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  1. Over the next 2-4 years it's not a terrible deal...certainly not Roy 2.0. After that it's probably bad...but who knows, Weber could be dealt in 2 years making the balance of those years look better. I don't disagree that the Habs lose the trade and should have got more. But Weber isn't anywhere near as useless as Thibault and/or Rucinsky and Subban is not at Roy's caliber at the same time.
  2. Lucic is incredibly overrated. Thank god he's not on this team.
  3. Subban plays this game with the passion of a kid. He was run out by a bunch of schmucks who can't handle someone not being visibly angry at a loss. He doesn't need to be the captain to be a performer that can change games and carry a team. Hockey needs to stop thinking performance needs to equal locker room leadership.
  4. I think the character stuff is quite likely being overblown. He did not have that many issues outside of his exiting the NHL. Further, that was 4 years ago. He's the captain in Moscow. He's now 29. I think this could be a very good signing. I like this signing. I still hate the Subban deal enough that Bergevin needs to get fired. I like Weber but if you trade Subban that's not the deal to make.
  5. Erat put up close to a 40 point pace a 2 years ago and that was despite some injuries and a mid season trade. I think last year was a write off due to being on Arizona...no reason he can't be a 45 point 2nd line guy with decent line mates, no 1st line pressure and some 2nd unit PP time. Pleks and Gallagher could offer that if the Habs could find a 1st line RWer to pair with Pacioretty and Galchenyuk. He could be a serviceable 2nd line winger at a reasonable price...what PAP was supposed to be but with better two way play. I'd sign that deal and start shaking trees to acquire a legit scor
  6. So a couple people didn't appear to like Erat as a possibility...what's the concern with him? He's 33 so not too old yet, is probably a 45-55 point guy for the 2nd line LW and is equally consistent in the playoffs and is respectable in his own end. You can argue about if he can still put up those points but outside of last year in Arizona that's what he's been pretty consistently. If anything his time last season probably makes him a bit of a short term contract bargain. I think he could do well with Plekanec and Gallagher and fit in with the Habs style of play... I still think Galchenyu
  7. As much as a stud #1 C would be a welcome addition I don't think it's a necessity. Move Galchenyuk to the 1st line C for the full year and Pleks to 2nd line C. Eller can fill out 3rd line C. Trade for Kessel to line up with Galchenyuk and Pacioretty. That's a first line that could put up huge points...and could allow Galchenyuk to develop into a real offensive threat. Not sure what the Leafs want but I'd assume a 1st round pick, a halfway decent prospect and a d-man from the roster...especially if they eat some salary (not sure how that impacts the cap). Sign a LWer for the 2nd line with
  8. I'm a little worried about how they try to fit these three guys in, the inevitable tinkering, and what it could mean to chemistry as we approach the playoffs. Hopefully they don't try to force any of it... I'm really happy they should be able to run out the 3rd and 4th lines hard every night and keep fresh legs going by inserting guys as needed. Having some decent depth to simply run teams ragged as much as possible in a playoff run can be pretty valuable. I also love the depth on D which could be invaluable leading up to, and including, the playoffs...and might keep Subban and Markov fres
  9. This team wins because of goaltending and team defense...and it has had a 2-3 decent puck movers out of the back end which helps the forwards look better. This team needs a significant offensive force at C or RW to be legit...and that's without losing much of the remaining top 6. JMHO Perhaps Galchenyuk can be that "force" in the next 1-2 years...though I don't think Therrien is the coach to develop him into that 80 point potential he has. Pacioretty is a great player who needs a Getzlaf type C to take him to the next level of production. Gallagher is a spark plug best suited to a second
  10. Fights DO break out from time to time in Rugby. Less then you might think given the sport...but they still happen from time to time.
  11. Frankly, I don't think you can remove fighting from the sport...even if you really want to. Perhaps you could regulate it so there are less incidences. Stopping it entirely isn't realistic. Comparing it to other sports is also unrealistic. Football is physical but very slow paced allowing time for guys to calm down, guys don't carry sticks and they wear indestructible pads/helmets even moreso then hockey. Baseball, soccer and basketball simply don't compare. Only Lacrosse or Rugby would compare...and fights do happen in those sports too. Hockey is simply a faster pace game then the big
  12. Markov has never been strong in his own end?? I hope you aren't trying to be serious...he was known for his offense but was pretty damn good defending too. Makes me question the rest of your post...
  13. His value would not be significant. If he puts up 60 points he's still a physical, defensive and face off liability. He's the prototypical 2nd line center on an 8th to 10th seeded team. He will not command a high quality piece in the trade market. Sorry to burst the bubble. You get high quality prospects from top seeded teams looking to bolster their clubs at deadlines...what top seeded club would think Desharnais represents that? If you want a top player from a club selling off at the deadline then you have salary cap concerns and the fact said player is likely better then DD (or of the
  14. Markov is also very solid defensively...and I would say was well above average defensively before the injury. Gorges may not excel in any single aspect but he's got a good all around game...he just doesn't have any role offensively. The D does need a strong defensive d-man...but just a steady guy to round them out, especially when Emelin is back. Everyone seems to be writing Markov off and that he'll be gone as a UFA...why?
  15. Your forgetting that most of the $$$ freed up by losing Gionta and Bouillon will go towards increases for Galchenyuk, Subban and Gallagher...maybe Tinordi and likely Emelin too. At the very least the team needs to get rid of Desharnais and find a gritty 3rd line C that can win face offs and kill penalties...that one change would balance out a lot of size concerns and keep Pleks fresh for the PP...Gionta leaving as a UFA at seasons end would potentially solve the rest of the size concerns. No one should want all the small guys gone...nothing wrong with 2-3 smaller skilled forwards...but we h
  16. Ahem...weren't you quite vocal about Subban getting a major long term deal...like $7M per for many years? Pretty sure it was you saying that...
  17. By next buy outs do you mean now? Are the Habs not against the cap already...
  18. I think his agent is using his ties to Montreal to drive up Jagr's value...again...
  19. Well...I agree with a lot of these grades except I thought Subban handling deserves a B...it was the right move. I also think the Price signing was a great move...probably a B...kid is still only 25 and a goalie you want to continue to build around. If Subban is now signed to a similar deal and fades then you'll be crying about that next season. Why the difference?
  20. I can't believe some of the trade proposals posted here...take off the homer goggles guys. Some were so badly lopsided that you should immediately have to take penance. Those Kane Byfug-alien deals were not even close...how a couple posters would think they are close to fair is...well...some sort of collective group stupidity that can only be bred when fans are talking. Someone even said this team was "stacked" at center...if by stacked you mean we have 4 guys that can play the position with 1 being a legit top 6, one was a rookie playing wing, one looks like he might, just may be, a good 2
  21. Well...I'll admit to not knowing much about our picks but I will say this about draft philosophy and our 1st round selection which has been receiving mixed reviews: When you draft in the late first round your chances of securing a top 6 player are not significantly greater then finding someone between rounds 2 - 4. Perhaps the only difference is that your late first round pick has a greater chance of being an NHL regular but no greater chance of necessarily being a top 6 player. That's admittedly anecdotal and based on just a general perusal of past drafts. When you pick in the late first
  22. I said most of the year that the Habs were smoke and mirrors...I was pushing for them to sell some guys at the deadline to acquire, hopefully, some 1st round picks - or at least enough to package up and move into the top 5. Sure, we all hoped for the Cup when they were winning. To now see people throw Price under the bus when the team was clearly, in my mind anyways, over performing and overrated is just stupidity. Price is perhaps the easy scapegoat as the goalie...they can throw around GAA as if its an all encompassing stat on goalie performance. All while you can ignore all the other fa
  23. This has been argued over and over again...Subban is not underpaid. He got a very reasonable and fair extension given his RFA status and his career to the point of his signing. He is now working to prove he's worth more...and doing a good job of it! This is entirely the point and, really, how any career should begin... Simple economics...something is worth what someone is willing to pay. The RFA structure limits potential bidders allowing teams to gradually explore their prospects ability and develop talent...team investments in their prospects, like Subban, go far beyond the payroll they
  24. Just because the Bruins were an acceptable location to him doesn't really mean anything at all...if the Habs were interested they should have sought permission to talk to him and his agent.
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