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  1. What's everyone watching these days? I'm still keeping up with all the Arrowverse shows, with the exception of Black Lightning. I watched all of season 1, but never really got into it. Maybe I should give it another chance, though, since I also didn't care for season one of Legends, which has become BY FAR my favorite Arrowverse show. Looking forward to the new Batwoman, as I didn't really care for Ruby Rose in the show. Not sure how they can resolve the Alice storyline without her, though, so maybe she at least comes back to film what should have been the end of the season. Still going strong on the final season of The 100. I've really liked the last couple seasons. My co-workers and I watch Manifest and Blacklist, but at this point we mainly just gripe about them instead of being excited by them. Enjoying the Magnum and MacGyver reboots, though this season of MacGyver was not great. Same can be said of Last Man Standing. The show just isn't as good without Eve and the original Mandy. NCIS and NCIS:LA are still chugging along enjoyably. Favorite shows at the moment are probably The Good Doctor and The Rookie. Really interesting premise for The Good Doctor and The Rookie would be enjoyable even without Nathan FIllion. I'll admit that like Colin, I've got a bit of a man-crush on him. I mentioned Speechless as being decent a few years ago, but I came to really love it and missed it a lot this year. I'm also going to miss God Friended Me. It was such a nice, feel good show that is too rare these days. And will long miss Big Bang Theory, though at least Young Sheldon fills some of that void. Wallace Shawn in the best!
  2. Dang, I wasn't expecting my little trip down memory lane to make me sad. I completely forgot about the special meaning those Molson bottles held and got rid of them when I moved. Does Founder's Kentucky Breakfast Stout make its way up to Canada? It ranges from $4-6 per 12oz bottle, but it is so worth it! Best beer there is in my opinion.
  3. 4-5 years ago maybe they had something to be scared of. The last three years has been mediocre to above average. Hardly a guy people should fear any more, especially with this team in front of him.
  4. Is it crazy that I remember him being an enforcer, considering I didn't even understand the reference? The next episode is sure to have a sad note. Sam Lloyd, who played Ted, died from brain cancer yesterday.
  5. I actually just saw The Shining for the first time within the last year, mainly to see how good the sequence in Ready Player One was. Yet another player from HWL revealed to be a reference to a movie I hadn't yet seen (a la Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan). I was unaware that this was a thing, but I will have to check it out and add it to my work-day playlist!
  6. Wow. Looks like The Open Championship had it also. I guess that explains why those events have been flat out canceled, as opposed to the postponements the other majors have planned.
  7. My friend and his girlfriend who were being tested both came back positive. His mother has just recently passed away and last Monday my mom and I took them dinner, along with an aunt and uncle of his. Both of them have also tested positive. So far my mom and I are both doing fine, so hopefully we managed to avoid it. There's the well-publicized 14 day window, but my doctor said that in the vast majority of cases, symptoms present within 3-5 days, so we are most likely in the clear at this point. Ohio was one of the states taking the lead in terms of shutting things down. First thing to go were schools after the 13th. Restaurants and bars were next to go a few days later, but they're staying open for carryout and delivery. Gyms, theaters, etc. where shut down a day later, I think. We were already obviously being told to stay home as possible, but an official stay-at-home order went into effect last night. Jackets were among the first to make plans for fan-less games, though the NHL shutdown negated that the next day. That was kind of hard to take, because my friend's mom had gotten us tickets to that game. Lots of businesses obviously having as many people as possible work from home, myself included. I now really regret how long I've procrastinated replacing my 30-year-old office chair. I did a pre-paid prescription pickup over the weekend that involved no touching of the same surfaces and have had a couple meals delivered via door-side delivery to support local business, but that has been the extent of my in-person human interaction for the last week. I'm an introvert and a bit on the anti-social side, but I am still really missing the day-to-day interaction of work, church, game night, etc. Calling my parents a couple times a day to make sure they're still doing ok.
  8. I've got two friends being tested that I was in contact with multiple times in the 14 days leading up to their symptoms, but nothing official yet. The whole process seems so disorganized. Neither was scheduled for testing the same day as they reported symptoms, then it's 4-7 days on results. That kind of slow turnaround just seems crazy!
  9. In theory I like the move, as it is so low risk. But does anyone see it working out well under Julien?
  10. Guys like Harold Baines and Jack Morris get into the baseball HOF these days, it's not exactly as exclusive as it used to be either.
  11. https://www.nhl.com/news/hockey-hall-of-fame-class-of-2019-announced/c-308054180 Shocked there's no thread about a Hab being elected to the Hall of Fame. It certainly came out of left field after 15 years, but cool to see a player of his style get recognized. Three Selke trophies is nothing to scoff at.
  12. Macavoy suspended for a game... too little, too late.
  13. I know someone who works in the Blues front office, so after Nashville, I pull for them in the West.
  14. That's nonsense. The goal was for Vegas to be competitive, not a playoff team, let alone a finalist. Even with the new rules, they were still selecting from 3rd and 4th liners and bottom pairing defencemen. Only a handful of higher end guys like Neal were available. I mean, you think anyone expected that Wild Bill would become an elite scorer? In two full seasons he had 5 goals and Columbus paid Vegas to take him. Vegas simply had a magical season. You draft with the same rules next time and I will bet money we're back to the norm with an expansion team.
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