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  1. What I've found interesting is that one of the worst judges in MMA is also named Chris Lee. I've oft wondered if they are the same person, as I've never noticed him reffing and judging on the same night, haha. Of course, that is due to never actually looking that up.
  2. Well, I guess not so much the fact he confirmed the rumors, but that he very publicly burned that bridge and made it pretty clear there's not going to be a reconciliation.
  3. What are you talking about? At forward they've got Emil Bemstrom (21), Liam Foudy (20), Alexander Texier (21), and Kevin Stenlund (24) in addition to PLD. On defense both Carlsson (24) and Werenski (23) are under 25. Then you've got a bunch of guys like Jones, Bjorkstrand, and Domi who are right in the 25-26 range. Folgino, Koivu, Nash, Atkinson, and Savard are the only 5 players on this year's team 30 or older, while Nyqvist is out. All that being said, Torts just confirmed all the rumors about PLD wanting out, so that out to lower the asking price a bit. Idiot.
  4. Why on earth keep Poehling on the taxi squad instead of sending him down to get big minutes in Laval? Seems like an indicator that they don't think he has any room for further development and is officially a bust.
  5. In terms of the roster as a whole, yeah. But that's not how it plays out realistically. Toffoli is very comparable to Drouin moving up to that spot. Then you've got Byron joining the bottom six, a rule he is very well suited for. There would be a hit in terms of overall depth, but the lineup with Toffoli/Lehkonen/Byron is not much different from Drouin/Toffoli/Lehkonen. Of course, Byron being in the discussion only even makes sense if he is not a cap casualty. I'd rather have him than Weal, but losing Weal doesn't leave much flexibility.
  6. If Toffoli is already being slotted in as the 3rd line LW, he easily slides up into 2nd line LW. But as I've said before, I don't think there is any way Columbus has interest in Drouin.
  7. I can't see Columbus having the least bit of interest in Drouin. He'd be even worse under Torts than he is under CJ.
  8. If that is the case, then I don't think he is suited to be the #1 center I thought he was. A player with his talent can't be that insecure about having a little competition over ice time. Sure, Crosby and Malkin are an extreme example of the benefits of having two centers who are not negatively impacted by having a 1a/1b situation, but he's gotta realize that depth just opens doors and creates matchups he wouldn't necessarily get otherwise.
  9. Well this sucks. Jarmo has been great at bringing in talent, but at what point do you have to look at the fact that he seems to alienate so many players?
  10. Feel free to split off our little reminiscence to the HWL forum, haha. If there was a limiter on stickhandling, I don't think I ever knew about it. Yeah, the more I think about it the more I'm realizing how useful that could have been. Once you figure out getting the import done, I'm just imagining how awesome that could have been to just have a one-stop-shop for all the final ratings, sortable at that! How easy scouting would have been with what I know now about Excel/Access! Yeah, I think the contracts give a good idea of where Anderson and Toffoli are projected.
  11. What could be gleaned from that other than it taking into account the whole height thing for hitting?
  12. I was going to say that his hit rating in our league wasn't very high, but it would appear we didn't even have him in the game. I'm kind of bummed. The only HWL files I got transferred onto my new computer last year were some lines files. No EHM itself or PlayerScout, and the site we used to get them from seems to be gone. So even though I found an old sim file in my email, I wasn't going to be able to make heads or tails of Byron's ratings, though he wasn't in the file at all.
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