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  1. Alex Kovalev becomes an assistant coach in China

    Kovalev was a sublime talent, but he's the guy you add to an already-strong roster to put it over the top. Not a guy you build around, which is more or less what the Habs tried to do. I loved him because he was entertaining even when slumping (the drama was always there). But he wasn't meant to be a cornerstone guy.
  2. 2018 NHL Playoff Thread

    Good analysis. Speed and skill all the way down the line. I remember back around 2014...I kinda thought that's how the Habs were going. Roll three fast, puck-moving, more or less interchangeable lines. No big stars to shut down, just roll wave after wave of good, smart players. Have Markov and Subban (and later Petry) moving the puck like crazy from the back end. And have Price anchoring it all. Somehow that whole concept, which I guess was never the actual plan, evaporated and left us with the garbage we now have.
  3. 2018 NHL Playoff Thread

    Vegas is an excellent team, no question. But there is a big problem to my mind with an expansion team winning the Cup. Yes, McPhee made all the right moves, but the system was obviously overly generous with them. It's like the league over-compensated for the ridiculously crippling terms it imposed on previous expansion teams, like Ottawa. Of course all Bettman cares about is money so he's loving this; but it's not good for the integrity of the game.
  4. Alex Kovalev becomes an assistant coach in China

    sbhatt, I joke because I love. Kovalev was a wonderfully entertaining player, and I have a soft spot for guys that refuse to play the NHL Robot game.
  5. Alex Kovalev becomes an assistant coach in China

    Plus he specialzes in long walks by the Yangze earnestly discussing life.
  6. Joel Bouchard hired as head coach of Laval

    He's found his level as a broadcaster. Somewhat pathetically, he still feels deserving of more, and no doubt one of the dummies in ownership will give him what he wants some day.
  7. 2018 NHL Playoff Thread

    There's a lot to what you say. I forget who said it, but one commentator noted that every player Vegas acquired was, in principle, available to be acquired by every other team before the expansion draft. If Vegas has players the other teams wish they had, well, they have no one but themselves to blame. Or so went the argument. I think, though, that much of the blame can be laid at the feet of the Florida Panthers. Marchessault and Smith are core guys for them and they surely wouldn't be the same team without those two. But that still doesn't let other GMs off the hook. If FLA was dumb enough to flip those guys, then why were the GMs sitting on their fat asses? The same could be asked of Karlsson and why they didn't go after him. These guys slipping through the cracks are either major pro scouting 'fails' or the result of negligence by GMs who weren't doing their homework carefully enough, especially when it came to FLA, which has been a transparently disfunctional organization for the last while. As Commandant has remarked about Carolina, when a franchise is in disarray, you should be a predator, taking full advantage. Nobody but McPhee seems to have done that.
  8. Joel Bouchard hired as head coach of Laval

    If only that were so... Hey, if Wayne Gretzky could flop as a coach, then that's all you need to know about difficulty of transposing one set of talents to the other. The appeal of Bouchard isn't that he was a journeyman NHLer but that he has been very accomplished in coaching and management at lower levels...just as the appeal of Bergevin, apart from the zoot suits and the affability (a refreshing change from the constipated Goat and the lugubrious Gainey), was his extensive background behind the scenes with the Blackhawks. I'm all for the hiring, but it remains true that you just never know how a guy will pan out. I thought Carbo would be a great coach. Guy Boucher was supposed to be Scotty Bowman: The Return. Lefevbre had good credentials. Pffft....
  9. Joel Bouchard hired as head coach of Laval

    I think most of us were optimistic about all aspects of the new regime when it began. And there is a lesson in caution in this...Bouchard's c.v. is stellar and he is a great hire. That is not a guarantee of his ultimately working out of course.
  10. Joel Bouchard hired as head coach of Laval

    It's a great point. Imagine leaving the new crop to Lefebvre. Gawd.
  11. Joel Bouchard hired as head coach of Laval

    Good to read these positive reviews.
  12. Markov is a Champion. Is Subban next?

    Subban helps his team win by contributing massively on the ice game-in and game-out. Bergevin hurts his team's chances of winning with his incompetent decision making. This is the reason for my "bias" whereby I see Subban as an asset and Bergevin as a liability - which is less a "bias" and more a set of conclusions derived from observation. On this question of The Room, Commandant is bang-on. In 2014-15, all we heard about over and over was the incredible chemistry in the room. Come 2015-16, suddenly chemistry is a "problem." Well, what happened? Did Subban become MORE of a jerk overnight? Unlikely. What in fact happened, almost certainly, was the team cratered due to Price's injury, and amidst all the negativity, egos and squabbles took over. An intelligent general manager would have diagnosed the REAL problem - losing due to Price's injury - and created a 'fresh start' by firing a coach who was at his best-by date anyway. This would have created the conditions for everyone turning the page more or less (after all, there is never a requirement that players love each other, just that they be professionals and not allow personal enmity to get in the way of the job). But no. Instead of doing what any other GM would have done in his position and fire the coach, MB had to stick with his bum-buddy and blame PK Subban, who we all know was too uppity anyhow. So I'm pretty sure the room would have resolved itself if he had left it alone and done the sensible thing. Besides...according to our Idiot in Chief the trade did NOT resolve the 'attitude' issues on the team anyway. So how can the trade be defensible on those grounds? This is all more bafflegab justifying an arbitrary deal that didn't make any hockey sense and which succeeded only in making the Habs older, slower, less spirited, more boring and less fun to watch, and possibly even less effective on the ice.
  13. Markov is a Champion. Is Subban next?

    If it is a lateral move. I always say it's a "lateral move at best." The trade's defenders have jumped on this lately, but in fact I believe that Subban is a better overall defenceman than Weber - as the advanced and old-fashioned stats and Norris voters all tend to support (to say nothing of team results). That's not to deny that Weber is a very good defenceman, of course (which is what I'll be accused of doing )
  14. Markov is a Champion. Is Subban next?

    Don't be ridiculous. I don't care if someone has an ego. What I care about is whether they are helping the team win. Subban helps teams win. Bergevin doesn't. That's why I'm pro-Subban and anti-Bergevin.