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  1. Habs could've got Romanov at 133 lol
  2. Probably the first pick they've made that wasn't reaching...they've exhausted their "list" and now picking off the NHL.com list. </sarcasm>
  3. 4th rounders in Romanov's case...
  4. They probably believe that...they are proving they need a total overhaul at the top. Bergevin, Timmins, all of them. Total gutting.
  5. This is a terrible draft...Habs management have zero concept of value. They stretched for the 3rd overall pick but it was probably not terrible if there were no deals to drop a few picks. Reaching this much in the second round is just brutal. There are plenty of players ranked well ahead of the guys selected and Romanov probably has over 100 prospects ranked ahead of him. There is no need to fall in love and overdraft with this many picks. It would be hard to screw up this draft with the 3rd overall and 8 more picks between rounds 2-4. They are well on their way to a failing grade.
  6. I think seeing any ranking of Kotkaniemi that high is only a way to justify the Habs considering him at that spot...A LOT of scouting reports have him lower on their final rankings (some out of the top 10). If the Habs weren't looking at him he's probably not getting picked until anywhere from 8-12. A bunch of lists have Veleno above Kotkaniemi. Some even have Hayton ahead of him. Not saying I don't like Kotkaniemi...I just don't like the idea of reaching at #3 when they could trade down, still get him and get a lot more value out of the pick. I wonder if the Isles would see
  7. Just a thought and this is digging into the cob-webs of my aging memory from when Streit first came to Montreal a number of years ago. There was a time when Mark Streit was toyed with as someone who could play some LW - as a depth wing option on a defensive line. I'm wondering if that might not be possible still...it's a way to carry an extra d-man through the season without really hampering productivity and line-up flexibility (quite the opposite if he can fill the role adequately). Would open the door a little wider to bringing in Butcher if he'd sign...and I really like the idea of a d-
  8. My main thinking is solely related to also having Weber on a PK unit and managing the minutes of an expensive, and aging, defenseman. The regular season and playoffs are a long haul...
  9. Fun with lines time...I actually think Hemsky needs to play on the top 2 lines when he's not on the IR. I think he can still put up decent points over 82 with the right line-mates. ES Lines: Pacioretty-Danault-Hemsky Lehkonen-Galchenyuk-Drouin Byron-Plekanec-Gallagher Holland-McCarron-Shaw Alzner-Weber Schlemko-Petry Streit-Benn I hate having to put Danault in the top 6 but it is what it is. I think the 2nd line below becomes the top line at some point in the season as they gel together. Hopefully they can find a better C to
  10. Unless Drouin and Galchenyuk both move to C...
  11. Yes, RNH is clearly better then Danault. I'd be okay with him being acquired if the deal doesn't cost much from our NHL roster...beyond that I think they'd just shuffle the deck chairs. I agree with those who said they'd rather see us make a move for a higher tier 1st line C...to me, that means planning a way to get Tavares when he hits UFA next year. I like Danualt and he can be a good player for this team but it's a travesty that he's being foisted into a first line role. It's time to give Galchenyuk and Drouin BOTH the chance to be playing Center this year...see which
  12. I think Hemsky is in the top 6 when healthy...I think Jagr would be a nice fit at this point. Sure it's cobbling together some older talent on short term deals but I think he'd be a nice asset this year. I'd like to see: Pacs-Drouin-Jagr Lehkonen-Chuck-Hemsky Byron-Danault-Gallagher trade Pleks for a little more cap relief and sign Markov. Next year use Jagr's and Hemsky's money from this year, and the Pleks savings, and make a big run at Tavares.
  13. You can't pick and choose to ignore the cap savings in your Rad/Sergachev for Drouin/Hemsky scenario. I'd take Drouin over Radulov in the line-up and for the future. I'd take Alzner over Emelin in the line-up and for the future. Those are both immediate and long term upgrades albeit incremental ones. Sure, we lost a very good prospect but we also saved $6M/year against our cap and have only used $1M of it (this year only) on Hemsky. That cap savings IS worth something. The FA pool may not be deep this year but this team is, effectively, about as good as last year with a bunch more c
  14. I'm surprised at the lack of talk about Duchene and any possibility for the Habs.
  15. You'd rather they don't sign any depth players for the minors? Every team does this every year. Calling fringe players "rejects" is pointless.
  16. If I'm Radulov a 6 year deal isn't great...he's 36 at the end and would likely get a poor 2-3 year offer at that time unless he's "ageless" in his performance. A 4 year deal makes sense because he could get another 4 year deal after that with more dollars per year then after a 6 year deal.
  17. Gives depth for when Pleks is moved. Danault to 3rd line C behind Drouin and Galchenyuk. Sign Yakupov on the cheap and play him with Galchenyuk on 2nd line with Radulov. If Yakupov can't be reclaimed then Byron/Lehkonen is decent depth...and of course one of Galchenyuk or Drouin can also move back to LW. Pacioretty Drouin Gallagher Yakupov Galchenyuk Radulov Lehkonen/Byron Danault Shaw
  18. Great signing that will also help to keep Price motivated to stick around. Even the contract structure looks good...at the end of year three he's also a trade commodity if they need to go down that path. I love Markov but wouldn't want to see him making over $5m a year and max a 3 year deal given his age and injury history. If that's too little for him then go another route. Also, Radulov's term request is ridiculous, can't believe people are wanting him signed for 6 years. ?
  19. Have to believe there was a deal that didn't get done...why else stock up on so many extra players and clear up a bit of cap room? They aren't likely to say much about it but, to me, it seems pretty obvious they had a more impactful deal either fall through or not materialize. Perhaps it was Duchene but possibly someone else we weren't hearing rumors about...either way, they simply remained too far apart or another GM upped his asking trying to rape us at the 11th hour after MB made those moves. Just my guess.
  20. Julien ready to treat the remainder of the season like the pre-season with so many guys fighting for a shot.
  21. Agreed...I didn't really like the squad they selected for D. Their play in the tournament did not change my mind. Bouwmeester jumps out as a guy who simply should not have been on the roster. I swear he must have dirty pictures on folks running Hockey Canada. Vlasic and Muzzin weren't guys I would have picked... Subban and Seabrook deserved a place. You need that depth of talent precisely because guys like Doughty and Pietrangelo can have "off nights" too...frankly, they almost cost the game last night on multiple occasions. Sure, we won but it felt like we wer
  22. Have to say that I thought Doughty was pretty terrible last night...he was just floundering at both ends of the ice.
  23. Hey DLBLR, I'm not sure I buy the "ease them into the spotlight" approach. The party doesn't stop and, if anything, is even more enticing to young players you want to develop. Sure, the media pressure may be a little less intense but there will be lots of folks trying to gain access to them for all sorts of reasons. JMHO. I'd love to get back into the SK pool again...I'll PM you if I can remember how...lol. Zow
  24. I know everyone seems to be in love with having the farm team close to home but I hate seeing the farm team in Laval. Doesn't do much to develop a fan base outside of the province, keeps the kids in the media spotlight, party atmosphere of Montreal, etc...
  25. I can't believe no one posted the Finland song from Monty Python...
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