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  1. Google thinks highly of CC's goal scoring ability. Not even Ovechkin has that as his sub-title... Or thinks he is Bradley Cooper.
  2. It was a blatant elbow to the head to a defenseless player without the puck. Textbook headshot.
  3. My bad. Post corrected, and you saw dlbalr's clarification. I don't know why his name has always stuck with me, but I vividly remember hearing about hype for him and Andrei Markov on AOL message boards back in the day.
  4. Seems like the perfect thread for what I found out the other day - former Habs goaltending prospect Vadim Tarasov has a son, Daniil, who is a goaltending prospect for the Blue Jackets who just came over from the KHL is joining their AHL squad.
  5. Yes, it is to help deal with a small number of players being in COVID protocol. With positive tests this close to a game, however, it's not just about the Hand being able to field a team. They have to make sure that they are truly the only players affected. As Commandant mentioned, the NHL completely bungled the situation when multiple Devil's players tested positive and they did not postpone the game, which resulted in a big outbreak in both teams. They seemed to have learned their lesson when Thomas Hertl tested positive for the Sharks. They postponed a game, but allowed them to
  6. Did TSN have choppy video tonight, or was the ESPN+ stream just crappy?
  7. Keep in mind there is going to be going to be another network involved. Given how extensive the streaming package is with the ESPN deal, I think they are pretty much locking down online content. So I expect the other partner is going to be more of the television home for NHL games. This makes me think that it's going to be FOX that ends up signing the other deal. With NBCSN shutting down, I think the only way NBC was going to stay involved was if they got the major steaming rights to put on Peacock. With that out the window, I don't think they're going to spend new money to put gam
  8. ESPN had a press release posted, but has since taken it down. From what I am piecing together from people who saw it, the deal is heavily focused on streaming. In addition to the previously indicated 4 of the next 7 Cup Finals, they appear to only be showing 25 regular season games on television. The heart of the deal is 75 games exclusive to ESPN+ and making ESPN+ the home for out-of-market streaming. I was hoping for more in the TV side of things, but since I already subscribe to ESPN+ for UFC content, I'm very happy that I'll be getting so much NHL content. I haven't been willin
  9. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/sources-nhl-espn-reach-seven-year-u-s-broadcast-deal/ As expected, it looks like ESPN has jumped on board for a shared TV rights deal. Also sounds like streaming is involved in the deal. I wonder if that means they will continue to simulcast one or two NHL.tv broadcasts a night, or if they will entirely encompass NHL.tv like they did with MLS.
  10. I haven't watched last night's game yet, but on Saturday he looked great. Of course, so did almost everybody. But I specifically noticed how Anderson was flying.
  11. That definitely stood out when I saw it on the schedule for ESPN+. The good news is that I was already planning on waiting till Thursday afternoon before my weekly dinner with my parents. Is there any reason they're doing such a late start?
  12. Wow. When revvv resurrected this joke thread on January 20, who would have thought the answer would be 5 weeks?
  13. Yeah, it's definitely a weird situation. Definitely a hit job by Putin, but is it completely fabricated, or are they just uncovering something that they originally helped cover up to protect a young star in the making?
  14. Watching yesterday's Notre Dame vs. Wisconsin game and they talked about this. Wisconsin was one of several schools that never even got the original request for nominees (Spam filter? haha). Apparently Montreal fans put him in the lead within hours, but Toronto fans picked a random player to vote in over him and that player is now leading.
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