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  1. Domi > Galchenyuk

    I really think we are talking at cross purposes. Flashy and charismatic are not the same thing as erratic and unreliable. The latter are what hurt in the only department that matters - which is results on the ice.
  2. Domi > Galchenyuk

    No. He delivers on every shift, as does Weber. My point is that that is what matters. Patches was low drama (until the end) but he was ultimately an enigma who could only be counted upon to be streaky. You win with guys who bring it night in and night out as your core guys. THAT is the character and attitude you want.
  3. Feb. 16, Habs vs Lightning, 7 PM

    There is nothing to be gained in rehashing MB’s squandering of what he was given, but while I’d like to think you’re right that This Time is Different, Neech’s post above also has merit. What I am saying is that the Habs have to deliver more than potential, for me personally, after 25 years of disappointment. I’m done believing in hypotheticals.
  4. Domi > Galchenyuk

    The post wasn’t about Subban. But since you bring it up, PK came to play at a high level every night, which is why your claim is nonsense.
  5. Domi > Galchenyuk

    Domi has slowed down from his early torrid pace, but honestly, he remains an upgrade. First, coaches feel they can actually play him at C. Right away that's a win. Second, he brings a much more complete game, including playmaking. And third, he hustles and competes every night. Unless Galy really pulls ahead of him offensively, we win that trade. Bergevin used to drone on about 'attitude' - and his cluelessness on this was revealed when he prioritized trading Subban, who was definitely not the problem - but the real issue may have been that we had two key cogs whom we expected to be leaders driving the offence (Patches and Galy ) who were streaky, erratic players by nature. Guys like Domi and Tatar are not elite, but they are *reliable* and low-drama players who perform night in and night out. The result is a better overall team.
  6. Permanent Rumour Thread

    We owe him a chance to start afresh elsewhere. He's a human being, not a piece of meat.
  7. Feb. 16, Habs vs Lightning, 7 PM

    Well - the argument is that in 2-3 years we'll contend because of the quality guys in the system. Not that this year's team is a contender. Nobody believes that. All I'm saying is that I've heard the '2-3 years from now we'll contend!' over and over and over again since 1993. God bless people who still embrace that message; and I'm not denying that the Habs have quality young assets and prospects. But I've been asking myself for a while why I'm not all that excited by this plucky, likeable young team. I've finally concluded that it's because I've just been in this exact same place once too many times. We've had plenty of likeable, plucky young teams since 1993 and *not once* have we translated that into a sustained, serious contender. The destruction of the 2014/15 group seems to gave been the last straw for me personally, such that I find I can no longer buy into hypotheticals. This is Groundhog Day, or Russian Doll, for me. I'll only believe it isn't, when it isn't.
  8. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Look, if a team has no room for a young guy who has a reasonable shot at an NHL career, they ought to give him a chance with another organization. I believe that's a longstanding norm in NHL circles. And it makes sense. This is a man's career we're talking about. Decency suggests that you move him along rather than consign him forever to the minors; just because he's not a fit with your group, or your coach, doesn't mean he won't be a fit elsewhere.
  9. Permanent Rumour Thread

    A pity about Hudon, who always seemed like a guy on the cusp of being good. They definitely owe it to him to trade him somewhere that will give him another chance. I have a feeling Europe is where he'll eventually end up, however.
  10. Feb. 16, Habs vs Lightning, 7 PM

    Good analysis! The sky is not falling, no. But of course three losses spark anxiety. I'm less optimistic about the boldfaced part. I heard (and made) exactly the same sort of comments around the early phases of the Gainey rebuild, and again the exact same when we had studs like PK and Patches coming up. In fact, similar things were said around 1996 when players such as Koivu, Tucker, Valeri Bure, etc., were emerging. After 25 years of this, and especially after having seen Price's peak years squandered by incompetent GMing, I'm done buying into these hypotheticals. Let's hope the Habs do manage to build a genuine contender for once, but I'm tired of swallowing this kind of anticipatory Kool Aid. I'll believe it when I see it - not before.
  11. Feb. 16, Habs vs Lightning, 7 PM

    Drouin and Weise are the goats tonight. Terrible plays by two not-very-smart hockey players. You keep carrying guys who consistently make plays like that, you lose a lot of games. Mark my words: if this team ever goes on a deep ruin with Drouin as a key cog, he will end up costing us dearly with a stupid play at a critical moment. Book it. Habs showed a lot of snark and jam tonight - which I like. The Max Domi-led transformation into a team that refuses to let anything slide, especially around # 31, is complete. That said, a team like TB has another one or two levels on us talent-wise. You can play stride for stride with such teams for a while, but gradually superior skill starts to tell. And all the 'compete' in the world won't help. Really a shame about the Kulak goal. Gallagher made such an awesome play! I don't like the Coach's Challenge; it slows things down, one more time out in an era already burdened by TV time outs. I'd much prefer the entertaining chaos of the occasional blown call than these dreary delays in the name of Getting It Right.
  12. Trade Deadline Planning

    Makes me want to become an ECHL fan, actually!
  13. Trade Deadline Planning

    Bonus marks if you knew that franchise without Googling it Surely any sense of entitlement has been beaten out of him by now? He's been a 4th-liner since he left Montreal.
  14. Trade Deadline Planning

    Yes...for the Toledo Walleye
  15. Habs acquire Dale Weise and Christian Folin

    Basically, garbage in, garbage out. I'm sure it will be nice for Weise to return to the only organization where he ever really had success.
  16. Claude Julien: Jack Adams candidate?

    Beyond being a top-3 contender in the league's annual Homeliest Coach competition, CJ has taken a Team of Misfit Toys that most people projected to be a bottom-feeder and turned it into a wild-card club that is competitive almost every night and tough to play against. Who do you think are his competition for the Coach of the Year award for 2018-19, and how do you think he stacks up to them? Discuss.
  17. Permanent Rumour Thread

    As fine a player as Giroulx is, it still seems odd that a 31-year-old is singled out as a team's sole untouchable by the GM. It illustrates, I suppose, ownership's inability to think beyond quick fixes; they want to CONTEND NOW Just goes to show, there's no cure for stupid.
  18. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    Here we go again. 'Hey, the Habs will be able to have an outside chance against the heavy duty contenders if all goes just right, like it did on 2010.' When will the Habs THEMSELVES become heavy duty contenders? *Crickets*
  19. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    All I'm saying is, let's not under-estimate the Weber factor. Part of Mete's recent 'looking good' *may* be an illusion manufactured by who he's partnered with.
  20. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I'm a bit of a Mete skeptic. To me, Weber is like Markov was - a guy who makes his partner look better than he is. Komisarek parlayed being paired with Markov into a huge UFA deal from idiot Toronto, and was promptly revealed to be human garbage. So let's see how Mete does partnered for a good long while with someone other than #6.
  21. If you could retire ONE more Habs number - whose would it be?

    Well, no. First of all I seriously doubt it will happen. Secondly, what I'm saying is precisely that Price is the only Hab ever to have a profile that suggests he'll be worthy of jersey retirement without winning a Cup. This says less about Price than about the futility of the Canadiens over the past quarter-century, but there it is.
  22. If you could retire ONE more Habs number - whose would it be?

    I felt they were borderline *by the standards of previous Habs' jersey retirements.* No question, they'd be retired by any other organization. But for the longest time the Habs reserved that honour only for the most spine-tinglingly magical players of all time. I'm not knocking those great #12s, just saying that they were not quite at that level.
  23. If you could retire ONE more Habs number - whose would it be?

    I'm not willing to lower the bar. In fact, I reject the idea that a major player who stays with one team for his whole career should have his number retired by any team, not just Montreal. Number retirement is the greatest honour a player can receive - greater than the Hall of Fame. I see teams like Vancouver retiring the numbers of Markus Naslund or Stan Smyl, I just laugh. What a testament to organizational mediocrity. If we're going to go 'sentimental' rather than insist on standards, then Koivu should get it waaaaay before Markov. But again, I reject the premise. I like Commandant's Toe Blake idea. But the Habs have already degraded the currency with #5 and #12 (and maybe even #23). Give it a long rest. As for post-Roy Habs, Price will probably be the first non-Cup winner to get his jersey in the rafters. And assuming he can assemble a couple more elite seasons and a couple of additional playoff drives, he would be worthy - a no-brainer candidate for any organization except the Canadiens. No Hab since Roy is even in the same league.
  24. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    VP Hockey Ops, whatever that means. The title should be VP Hockey F**k--Ups. It's interesting, I did a quick Google hit on him and found his LinkedIn page...a whole bunch of NHL honchos are on LinkedIn, unless those are fake sites. (They seem to be genuine). I don't know why this surprises me, but for some reason it does.
  25. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    It's an unbelievably bad trade - although I seem to recall most 'experts' at the time saying it was a reasonable move by EDM. One thing that seems clear is that Edmonton is a talent sinkhole that tends to make players worse than they might otherwise be. But yeah, to trade a Hart trophy winner for a 20-point defenceman is about as awful as it gets, approaching the Roy or Chelios or Thornton debacles in terms of historic badness. As for the Koskinen deal, I see that as a 'frustration' signing - a team that is sick of having a sieve in net looking to staunch the bleeding. And it does speak to a wider rot in management, since clearly Chiarelli was not the only one who supported that move. How is Kevin Lowe still part of the brain trust? Why are he and MacTavish somehow untouchable?