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  1. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Duchene wouldn’t hurt, but his production has been somewhat uneven over the years and I don’t see him as a difference maker on the scale of Karlsson. We’re weaker structurally at D than at C (though Duchene could play W of course).As with some others, then, D would be my priority.
  2. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Amen, brother. I understand that there are risks with UFA signings, but even with injuries Karlsson has put up points galore. Imagine if he gets healthy? What an exciting, game-changing player he could be for us. If he seriously does want to play close to Ottawa, then this is a swing-for-the-fences opportunity and we should take it. Don't worry about plugs like Benn or other lower-rung guys on the cap - you can always ship out assets like that. Too much caution gets you nowhere; as Stephen Harper once told Jack Layton, "you know, Jack, sometimes you've got to take a risk."
  3. Permanent Rumour Thread

    It's just a feeling, but EK was pretty embedded in Ottawa. I find it believable that his family wants back. Habs could be in an excellent position if they want him. I love offensively gifted d-men and would like to see it happen. It would bring the added bonus of putting paid once and for all to the myth that UFAs won't sign here.
  4. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    Very depressing result last night. The East was by far the superior conference all season long, and it's looking as though the Finals are continuing that trend.
  5. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    There is absolutely no hockey reason for Drouin to be untradeable. If (hypothetically speaking) MB could get Gostisbehere in return for Drouin and parts and didn't pursue it, that would be gross negligence on his part.
  6. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    That’s what great about this site - the excellent input from knowledgeable fans, like Commandant 👍
  7. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    It does happen to some players. Paul Mara was a 45-point defenceman whose production suddenly cratered around 26 or 27 and never returned. Gomez was older (31) but he evaporated extremely quickly at a relatively young age, for no obviously discernable reason. Those two examples leap to mind because of the Habs connection but I'm sure there are many others. I don't know if it's because the game shifts and leaves a guy behind, or if a guy loses confidence and never recovers, or loses his drive - whatever. But it's an interesting phenomenon.
  8. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    It seems pretty clear that Hudon is not in the plans, so turning him into a D seems like a smart move.
  9. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Well, it'd be nice from a sentimental POV to have the old General back for a last hoorah. The problem is that his numbers cratered last year and this is highly suggestive of a player who is done. It's not clear what a 14-point 40-year-old d-man adds to this group even though he is LD. We don't need a mascot.
  10. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    Eep. Doesn't look good for Captain Kirk...
  11. Ouellet re-signs

    I wonder how a guy feels when he realizes that his NHL dream is probably never going to happen - that he's knocked at the door but that he's never going to be invited in. Do the Oullets of the world live in denial of this, always assuming/hoping that The Call is just around the corner? Or do they ease into life as a permanent AHLer and console themselves with the knowledge that at least they're making a living playing hockey? Just sorta curious about the cultural/psychological dynamics of the professional minors.
  12. Brett Kulak 3 year deal

    Sure, but that's like labelling George W Bush the best Republican president this century.
  13. 2019 Free Agents: Who goes? Who stays? What's the price?

    Commandant for GM!
  14. Brett Kulak 3 year deal

    Good signing for a serviceable puck-moving d-man 👍
  15. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Geez, I'd move Drouin for Kessel. At least the latter is a reliable producer.
  16. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    Hey, I'm a fan of the Blues. In fact a wrote a little blurb in praise of them a year or two ago when the Habs were facing them (can't seem to locate it now, alas). Many commentaries seem to frame them as a bland, forgettable franchise. But as you say, there are THE story of the NHL's second half over 2018-19 and - if they win - probably one of the greatest stories, ever. How many teams come back from last overall on January 1 to win the Stanley Cup? But beyond that, the Blues, far from being a "bland, forgettable franchise" in general, are an admirable franchise. They're part of that classic first-wave of expansion and are indelibly associated with that great era because of their multiple Finals appearances. They never tank. They're almost always competitive. Their fan-base is dead loyal (and seems to be comparatively free of the incessant whining and self-pity of Vancouver, despite being a similarly sad sack organization in terms of playoff luck). You never hear about ownership trouble; and also never hear any hysterics or drama from that quarter, unlike in cities like Montreal, Ottawa, or Toronto when things go awry. They've had tons of classic players, many of whom retire in the community and retain a deep connection with the team. They have a fine old-school crest and jersey, have one of the league's best team names. What the flippant call "bland" seems to me to be a great expansion success story and a quiet class act. Can they beat the Bruins? They'll be underdogs, but they play that heavy, grinding style that playoff hockey favours, and they do have that elusive Team of Destiny air. I think that IF they can avoid the basic trap of feeling fulfilled just because they made the Finals - that is, if they can stay as hungry for a Cup as they were to make it here - they have a solid chance.
  17. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I agree with you, but to my mind the real issue with Patches and Galy was not that they're 'floaters' but rather that they were inconsistent. The lesson of those guys is that you can't rely on inconsistent producers to drive your team. Kessel, by contrast, is a reliable PPG producer. He's consistent and can be counted upon to produce. That's what matters, not this NHL ideology about HUSTLE and CHARACTER. I'd be more concerned about rumours that he couldn't get along with Malkin (whether or not a guy plays the NHL Robot game, you don't need divisive jerks in your room), that he's 31 (although he'll probably be productive for the duration of his contract) and - above all - that PITS wants D in return. The Habs just don't have D to spare on a 31-year-old, even if he is a scoring machine.
  18. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    I was really surprised that Melnyck didn't hire Roy. That would have been a marketing coup, and Roy *did* have one great season behind the bench in Denver. So what happenec? One answer is that Melnyck soberly identified Roy as a powder-keg whose ego would eventually lead to immolation, just as it did in Colorado - the last thing that market needs is yet another circus. Another answer is that Melnyck wanted a coach on the cheap.
  19. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    How can you not "care much" whether those reprobates, those jabbernowls, those scum-sucking, filth-chewing, stench-emitting, bile-spewing, face-licking bags of festering dog pus, the mother-frigging Boston Bruins, win yet another Cup? I propose that you have your lifetime membership in Habs nation revoked!! GO BLUES GO!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Custom Habs Poker table for sale

    I'm not interested myself, but that is one epic piece of Habs-fan handiwork! I love the use of retired numbers. Good luck to your friend in finding it a good home.
  21. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    Verrry interesting. Small sample size, but does this suggest the Habs' problem lies in something other than coaching and systems? I'm a huge Muller loyalist, admittedly.
  22. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Haven't given Maata much thought over the years, but this is a perceptive post. Good call! He's not a stud top-pairing guy but he could prove a very attractive pick-up given our weakness at LD. Depends what Pittsburgh wants back, I suppose.
  23. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Don't be a nincompoop. I was giving that as an example of a trade which might be considered to help both teams. Period.
  24. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Well, there *are* trades where both teams win. The Pacioretty trade might (might!) be such an example. In such a case, you strengthen your team, but also strengthen a divisional rival. I don't think that, when you make a trade, you're generally thinking in terms of fleecing the other team. It's nice if you can pull a Kordic for Courtnall, but that's pretty rare. The focus is on what your team needs, how to improve your club. Unlike Joe, I still wouldn't make trading within the division a "last resort." I would look at all the scenarios and pick the one that improves my team the most. Period. If it also helps a division rival, well, so what? The point is that I'm building the best possible team I can. Let the chips fall where they may after that.
  25. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Yeah, I always agreed with this. You make a trade in order to make your team better. Period. The thought that a GM would pass on that opportunity just because he fears the PR blow-back if the trade doesn't work out suggests a guy who either lacks confidence in his judgement, or else prioritizes his own ego over winning.