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  1. CANADIENS @ STARS, NOV. 21, 20:30 ET

    What a crap penalty by Benn. Good PK, however.
  2. CANADIENS @ STARS, NOV. 21, 20:30 ET

    LOVE this! Those photos say it all. At least two points for Radu tonight, I say.
  3. If we all say something positive maybe it will bring good luck🍀

    No kidding. He HAS to do better than that, or else the trade becomes yet another disaster. In keeping with the officially 'positive' vibe of this thread, I will assert that he is capable of more and will probably end up producing accordingly. It IS great to see Gallagher finally back on his game, though. I still remember the 2015 Tampa series, where he was an absolute beast, generating something on nearly every shift. He has that in him, but injuries have stopped him from accessing it. Hopefully he can stay healthy and keep it up.
  4. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I agree, and hopefully it's just paranoia on my part to imagine it. But those Gudbranson rumours are out there, and if I'm Vancouver, I look to pry Galchenyuk away. Van isn't in a stupendous position, but has enough veteran and young assets to be able to put together some sort of package that might tempt our benighted GM.
  5. If we all say something positive maybe it will bring good luck🍀

    Something positive.
  6. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I really think it'll be Galchenyuk going first. I wonder about that Gudbranson rumour. Jake Vrtanen has shown some improvement but is still on the bubble...I could just see Bergevin moving Galy plus some junk for those guys. They're plodders, just the kind of players he covets.
  7. Bergevin......

    Lou Lamoirello might end up available at the end of the season... The issue of MB's replacement was discussed earlier in this thread (not that I'm opposed to revisiting it, just saying you might want to go back to around p.3). The way forward, that discussion taught me, is to fire MB so he can't do any more damage, appoint someone like Larry Carrier or Rick Dudley or even Trevor Timmins as the 'interim' GM, then conduct a proper search in the spring, when guys like BriseBois might actually be released from their current organizations, which probably won't happen in mid-season. The problem with this scenario is that if you're serious about retooling, you need the interim guy to make decisions about trades, which will ramify for the new GM. My way around this would be to hire one or more 'advisors' - some accomplished, semi-retired people with excellent hockey knowledge, Scotty Bowman types - to consult independently on any proposals the new GM brings to me. The idea is to create checks and balances preventing any disastrous moves in this interim period, while still allowing moves to be made. Just a thought.
  8. Permanent Rumour Thread

    The only shake up I want to see involves the bum in the GM's office.
  9. Permanent Rumour Thread

    "Shake up" no doubt means acquiring some 6'4 pylon on the blueline. LEADERSHIP
  10. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    Well, speaking of stinking, the team has stunk out the joint ever since trading Subban (meanwhile, he merely went to game 7 of the Finals). A fitting fate for an organization stupid enough to trade him. This is what happens when you make hockey moves for reasons having nothing to do with hockey.
  11. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    It's a sad day when we are talking about replacing the incompetent clown Bergevin with the incompetent blatherskite Macguire or the even more staggeringly incompetent narcissist Roy. I mean...that's just a pretty sad frigging day. If any of those three jackanapses is in the chair come next September, it will be the final confirmation that the Habs have gone all the way down the path of the Ballard Maple Leafs - a circus instead of a serious hockey team. I floated Koivu's name in half-jest a while back, because I really do think (on the basis of little more than outside observation of his comportment over 15 years) that he has the brains and the leadership quality to run an effective operation. But it's true that he has no managerial experience and it'd be a "left-field" move; my only defence is that Serge Savard was in a similar situation and did pretty well, precisely because he was the kind of man who is well-suited to the role. Anyhow, I'm not gonna push what is essentially a fan fantasy. The wider point is that we need to replace Bergevin with SERIOUS PERSON, not an arrogant loudmouth who hasn't made hockey decisions in decades, or a narcissist who drove his last franchise into the dirt.
  12. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Come on, Trizzak isn't the problem - it's the MODERATOR! dlbalr has gotta go!!!
  13. Julien vs Therrien

    While it's not technically true to say that we've had "zero picks develop," you are absolutely right that player drafting/development has been sub-par and that this is the fundamental Achilles' Heel of the Bergevin era. In terms of Julien vs Therrien: I am generally reluctant to attack coaches, because when you live in a different market from the one your favourite team is in, you quickly realize how universal complaints about coaching are. Most fanbases get angry at their coach's player usage, inability to make the right adjustments, lineup choices, under-utilization of young players, etc.. Most coaches, in other words, are accused of nearly interchangeable failings, and even the good ones seldom perform to the satisfaction of a huge chunk of their fan base. So I think that hardly ANY coach out there would satisfy the chronic second-guessers. That said, I thought it was absolutely crystal clear that Therrien should have been fired after 2016; and that any normal organization would indeed have fired a coach, especially one going into his fifth season at the helm, at that point. The team needed a new voice, needed to turn the page on a disastrous season. Instead of doing what any emotionally healthy and intellectually unimpaired GM would do, Bergevin made the fatal decision to keep Therrien - a decision he would recant a mere six months later, proving it to have been a stupid mistake. With catastrophic idiocy, he opted to 'turn the page' on 2016 by getting rid of the team's most dynamic and relentlessly productive and clutch-performing player, PK Subban. This was the turning-point, a choice to support a coach who was past his best-by date (and who had had an irrational hate-on for Subban going back to his broadcasting days) at the expense of pointlessly aging the core and moving the team away from the speed/possession game that increasingly defines the NHL. Therrien should have been canned in May 2016 and a new guy brought in, to generate a fresh 'second look' at the core which could then have been acted upon by last season's trade deadline. The result of all this tomfoolery is that we burned two seasons (2016 & 2017) instead of one. Meanwhile the GM's dumb moves have piled up and the team is circling the drain. Now as for Julien: he seems fine, but nothing special. He is another example of my long-running theory that 95% of NHL coaches are basically interchangeable. Only a very small number are truly distinguished at what they do. The language requirement means the odds of our hiring such a coach - low for any club, because of sheer per centages - are almost non-existent. Competence is the most we can aspire to behind the bench.
  14. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    If we are talking about restructuring the team in order to actually contend for the Cup, that will not happen by trading spare parts and mid-range guys on the decline like Pleks. The only guy who is over (say) 26 and who will bring back a franchise-altering return is Pacioretty. We also do need to face the fact that he *is* a defining player for this team, and what he defines - through no fault of his own - is failure. He should never have been made C. I would listen to offers on Price and Weber for the same reason - the hope of a major infusion of young talent - but there are two problems with trading those guys: one is that their contracts will scare away other teams; the other is that if you trade them you risk destroying the foundation-stones that give the Habs any hope of being competitive as you 'retool,' and risk creating an Edmonton Oilers-like rebuild with zero veteran leadership. It may not be practical to move them.
  15. GDT Toronto @ Montreal, 7:00 pm HNIC

    It's this that drives me crazy. He was handed a team that was on the cusp of being elite. He mismanaged it into a bubble- or non-playoff team, wasting the prime years of its best players. It's an appalling record of incompetence surpassed only by Houle in Habs' history - Houle, who also inherited a very good core and managed to screw it up and destroy an entire decade. That's the company this dummy keeps.