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  1. ...and a sad indictment of the league's refusal to protect its best players from disgusting head-shots. That said, I would be heartened to see Sid taking his own health seriously. He can't, and shouldn't, keep subjecting his brain to repeated trauma and expect to live a long and happy life.
  2. FIRE MB NOW!!!
  3. Galy for Giroulx!!!
  4. He's a smart cookie, all right. The question is whether he'll lose another step. If he does, then he's done, I think.
  5. Come come, that was not Markov's best season. He got the nickname The General for a reason - he used to control a great deal of the play out there, including defensively. That Markov was praised by Joe Thorton as 'a stud' and his excellence was a major contributor in inducing Cammalleri to sign here, so he could play with him. The Markov of age 38 is a #2 defenceman lacking footspeed; since his injuries and the emergence of Subban, he has not been 'the man' on the blueline any more. Otherwise put, your post makes me think that we've forgotten how excellent #79 used to be.
  6. Are you troubled by the fact that the Habs apparently did have an interest?
  7. Amen, brother.
  8. EDIT: whoops! Liked this post so much I somehow gave it the thumb's-up twice. Sorry about that
  9. No kidding. So tired of this Montreal Team Vanilla PR-related bullsh*t.
  10. The question is, can Radu get a 6-year deal on the open market? I wouldn't fall down in shock. He was a pretty impressive performer and I could see him maintaining that level for, oh, another four years, maybe? His game is not built on speed and quickness so much as sheer bullish strength on the puck. So, you buy four years (say) of impact performance and put up with the decline on the back end of the deal. Typical UFA signing, really. Maybe MB should have locked him up mid-season when all we heard about was how much he loved Montreal? Then again, talk is cheap. If he's had his eye on a loooong deal all along, then there was no helping it.
  11. Good point!
  12. OK, but why keep Emelin and not Schlemko?
  13. Safe to say that McPhee doesn't attend to advanced stats. If this kind of analysis is correct, you really have to wonder if he knows what he's doing.
  14. I've always believed that a defenceman is worth more than a forward, in principle, and that building from the blueline out is the most reliable way to win. In today's NHL, I also believe that mobility and puck-moving from the back end are the way to go. So, build from the blueline out, with puck-moving defencemen. The Nashville model. All that being said, I think that any team would absolutely love to have both Jonathan Drouin and Alex Galchenyuk at FW. These are two young, dynamic, exciting, very high-ceiling offensive forwards. They have the potential to become core players who will give opposition defences fits for years to come. So I support the trade, as long as acquiring Drouin is not a prelude to trading Galy - as though the Habs only have room for one dynamic young forward at a time.
  15. I find it interesting that McPhee acquired both Emelin and Luca Spisa from Vancouver. They're identical players, which suggests to me that he does indeed believe in a tough, not-especially-mobile D-corps.
  16. Quite true. My only question is whether losing Pleks for free (as was rumoured) would have been a better outcome than losing Emelin. I think Pleks on the bottom-6 can help us, but fret that Barber Bill will keep reverting to him in the top 6 every time Galchenyuk's defensive lapses start to get to him. Our coach seems to be the kind of guy that would prefer to lose with 'safe' low-ceiling veterans than take a chance on winning with high-ceiling riskier youth. A guy like Pleks is a standing temptation to him. Used properly, though, he can be a ridiculously overpaid but useful C.
  17. You hero, you
  18. The only thing that worries me about losing Emelin is that MB will be even more urgently motivated to acquire a top-4 LD. Ordinarily this would be a good thing, but I can see him using it as extra justification for shipping out Galchenyuk: 'with the hole left in our lineup, we had no choice but to make the deal...' That said, I still think the Leddy/Beauvillier rumour was somewhat tempting.
  19. I always appreciated Emelin's blood and guts game, but in a cap system you can't carry contracts like that. Hopefully the team replaces him with a guy who can make plays and move the puck. Knowing MB he'll go out and get Johnny Oduya.
  20. If we keep Galy, then the trade was worth making as a major upgrade to a flawed forward unit. If we trade Galy, then the return needs to have been sufficient to make it worth the loss of Sergachev, who seems to project pretty clearly as a future #1 defenceman. I'm not going to rip my hair out over a trade that hasn't happened yet. But the 'Sergachev' standard is a pretty high bar.
  21. DON is that you?!?
  22. If Hudon is a legit 3rd liner, then he should have been protected over Shaw, who is overpaid over a number of years. This is exactly the sort of move good teams make, i.e., letting replaceable players go and replacing them cheaply from within. But, y'know...Leadership.
  23. It seems to me that Bergevin has imported into management the exact same mentality he had as a player - i.e., hard-nosed, never-say-die, go-to-the-wall loyalty to his 'teammates.' But now, his teammates are not the players, but the people he has assembled on his management team, from AHL coaches all the way up. This could explain why he was so reluctant to fire Therrien, even though rational analysis suggested MT was approaching his best-before date and the occasion of missing the playoffs was a perfect opportunity. He allowed loyalty to the coach to lure him into making a dumb lateral move that aged the core by four years for no reason, and only finally fired MT when the situation was dire (and above all, when Price seemed to have quit on him). Since there is no high-pressure reason for firing Lefebvre besides general incompetence, he defaults to his natural instinct: stand by your teammate. This is an absolutely terrible characteristic for a GM to have. It is slowly destroying the organization and all but assures we will be bottom-feeding garbage by the time this core declines. But it would be consistent with what he was as a player. If this is right, then his Achilles' Heel is his inability to make the basic adjustment of mercilessly demanding results from 'his guys.' Say what you like about Bob Gainey. When he concluded that the organization had done a horrible job at player development, he fired EVERYONE stained by the failure: Carbo, the entire staff in Hamilton, even the players themselves. That's the level of brutal ruthlessness a GM needs to have toward failure.