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  1. Don't understand the CBJ/CHI deal on the Chicago side. Are they that high on Forsberg? Just doesn't make sense to me to make that deal and not gain any cap relief in the process.
  2. They turbocharged the process by reducing the number of players teams could protect. In the 90's and 00's expansion drafts, you could protect 5 D and 9 forwards plus a goalie. The 3 and 7 from this draft was only for teams protecting two goalies back then. Vegas should be much more competitive then traditional expansion teams.
  3. Mayweather vs. McGregor... It will still be more entertaining than the Pacquiao fight. Don't think I'll be able to not watch. I just know that the second I don't, something unthinkable will happen. But it will more than likey be a waste of money. Just have to get enough friends to pitch in to make it cheaper, haha.
  4. USA and Canada must have finalized their rosters early. No Habs or Jackets on either team and I couldn't find anything about them turning down offers.
  5. It was cool/interesting hearing the Edmonton fans sing the US anthem, though it seemed like it only happened because the guy with the guitar froze on the lyrics.
  6. I disagree. DD was a capable #2 center for a time. I don't think Danault has any business on an offensive line.
  7. RIP Sasha. One of the true legends of the Columbus Chill! Best known for going after a fan who dumped beer on his coach in Calgary and playing Boris Mikhailov in the movie Miracle.
  8. Ooh, ooh. Who are the other characters?
  9. I think it is pretty similar to NHL Network. Generally only available on the major companies and even then, mostly on higher tier packages.
  10. It's not even on a major channel in the states, so I've been completely oblivious to it it even happening, other than hearing about players not being in camp.
  11. Free game of the night on again. Finally, a Bartlett game!
  12. Jim Hughson is the worst. Hated him on the EA games and dread him calling games. I think the only time I've gotten to hear Bartlett this year was the AHL skills competition, interestingly enough.
  13. Seems like I never get to hear John Bartlett when the Habs are on the free game. Pretty much hate the national announcers on CBC.
  14. Game is also available as the free game of the day on
  15. Classic.