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  1. New practice lines

    Pretty sure he meant the deal was crappy from Pacioretty's point of view
  2. New practice lines

    Epic post, my friend! I especially like the last lines
  3. New practice lines

    There seems to be some animus between CJ and Galchenyuk. Who knows what the back story is, but Claude seemed hell-bent on driving him off the team for a while (remember the whole 'Galy as 4th liner' fiasco?). Now the last few weeks appear to have seen them reach a modus vivendi, with Galy being consistently dangerous and productive; my guess would be that it finally dawned on CJ that a team with zero offence might be better off not crapping all over the face of a 30-goal scorer. Nevertheless, there is clearly some configuration of sheer ego/stubbornness at work when it comes to managing Galy. I don't believe he is ever going to be diligent defensively - he just doesn't have the hockey IQ for it. Just let him play to his strengths and be done with it. It's funny, I heard Ferraro talking about Barzal and how lucky he was to have Doug Weight as coach rather than a more hidebound bench-boss. Weight basically set Barzal loose, giving him a ton of rope to make risky plays, etc.. The result was that Barzal got the wind in his sails and is now terrorizing the league. If MT or CJ had coached him, he'd probably still be in a diaper and pacifier.
  4. Who blinks first Molson or Bergevin???

    There's a valid criticism of MB for sure, but I'm not so certain we should romanticize the Gainey era. For all that he had his players' backs, they still collectively quit on him down the stretch in 2009, with guys like Komisarek and Higgins mentally checking out and Kovalev pulling his usual existential crisis. The difference between the two cases is that where I always felt the players let Gainey down, I never once had that sentiment with Bergevin, who seems to think guys like Subban, Markov, and Radulov owed him a favour. (It was particularly enervating to read that MB was supposedly furious with Subban for driving a hard bargain on his contract, after MB had basically spat in his face by insisting on the bridge deal. And it was quite telling that Subban repeatedly told interviewers his mega-deal was about "respect;" clearly he had NOT felt respected up to that point, and quite fairly made Bergevin pay for it).
  5. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Rumours aside, signing Tavares would change the whole profile of this team IMHO. With Tavares, this team has a core of JT-Price-Weber-Patches: arguably pretty close to contender status IF we can also somehow acquire a legit #2 puck-moving defenceman. Without Tavares, this team needs to focus on its crop of young-ish FWs and look to build around them so as to contend in 3-4 years. That means rebooting via a Pacioretty trade and possibly other significant moves. So I would wait until the Tavares file is settled before deciding on Pacioretty and guys like Shaw, etc.. (Pleks needs to be dealt at the deadline, obviously).
  6. New practice lines

    The refusal to put Galy at C has tipped over from tragedy into farce
  7. Nov. 15, Islanders vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    Didn't see this one, but many of my friends are lamenting the 'bad luck' that saw them lose in OT despite 50+ shots. My view is, this sort of thing happens to every team...but the good teams don't put themselves in 'must win' positions, such that every lost point is catastrophic. It ain't luck.
  8. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I don't believe Patches has a 5-year window. So that may be the disagreement between myself and xXx. I have no doubt that with good management the Habs could contend in five years. (They don't have good management and therefore probably will not, but that's another story). What I question is whether Patches will still be any good by that point. I had the same argument with people about Pleks when I started raising concerns about his age three years ago. People pointed to his numbers, but those extended slumps were a sign of imminent decline. Players get old, usually (not always) in their early 30s. Hell, Brent Seabrook is a healthy scratch at age 32. Pleks started his decline at 33. Sometimes, especially with stud players, it happens later; but sometimes it happens earlier too (Gomez). The Habs have had the best decade of Patches' career and done exactly jack sh*t with it. Time to flip the asset and let him decline elsewhere and on someone else's dime.
  9. It's nice that he can fight, but to my eye, at least, he has served as a rock-solid 4th liner and has also chipped in offensively here and there. Exactly what you want in a role player. The question is whether this nice run is an aberration for a guy who has hitherto been a marginal NHLer, or whether he is indeed Weise 2.0, i.e., a guy who just seems to find a home in a particular organization and becomes The Best That He Can Be in that setting. We should also keep in mind that it is a characteristic of terrible hockey teams that certain marginal players look like heroes. Once a team actually develops depth, players that were previously hailed as great role guys suddenly find themselves shunted out. If you recall the Houle days, players like Andreas Dackell and Patrick Poulin were praised as invaluable pieces. So this could be a version of that.
  10. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Not me. I want him traded because doing so represents wise asset-management on a club that is years from contending. I see little reason other than 1. sentiment and 2. delusion that the team can contend within Pacioretty's window for keeping him.
  11. Injury news

  12. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Why wouldn't there be a fit? Isn't Dubois a C? Then the Habs should make it happen, it seems to me. We're in sell-off mode, or oughtta be.
  13. An exciting, spirited game - nice to see Galy and Patches actually looking like impact players - but it was ruined by the Danault injury. Even Chara looked worried; I guess he's decided that being an attempted murderer isn't his bag after all. Hopefully Danault is all right.
  14. Pasternak exemplifies what you have to do if you're not tanking - draft star-quality iimpact players outside of the 'gimmee' portion of the draft. To my mind, that's where the Habs scouting has struggled over the last decade or so. Maybe Mete will break the mould, who knows.
  15. It'd be nice to have Emelin tonight. He was usually a beast vs Boston. The Carey Price era has seen some epic wars vs the Bruins, but the Habs have never been as pathetic in that span as they are right now. Hard to imagine that this game will rival the fire of the old Lucic-Komi or Subban vs everyone days. Sigh.