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  1. Good post, thanks. What I posted earlier, about perhaps being able to win with these results at C IF they're offset by huge strengths in other areas may still be true. But the more straightforward conclusion would seem to be that - assuming no progression or regression from Domi - we need another C who produces offence comparable or superior to his, in order to vault into at least the middle of the pack at C. Otherwise put, Danault might be a legit #2C behind a heavy-duty #1C like Crosby, but not behind a #1A like Domi. If KoKo does evolve into a Bobby Smith type, i.e., a 70-80 point C, then those totals look very different. Danault or Poehling (or whomever) could then slot into the #3 slot and C will become a position of real organizational strength. A lot rides on that kid IMHO.
  2. I hear you, but none of those guys are core, irreplaceable organizational pieces. This team has had three transcendently important players over the past quarter century: Koivu, Price, and Markov. They were guys the team absolutely required in order to win and who could not be replaced. All three suffered catastrophic injuries that ramified for entire generations of the team. Koivu would have been a superstar #1C if not for his ruined knee. The Habs might have contended in 2014 and 2016 if Price had not been destroyed. And cataclysmic injuries to Markov played a key role in destroying both the first *and* second Gainey rebuilds (2009 and 2012). I hate to see these kids get hurt, but this wave of hurts is nothing in comparison.
  3. There's no single formula for winning a Cup, it's true. I suppose that *if* the Habs had an elite D-corps and elite wingers, then yes, Domi-Danault could be the top pivots on a Cup-winner. Saying "Danault is better as a #3C" is really code for saying that Domi-Danault is probably not potent enough as a 1-2 punch down the middle - unless the team has massive strengths in other areas, which it doesn't really. I think we all assume that KoKo will vault into the top-6 C position within a year or two. (He'd better; we didn't draft him to be Lars Eller). What will be interesting to see is whether he displaces Danault, who then drops to #3C, or Domi, who could do likewise but more plausibly would go to W. Personally I love Domi at C - a 70+ point C with jam? Yes please - but the coaches probably suffer anxiety attacks at the thought that he might ocasionally get overmatched down low in his end, even if he is a +20 or whatever.
  4. No question. But this team is nowhere near contending, of course.
  5. Indeed. The other thing that happens is that fans go absolutely ballistic in blaming management and coaches for somehow stifling the kid's potential when he evolves into the player he actually projected to be in the first place. Eller is the example par excellence - how many fans were howling for the coaching staff's blood because those drooling, ignorant imbeciles refused to put POTENTIAL STAR Lars Eller in key offensive roles? Some young guys get branded as these awesome talents and then all evidence to the contrary is blamed on everyone except the player. Now Suzuki seems to be a prospect with a realistic chance of being a top-6, maybe even a top-3 NHLer. KoKo is not a "prospect" I guess but he too has a higher-end ceiling. Those are kids about whom it is realistic to be excited (as long as we don't go off the deep end; neither is Connor McDavid). But likely top-9 guys are like #4 defencemen...good pieces but nothing to go cowabunga over.
  6. Part of my problem is that I've been listening to Montreal sports radio online lately. A lot of fans out there seems super excited about Poehling. But I just don't get fan attitudes about prospects. Danault is a very useful player, a fine NHLer, and all that. He brings value on this or any roster. But nobody gets excited about Danault: "all right! Can't frigging WAIT to watch Philip Danault this year!!" So why get all giddy because we probably have Danault 2.0 on our hands??? Don't get me wrong, it's good that we do. But the expectations and buzz around the kid are way out of whack with the knowledge that he is probably another version of Danault. Which is why, like I say - I don't get it.
  7. I get that Poehling stands to be a very effective two-way FW. But people seem to be seeing him as an offensive star in the making - yet he's never neen that at any level, right? Once we get past the usual breathless excitement at a kid playing well , what's a realistic projection? A strong top-9 FW who can sometimes gust into the top-6?
  8. Good, I always think the Hokeyville towns especially deserve to see some legit NHLers, even if they won't get to see a legit NHL game. It's the least teams can do.
  9. Also vets generally coast during training camp. The guy's been a regular for five years, albeit in a different market, so he probably isn't interested in giving it his all at this juncture. So, I'd rate it as a file to watch, but not one to get overly fretful about just yet.
  10. Hmmm. Should we be worried about Chiarot? Or is this premature? LD is not exactly an area of strength to begin with.
  11. I guess that's true - as usual, you are excellent at seeing the big picture. I'm just disappointed in the fact that we lack anything resembling a top-pairing LD (indeed, the team has not meaningfully upgraded at all, as far as I can see) and am mentally combing the scrapheap, even though it serves no real organizational purpose.
  12. I know the analogy is quite imperfect, but one could also argue that between Kulak and even Reilly, the Habs have shown some skill in getting value out of castaway young-ish defencemen. (Of course a pessimist could retort that this says more about the dismal state of the Habs' blueline depth than about their excellence in rehabilitating young defencemen. But that is unlikely to be MB's interpretation). Also it fits with the "Bargain Basement Bergy" paradigm to take a flyer on a Honka, assuming the asking price to be modest. Plus "Honka" is a sure-fire entry in the NHL's Best Surname Sweepstakes. I've said this before, but it surprises me a little bit that the Habs have not been linked to Ben Hutton. The kid had a rebound year last season and seemed to show himself to be a serviceable bottom pairing, puck-moving LD. Probably an upgrade on Reilly, who never won the coach's trust. He would also seem to be an attractive candidate for Bargain Basement Bergy to try rehabiliating. Ah well.
  13. Let's hope it crashes and burns spectacularly
  14. It's probably too top-heavy, eh? A bit of a Pttsburgh model. I was surprised they didn't move Nylander, who I like a lot as an exciting skilled player, but who is probably the odd man out of their youthful core. But maybe they are waiting for his value to creep back up after his disastrous season last year. If you flip a Nylander for prospects/picks, you are better positiond to keep up a pipeline of cheap young talent coming up to supplement the core.
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