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  1. I do not believe for one minute that the City of Columbus is the main reason the Blue Jackets bleed talent. I have a friend who lives there, she loves it, and a lot of people who have spent time there have only good things to say. More to the point, there are a number of middling “blah” markets in the NHL. There is nothing especially great about St. Paul, but we don’t hear players from the Wild always barking to escape. Calgary is not exactly NYC, but there is no tradition of exodus. Even l’il old Edmonton has been able to lock up McDavid and Dreiseitl. So I’m not buyin
  2. I agree - although if Suzuki and KK “really break out,” as you say, it’s possible that other guys will regress. That is, it’s not as though Armia or Toffoli are going to be multi-point players every night and are just waiting for those two to step it up another level. So it’s wrong to imagine an explosion by KK or Slick Nick *adding* to what we’re already doing. Rather that explosion would be part of the “turn taking” dynamic of a really balanced offensive squad. That gets to what I was saying about depth. On any given night, any one of our lines can do the damage. I actually think
  3. It’s a fair point, but the word which keeps coming up is depth. Julien just rolls four lines with minimal thought to matchups, which is really saying something. How this relates to streaks is that when one player goes cold, we have a lot of other guys who have the capacity to step up. This isn’t like crossing our fingers that Patches gets hot and that Drouin scores his annual goal on a particular night. We can score up and down the lineup.
  4. It’s another case of having great depth. Why trade him? One injury on the blue line and he slots right in.
  5. We exerted total command over a team in disarray. The Canucks were better tonight, though, and I think they will start winning more regularly fairly soon. Which is not to say they’ll get good. The one caveat I have about this wonderful road trip is that we haven’t faced really high-quality opposition. There was TO, yes, but neither EDM nor VAN are structurally very strong teams despite their elite stars. Of course, the same could be said of OTT and even WIN... I wonder if the Dollar Bill division will really split into two: Leafs, Habs, Flames...then the rest. It’s poss
  6. The announcers tonight mentioned that, in past years, when the Habs had injuries, they’d call up “some guy you’d never heard of” from the AHL. Now they have Perry and Frolik. It’s one of the ways in which the Habs are a fundamentally strong club this season - quality depth. I agree on Evans, he looks like he may be able to carve out a nice career for himself as a smart bottom-6er. Keep it up!
  7. Perry has looked good tonight to me; much more offensive flair than I was expecting, and the penalty call on his was complete horse-spittle. The minute I saw Edler back, I knew VAN would be in better shape. They are still being outclassed, but are at least hanging in there. Pettersson continues to bumble comically but has actually looked dangerous at times - it won’t be long ‘til he snaps back into form. Let’s just not have it be in the third tonight.
  8. Yep. And Edmunson did a hell of a job clocking him a couple of good ones in that fight.
  9. It’s a good trade for the Jets. Dubois, whose dad coaches for the Manitoba Moose, will now get to experience being THE biggest star in town. There is even a francophone presence there. I wouldn’t be so quick to assume he won’t stick around.
  10. I think we can all agree on that. When are they gonna start calling him “Slick Nick,” anyways? Seems like the obvious move
  11. With their D depleted by injuries, Myers is one of their best defencemen - LOL! The smart hockey play is to dump it into whichever corner is manned by the weakest guy, so for all we know the Habs might put more pressure on his partner than him.
  12. Not disagreeing, but to pass on acquiring Dubois because of a hot start seems like crazy logic to me. If 1. Dubious develops into a legit top-5 NHL C and Suzuki doesn’t; OR 2. CBJ was interested in KK, we refused, and KK then fails to become an impact C; THEN we will live to rue the day. If Dubious never becomes more than a 70-point C capable of dominating for some stretches, then we won’t rue anything, assuming that either Slick Nick or KK fulfill their potential.
  13. It will be interesting to revisit this in 2-3 years and see whether we regret passing on Dubois. But for now, sure, I’m OK with all this. If CBJ was insisting on Suzuki then it would be folly to make that deal.
  14. I’m OK trading KK, but let’s not fool ourselves that Poehling has anything like KK’s ceiling. Anyway, I doubt the Habs are in the running. I like the Winnipeg rumours myself.
  15. Listen, if you somehow get Myers in a vulnerable position? Then hey, yes, lower the boom. But keep in mind that a Hab who crosses the line probably *will* get suspended, because the league will know that it’s retaliation. (By contrast, the league appears to be blissfully unaware that players whose teams are being humiliated in blowouts are much more likely to take out their frustrations with dangerous attempts to injure; which was exactly what happened when Chara attempted to permanently paralyze Pacioretty, and when Myers aimed right at Armia’s head). And we can run ar
  16. Myers is 6'7. While the Habs have some bruising dudes, I seriously doubt that any of them are going to be physically capable of exacting revenge even if they have a mind to. Best thing to do is go out there and just whup the Canucks' asses. I disagree that Myers had no intent. He thrust his shoulder upward into Armia's face at the last moment and that is why he made contact with the head. It was a pure, 100%, bona fide dirty hit, borne of frustration with the scoreboard and his own execrable suckage all night long.
  17. I’m not surprised at all. The NHL does not give a sh*t about player safety and never has.
  18. Yeah, I wasn’t attacking the kid, just observing what an egregious rookie play that was. He seems like a smart and confident player, I expect him to learn from it and adapt. But any time you give a rookie big minutes on D, you will occasionally get burned. Just reality.
  19. Good shot, but only a raw rookie would get deked out by that guy
  20. Romanov absolutely undressed by that world-beating sniper, Brendan Sutter. Sheesh, that was brutal.
  21. Interesting choice by Green to leave Demko in net. If the Canucks keep struggling, I doubt Green survives. These guys aren’t rebuilding anymore.
  22. 😀 Weber needs a rest in Game Five of the season why - ?
  23. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks he looks exactly like ol’ Mr. “And A 2nd.” That period was hilarious. Poor Canucks...their D was dodgy going into the season and now is absolutely decimated. A lot of talk on Habs radio (which I was listening to while walking the dog) about Petersson being out of it. I’ll have to tune into the Van sports shows tomorrow and see what the hell is going on with him.
  24. Perfect. End the period with a penalty. A bit of a chintzy call, perhaps, but still. This should have been a 2-0 period. Habs29 was worried about a team prone to dumb penalties...right now, it looks like he called it
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