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  1. The Team.....

    I'm pretty sure Molson can afford the financial hit of paying Bergevin to do nothing but collect designer suits for four years. And don't forget, a bad GM means lost playoff revenue. What he maybe can't afford is being pilloried every time he walks down Ste Catherine's St, which is what will happen to him if the season turns into a disaster. The Randy Cunneyworth debacle shows how much he cares about public opinion. If things go completely pear-shaped, I say he pulls the trigger - the only question being, how soon.

    That team had Markov, though - ?

    You have to think Duchesne is the likeliest candidate to end up in a Habs jersey, probably within the next handful of weeks. He's a C, after all, and apparently the asking price is finally getting more realistic.
  4. The Team.....

    I'm with you. But I will say that the team has to start getting rewarded soon - say, within the next for or five games - or else a critical mass of players will indeed start checking out. As for Bergevin, he has had a team for five years that looks as though it just needs 'a few extra pieces.' We're living in a fan version of Groundhog Day. Putting faith in Bergevin is, by this point, an act that conforms to the definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. He is hapless and has had five years to prove this over and over.

    I have no doubt that both Price and Patches will come around back to elite performance. I'd give Galy a 60-40 chance of recovering his form as well. I have a LOT of doubt that these outcomes will be sufficient to make this more than a bubble team over the coming months.

    Price is bad goalie - ?

    Agreed. As I say, though, it's hard to see a team with this D winning with that level of consistency. We should keep in mind that this ridiculous slump has occured while the team is completely healthy (except for Schlemko). One injury to the top-4 and we are completely hooped.
  8. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    I supported the trade on the premise that we'd resign Radulov. Once we failed to do that, the trade became a question of surrendering our only elite prospect without improving the team overall. Classic Bergevin management, all lateral moves, even as the organization slowly rots from within. On its own terms, the trade is a loss for us if Drouin becomes a top-line W and Sergy becomes a legit #1 D-man. As I've said before, if Drouin evolves into a bona-fide #1C then the deal is a win no mattet what Sergy does. Right now, it looks as though this deal is a win for Tampa, but that Drouin is good enough to prevent it from being an abject disaster for the Habs. By the pathetic standard of Habs' blockbuster trades, that's a 'win.'

    Patches with 8 shots or whatever? He is on the verge of one of his tears. If Galy can keep improving, then yes, goals will come. What's not clear to me is whether this group is anything better than a bubble team once the goals do start coming, especially considering the points they've thrown away thus far.
  10. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    As is to be expected with a team that lacks a strong development pipeline. MB is a clown.

    I could only watch snatches of this one, but it sounds like the kind of game a team has when it's starting to come out of a slump. Both MaxPac and Galy seem to have been involved, and they are keys to the offence. Normally I would say, 'OK, this team is on the cusp of rattling off some wins.' What's confusing is the 6 GAA. If our bottom four D is really as bad as it's looked for most games this season, then this may be the fly in that particular ointment. Even IF the offence comes, this looks like a group that will suffer inconvenient breakdowns on a regular basis. Price simply has to revert to vintage form or this bunch is doomed; and even Price circa 2015 may not be enough. But for the sake of optimism, I'll nonetheless stick to the claim that the Habs are going to start putting together some kind of winning streak (maybe 4-5 games) within the next couple of outings. (In a weird wzy, though, I hope not, because Bergevin is a fraud who should be fired, and a nice recovery will allow Molson to keep swallowing his BS).
  12. Bergevin......

    I respect XXx's rebuttal above. But I really don't think its coincidental that this team has basically sucked since Weber's 20-game explosion (at the start of 2016-17) dried up. Once he reverted to normal Weber production, the absence of Subban's puck-moving/offence management began to make itself felt. And it still is. That trade was a major mistake - doubly so since one of its supposed premises, that Weber's leadership would change the culture of the team, has transparently failed to materialize.
  13. HABS @ KINGS, OCT 18

    I agree. But he really, really wanted to be the C, so I don't think we're going to see any change.
  14. Bergevin......

    That's the trouble. The odds are that sooner or later a team riding Price will meet a team with a lesser goalie who is on a hot streak, thus neutralizing the 'Price advantage.' At that point the rest of your team has to be good enough to beat the rest of the other team. So as I see it, the goalie can certainly be the cornerstone, but he can't be a *substitute* for a fundamentally strong lineup. Which is how the Habs use Price.
  15. HABS @ KINGS, OCT 18

    Things will get better. Will they get sufficiently better to make us more than a bubble team? That's getting harder to believe. And as for 'contender' status - file that under 'unicorn'
  16. Bergevin......

    Maybe, but Chicago had a superb d-corps during it Cup runs. What seems not to work anymore is the 'ride a superstar goalie all the way' model. Last team to do that seems to have been NJ - ?
  17. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    It really does seem that Tavares is sort of the last chance for a truly major, core-changing move that could elevate the Bergevin team to 'contender' status. (I'm sure other options are out there, and others will materialize over time, but this is the one that leaps out at you). Perhaps that's what MB has in mind in hoarding cap space, making an eventual JT signing possible. Now that we have Drouin, who can play W, I wouldn't hesitate to move Pacioretty in such a deal. Price is out of the question (and wouldn't agree to waive his NTC to go there anyway). But I would include almost any other player/prospect in the deal. (Weber being the only one that makes me cavil, because our D would be a tire-fire without him). Whether we really have the resources to tempt NYI, and whether Tavares could be induced to sign here, are different questions. If the Habs keep losing, we may see MB trading key assets he would otherwise have used for a deal like this in order to get a second-tier return offering immediate help. e.g., Duchesne. But if he doesn't get fired in the interim, Tavares is basically the last bolt in the quiver that I can see that has the potential to salvage his disastrous tenure.
  18. Bergevin......

    Good post. I don't see 2015-16 as an apposite comparable, because Price was hurt for 2/3 of the season. The really alarming thing is that apart from the first 20 games of 2016-17, this team has basically sucked since then even with Price healthy. That represent a MASSIVE regression from 2015-16, let alone 2014-15. I think the disaster of the Price-injured 2015-16 has worked to MB's advantage because fans have forgotten how promising the team looked in the two seasons before that. The drop off from 2015 is shocking and requires explanation. I hate to say this, and I'm sure I'll trigger the usual tsunami of outrage, but one of the most defining differences between the 2015 team and the 2017 team is the replacement of Subban by Weber. Let me explain. I don't think it's entirely coincidental that we rattled off that hot start in 2016-17 when Weber went on a crazy and unsustainable tear (8 goals in 20 games). Once he reverted back to his more normal production - 9 goals in the last 58 games, one goal in the playoffs - that's when the team as a whole started struggling. I'm NOT saying it's Shea Weber's fault per se; he has been very good, he's been Shea Weber, a minutes-munching behemoth. What I am suggesting is that Weber is a more limited player, especially when it comes to puck possession, transition, leading the rush, and running the offence from the back end, than PK Subban. And what I would further suggest is that a team with a fairly mediocre pack of FWs really needs a #1 defenceman who can transition, lead the rush, and manage the offence at an elite level, because our FWs just aren't good enough to do it themselves. Otherwise put, I believe that - in direct contradiction to the BS propaganda emitted by the Bergevin regime - a defenceman with the profile of PK Subban is much more what this team needed than a defenceman with the profile of Weber. And I believe that that is a contributing factor to the absolutely pathetic offensive outcomes of the past 50 games. Offense starts at the back end. Weber has a tremendous shot, but he does NOT manage a team's offence. And without Subban, we have no one else who can do it at anything approaching PK's level. And no - I'm not saying this is the only problem. I'm saying it's a significant contributing factor. If I'm right, that trade is the signature mistake of the Bergevin era and the one that will contribute the most to his eventual firing, assuming that this is in the cards.
  19. Bergevin......

    It's that TSN graphic of demonstrating 50 games of total suckage that is really unsettling - more more so than a crappy few games to start the season. I don't think you can fire him yet, however. Ownership can't be panicky. I'd wait about 20 games. If we're still struggling, then yes, start making calls and looking around. And whoever you hire has to be someone who understands player development, first and foremost. If the team turns it around, makes the playoffs, and does its usual one-and-done thing, I would fire him then. My argument would be that he had six years to build a contender and failed. I too liked MB at the start. Based on his c.v. (and his self-presentation), I thought, here we have a modern, forward-looking GM who understands today's game. But it turns out that he is the opposite of that: an old-school, hidebound guy who runs things according to the demands of his own old-school ego. Prattles on about 'leadership' as if that is a substitute for actual excellence. Hires his buddies then refuses to fire them when any normal GM would do so. Lets Markov walk, hurting the team, rather than swallow his pride. Trades Subban for no reason other than his ego and that of a coach who should have been fired at that point anyway. Fails to think about succession planning for key veteran Plekanec. Fails to address chronic and longstanding roster holes. Yeah, he's made some decent moves. Unfortunately they are outweighed by his bad ones. This is a guy who inherited a very promising core and has quite transparently and wretchedly failed to do anything with it. Pathetic.
  20. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    Actually, Pacioretty and Danault had some success last year. The move would be defensible on its own terms. I don't know if Galy would work with Drouin, as both guys are players who tend to carry the puck, but it's worth a shot.
  21. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    Most of the Sharks goals were the result of their complete domination of the Habs' D around the slot. In other words, our guys could not manage them down low. That's why Price was endlessly screened and deflections were flying around like crazy. On the first goal, Price looked bad, but it was a total defensive breakdown. Yes, the Habs had two breakaways...and failed to score on either. Very rarely do you lose a game and not have any meaningful scoring chances. It's not as though Jones stood on his head. The point is, the Habs were overmatched for long stretches of the game, because the Sharks were simply the better team last night on a shift-in, shift-out basis. That's why I say the score reflected the play.
  22. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    That is a very disturbing set of stats. While there *is* the fact that many of those games were lost because of the team quitting on Therrien, 50 games is a pretty sizeable sample. We're getting to the point where it's becoming possible to wonder if something deeper than just an occasional, inconvenient slump is at issue. This team was approaching Cup contender status in 2015. Now it's played 50 games with a record that, projected over a season, would make it a non-playoff team. One thing that's happened was that Plekanec stopped being a top-6 C. This was predictable, but of course Brilliant Bergevin did nothing to plan for it. Two other things that happened were that the team removed both Subban and Markov from the lineup. Yes, yes, Weber is an excellent defenceman. But he is a less fully-rounded player than PK (that's right, read that again); maybe you can't remove that much puck-controlling mastery (Subban + Markov) from your lineup in today's speed-and-possession driven NHL without paying a price. The offence trailed off midway through 2016-17, not too long after Weber's aberrant early-season goal-scoring explosion receded. And it hasn't recovered since. As for all of this incredible Leadership that MB supposedly brought in, I challenge anyone to look at the results and NOT conclude that that was absolute and total bullsh*t all the way down the line.This team had more spirit and moxy and resilience three years ago BEFORE our Head Idiot started "fixing" it.
  23. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    I respectfully disagree with most of this. The score reflected the play. As for Galy, he showed signs of life, but watching him tentatively try his moves made me realize just how low his confidence level is.
  24. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    He had 39 goals the year after the injury. That can't be it. I'm actually slightly more worried that Gally is damaged goods. He was incredible in the playoffs against TB in 2015 and it's been downhill since. Exactly. TB is not a POS franchise that is desperately short of talent and therefore has to throw a rookie into a massive role. Makes a slight difference.
  25. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    At least Barber Bill put Galy out there with the extra man. There are some thin straws to grasp onto as far as Galchenyuk goes. As sbhatt noted, Patches is still lost in space. Othet than Drouin, Hudon (who vanished after he took that penalty; did he get any ice thereafter?), and Weber's usual Steady Cyborg routine, this team has nothing going for it right now. Even the 'retooled' D - retooled by the Head Tool, Bergevin - was pretty useless in boxing out the slot and protecting Price against those slot-crashing Sharks FWs. Incidentally, remember when Gallagher seemed to raise Cain every shift? That doesn't seem to happen nearly as much any more, it seems to me.