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  1. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Short of free agent saviours, trading one of our best W is the only way to help this team fill the Death Star-sized holes in the roster at C and D. The most logical choice is Pacioretty. After that, it's either Galy or Gallagher. (You could even add the #3 pick to that list, but I'd prefer not to). Those are the three that could command a significant return. I think we should be prepared to move whichever one of the three yields the most effective, bona-fide solutions to the roster holes. But Patches should absolutely be the preferred one to ship out, given his age and impending cap hit. The fact is, these are all fine players, but not one of the three is an untouchable to my mind. It's all about the return.
  2. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Gallagher is a terrific player. But untouchable? No way.
  3. 2018 NHL Playoff Thread

  4. A Mulligan! The One Trade You Would Undo

    Souray absolutely should have been traded. Most of Gainey's mistakes I could at least see the rationale behind, but in that case it was simply negligence. That team had zero chance of doing any damage even if it did manage to squeak into the playoffs, and Souray was an absolute monster at that juncture who could have commanded a significant return. Bad, bad, bad GMing right there. I tend to disagree, though, with Machine's argument (which I believe you've also made regarding Patches) that you trade players when their value is highest, period. Team don't just go around trading away important players because their value is high; if you keep doing that, you will never win anything, because you'll constantly be shipping out your best players at their peak. I may be missing something here, but philosophically this just doesn't seem to make sense to me.
  5. 2018 NHL Playoff Thread

    SHOCKING that Washington managed to reach the Finals despite the crippling loss of Karl Alzner. That shows the true depth of that organization!
  6. 2018 NHL Playoff Thread

    Happy WASH won. Pretty much the first time since the first round that the team I wanted to win, actually did.
  7. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    The danger is that you end up like Mike Gillis when he insisted on only trading Luongo for 'fair value' and was left standing there with his weiner hanging out. However, you're basically right. Panic doesn't help. Worst case scenario he's dealt at the deadline and hopefully some desperate would-be contender shills out.
  8. Canadiens Re-Sign Antti Niemi

    $950 k for our first-line C! GM OF THE YEAR
  9. A Mulligan! The One Trade You Would Undo

    Yow. Another horrible trade, especially from a team with a chronic shortage of C. People will jump in and say he was a toxic punk, and I'm sure he was, but I'm also sure the Habs could have used a 70-80 point C for those years. And Niinimaa was human garbage.
  10. A Mulligan! The One Trade You Would Undo

    Completely agree. But I still think trades are categorically distinct from drafts, and also that the Habs probably have a higher number of disastrous major trades than most clubs.
  11. A Mulligan! The One Trade You Would Undo

    It's a great point about draft misses, but I do think that's a whole other category than disastrous trades. Every team has a long list of picks they blew. Not every team can claim to have thrown Chelios, Desjardins, Roy, and Macdonagh basically down the crapper. Blown picks are omnipresent, stink-o trades not so much.
  12. Canadiens Re-Sign Antti Niemi

    We're talking about a contract that is $300 000 over the league minimum. I can't believe there is an argument about it.
  13. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I wonder if last year was the time to trade him. Now he is basically a glorified rental. It seems like he represented higher value when he had more than one playoff remaining at that bargain-basement cap hit.
  14. A Mulligan! The One Trade You Would Undo

    Holy crow, how could I forget about that one? OUCH The Langway trade was pretty bad as well. Funny how that one gets overlooked, even though it surely contributed to the then-unimaginable mediocrity of the early 1980s for the Habs. Our history of trading defencemen does seem to be remarkably bad. I also suspect that the Habs have been involved in an unusually high percentage of questionable-to-awful blockbusters. Maybe Boston can give us a run for the money, but we just might be league leaders in 'dodgy blockbuster trades.'
  15. A Mulligan! The One Trade You Would Undo

    Come on. The Roy trade is one of the worst trades in the history of the NHL and *the* worst in Habs history. That one by a mile. Chelios for Savard is #2 on my list. The Gomez deal might be #3. Only then does the Subban deal enter into my calculations.
  16. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I agree, BUT taken on its own terms Eller for two seconds is an impressive return.
  17. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Oops - I misread a piece of info, my bad. Thanks for the corrective, you've stopped me from droning on about DD the 50-point player etc.
  18. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Yeah, but long shot are all we've got. Say hello to Tyler Bozak. I was interested to read that Desharnais is going to the KHL after a 50-point season. He's a natural C, the biggest joke of all is that he'd represent an upgrade on whatever shite we are throwing out there right now.
  19. Canadiens Re-Sign Antti Niemi

    I don't think we can rag on Bergevin for having left the team without NHL-quality goaltending in 2016, and then complain that he signs a veteran backup who appears to have recovered some of his mojo and played well for us last year. A sensible signing.
  20. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Well, what's the pitch for Montreal? -An organization with stable ownership and among the best facilities in all of hockey -Classic NHL city with passionate fans who will make you the hero of the century if you contribute like you can. No more toiling in obscurity. This is the real Big Time - as big as hockey gets this side of Toronto. Be the superstar you deserve to be. -The Bell Centre is renowned as one of the most exciting buildings in the league. Be part of that every night. -A team that has had 'everything go wrong' and has punched below its weight, primed for a comeback season. Be part of that incredible, unique excitement you can only get in Montreal when the team surpasses expectations (I don't believe this myself, but that's what I'd pitch to a UFA) -One of the league's favourite cities to visit. Come and live in the most European city in North America, enjoy the 'spice' that that brings. -Two core players, in Weber and Price, who have outsized reputations in the league. Plus you know and like them from your international play. The three of you will make a Cup-worthy core. -Several young players, like Drouin, Galy, Mete, Zadina or whomever, who are set to 'take another step' with you solidifying the roster. Be part of a renaissance in Montreal. -An accomplished, Cup-winning coach And, oh yeah, here is a contract to make you the highest-paid player in the NHL with a full NMC and the maximum term length. Meanwhile, I'm Marc Bergevin, so I make a lot of jokes and try to bond with the guy on a human level. Make him think of me as a guy he'd enjoy playing for. It's hardly a knock-out pitch, but IF (as rumoured) Tavares is an old-school guy who admires Original Six appeal, it's not obviously a 'fail.'
  21. 2018 NHL Playoff Thread

    If by this you mean that Fleury's playoff supports the 'Price as X-factor' theory, then I disagree. What Fleury proves is that you don't have to be Carey Price to get hot and have a dominant playoff. Had Price run into Fleury, he would have lost, because our team is worse overall than Vegas's and Fleury would have neutralized any goaltending advantage we have. Over four series, the Habs are bound to run into a hot goalie who neutralizes the 'Price advantage.' This is why having Price in no way relieves the Habs of the requirement to build a seriously strong club. Holtby, Hellebuck, Fleury - any one of those guys would have shut us down over a full series. At some point your TEAM actually has to outplay another team. Price won't do it. I find it ridiculous that an expansion team is in the Finals, and the bottom line is the NHL expansion rules were too generous. A team like the Habs would be better off disbanding, then re-forming as an expansion team, than they would be in trying to build a contender from their current position. That doesn't make sense. What you want is a middle ground, where expansion teams are 'bubble' teams rather than league powers.
  22. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Actually, the evidence we have is that Bergevin is a great talker. Terrible GM but a great talker. He's super popular with his old teammates, has enjoyed many allies in the media, and obviously did a great job of talking Molson and Savard into hiring him - and continues to do a great job of conning Molson into not firing him despite ample evidence of his incompetence. So to the extent that Tavares's decision is affected by meetings, I suspect meeting with Bergevin will actually help. Only if JT starts to look at the body of work (or the comical dearth of defencemen to get him the puck) will he flee in the other direction.
  23. Permanent Rumour Thread

    The odds aren't great, but, rejecting the pessimistic myth that free agents hate Montreal, I refuse to believe it can't happen. Let's put together the biggest possible offer and see.
  24. Alex Kovalev becomes an assistant coach in China

    Link67, you're quite right, but the problem was that he could not be counted upon to bring that great game on any given night...or even any given season. The reason people criticize him is not that he was defensively limited but that he was fundamentally unreliable. That's why he should never have been made a team cornerstone - not that Gainey had any better options. I loved the guy for the reasons you state, but we were never gonna win anything with him as our best player.
  25. Alex Kovalev becomes an assistant coach in China

    Great post. Montreal has also always loved players with panache. That's just part of the culture of the city (and it fits with the general identity of Montreal, a place of some style and joie-de-vivre). Oddly, the management of the team - really going all the way back to Serge Savard, our last top-notch GM - does sometimes seem to have been perversely determined to resist this, insisting that everyone has to be Plekanec or, failing that, Brian Skrudland (one of those 'complete' players who in fact is one dimensional, like every defensive specialist praised to the skies even as offensive specialists like Galy are crapped on). Combine this dynamic - a team led by bores who want players who are bores and drives stylish and charismatic players out of town, and a city filled with people who love players with panache - and it's easy to see why a bland company man like MaxPac gets turned on. I don't defend it. Pacioretty is a fine player: exactly what Habs29 says he is.