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  1. Anyone watching the conference? I'm at work so unless there's a web broadcast I can't see it...
  2. Problem is that Turgeon's contract runs longer than Breezy's so it would be very hard for Dallas to justify evening out any money. Or did you mean they would even it out for one year? Quite honestly, I would love to have Turgeon on our second line. It would immediately give our second line some legitimacy. However, I wouldn't trade much to get him and the money issues would HAVE to even out for at least 2 of the years. If this happened I would hope that we would immediately deal Perreault and Ribeiro for a 2nd line LWer and d-man. On top of the fact that we need to deal/dump Czerkawski,
  3. Zowpeb


    How exactly do you post your avatar? Is it just a jpeg pasted to the avatar section in your profile or a what? :zzz:
  4. Dump Perreault and keep Ribeiro. The question of trade value really depends on who you are dealing with. Teams like Pittsburgh would value Ribeiro more while teams with money and an already solid line-up would probably value Perreault more. From our standpoint we have a payroll that's WAY WAY to high for our talent level. We need to pare that down. I don't think Ribeiro is that far off from Perreault right now. I'd give Ribs another chance and dump Perreault. Especially with a lock-out coming... I would also deal Hossa in a heartbeat. Personally I think we need a good LW to play on th
  5. I'd take Tverdovsky over Brisebois in a heart beat. Christ, how many 40+ point seasons has Breezer had? Now count how many Tver has had. Now look at their ages. No contest that you take Tverdovsky. Actually if we did do a deal like that it would probably make Hainsey very tradeable. We'd have two very good offensive d-men in Markov and Tverdovsky, not to mention that Komi can put points up too. So at this point Hainsey could be dealt...although I don't think it would be necessary. As has been said, Jackman is nothing. In fact, Toronto has very few prospects of note. They traded some
  6. I heard your mom could be considered a sport...
  7. Wasn't it Garon Savard was offering up at last years draft? I think it could very well be the case that Garon will be trade bait. I believe the team is 100% commited to Theodore and Garon showed he's ready for NHL duty this year. Seeing as a number of scouts think Garon is potentially better than Theodore I think he would have some good value. I could see: Breezy, Dackell and Garon for Florida's pick. It would save us some salary, not really hurt the overall structure of our team and net us a top flight prospect. Then trade down a few spots from #10 and pick Bernier. Could possibly get
  8. Do you really think AS would step aside like that. That would be a real beating to his ego... Z
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