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  1. Byron - 3 Game Suspension

    Well, FWIW I'd be happy if they erred on the side of player safety and deterrence. Tough suspensions should therefore be the default position - and without respect to whether you are viewed as a Good Guy who Plays the Right Way (which is an arbitrary measure that brings huge risks of favouritism in the inbred old-boys' world of NHL hockey).
  2. Byron - 3 Game Suspension

    I don't disagree. I support this suspension. But we saw Chara deliberately drive a young man's face into a steel barrier, coming within a inch of permanently paralyzing him, and he got one game. One game. I want tough suspensions for dangerous hits, period. But at issue is not whether Byron deserved a suspension, but whether the NHL can be trusted to apply even a mildly consistent standard of discipline. Which it can't. And I do suspect that if Byron were a Bruin, Leaf, or Ranger, as Richard09 said, this wouldn't be a 3-game suspension.
  3. Byron - 3 Game Suspension

    It sounds paranoid, but I honestly believe this to be true.
  4. Canadiens vs Bruins 7:30pm

    Unlike the media BS that is Habs-Leafs, this is one of the greatest rivalries in sport. I hate the Bs, but I also have a weird sense of gratitude to them because of all the wonderful hockey this rivalry has given us.
  5. Byron - 3 Game Suspension

    Should he be suspended? Yes. Is the NHL disciplinary policy a completely random, arbitrary lottery? Yes. It drives me crazy, but the dinosaurs running the league are simply incompetent to fix it.
  6. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    Why so hard to imagine? Isn't it pretty normal for a veteran to take a rookie under his wing? I remember Gill doing it for Subban as well.
  7. Permanent Rumour Thread

    A slight digression, but can I just say how much I like Tatar? A very smart and understated hockey player. Odd that he went nowhere in Vegas, but that's their problem.
  8. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned the retirement of Josh Gorges. A real blood-and-guts Hab, albeit one who was probably over-used relative to his skill set - hats off to him for carving out a fine career against long odds. I really appreciate the fact that he singled out the Canadiens in his statements to the media, saying that it was a 'different feeling' from playing for the Sharks or Sabres and how much it meant to wear the CH. Everyone says that, but when a guy goes out of his way to say it when he's retiring and no longer needs to sing from the PR playbook, it's from the heart. I sometimes wonder whether the remains anything special after 30 years of failure and mediocrity. But some kind of mystique still survives, clearly...at least to heart and soul guys like Gorges.
  9. The Powerplay

    Good thoughts. Drouin on the point makes sense too; his shiftiness and excellent passing skills mean he should be a wild card for the opposing D (assuming he can resist trying to skate around the whole team, or pass the puck behind him 😐). But how is his one-timer? Galley had a nice bit last night on how teams don't fear any other shot from the Habs' PP, so all the attention is focused on stifling Weber. It was the same with Subban. This is probably a big part of the problem. But maybe Drouin can use the point spot as a pivot for surprising moves and bold passes, disrupting the D in a different way.
  10. Avalanche vs Canadiens 7:00pm

    An odd game in that, although the Habs had the edge throughout, they suddenly started dominating in the third. It was as if the Avs just ran out of gas. Benn had an outstanding night. And Price once again looked like 2014 Price, with that air of surreal calm.
  11. The Powerplay

    Great post. One missing piece might be a bona-fide sniper - someone with the sneaky/soft hands to reliably put in rebounds, or unleash devastating wristers from the slot, etc.. We subtracted two guys of that profile in MaxPac/Galy. But I suspect the real problem is mental.
  12. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I have no idea about his development, but part of me wants to say that getting the hell out of Edmonton might be the best thing for any young player. That said, with Hitchcock driving the bus, this may no longer be a truism.
  13. Jan. 10, Montreal vs St. Louis, 8 PM

    I didn't see the game. But I'll just lob in a few quick thoughts: 1. For years fans were apoplectic over Therrien's 'blender.' Now they are complaining that CJ doesn't blend enough. We can't have it both ways. 2. Given where the Habs are in the standings relative to expectations, I think it's fair to infer that Julien has done a stellar job thus far...especially considering that Weber was out for weeks and Price was mediocre for much of the first half. He has not gotten enough credit. 3. It is more than likely that the Habs over-performed for about the first 30 games. Max Domi in particular stands out as a guy who may have played over his head. If the team settles back to earth a bit in the second half - as Habopotamus notes, things get tougher now - this really shouldn't come as a shock.
  14. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    The Montreal Canadiens: more Fins than an aquarium
  15. Schlemko on waivers

    That's what I've have said two years ago. But since then he seems to have learned how to play at a high level much more consistently. Nor have I noticed him being especially gaffe-prone or flimsy in his own end over that span. In the context of the past two season's, last night's blunder was a freak event. This isn't Drouin we're talking about.