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  1. Just now, Commandant said:

    Its been two games.  Two games that the team played pretty well.  Id give a guy who is new to the team plenty of time to adjust to new linemates before we start juggling the lines.


    We didnt even have exhibition games this year.


    Yeah. Toffoli’s weird bobbles with the puck in close are probably suggestive of the “timing” issues that players often talk about when they’re shaking off rust. Add to that a new team (and a new position) and you have to give him a few games at least before getting worried.

  2. Toffoli is a proven pro who can play the game. I would give him time to adjust. Now, if we want to flip Armia and Lehkonen, that’s fine by me, although I confess that I don’t see the big “problem” with their games thus far in the season - and Armia has more offensive upside than Lehkonen.


    Tonight is a good opportunity to really own the Oilers. They will bring their A game for sure. If we slap ‘em down, that will be a pretty strong signal to the effect of, “sorry, you just can’t beat us.” A valuable marker to put down early in the season in the Dollars Bill’s Discount Money Lenders North Division.

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  3. 53 minutes ago, hab29RETIRED said:

    I think both teams would be exchanging one problem for another.


    It depends what Dubois wants. Maybe he wants to live in one of the great North American cities (NYC, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, etc.). Or maybe he wants to be in a city where he is the BMOC - the star about town, as opposed to Columbus, where nobody recognizes him on the street. If it's the latter, then hell, he would be a god in Winnipeg.

  4. 11 minutes ago, alfredoh2009 said:


    To Drouin's credit, passing the puck and following is not something Armia and Toffoli seem to be able to do at the pace needed by Suzuki and Anderson.


    So there is that much of a positive from Dru.


    No question, Drouin has the excellent hand-eye skills and skating to play the role of handmaiden to Anderson. Neither Armia nor Toffoli can make plays at that level. 

  5. 5 minutes ago, hab29RETIRED said:

    I don’t think the Laine rumours make sense either.  I can’t see Laine wanting to resign in Columbus either, considering he wants out of Winnipeg.  I can’t see that being a much more appealing destination than where he is now.  

    I think they need to go after a guy who either has a lot of term, or they are fairly confident that the player would resign with them.  They will probably have to overpay for players as well.  If I was an hockey player, Ohio or North Carolina would be pretty low on the list of states I’d want to live in. 


    Do we know why Laine wants out? 


    I meant it makes sense in hockey terms. Your consistent assumption has been that CBJ can’t make hockey decisions per se, but has to proceed on the assumption that guys don’t want to play there. I don’t know why Columbus has had such a problem with bleeding talent over the years while other markets like Minnesota or other blah markets (e.g., Calgary, Buffalo, or even Detroit, which is basically a bombed-out sinkhole except for a few rich redoubts) seem not to; but I suspect it has less to do with the city per se than with a culture which has crept into the Jackets’ organization. They need to fix that.

  6. 4 minutes ago, IN THE HEARTS OF MEN said:

    i would think he were a few breaks away from blowing the leafs game open as well


    Leafs have high-end scorers, which the Habs don’t - unless Anderson turns out to be that guy (which he might, he looks unbelievable). Against a team with that firepower, you can have the better of the play and still lose because of a handful of explosive plays by your opponent.


    That worried me a bit tonight - we completely owned EDM in the first and yet came out of it only ahead by one. Last year’s team needed endless chances in order to bury one. Despite averaging 5 goals per game (LOL) this team is still not exactly the 1987 Oilers, but should have more offensive pop overall than last year’s pop-gun shooters.


    EDIT: I also wanted to praise the broadcast team tonight. I haven’t heard them before, but the announcer has some panache and the colour analyst was solid. Hope we see more of them. It’s shocking to say, but I like a lot of what Sportsnet is doing with these broadcasts.

  7. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve seen the Habs dominate a team like they dominated EDM during most of the first period. It reminded me of late-80s early-90s Habs. We saw there a team that has a very high ceiling - if they can put it all together consistently.


    Sure, the game was more balanced thereafter, but that’s par for the course once you’ve build a big lead. Price was in Beast Mode anyway.


    Edmunson offered some reassurance after a pretty stink-o game. Romanov, meanwhile, impressed again. So confident with the puck. And Old Man Petry just seems to get better and better. He is amazing.


    I don’t know why people are down on Armia. He seemed involved to me. I like Toffoli as a player - a smart vet with hands, albeit mediocre foot speed - but he had some bizarre bobbles tonight. Probably his timing is off because of the lack of a pre-season, but I do wonder if the shift to LW is messing him up just a tad?


    Anyway, not too many negatives tonight. I am a little worried that they’re going to start over-using the stretch pass. Dollars to donuts Calgary and Vancouver will be ready for it and burn them.


    Drouin: what he’s doing real well right now is passing the puck. It’s a new role for him - being linemate to a behemoth speedster goal-scorer who should obviously do the puck-carrying. All he has to do is get him the puck and follow up on the play. This may help him a LOT by adding some structure to his game. He doesn’t have to try skating end to end or doing it all himself. That kind of more contained self-definition will allow him to play a smarter game.

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  8. I have a lot of trouble seeing the Oil as a structurally strong team. You know me, I always look to the back end, and theirs is simply not great.


    This is a short season and as others have observed, it can spin away from you very quickly. This game is disproportionately important for a second game of a regular season...a loss means furrowed brows, deepening concern, and the spectre of a disastrous Western swing putting them behind the 8-ball early. A win puts things on a even keel.

  9. 58 minutes ago, dlbalr said:

    So the Habs can get Dubois without losing a long-term core player and Danault gets a steep overpayment?  There's no possible way Columbus could justify doing that.


    Again, if I'm Jarmo Kekalainen, the simple demand of Bergevin is as follows - one of Suzuki or Kotkaniemi has to be in the deal.  If that doesn't happen, there's no reason whatsoever for Columbus to consider dealing Dubois to Montreal.


    Dubois is their number one centre.  As Montreal fans, we can't say that Danault shouldn't be the number one in Montreal but hey, he could easily fill that role in Columbus and it would make sense for them to have him in that role.  Drouin would last about a period and a half before getting into Tortorella's doghouse.  And by the time his contract is up, Domi will have signed elsewhere as a UFA.  You can try that offer all you want...I don't think Bergevin would be able to get it out of his mouth before he's hung up on though.


    Good post. You have to put yourself in the other team’s shoes. If the Habs had Dubois, the fabled young and skilled #1C with size, and he wanted out, would we *possibly* accept Danault/Drouin in return? No. In fact, we would string Bergevin up from yardarm if he did that - selling out the franchise cornerstone for a two-way 50-point C due for a big raise, and an erratic 55-point winger who has not once in five seasons shown himself to be a player to count on.


    Frankly, I am surprised by the KK rumours. If I were CBJ, I would insist on Suzuki, period. I like KK, I am cautiously optimistic about him becoming an impact top-6 C, but let’s face it, he is being hyped more because of 10 play-in games and his high draft position than because of anything he has actually done in two years. Unlike Suze, he has yet to show any sustained delivery on his promise.


    10 hours ago, hab29RETIRED said:

    I wouldn’t say we don’t need him.  Would love to have him.  But with KK and Suzuki we have some cap flexibility.  Unless Danault is going the other way, from a cap perspective a deal doesn’t make sense.  If we trade for PLD and Danault is not part of the deal, think for sure we lose Danault  at the end of the year.  I don’t see how we fit him under the cap. That means are sudden new found depth at centre - something we have been starving for - is instantly gone.



    That is an excellent point about the cap and our depth at C.


    I’ve been all over the map on this Dubois question, but given the strength of this point, coupled with my disbelief that CBJ would accept Danault as an adequate keystone in return, maybe there is simply not a deal to be had here.



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  10. See, folks in this thread have argued that both Suze and KK will be better than PLD. One, I can see, but both? I doubt it. Sounds like “two in the bush” logic regarding young players to me. In fact, if KK evolves into a 60-point pivot we will probably call that “potential amply fulfilled.”


    The Gazette was mooting KK + Drouin. They note that Drouin and Domi are pals, apparently. I don’t like the hole that leaves at LW, but yeah, I pull that trigger and don’t look back.

  11. 5 minutes ago, habs#4,9,10,33 said:

    I say we walk away and stay out of this nonsense. Wait till he becomes a free agent down the road whenever that is and pick him up for free. 


    Sure, just like we did with Lecavalier. 🤔


    If you want the kid, it’s now or never.

    2 minutes ago, Habs Fan in Edmonton said:


    That's what scares me, because Dubois is French there is always the possibility that Bergevin would over pay. And I am sure Columbus realizes that. I am also emotionally attached to Suzuki and KK and would hate to give either one up as I think they both have great potential, Suzuki looks more and more like a sure thing  but I certainly realize Dubois won't come cheap nor should he. He is only 22.


    Well, what *is* an overpay? Suzuki, to me, is the minimum that CBJ should ask for in return. There would probably need to be additional assets involved. Suze + a 1st? What is the “plus?” And at what point does it become an overpay?

  12. 1 minute ago, DON said:

    on 57pt pace last year.


    True, true...


    I’m not saying don’t do it. Maybe my reluctance is really just my being emotionally invested in Suzuki. Rationally, you probably do have to flip Suze+ in return for a big, young, legit #1C who just happens to be francophone.

  13. I hate to say it, but the Suzuki rumour makes sense. If I’m CBJ I insist on him as the return: a likely #1C in return for an already-established #1C. No way would I take KK, who is not self-evident #1C material.


    And yet something about PLD makes me a bit nervous. I know, I know, he was a PPG player in the playoffs. I know, he had a 27-goal, 61-point season as a 20-year-old (!!). I know, he’s francophone and has great size. He literally *is* the big, talented C the franchise has been looking for since about 1995. And yet also regressed last season and has only cracked 50 points once in three years; and now he wants out of the organization that drafted him. I understand that Torts is a jackass and all. Still, to my mind, it raises questions. I’m not saying “don’t make the trade,” but these factors trouble me a bit.

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  14. The stupid fake crowd noise reminds me of the atrocious old video game “Blades of Steel.” 


    They should have gone in the opposite direction: mic the players and coaches, and use the bizarre empty arenas as an opportunity to take us as close to being “inside the game” as possible. Oh, well, at least they knocked it out of the park with the Canadian Division (or “Dollar Bill’s Discount Money Lenders North Division” or whatever the hell they want to call it).

  15. 58 minutes ago, DON said:

    I would take that aggressive play from Anderson every game, he likely only gets called 50% of that play, he simply overpowered d-man who tried to hold him up from puck and was falling to begin with...it seemed anyways.


    People want Perry to duke it out in front of net, why not Chiarot? Any fighting is childish and should be instant ejection, suspension and fine, but some (most?) seem to love it.


    If that is your worst whines, game went OK.


    Yep, I think denouncing Anderson’s penalty as “dumb” is a bit over the top. Penalties are gonna happen; a call should not mean instant denunciation just because a guy plays a power game. Anderson had two goals and was a force all night. It seems silly to focus on two PIM. Indeed, Suzuki’s penalty was much costlier (and dumber), and Weber was the guy who shot the puck into the bench to make a 5-on-3.


    As for Anderson, his highest PIM total was 89 some years ago, and he had 60 in his 27-goal season. He does not have a track record of huge PIM numbers. There seems to be no particular reason to fret that he is going to chronically get “dumb penalties,” other than the fact that he’s a power forward.  Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth.


    As for Armia, last night wasn’t vintage, but he has merit and can score some goals. Not sure why we’d crap on him either. Lehkonen is far more of an “offensive black hole” IMHO.


    There are going to be some oddities early in the season due to lack of exhibition seasons. Vets like Gally may sputter a bit out of the gate. The only one I’m really worried about is Edmunson, who I maintain looked terrible and was on the ice for what, two goals against? He’d better figure it out or he will slither down the depth chart real fast, like Alzner did.

  16. TO took over toward the end of the game. Didn't like that. Really bad luck on the tying goal - which sucks, and explains more than anything else why we lost. In a close game, breaks matter.


    Romanov looked GREAT. As others, that mid-seam pass was pure Markov, or Subban. It's a long time since we've seen that. I have a thing for smart, skating defencemen, so I expect to be a fan of his by the end of the season. That said, I worry that the coaches will make too much of "risky plays" and whittle away his confidence. I expect his game to drop off perhaps around the 15-20-game mark.


    Anderson looked like a BEAST!! He's like MaxPac blasting past D on the outside, but plays with an edge MaxPac never had. Bergevin looks like a genius right now for that deal.


    Toffoli is no speedster (he looks oddly like Ryder out there) but he's smart and effective. 40-50 points.


    Suzuki continues to make strides. That play in the third was absolutely unreal.


    KK had moments, but I'd like to see a little bit more "oomph."


    The big dud for me was Edmunson. Maybe he just needs time to get comfortable, but TBH the game just looked too fast for him.


    And Drouin was a POS. I make a point of never expecting anything from him, so no surprise there.

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