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  1. Everyone has a right to their opinion. Sure. No one has a right to a million-dollar salary and a privileged platform on a prestige national broadcast. With that platform comes responsibility. And that includes not using that platform to spew hateful opinions targeting vulnerable groups of fellow citizens.
  2. My favourite is the "free speech" argument...as though Cherry is ENTITLED to a platform on a prestige national broadcast and a million dollar salary for spewing antediluvian gibberish. 🙄 F**king alt-right twats. Fantastic news that they finally dumped that ignoramus. He had his time, but that time passed 30 years ago. I will be even more impressed if his replacement turns out to be someone who isn't already part of that hockey media mafia. If they're smart, they will not try to replace Cherry with some lesser version of an ignorant blowhard. What I'd really like to see is a segment that actually increases our understanding of the game, like Howie Meeker used to do with his video analysis. How about someone like Ken Dryden? Or you could try a rotating cast of commentators - former GMs, agents, coaches. I like that idea quite a bit, but they won't do that, I'm sure. In a few years, PK Subban should get the slot 😄
  3. I get the sense that this discussion is priming people to argue that if MB takes 20 years before building a contender, that's OK. No, it isn't. Beyond that: the defence of MB is currently based on our prospect pool and the belief that in 3-4 years it will elevate the team to the top 1/4 of the league, an elite team and reliable contender. I think Habs29 is right to point out that in this time frame Weber, Petry, and possibly Price will likely be close to being done, so the structural problem remains. But even discounting that problem, my personal take on it is that I have heard this song and dance about everything being hunky-dory in 3-4 years too many times to uncritically believe it this time. If it works out, then great, MB will have delivered the goods. Until it does work out, however, MB remains a GM who has accomplished dick-all in my book.
  4. Again...I am not saying the Habs don't want to win a Cup. I'm theorizing that as long as the money is rolling in, they do not feel a burning urgency to win a Cup. It is a distant goal, like retirement is for the average 35-year-old. The analogy with the Leafs from 1968-2014 more or less holds, in my opinion.
  5. Yeah, being in the top 1/4 of the league for a consistent stretch of seasons would be a reasonable target. In terms of taking big risks, I think that's situational. I wouldn't advocate for the "Columbus" model of going all-in on a team that is not a contender. But there are times where you do have to take big risks. I'm concerned that MB's risk-averse nature will handcuff him when that time comes, just as it did when the team was a top-6 C away from really contending and he did absolutely squat. As for the team right now: as I've said before, this is a good team with one big hole. Instead of waiting around for Petry, Price, and Weber to decline while this pretty-good-but-not-amazing prospect pool matures, we should be bound and determined to add an impact LD. This may well involve moving a blue-chip prospect like Suzuki. I'm find with that, especially if the LD is not a senior citizen, because none of our prospects project to be clear-cut top-end difference-makers. (I wouldn't move KoKo because this org can afford less than any other to throw away a prospective #1C; Caulfield I don't know well enough to assess). In short, what I see right now is an organization that is basically sitting on its hands despite having a pretty good squad that is one quality LD away from vaulting decisively over the playoff bar. I think it's stupid to take that situation and go, 'well, we don't have to do much, because the goal is to be elite 3-4 years from now,' especially when three of your best players - two of whom (Weber and Price) are better than anyone in your prospect pool - are in the back-9 of their careers. Why not make the most of the group you have, and then re-assess? Maybe add a LD and we'll find we're closer than we thought, right now.
  6. Note that my standard is not winning the Cup per se. It's building a legit, high-end contender. The Habs have not even had that in the past 25 years. I'm not asking for the moon here. And note that if the Habs were able to build that, our UFA problem would go away too. Sustained mediocrity is the current organizational vision.
  7. I'm saying yes, they want to win the Cup, but it is not their main priority. I think this is a fair conclusion based both on patterns of behaviour, and results.
  8. It's a real drag for KoKo - these groin injuries sometimes linger and end up mucking up entire seasons. I sure hope that's not the case here.
  9. Weber rolled back the clock 10 years for a monster performance. Lehkonen also had a strong night, to my eye. On the other hand, Drouin looked dazed and confused out there almost the entire night. Price was a rock. I agree with BCHabnut (did I meet you in a liquor store in Coquitlam a couple of years back?) that Nate Thompson is a quality 4th liner. This team can roll four lines effectively. The Kings are pathetic.
  10. In terms of the Habs, it will take more than a bubble team and the same vague promises of future success that I've heard since 1995 to cheer me up. Maybe if MB were to add an impact LD, I'd consider revising my default pessimism. Until then I see no reason to believe the organization is serious.
  11. While MB has made some big moves during his tenure (Subban for Weber, Drouin for Sergy, Domi for Galy, Patches for Tatar/Suzuki) he has never shown the kind of radical, all-in managerial boldness than won the Kings the Cup. Indeed, most of his mistakes have come from an excess of caution. Not risking an overpay on Radulov. Failing to add a single legitimate top-6 C for about six years (Domi) even as his existing C, Desharnais and Plekanec, predictably aged out, effectively destroying the team. Sitting around for what is going on three years in failing to replace Markov. Waiting about a year too long to fire that buffoon Therrien. Waiting about three years longer than any other rational observer would have done to fire a transparently incompetent coaching staff in the AHL. I believe the key to the Bergevin era - or maybe the Molson era is more accurate - is that winning a Cup is not really the goal. First and foremost, not getting fired is the goal. This means that as long as the "spin" is being bought by the fanbase (e.g., "don't worry, in three years we'll be pretty good!") all is well. The second goal is reliably making the playoffs, so as to maximize revenue. Winning the Cup is an abstraction, not a priority.
  12. I think he means Weber. His main point is that the Habs are not positioned for a Cup run even if they squeak into the playoffs. As for Subban, only a fool would deny that he was elite over several seasons. He does appear to have begun an early decline, however - both last season and this one, so far, represent definite drop-offs from his career norms.
  13. Just an obvious example of a GM stupidly insisting on a bridge deal, that's all...😘
  14. I think the point is that, much as I like Domi, I'd want to see whether last year was an outlier before throwing 8.5 at him. This is surely a case where a bridge deal makes sense (unless he wants to sign long-term at a reasonable rate like Subban wanted to, before MB played the nut-sack and insisted on a bridge, thus ensuring that PK would grab his balls and squeeze them for every last drop of blood when the time came; certainly I'd happily lock Domi up long term at 6.5).
  15. 6.5 seems about right. That said, in the early going this season, he is on a 57-point pace - not exactly a golden ticket to a "massive long-term contract."
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