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  1. So, should the Habs have traded something like 2 of Bournival/MacMillan/Holland/Avtsin and a 1st round pick to acquire Iginla?? That would effectively be the equivalent package to Pittsburgh. Assuming of course that he would have accepted a trade to the Habs. IF you feel this is a good year to be "buyers" (which I'm still not convinced of) this would have been a nice add and they kind they should have looked at IMHO. Not only solidfying your top 6 with a veteran power forward who is a good locker room type but keeping him from a competitor like Pittsburgh/Boston.
  2. I continue to be surprised at the emergence of this club. Wildcard is still, IMO, a generous term for the team...I think there has been a lot of smoke and mirrors that, in a short season, will have fans thinking this club is better then it is. Frankly, I can't believe people are talking about trading Leblanc for a bottom 6 grinder...that's beyond ridiculous and flies in the face of building an organization that needs to develop "waves" of young talent throughout it's levels. I'm a little torn about my off-season, and early season, comments to trade guys for picks/prospects...obviously the c
  3. Hard to argue with this deal...players of similar value statistically, except Ryder is 2 years younger, cheaper and comes off the cap at year end. Plus they get a third round pick. Makes you wonder if Cole would have netted a first round pick... Habs are a mirage this year...I'd have preferred the 1st rounder if it was possible. Either way a great organizational trade IMHO.
  4. Yeah, I think the OP is underestimating O'Reilly and Johnson in his analysis. Both are also better fits in the Habs line-up...Eller and Leblanc are looking like the odd-man out at C with 2 out of Pleks, DD and Galchenyuk forming what is likely the next 4 years there on the top 2 lines. Plus, if you are getting young players back it's hardly gutting the farm needlessly. I'd agree if they were 30 year old vets your trading for... However, I do agree this team needs a better long term approach. CC noted that some fans want to "tank" and that it's not realistic. I firmly disagree and, as I'v
  5. Yes...and I have an IPhone and IPad (work related...). FWIW.What separates Apple beyond marketing and their culture? Their hardware is not best in class (its good, and was at that level once but they are no longer category leaders and where they are great there are now others). Their software is not best in class. Their privacy and mobile security is not the greatest. Even their PC and laptop security is not great...just that there are so few users that they are largely ignored by hackers. So, you tell me, beyond the illusion of their app store, what makes Apple better then most?
  6. Most ridiculous "ban" ever...didn't impact the team concept and didn't hurt teamates. Sounds to me like our sissy, all inclusive, left liberal world, is creeping into to pro sports now...maybe next we can get rid of the Stanley Cup and give every team ribbons because it's more inclusive. It will teach young fans that there really are no winners and losers in life...that is, right before we force communism down their throats enforcing equal pay for every job and ensuring there are no property rights for anyone because the state will distribute it more fairly. It's actually all a communist pl
  7. Apple did well because they became a trend for 2-3 years and over that time had people get locked into 3 year contracts...as those contracts end over the next 2-3 years it will be interesting to see how many people switch away from them to Samsung, BB, HTC, etc... Apple is going down IMHO. Their entire culture is built around fluff and their fanboys will eventually flock to the next big thing. Their entire premise is based on Apps...most of which are developed for Android too. While it's unlikely BB won't get to 700,000 apps anytime soon I can see them doubling and getting the next top 70,
  8. When I heard those quotes I interpreted it as more of a commentary on how the media shouldn't make it about one guy and there is an entire team here...maybe I'm wrong, I honestly haven't followed all the quotes in context or detail. I saw it as the media comes in before a game and starts talking about Subban as though they can't live without him and how do they feel about his return...Gorge effectively says he's happy to focus on hockey and Markov says the guys not in the room and he's getting ready for a game (ergo, we don't want answer stupid questions about a player that's not here yet so
  9. I'll pass that along to every guy I know who went through a mid-life crisis because of work and family pressures...lol Just tell them that it's okay...they could have become psychological wrecks if they were famous and rich pro athletes because of all the money, women and other privileges. Seriously, the pressures faced by a pro athlete may be different, as they are different with many jobs, but it doesn't mean people don't face pressures every day. Tell that to the sales guy who has pressure to meet numbers or even earn a commission to make pay. Or doctors/nurses who literally have peop
  10. While I don't think Joe's example made any sense and I don't agree with his perspective generally...I don't really agree that it's apples and oranges. Why should a "mundane job" be considered different? Lots of people upgrade their training, take work home with them, have pressure to perform for varieties of reasons and many work more hours per week. What is it that separates the pro athlete's job from someone elses? These guys train, play a sport and deal with the pressure to perform for a paycheque the same as everyone else...the difference is that their paycheque is larger. Not really
  11. New BB10 looks pretty good...priced well too. Can't wait till my Iphone contract is up this year. So sick of Apple products and there entire approach to the customer (or what they so obviously view as lemmings given their treatment of us)... On a side note: I'm not sure BB stock was ever worth the $200 that it hit once upon a time. I'm also pretty sure it's worth more then $13-$18 as it is today given their market position globally...if there was ever a time to look at how wall street analysts try to "game the market" then look at how biased their positions are in this market. Not to ment
  12. Agreed...most players on the team likely don't care and some probably laugh along with Subban. You might have a couple guys that want him to "tone it down" but that doesn't mean they don't like the guy. I like his passion and, so long as it doesn't cross the line of poor sportsmanship (which I really haven't really seen...at least anymore then what is the norm), I think he's fine. Again, it's just the media looking for a story...and the casual fan is what usually feeds into those stories. You can spot them usually because they are written by a columnist and not an analyist or journalist...
  13. This ^ is well said. Media just looking for a story on that stuff...no surprise in Montreal. More columnists then legit journalists...they are all fighting for a story even if they have to make one up or twist half-truths into outright lies.
  14. To get a fair comparison you can't compare Subban to ALL defencemen in the NHL. Some are entry level players, some in RFA years and some in UFA years. Get a list of d-men who signed RFA level contracts after only 2 years in the league and compare Subban to them. You might have, what, a dozen legitimate comparisons of the past 2-3 years. From there, I'd guess it's maybe around 3-6 guys that you can draw a reasonable performance comparison to as being in the same ball-park. All this was already discussed ad nauseum with guys like Carlson, Del Zotto, etc being mentioned...and a few folks thin
  15. Seriously? If he feels so bad that he holds a grudge and doesn't want to re-sign then you don't want him on the team. He's a professional and knows this is a business. The Habs know full well they'll have to pay more, and longer, if he continues to grow as a player and compete at a high level...but it was an unwarranted risk to do so now and would have set a dangerous precedent for future RFA signings. This deal is perfect for both Subban and the Habs.
  16. And when he tries to negotiate he'll have one more season then Subban, and playing at a higher level every year, to prove he's worth a longer term deal at bigger $$$...though I find it highly unlikely he'll get $7M per unless it's a 10 year deal (which I doubt STL would do given their market constraints).
  17. My preference has been to have him play in the minors for the remainder of the year. He get's a full season instead of a bunch of extra games...get's to play more minutes per game and work on aspects of his game (eg. face-offs, two-way, individual moves, etc) without the pressure. The NHL games and camp probably helped him identify those deficiencies and he can then work on them in junior. I still maintain that this is a write off year and my fear is that he's actually going to help bring the Habs from being a 10th place type of team to an 8th place type of team...and I still believe we're
  18. So clearing out Gomez, Gionta and Cole's salaries and signing say a Getzlaf and Horton wouldn't be an upgrade?? And the whole point of clearing those salaries was to upgrade them...not saying I don't like Gionta and Cole but they're probably the best assets to acquire the extra draft picks I mentioned. As for some of these guys not wanting to sign here...just idle speculation. Thanks to dlbalr for the update on those already extended.
  19. LOL...you can send one to me. I stand by my comments...and fwiw the UFA's I mentioned I just pulled from a "top upcoming FA's list"...
  20. Yeah, so overpay Subban now and Galy next year right? Overpay any entry level guys too right? Wouldn't want to hurt anyone's FEELINGS in case they get a boo boo on their heart and won't re-sign. Seriously, you just don't understand money, finance, budgeting...just give it up Joe. Signing Subban to the level you suggested earlier in this thread would leave these team mired as a 5th to 8th place playoff team. Whoever said they need reasonable deals, with talent, at all three tiers entry level, RFA and UFA was bang on. Subban is 23 and a man. He knows it's a business...THATS WHY HE IS SITT
  21. I agree that a $2.5m offer is lowball and BS. Bergevin deserves some ridicule if true. I'm calling you out on your comment that this was your point. That's a complete lie. You were in the camp wanting to pay Subban like a $6M UFA...so this was not your "point".
  22. This is why I want the Habs to rip the band aids off fast. Trade Gionta and Cole for draft picks. Maybe one of Eller or DD. Buy out Kaberle. Hopefully get Subban signed at a reasonable deal. Doing this stuff will see, what I think is probably a lottery team already, crumble to pick in the 3-7 range. Use the new picks to be in the top 3 already if you aren't. If you are then package some of them to try and get another top 10 pick. Go into the off-season with huge cap room and knowing you have 2-3 recent top draft picks in your top 2-3 lines...UFA's next year include Getzlaf/Perry/Iginla
  23. I do not see someone offering him that...which is why I don't think he'll get an offer sheet. If the Habs could get a 1st, 2nd and 3rd AND they intended to use that $6M level of cap space on a quality UFA next summer then I'd take that over Subban. I think if someone signs him to an offer sheet under $6M the Habs would match it...I personally would not if we got 1,2 and 3rd round picks in this years draft...
  24. Where'd I say they need to use the space on a D-man?? We were talking about the value/return if someone signed him and we took the picks and cap space...
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