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  1. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    What's wrong with Hitchcock? Personally, I always liked Marc Crawford, but I guess the Senators stench is just too strong to wash off him at this point
  2. Game #20 Nov. 17 2018 Habs vs Canucks 7:00

    Ha ha, poor Patches. He really should have insisted on a longer-term deal, because right now it looks like he'll be quite washed up by the end of his Vegas contract. I watched the first two periods then had to decamp to perform my scorekeeping duties for my local Junior B team. So basically I saw all the dull stuff and missed the payoff!! Boooo. Drouin is getting points, but I dunno. He still seems to all too often be where plays go to die. Anyhow, great road trip and it's outstanding news that #31 seems to be back.
  3. Game #20 Nov. 17 2018 Habs vs Canucks 7:00

    No big revelations here, but this is what I read over my morning coffee https://vancouversun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/ed-willes-canadiens-score-high-points-for-quick-recovery-from-forgettable-season/wcm/a575ba8e-653b-4a2b-80e6-da1b850b85ee
  4. The Impact of Shea Weber

    The other factor is the possibility that, when the Big Name returns, other players who have been putting in extra effort unconsciously take their feet off the gas pedal a bit. It can be a double whammy - the returning player needing time to get up to form, and the other guys' performance slipping a notch. In the long run, the team is obviously better with Weber than without him, but the immediate effects of his return might not be as positive as everyone expects.
  5. The Powerplay

    It helps to have elite talent on the PP. Just saying...
  6. Carey Price

    Is there an explanation for this drop in save %? Equipment changes? Increased league-wide emphasis on speed? Regardless, it remains true that Price has not been great. I take no consolation from the parallel to 2010, since at that point he was still a young guy who had been brought up too soon and was struggling to put it all together. Not do I accept that his being 'just OK' is any kind of balm (not that this is your claim). If Crosby went through a season as a 40-50 point guy, then started a new season on the same pace, legitimate questions would be raised, especially if he'd had major knee issues in the past. Again, I'm not panicking, but I am concerned. Even here in distant Vancouver, it has become common fan knowledge that he's not what he was. Any psychological edge he once had is gone. He needs to get it back, and this organization cannot be chained to a contract like that for an average goalie, if it ever wants to contend.
  7. The season at the 20% mark

    No kidding! Petry is a core piece on this blueline, like it or not; and it's hard right now to perceive who could replace him in the short- to medium-term. Mete's development has stalled, Reilly is dodgy as a top-4 guy, Juulsen, I dunno...it's basically Petry or bust.
  8. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    Galy appears, from a distance at least, to be for Arizona exactly what he was for us - an offensively productive C with faceoff 'issues.' The difference is that Arizona is less motivated to irrationally ignore his strengths and obsess over his limitations (at least so far). I don't know how his play has been away from the puck, however.
  9. The Powerplay

    Petry is what he has always been: a second-pairing D-man who is capable of performing well in a top-pairing role for a limited period of time, before he reverts back to his normal level.
  10. The season at the 20% mark

    I think the team will fall back a bit even with Weber returning. Price is a huge X-factor, however; and so is Max Domi. Can he keep playing like an elite #1 C? If he does, then that changes a lot of our calculations about what to expect.
  11. Nov. 10, Golden Knights vs Habs, 7:00 PM

    Domi has been really, really, REALLY impressive. What I notice about him is that he seems to *expect* himself to produce every night. He's giving off the air of a guy who believes his role is to drive the offence - not of a guy who is happily riding a hot streak. Last night he was wholly contained in the first, but just found a way to make it happen as the game ground on. Schlemko, yeah, I thought he was OK.
  12. Nov. 10, Golden Knights vs Habs, 7:00 PM

    Yeah, that game was a hot mess. Entertaining though! If Julien had hair, he'd be ripping it out.
  13. Carey Price

    I hope you're right. Is it possible that injuries have damaged him a bit, though? It's not a slump at this point, it's a season and change. Panic is not warranted, but concern is.
  14. Nov. 10, Golden Knights vs Habs, 7:00 PM

    I thought the team stunk that period. Skating in cement. Galley credited Vegas with clogging up the neutral zone very well, and also with really putting pressure on the Habs' dodgy D down low, and that seems pretty right to me. Yep, although he is a beast out there tonight, I also suspect that we shipped him out at the right time, more or less. Fine asset management for once.
  15. Nov. 8, Buffalo vs Montreal 7:30pm on TSN2, RDS

    It's quite likely that, as Chris says, if the D in front of him evolves into a good, strong D corps, he will look much better. But the thing is, for the first decade of his career it was Price making the D look artificially good. I fear that the back nine is going to be an era where he is still good enough to look elite behind a strong D - relying on positioning to make all the saves he should make - but no longer a guy who can carry a team. That being said, I have not lost faith in the guy. I'm just concerned.