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  1. I’ve seen lots of guys like him over the years...lots of talent, just too soft mentally. He will never amount to much more than he is now IMHO
  2. I agree and I think it *has* to happen if this group wants to seriously contend. That’s our only chance. It may not work out, but if we are all in this year, then that’s the one obvious missing piece.
  3. I hear you, but I’m not sure we have a critical mass of elite young players. In fact, our best young players are Suzuki and Romanov, who may or may not turn out to be elite, and maybe one more potentially elite kid in the system (Caulfield). So it’s not as though we can look 2-3 years into the future and go, “yeh, there is the nucleus of a contender.” What we have instead is an organization whose elite players are all in their mid-30s, and relatively few stud prospects/young players. That’s why the current “window” seems to me to be quite key. They need to win now, pretty much. It
  4. Right. The argument for keeping Weber is not that he is magically immune from the aging process, nor that he is worth his ridiculous contract, nor that he has some sort of Magical Leadership Powers. Rather it’s that subtracting him from our D leaves a significant hole in our already-mediocre blueline. Of course, leaving him exposed in the expansion draft doesn’t necessarily mean losing him. It is far from obvious that Seattle is going to want to take on that millstone of a cap hit.
  5. I love Petry. But he does have a history of going through these bad patches defensively. Still, it might be worth putting him back with Edmundson (who turns out to have been a very canny pickup, I have to say). As far as this game goes, I don’t know if I can recall another Habs squad that seems so chronically prone to “bad habits” - i.e., things like surrendering a goal early in a game, blowing games in OT, taking dumb and untimely penalties, having massive brain-farts at key moments, getting poor goaltending at their wrong moment, etc.. There seems to be something fundamental to t
  6. Ha haaa, no. That’s just Drouin being Drouin. Like I always say - any team that counts on Jonathan Drouin to consistently come through, is going to be disappointed. He’s a decent 2nd line FW, nothing more.
  7. The whole gamble of the “retool” was that there would be a window where the young players were coming on as impact players and the vets were still effective. I was sceptical all along about this, and I do suspect that it will prove the Achilles Heel of the whole enterprise. Imagine if we had the Weber of 3 or 4 years ago out there; it’d be another story. But we don’t. That said, I think it’s working out better than I anticipated, mostly because MB was able to add so many impact pieces in the offseason. Although TO is consistently better than we are, who knows? Add that
  8. OK, so you don’t expect to see an uptick from Weber in the playoffs - ? So much for “leadership.” I agree that he is a legit #4 for sure. Also that the team will keep him (as I’ve maintained all along). The key is to manage his minutes. Too bad about the wasted cap space, paying him about twice as much as he’s worth on the ice, but it is what it is.
  9. I didn’t say get rid of him, first of all. What I do say is that he should be treated like any other player, assessed primarily in light of what he brings to the ice relative to his cap hit. The leadership stuff is mostly overblown garbage; Perry probably provides 95% of the “leadership” Weber does for a fraction of the cost (plus, unlike Weber, he actually knows how to win). Second, the “confirmation bias” argument is a pile of crap. This has nothing to do with The Trade.The eye test suggests significant regression from Weber this year plain and simple. I don’t know what the advan
  10. The Leafs are better than us and tailor-built to dismantle our D. That said, we are a good enough team to hang in there with them, so who knows. Agree on Anderson. Love the thread title, LOL
  11. Sorry, you don’t use $8 mil in cap space for a mascot, and I never believed in 50% of that mystical crap around Weber anyway. Mr. Leader has never won anything in 15 years in the league, nor even come close. You can get much cheaper veteran leadership (and what is Gallagher, chopped liver?) Weber’s value depends overwhelmingly upon his play on the ice.
  12. I like DD's immediate solution, i.e., put KK in Gally's old slot. It's a pretty good opportunity for the kid.
  13. He will be protected. Whether he should be is another question. That’s a pretty gigantic cap hit for a declining second-pairing d-man.
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