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  1. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    The boldfaced parts I especially endorse. Too many fans seem to be happy with endless deferral. "Oh just wait until Player X comes up or develops." I've been hearing that for 25 years. Ribeiro...Fatendresse...Bulis...Zednik...Komisarek...Higgins...Kosty...Price...Subban...Galchenyuk...Tinordi...as you imply, the people who say "just wait 3-4 years!!" are forgetting that in that time-frame our two best players will be close to retirement. And incidentally, as far as I know, there is no one in the system who projects to be a player on the level of Price or even Weber. When MB says he doesn't believe in a window, I think what he really means is, "we think we can build a team that reliably makes the playoffs," and he hopes we ignore the fact that there is a large difference between making the playoffs and being a bona-fide, heavy-duty Cup contender. "Make the playoffs and anything can happen" is NOT the attitude of elite NHL teams. They are comparing themselves to each other, not to bubble teams.
  2. 2019 NHL Offseason Thread

    Interesting that Gardiner is still unsigned. That back must be spooking a lot of GMs. If he can't get the coin/term he wants, I wonder if he just throws in the towel and re-ups in TO?
  3. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    Excellent post! This is pretty much where I'm going from. Too many fans, IMHO, seem prepared to let management off the hook all the time. Being OK is good enough. "Well, at least they tried." It's as though quite a few fans seem to have internalized the idea that asking the Montreal Canadiens to be an elite franchise is simply impossible in today's NHL. For some reason. That, or else they think the Habs are the hockey version of what the license plates used to call Saskatchewan: "tomorrow country." That is: oh, wait until our prospects come up; in 3-4 years we'll be really good! Not with this kind of appetite for deferred gratification, we won't. But as you say, summer ain't over yet.
  4. Habs sign Nick Cousins

    The summer will be a failure if MB does nothing to significantly improve the team. The end.
  5. Habs sign Nick Cousins

    I don't care what he's 'trying.' I'm only interested in results. That said, summer's not over. It's premature to declare his summer a categorical failure.
  6. Habs sign Nick Cousins

    I doubt anyone would disagree. It’s more the wider lack of major upgrades that makes people a bit grumpy. That’s no reflection on Cousins, though.
  7. Habs sign Nick Cousins

    No doubt. I agree that they might let Hudon go, however. Julien seems decidedly unimpressed
  8. Habs sign Nick Cousins

    I was going to say. Only a few days ago we all went breathless when Shaw was traded because it was "obviously" about "clearing cap space for a big move." And instead:
  9. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    This is exactly what the Hurricanes have argued. It's quite possible.
  10. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    I was drawing an analogy, not implying some sort of correlation. Five years is an eternity. I serious doubt Aho will give the summer of 2019 much priority when he is making the most important decision of his professional career in 2024.
  11. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    Very doubtful IMHO. It's like when people hoped Crosby would sign witj us because he grew up a Habs fan.
  12. CHIAROT signed

    Winnipeg's D is in tatters. I'll be surprised if they don't throw everything and the kitchen sink at Gardiner. As for me, I don't deny that Chiarot might prove a canny pick-up. Nothing wrong with an upgrade on Benn. It just doesn't meet the team's really glaring need, as per Bergevin's patented style of lateral moves and patch-ups.
  13. CHIAROT signed

    I'll concede the similarities, and I'm not super excited about an upgrade on Benn being our Big Summer Move, but: just because Alzner cratered doesn't mean Chiarot will.
  14. CHIAROT signed

    I'm sure he's a solid #5 and will do good work for us. The real problem is that the Habs need puck-moving LD, not stay-at-home LD who are lucky to crack 20 points. This is best framed as a modest upgrade on Benn, NOT as a solution to the structural hole on LD. The big chasm remains.
  15. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    It's tough to know, since much of what we're going by is speculation. For my part, I was 100% willing to go all-in on Karlsson (when it looked like he might be UFA) because the rewards of his A-game are so huge that they made it worth the risk. Gardiner is not a game-changer like Karlsson, and so the risk-reward calculation is harder. We *have* seen UFAs signing for rather less onerous contracts than conventional wisdom suggested, e.g., Duchene. If Gardiner turns out to be one of these, then that will be great for whichever team picks him up. My wider point, though, is that the Habs need a more fundamental upgrade on D than Ben Chiarot. That could come from Gardiner, or it could come from somewhere else. Most likely, it will not happen at all.
  16. CHIAROT signed

    Barring further expert insight, this looks like a classic patchwork job, I.e., a typical let’s-get-by-with-good-enough move by an organization thoroughly devoted to ‘good enough’ rather than excellence. At most this buys MB more time to properly fix the D. Based on his track record I wouldn’t hold my breath
  17. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    Good question. One could always say, ‘well, we’re a bubble team, we can afford to wait for the best deal because we’re competitive.’ This is true to an extent, but the longer the season grinds on, the less margin of error you give your team. Also the odds increase of being forced into a desperation play if you incur a major injury or two. We should demand to see significant roster improvement by early season at the very latest. I do think there is a decent possibility we’ll end up sitting on millions in cap space again, and that the Aho move will indeed be revealed to have been a what-the-hell painless long-shot partly designed as a smokescreen to justify inaction. ‘Hey, we tried.’ And this will probably be satisfactory to a good chunk of the fan base. EDIT: just saw the Chiarot signing. I remember predicting low cost patch up jobs at LD. Lo and behold, Mr Risk Averse strikes again.
  18. Habs sign Phil Varone

    Good that MB is reinforcing Laval. Imagine if his job were to reinforce the Montreal Canadiens? Oh...wait a minute...
  19. Guy Carbonneau Elected to Hall of Fame

    Ha ha, whoops. I've got Bergevin on the brain, clearly. Yes, Bergeron is a lock, and deservedly so.
  20. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    I don't think there's any big reason to be disgusted with MB for attempting the offer sheet. But that said, the fact is it did not work. All we know for sure right now is that MB has in no way improved a team that failed to make the playoffs last season. Anyone praising MB for "trying but failing" is manifesting the kind of Ballard Leafs mentality that has all too frequently infected the Habs' fanbase IMHO. However, there are still several weeks before the season starts and other possible avenues for improving the team. It is therefore premature to declare the entire off-season a failure. It is, rather, a failure up to this point.
  21. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    ...and meanwhile, the Habs are no better a team now than we were a week ago. Sigh
  22. Guy Carbonneau Elected to Hall of Fame

    Come come. Bergevin was a plumber. Carbo was an artisan, a cerebral master who controlled games with his defensive excellence. We're not talking about Nate Thompson here.
  23. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    Sounds like Aho wants to come here and Carolina is forcing him to stay. Bergevin may have succeeded in throwing a monkey wrench into the Canes dressing room. Who knows, they may have to trade him after the year is up; but Wadell will probably refuse to trade him to us on principle.
  24. 2019 NHL Offseason Thread

    At least Gardiner is still out there...
  25. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Remember, I’m not saying he’s anything great. He had a very good rookie season, but fitness and ‘character’ issues cost him the coaches’ trust and he only clawed back into the good books last season, when if memory serves he was de facto top 4 on one of the league’s worst bluelines. But he did OK IMHO. He’s worth taking a flyer on given his improvement last year, his youth, and his profile as a puck moving LD. EDIT: I’d be curious to see his advanced stats from last year compared with Benn’s. Any takers? 😎 EDIT again: mixed reviews here - seems fair https://canucksarmy.com/2019/03/28/the-arguments-for-and-against-trading-ben-hutton/