a dirty player that couldn't back up his teammates. While beaning a guy for getting a big hit or "showing up the pitcher" is idiotic, the comparison does not hold water. It is only against the rules to bean a batter after the umpire has issued a warning. Also, there are times when it is absolutely appropriate to bean a player, i.e. the next time he comes to bat after a dirty slide. Fighting is within the rules of the game - there is simply a penalty for it. If it were illegal, then any fight would result in fines, suspensions, etc. I guess the next thing you'll be telling me is how horrible it is to make an "illegal" play such as a hook to break save a goal. It just sounded like you were taking the comment a bit literally and weren't picking up on the implication. I understand why Emelin avoided fighting - he absolutely should have. At the same time, if you're unwilling/unable to fight, then you shouldn't be playing a style of game where you frequently end up making dirty hits. Of course, I suppose that implies that if you are willing to fight that you should go around playing dirty, but that's not what I am trying to imply.
  10. Right, and what Don is saying is that Emelin was likely happy to have that built-in excuse to not fight because he didn't want to face the consequences of his physical play in the first place. That was always my biggest issue with Emelin - if you want to play a game as physical as he does, you should be able and willing to stand up for yourself.
  11. Has to be Weber. It was the whole reason he was brought in, because he was the mature leader that they didn't believe Subban could be. It Wouldn't make him harder to trade, as this franchise has such a tradition of trading captains, even when short lived.
  12. Scary stuff with Evans. one of the few players I was looking forward to hearing more from this training camp. Seemed like the trainer was pretty slow to react.
  13. Hope he becomes a #1 national broadcaster one day. Best in the business IMO. Nothing against Mike Emerick, but give me Bartlett all day!
  14. I'd love to know if they've kicked the tires with Columbus to see if Panarin is interested in signing with Montreal and Patches with Columbus. Could be a win-win for two bad situations.
  15. How is it anything other than atrocious? We traded one of the most talented players on the team and did not even get back a C or LD. Instead, we got back a player who can't put the puck in the net. Like Drouin, he is a far better passer than scorer. Given that there is no chance of immediately replacing Pacioretty's scoring when he inevitably leaves, this team will be left with Gallagher will be the team's top goal scorer. As much as I love him, no team can win with him being their best scorer.
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