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  1. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    To that end, recall that I'm a 'retool,' not a 'rebuild' guy. But as for luck, we were pretty lucky last year not to have any real injuries at playoff time; too bad we were too lousy a team to do anything with that good fortune. The luckiest thing would be for Molson to sell the team to an owner who can recognize a crap GM when one is right in front of him.
  2. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    I've said consistently that with a healthy Weber and Price, this team probably makes the playoffs. It doesn't follow that I'm a hypocrite for not believing for one moment that that team can win the Cup without some sort of miracle.
  3. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    You're being too hard on Tampa. They missed the playoffs last season due to injuries, but prior to that the same basic nucleus went to the Finals and the conference finals. This season is not a "come from nowhere" year for them, it's more like a reversion to the norm. They are contenders. You're certainly right that a team that goes deep and then has a strong season has a great case for "contender" status.
  4. Fire Bergevin

    Nashville has acquired two legitimate top-6 C over the same span in which Bergevin has been moaning about it being "too tough" to get a top-6 C. I love how he tries to present himself as the voice of sagacity versus us ignorant fans, when HE is entirely responsible for taking a very good team and turning it into a steaming pile of dogsh*t.
  5. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    Yes, any team that makes the playoffs has some sort of shot at winning. The "contender" question concerns (in effect) the odds. If you want to think a team with Danault and an old Plekanec as its 1-2 punch at C was a heavy duty contender, be my guest, but most hockey analysts have chosen to look at actual lineups, not just the team's regular season results, when assessing teams' playoff prospects, and I think those analysts are probably right.
  6. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    Teams that are considered contenders generally have very strong rosters. San Jose made the finals, so you have no case there, while WASH has had rosters with very impressive strengths. The Habs, meanwhile, have not generally been rated contenders by observers because their roster has had too many obvious weaknesses. As for the playoffs, they can sometimes expose a team as a pretender rather than a contender. E.g., in 2010 the Habs exposed the Capitals as a team with erratic goaltending and which was simply not ready, psychologically, for the rigours of playoff hockey. Similarly, 2015 exposed the Habs' fundamental deficiency on offence. Amusingly, after two years of moves, the one-and-done 2016 playoff exposed the very same weakness in the very same way - just against a team that was somewhat feebler than the 2015 Lightning who went to the Finals. You seem to be confusing good teams with contenders. They're not the same thing. The 2017 were a good team - no more than that. Barring further changes, the 2019 Habs should be significantly worse than the 2017 team, since Markov and Radulov will still be missing. Another thing is that teams often have to be serious contenders over a number of years in order to win a Cup. I think many Habs' fans still cling to the 1986 myth of the "miracle run." And sure, that can happen, but the point is to tilt the odds in your favour over several seasons by icing a heavy-duty contender year after year.
  7. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    The longer MB has been in charge, the further away they've gotten from contention. In 2014, they got to the semi-finals and might well have made the finals if Price hadn't suffered that knee job. Contender. In 2015, they are eliminated in the second round. Perhaps contenders, but their lack of scoring had become an obvious issue at this point. Most of us were of the view that they were in the second tier of contenders and needed moves to put them in the front ranks. In 2016, they miss the playoffs. Not contenders. In 2017, ridiculously healthy, they are one and done against a Rags team that itself is at best a second-tier contender. Not contenders. In 2018, they are one of the worst teams in hockey. Not contenders. See a pattern here? MB inherited a team on the cusp and turned it into a steaming pile of horsesh*t.
  8. Montoya traded to Edmonton

    I'm not in a rage over Shaw, nor do I think his salary is crippling. I'm just saying that if the Habs knew what they were doing in terms of player development, they wouldn't have needed to sign him. Shaw is a minor symptom of our organizational mediocrity.
  9. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    No. The goal is to build a Cup contender. THAT is his job. He has had six years to do it and has failed miserably at constructing anything that is even in the vicinity of Cup contention. Making the playoffs and crapping out in round one or two next season will remain a failure by that standard. That was the underlying point of my post: a reversion to 2017 standards next season will be hailed by many as a "turnaround" when in fact the 2017 standard is itself a failure. This amazes me. We have forgotten that in 2015 this organization was knocking on the door, on the outer rim of serious Cup contention. Now, thanks to Bergevin's leadership, we're talking about winning a playoff round as a success. It is clear from some of the responses to my post that Bergevin has succeeded in lowering the bar to such an astonishing degree that many Habs fans would, indeed, be so foolish as to be grateful for a return to mediocrity. We truly are in pre-Shanahan Leafs territory.
  10. Montoya traded to Edmonton

    I see him as a legit 3rd line guy. Although I doubt he should keep playing given his concussion history. Habs29 is correct to the extent that we should not be paying premium rates for role-players. We should be developing guys like that internally.
  11. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    Yep. I can't wait for all the praise heaped upon MB when the Habs make the playoffs and get eliminated in round one (or, if they're lucky, round two). 'What a turnaround!' will be the narrative
  12. Montoya traded to Edmonton

    Shaw is nothing special. That's the kind of guy good organizations develop from within, then let walk once they hit UFA status.
  13. Fire Bergevin

    Given his track record, we should fear his making big moves, not demand he make them.
  14. Fire Bergevin

    He's got a 35-year rebuild plan and he's sticking with it
  15. Montoya traded to Edmonton

    100%. I wouldn't be surprised if MB is pointing to that trade as evidence of his managerial acumen
  16. Mar. 17, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    Thanks, Commandant. Time will tell with Hudon, and I hope he does work out. Your wider analysis is spot on, of course. Look at what the Habs have done to Drouin, throwing him to the wolves because they have zero C. Thank God the kid seems resilient enough to survive it. We HAVE to fix this. Even if we sign Tavares we probably still should trade Max and get an impact #2 C.
  17. Bergevin back for 18-19 season

    Poile's run over the past few seasons is without peer. Yzerman is pretty good too. Mcphee's done an outstanding job, but Vegas may be a case of everything going right (including the Vegas flu) and also being a beneficiary of ridiculously generous expansion rules. We'll have a better sense of that when we see how Seattle does with a similar format; if the Sockeyes or whatever similarly rip it up, we'll have definitive proof the rules are loopy. And TO doesn't seem to be making many mistakes, I must say. One thing you have to give Macphee is the William Karlsson pick. I have to laugh...even as MB has flailed around for six years and has two fewer top-6 C than when he started, Poile has added not one, but TWO C who would be far and away the best C on our team, and Vegas added a #1 C for free through cagey pro scouting Yeah, MB, tell us again how 'tough' it is to get a C. Tough for inept boobs like you, no doubt.
  18. Mar. 17, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    He gets a pass because it's doubtful that Scotty Bowman himself could do much with the complete crapola he's been given, especially on the blueline. I can't wait for the year-end presser when MB blames the fact that we have the second-most man-games lost to injury for all the problems, as though the Cup would have been ours if not for some bad luck. (If he blames 'character' again, my wife will have to restrain me from smashing the TV with a brick). One thing's for sure, he won't blame himself, the miserable twat.
  19. Mar. 17, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    Yet another case where you go, 'if he only weren't so small.' He clearly has the tools to be an excellent third-liner or 'energy' guy, but at that size he may find his NHL career evaporating much more quickly than seems fair, IF the Habs can ever metamorphosize into a quality team.
  20. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    Van has already exceeded expectations by actually scoring a goal. Don't ask for the moon!
  21. Mar. 17, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    I really believe he is a classic 'tweener' between the top and bottom 6..zippy enough to make you think he could be a second-liner, but just not talented enough to do it reliably, especially not on a good team.
  22. Mar. 17, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    The Leafs bias has been unusually egregious tonight. To be fair, with the Habs a basket case, only the Leafs are the really relevant team, and that's going to shape the "storylines" informing the broadcast. Nevertheless, fawning over Johnsson is just too much of a classic "Rah Rah Toronto!!" storyline to take. Typical Toronto, where everything that looks shiny for five seconds is hailed as the second coming of Wayne Gretzky. I know I'm supposed to be cheering for the tank, but really...it's embarassing to be a fan of this POS team. They are a joke.
  23. GDT Penguins @ Habs Thursday March 15 7:30pm

    I'm pretty sure I never said that either. I opt out of this tiresome NHL mentality where anyone who doesn't act like a fitness-fanatic, workaholic, personality-free cyborg is condemned as having "bad character" even if they're outstanding talents who consistently produce. As I've said before, players like Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito, and Guy Lafleur would be systematically punished by this culture, which is a relatively recent development in league history. All I care about is what a guy does every night on ice. I would have wanted Kessel. But I definitely recall a substantial segment of opinion on this board and elsewhere saying that we shouldn't touch him with a 10-foot pole. It's a nice cautionary tale for those of us who are too quick to swallow these flatulent media/league narratives.
  24. GDT Penguins @ Habs Thursday March 15 7:30pm

    Remember when he was being shopped around and quite a few of us went on about how we didn't want that "fat bum" on our team?
  25. GDT Stars @ Habs Tuesday March 13 7:30pm

    The incompetence of Habs' management is staggering.