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  1. Poll: Who should be Captain?

    Wow, I got a poll to work! Hooray
  2. Injury news

    Yeah, but they leave a long trail of permanently brain-damaged human beings behind them. I don't find the sight of young men crippling each other permanently to be very entertaining. And I say that as a guy who used to love boxing.
  3. Injury news

    I used to love hockey fights. But once you take concussions seriously, they become impossible to support IMHO. I think the idea of hockey as a combination of speed and physicality is what sells tickets. 'Physicality' needn't mean fights. Frankly, I doubt that anyone is shilling out for the high price of tickets today *primarily* because they think there might be a fight or two. And I never heard anyone come out of a good, close, intense hockey game saying it sucked that there were no fights. Besides all of that, I'm actually not convinced you need the 'physicality' element at ALL. Soccer, basketball, and baseball have no integral physical element and they seem to do all right. Heck, soccer in Seattle - faked injuries and all - outdraws the average crowd at a hockey game. Even if hockey banned bodychecking (which could conceivably be the end game of all this concussion awareness) it would still be at least as exciting as those other sports.
  4. Galchenyuk traded for Domi

    The act was troubling because it brings to mind Shaw's first season with us, where he seemed so determined to live up to his rep that he acted like an ass and hurt the team. And let's face it, when you've been traded in return for a player that practically the entire hockey universe believes was an overpay, making such an idiotic play is practically begging for backlash. Fortunately for Domi, the NHL has no interest in protecting players by issuing meaningful suspensions, and so this rash and classless move brings no real ill-effects for him or the team. But he needs to avoid a repeat if he wants to avoid stoking the flames of fan resentment. This will be doubly true if Galy excels in Arizona. Domi has to bear down and play his very best hockey; if he keeps acting like a jerk-off, well, we all know how unpleasant Montreal can be when it turns on a guy.
  5. Sept. 20, Caps vs Habs, 7:00 PM

    Tatar is in a make or break season for his career. I'd expect high motivation and decent production.
  6. digging through the dirt

    That's the kind of move a team makes when it values success more than managerial ego. Therefore it is highly unlikely to happen in this organization. I hear you, and in truth, maybe we should indeed be seeing what Mete, Juulsen, and even Reilly can do before making further moves. This D desperately needs puck-movers, but if those guys can represent critical mass in this respect, then adding a Hutton-type - another good-skating puck-moving 'bubble' defenceman - might not make much sense. If any one of those three craps out (and it doesn't seem likely that all three will succeed this season), then acquiring another one might be in order. So, such an acquisition may still prove to be a good idea, but perhaps a little later in the year.
  7. digging through the dirt

    I'm thinking more in terms of taking on a young player who could conceivably benefit from a change of scenery, one of those 'reclamation projects.' Hence the Hutton suggestion, although Derek Pouliot could be another.
  8. digging through the dirt

    I've said before that I'd like to see the Habs take a flyer on Ben Hutton. Travis Green hates him, so he probably could be had for a song, and he was a promising puck-mover in his rookie season. Just my two cents.
  9. Muller signs a two-year extension

    That is excellent analysis. To have a team with that pathetic talent level - especially with Weber injured for weeks - finish 13th on the PP does suggest excellent coaching by Captain Kirk Thanks for this post.
  10. Sept. 17, Devils (SS) vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    Do you see any reason at all for thinking he'll be better as a C than Galchenyuk?
  11. Sept. 17, Devils (SS) vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    Is there any evidence that Domi is a quality C waiting to happen? And when was the last time a team had two converted W playing, potentially, the top two C roles? Part of me hopes Galy rips it up at C just to make an ass of Bergevin.
  12. Muller signs a two-year extension

    Thanks, dlbalr. I'm neutral on this as a pure hockey move, but he's certainly qualified and I love Captain Kirk for sentimental reasons, so - hooray!
  13. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    The sums up the Bergevin era about as well as anything I've read.
  14. Could our lineup look like this

    The Smurf team was, as I say, ahead of its time. It may have been a fluke, but I suspect Gainey actually took the post-lockout crackdown on obstruction more seriously than most, only to be disappointed when the playoffs returned to being dead-puck hockey. And you can argue that the real reason they lost to Philly wasn't that they were small, but that they just weren't good enough. That team was path-breaking in another respect too. The much-reviled Jacques Martin deployed a bend-don't-break defensive system that relied on massive shot-blocking to box out the slot and concede loads of shots from low-risk areas. It wasn't long before shot-blocking in particular became the new coaching religion. Thankfully that fad has passed (a few injuries tend to teach some lessons). All told, though, I believe that team was an innovator.
  15. Could our lineup look like this

    While it is all too typical of Bergevin to veer from one thing to another - 'we need to get bigger and tougher! No wait, we need to get younger and faster!' - I completely agree with this. Talent and speed first. Gainey's 'Smurf' team was ahead of the curve.
  16. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    I've seen worse. Notably the 2016 off-season, when I realized in a stroke that Bergevin was exactly what Habs29 had been saying he was, and of course all those lost and extended "lockout" off-seasons, which still piss me off thinking out them...
  17. Even if Galy clocks in at 50-60 points, that still likely makes him more valuable than Domi, due to positional considerations. Only the Montreal Canadiens could be stupid enough to trade a top-6 C when they quite literally do not have a single legitimate NHL top-6 C on their roster.
  18. I for one don't expect Galy to be some superstar. If he is a good top-6 C (say, 60-70 points) then he is automatically much more valuable than Max Domi.
  19. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    As weak as this roster is, I'm still happy hockey is back That little thrill never goes away.
  20. We both agree that ownership should not be making hockey calls. I like your last line too. But if we play with Machine's theory - rooted in credible media reports - that Molson is now supervising Bergevin, the question is how worried we should be. Hopefully the Kegmeister is getting good advice and just waiting to burn more of Bergevin's contract before hiring someone capable and backing off. Galy has a higher ceiling and can play C. For these reasons, the *very best* that can be said for the trade is that it's a lateral move. It's a Marc Bergevin special for that reason. If Galy succeeds at C in Arizona the trade will be a joke.
  21. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    Oh, yeah - I wasn't arguing we should keep him, especially given that we have young W who probably have higher ceilings or at least better futures ahead. Other than giving him the props he deserves, my only point there was to say that GMs will be more likely to cough up value for him if he has a third strong season; some may still be skeptical about him due to his lack of pedigree. He's a deadline deal waiting to happen.
  22. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Very, very good observation, my friend. My preference would be to have no Quebec team at all, but a Bettman-style stacked expansion Nordiques club winning the Cup within a few years is like something from Stephen King's fever dreams - an absolute unspeakable nightmare.
  23. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    Byron's a late bloomer and for that reason probably needs a third straight productive season in order to settle all doubt that he really can add good value to your roster. But I'm a fan of Lord Byron, who has had absolutely nothing handed to him and has seized every opportunity with both hands
  24. So, that means you like the Patches trade, which makes sense...and what else - ? The Arnia pick-up? I like that too, but this is hardly a huge body of work. I still have trouble here. You're implying that (basically) Geoff Molson is a quality NHL general manager. If this is true, then we're the luckiest fanbase in sport, to have an owner who is both interfering and an excellent hockey man. Obviously, my preference is that the owner hire a GM who can be trusted not to smash all the furniture and then leave him to do his job. Now, if Molson is both calling the shots and making the right ones, maybe he is getting excellent hockey advice from some expert who knows the game. And if so, then that advisor should be made GM.