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  1. He gets a ton of minutes because the Habs LD is a dumpster fire. True. And it is all too characteristic of crappy teams that they end up overpaying for medicorities because they have no alternative but to give those mediocrities massive ice time. That's how the Canucks ended up signing Ben Hutton at almost $3 million per. To quote Admiral Akhbar: it's a trap.
  2. I brought up Price's career wins in response to HEART'S dubious proposition that 'wins are a goalie stat.' He meant to use that to 'prove' Price is a problem. And my point was, if we want for some bizarre reason to use W as a primary indicator of goalie excellence, then HEART loses the argument either way, because Price's career W are off the chart. If W are a key goalie stat then Price must by definition be the greatest goalie in Habs history. That conclusion shows how dumb the argument is. To your wider point, I've argued for some time now that the Habs have become the post-1960s Leafs and that the fanbase acts accordingly - celebrating mediocrity and playoff misses, swooning over hypothetical excellence that is 'just around the corner' in 3-4 years, e.g. But none of that has anything to do with Price, who is the only Hab of this era truly worthy of the legacy of this once-transcendent franchise.
  3. Carey Price has, what, the second most wins of any goalie in Habs history, right? So by this logic he must be a pretty frigging amazing goalie. The end πŸ˜†
  4. First of all, I am a huge Roy fan. And I remember defending him against numerous people who thought he was overrated right up until 1993. Roy was also considered middling by some fans (not me) during the 89 run, and got out-goaltended by Moog for three straight playoffs prior to '93. I recall at least one of those playoffs being pretty crap by him, in fact. Folks may think Roy was above criticism in his years here. He was not, and much of the criticism was similar to what's been lobbed at Price over the years. In the future, people will likely reminisce about Price as this impeccable legend and forget that he had fans sniping and grumbling about him throughout the 15 years when he was the best player in the organization and a top-5 goalie in the league.
  5. I don't see why management should upgrade the team at all. After all , a critical mass of fans sang hossannahs last year when the team missed the playoffs, and most seem Jim Dandy being told to wait three or four years, then maybe we'll be elite. With the paying customers so utterly contented with utter mediocrity, where is the urgency for the organization to do better? We're going into year three of not having a decent LD and most fans have seemed just hunky dory with it.
  6. In 1993, quite a few fans wanted Roy traded. This was not a small number of crackpots, it was a fairly common idea. A billboard was put up that riffed on the notion. And Roy himself was not always consistent. In fact he had a couple of atrocious playoff series between 1986 and 1993.All forgotten in the rosey colours of hindsight. So Price has had some mixed results in an October. Forgive me if I don't jump off the Champlain bridge. Like I say, Price is Henrik Lundqvist. A very fine goalie. Not the superhuman Price of 2014. That's reality. This team needs to assemble a respectable defensive unit; MB's comical inability to upgrade the LD is far more to blame for our woes than #31.
  7. Until MB gets off his arse and does his job (i.e., fills the glaring hole at LD) such threads will keep popping up. That said, even if the Habs were a top team, we would probably still see complaints to the effect that (1) Price is not living up to his rep and (2) that the Habs are too dependent upon him. I'm old enough to remember the exact same claims being made about Patrick Roy. Even after 1993.
  8. We need to stop expecting #31 to be the Price of 2014. Once we make our peace with the fact that he’s Henrik Lundqvist, we’ll feel better. Nothing at all wrong with that.
  9. Exactly. Become a playoff team, then start assessing what's needed for the next level.
  10. Yes indeed. But this is sort of my point. Mete is getting that ice because the team does not have a legit top-2 - maybe not even a legit top-4 - LD. An inflated salary for Mete on grounds of his ice-time will be one more regrettable consequence of MB's chronic inability to add a quality LD. If and when we do add that LD, Mete will drop down the pecking order and suddenly we will be overpaying for a #5 d-man. MB's inaction is the gift that keeps on giving.
  11. It definitely helped to compensate for that hilarious play where he blew a tire and slammed face-first into the boards πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  12. Boy, I think $4 mil would be nuts. Half of that, I can see. Mete isn't bad, but he has been the most direct beneficiary of MB's comical inability to fill glaring roster holes. Add a legitimate top-pairing LD and see what happens to Mete's profile.
  13. Sure. But add one strong LD and it makes everyone else better. That's what adding talent does, it means you can rely a little less on guys who can only play so many minutes (including Weber) without becoming over-stretched. I'm not saying it's a magic bullet, but it will make a significant difference.
  14. I like the kid and don't mind if he is eased in over a period of years, provided he's not riding the bench. That said, it's far from obvious that it's better to develop that way as opposed to marinading and dominating in the minors. I also don't think his ascent to stardom, or at least #1C, is a given. I heard exactly the same sort of stuff, including from some knowledgable posters on this site, about Galchenyuk: he is developing properly, he is blue-chip, can't-miss, he can be relied upon to become an impact player, a surefire star and probable #1C for us, etc.. Instead he never became more than what he appeared to be all along. A talented kid with zero hockey IQ who is probably best cast as a #5-6 FW. Yes, KoKo has promise. But frankly if he tops out as a useful two-way 55-point #2C I would not fall out of my chair in shock.
  15. Count me among those who say the FWs are fine and that the D is a patchup job. As I've been posting recently, an impact LD is the piece that would vault us over the playoff bar and change the conversation from whether we can make the playoffs, toward what we need in order to win. Seeing how it took Bergevin six years to find a single legit top-6 C, I'm not holding my breath; we're only going into year 3 of the gaping chasm at LD. Drouin seems to have the eye of the tiger this year. Gary Galley commented that he's been 'humbled' by his failures in Montreal. Maybe that's what he needed to start fulfilling his potential. Can Armia keep it up? Exciting to think we might actually have a power forward with size on the club. I'm enjoying Cale Fleury too. He's no great star but he does bring a different set of attributes to the back end.
  16. He may be hurt. But he's always been the kind of player who, if he loses even a half-step, becomes marginal. Don't be too surprised if he just falls off a cliff.
  17. Kulak's regression is significant. The blueline was middling even when he was playing well last season.
  18. You know who is awesome? Jeff Petry. Not liking the vibe of total domination mitigated by a late goal against. Hmmmm.
  19. No doubt, but he's 32. Since we'd be moving a major prospect in return, and since the d-man would be part of a team that's still not quite there, I'd want a LD with less mileage on the chassis.
  20. Hey, it doesn't have to be tomorrow. But I rate MB's summer as mediocre, and we should expect a solution to this LD problem this season. Waiting three years to fix a major hole is ridiculous.
  21. I have no real problen at all with our FW configuration. The team still needs an impact LD. You know, I've been thinking about this. Today's NHL seems to be about fine distinctions. Most teams are good teams. A few teams have it in them to be great teams. But really, it takes 82 games to separate the wheat from the slightly worse wheat. The Habs are a bubble team. But they're also a pretty good team. Upgrading the D may well be all we really need to get over that playoff bar. And once we're decisively over that bar, we can assess what, if anything, we'd need in order to go the distance. Given the gradually-closing windows of Weber and Price, I don't think we should be playing the 'let's just wait 3-4 years for prospects' game. We should be serious about making the playoffs this season and then leveling up thereafter. This will not require decimating our prospect pool. But it may require moving a blue-chip prospect to get back an impact LD who is not an old man. I didn't like our static off-season, and I don't want still more stasis through to the trade deadline. Fill the f**king hole at LD, please.
  22. Well, yes and no, The PK was not as bad as this last season and the personnel on D were basically the same. On the other hand, upgrading personnel does tend to make everything easier. This club has had a glaring need at LD for over two years now, which, in classic MB fashion, has gone unaddressed. (And of course fans cheerled enthusiastically as he sat on his arse, but I digress). I'm pretty confident that adding a major upgrade at D would likely help the PK, as it would help other facets of our game.
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