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  1. 19 minutes ago, hab29RETIRED said:

    Bourque was moved not only because he sucked, but because he was also one of those players lacking CHaracter required by the franchise.


    Yes, well - Bourque DID lack character in a massive and conspicuous fashion. Good riddance!


    More telling is how we handled Pleks. Kept him around despite signs he was reaching the end of his rope, on the apparent assumption that he would continue to play well until age 97. With a reliable, "core" piece like that, MB sat there with his thumb up his arse as the guy aged out. That is what I expect to happen with Weber (and Price) - especially as there will be no contract negotiation issues to force his hand with either guy.

  2. 47 minutes ago, Habsfan84 said:

    So based on assumptions if the Habs would have been in the lottery the pick would of gone to Nashville. The NHL dropped the balls in alphabetical order so having Montreal in there pushes those teams behind them back a slot. The fifth dropped ball would have been Nashville instead of New York. Just another piece of mind showing the Habs would not have won it. Pittsburgh not winning also helps. 


    Now I haven't studied how the logo size on the ball would of messed with the weight or aerodynamics. Maybe pushed some balls ahead of others. I'll leave that to someone else 😜


    I really think that some of the people who "wanted" us to lose to PITT were kind of forgetting that losing amounted to only a 12.5% chance getting the #1 pick - or else they failed to realize just how bad those odds were. I mean, we had an 87.5% chance of not getting the pick if we lost. Horrible odds.


    That said, the true Draft-itst will be consistent and maintain that they would rather have lost the play-in and drafted in the top-10, than won the series and drafted middle-of-the-pack. I don't agree, but admire that consistency.

  3. 2 minutes ago, DON said:

    Any team likely could use 2 players like Weber and Gallagher for a playoff run and Leafs maybe could do without 1 of their 3 elite forwards.

    Is fantasy trade of course though and aint happening.


    The Habs are not in a position to trade Weber (no replacement anywhere in the system) and Gallagher will be the heart of the team until the day when he suddenly isn't. I expect Gally to crater relatively young, and Weber is 35 - neither likely has too many years left at their current level, while Tavares probably has a half-decade to go as an elite producer. But the trade would immediately make the Habs worse; it would likely only start to work in our favour after 2-3 years, toward the tail end of JT's contract. No thanks.

  4. 1 hour ago, IN THE HEARTS OF MEN said:

    And to think... some Habs fan envy their organization because they were lucky enough to be SH*TTY enough for 15 years to get Matthews and Marner.





    I half-expected the more extreme Tankists to prefer that the Leafs win the Cup...just so we can be certain they have no chance at Lafrenierre 😩

  5. The Leafs - HAW HAW!! - are an enigma. A team with that much talent should be banging on the door, not continually losing in the first round or, in this case, missing the playoffs altogether. They flipped coaches and it didn't help.


    I understand the criticisms of their cap management, but that's a different issue. The lineup they are icing out there should be able to make an impact. And year after year, it comes up short.


    I wonder whether the market itself is a factor. TO turns young stars into gods well before they achieve anything; does this create an attitude of entitlement whereby they never internalize the idea that they have to earn what they get - a disastrous mindset when playoff time comes? Or, do too many guys on the club look at the media frenzy around the team and mentally check out? ("I can't wait until this Gong Show is over...") Or is it something else -? Too much soft skill, not enough blood n guts?


    To the extent that the problem derives from the effects of being in that market, the same problems are apt to affect a future Habs team which might be in a similar position of having a lot of young stars and high expectations. The markets are quite similar. And come to think of it, something similar happened to the 2008 Habs. 


    There may, then, be lessons for us in TO's failures, as delicious as they are.

  6. What’s so interesting is that Domi always was destined to be a transitional C - not complete enough to be a top-6 C on a team with quality centremen as options, but also not very good on the W. As long as KK and Suzuki play strong, and Danault is Danault, Domi is going to be crowded onto the 4th line. I did not expect this to happen so soon, but it’s good that it has.


    That said, Weise has no business being in the lineup. Domi may be on the fast train to redundancy but there’s no cause to saddle him with unnecessarily useless linemates.

  7. 21 hours ago, GHT120 said:


    Absolutely ... and while I do not predict it will happen, neither would I be shocked if Weber is traded next summer (maybe in some way related to the Seattle draft) ... but I do subscribe to the "move them one year too soon rather than one year too late" theory


    I will be shocked if MB ever moves Weber. Or rather, the only way I see him moving Weber is if Weber is obviously, completely washed up. I don't think MB has the imagination either to anticipate Weber's decline (this man does not believe in "windows," remember), or to see past Weber's all-consuming aura of Old School Character and Leadership. Otherwise put, Weber (like Price) will be immune from any calculations of asset-management, irrespective of whether such calculations would improve the chances of winning.

  8. 16 minutes ago, alfredoh2009 said:

    Alain Vigneault is my favourite recent past coach. I like his teams, and Michel Terrien gets results despite being a flawed person


    CJ doesn’t have the players that fit his style, but seems to be getting the most out most of the team


    advantage PHI


    Love me some Vigneault. Therrien is human garbage who should be run over repeatedly with a Mack truck.


    I don't actually know all that much about Philly, but they do seem to beat us whenever they play us in the playoffs, so that's not so great.


    If Price, KK, Suzuki, and our top-4 D unit play like they did in the second half of Games Three and in Game Four - and if we can avoid taking stupid penalties - then the Habs do have a chance. Those two games are the template.

  9. 3 hours ago, Commandant said:

    5 of the last 31 first overall picks have won a cup with thr team that drafted them.


    I think this has been an usually useful debate on "tanking." Confronted with cases like Toronto, Edmonton, or Buffalo, or Columbus, etc. - disastrous franchise failures despite repeated high picks - the pro-tankers say, "well, you have to tank AND do everything else right, then you win." But exactly the same thing could be said about NOT tanking, i.e., the Boston model. "Consistently draft and develop at an elite level, make a couple of smart trades/signings, then you win."


    Hell, if Bob Gainey had not traded Macdonagh for Gomez, it is possible the Habs - with Subban, Markov, and Macdonagh on D - would have had that extra edge they needed in 2014/15. That team, the closest the Habs have come since 1993 to a contender, was built without tanking.


    Since either model requires really sharp management making all or mostly the right moves, I would rather take the Boston model. The alternative is to gut the franchise for a half-decade, then hope like hell the team makes all the right decisions subsequently. Better to be a bubble team and work your way up to contention by ace drafting and development, than be a god-awful bottom-feeder for years and years, thanks.

  10. 3 minutes ago, GHT120 said:


    Dunn is very tempting ... but with Chiarot in place, Kulak playing well with Petry, Romanov and Norlinder in the pipeline and Mete as a 6/7 LHD is Dunn a good investment of picks and cap space?  The variables are of course how well Romanov and Norlinder pan out and where the Habs see Chiarot after his contract expires after 21/22


    I know we're all excited, but Kulak has had four strong games after a disastrous season. Be careful about pencilling him in as a sure thing. Czar may be close to a guaranteed NHLer but Norlinder, really? 


    We should also be thinking about who is going to eventually replace Weber and Petry on RD. Those guys are playing unbelievable, but for how many more years - ?

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  11. 55 minutes ago, GHT120 said:


    Much like '93 when Laffs fans shyte all over the Habs Cup because "other teams took out the real eastern contenders" and "the leafs would have beaten them if Fraser hadn't blown that call" ... this wouldn't be a REAL Stanley Cup victory


    Whichever team wins this season will be 100% value for it. No asterisk from me.


    What does remind me of 1993 is the tendency among commentators to retroactively downgrade every team the Habs beat. Right now we're hearing a lot of "gee, the Pens lost to the Habs...they must not be as good as we thought," rather than "gee, the Habs beat the Pens...maybe they're stronger than we thought."


    It was the same in 1993. Going into Round One, the experts picked the Nordiques as the overwhelming favourite. When the Habs beat them, the reaction was "gee, the Nords have issues," not "wow, the Habs look strong." Ditto Buffalo in Round Two: the supposed favourite going into the round was retroactively declared an "easy draw" for the Habs. This happened a third time with the Kings: this offensive freewheeling machine was supposed to bury us. Then we crushed them and it was like, "aw, the Habs had it easy." Analysts si mply refused to change their assumptions about the Habs in light of reprated empirical evidence. Hell, Ray Ferraro still talks about how the 93 Habs had "no business winning," even though they surgically destroyed his Islanders in the Semi-Finals.


    I don't believe today's team has any real shot at winning, but it's like 1993 in this specific sense: we got huge contributions from two young guys that nobody gave much thought to going into the playoff. Back then it was Desharnais and Leclair. Now it's Kk and Suzuki. IF those guys keep bringing it, then today's Habs will be significantly stronger than the dominant discourse accepts. And no amount of winning will change the narrative that the Habs suck and whoever loses to them really dropped the ball.

  12. For my part, I separate whatever playoff success we have - which I savour and enjoy to the hilt - from the longer term 'strategic' question of building a powerhouse. Yes, we could have gotten an excellent player at 9th. You can also get Max Pacioretty at 18th, David Pasternak at 23rd or whatever it was, and PK Subban in Round Two. And your celebrated 'tank' pick can turn into Galchenyuk. So I'm not crying over the pick.I'm not a tankist. I believe in the Boston model of superior drafting and development.


    If KK and Suzuki are for real, that changes the organization's complexion considerably. And the experience they're gaining right now will make them more ready on the next go, when they actually might have a shot to go deep.


    Still, I agree with those who worry that MB will leverage this success to smugly sit back rather than address critical and long-standing needs, such as a backup goalie who can play 30-35 quality games, and upgrades throughout the lineup. Our D, which was so key against PITT, is old and out of sync with the KK/Suzuki arc. There are structural issues. But I refuse to surrender the joys of playoff fandom just because we don't trust Bergevin not to be an ass.

  13. 57 minutes ago, Helmethead said:


    Who’s next Walmsley_01???


    If only. He was a fantastic contributor!


    10 minutes ago, brobin said:

    Sorry to disappoint, I was busy... 


    I still think this is a hollow victory if they just go out in the next round... this team needs a youth movement and to add to that core... this year is a BS hockey season and I would have preferred a top pick... I want several years of being a top four contender in the league. Tired of the cup droughts and hoping for a miracle if we just squeak in.  


    worse, if the leafs manage to lose they might win the top pick again.., and we will spend the next 5 to 7 years jealous of their talent level. Frankly, we already should be.., they will be contenders for a while. Doesn’t guarantee them a cup by any means but their odds are a lot better then ours.


    i don’t consider this being negative.., I view this as long term strategic thinking...


    A loss would have meant a 12.5% chance of the #1 overall pick. I don't favour losing a series in exchange for those odds, personally.

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  14. Claude Julien, for all of his obsession with Weise, deserves a ton of credit. The Habs played TEXTBOOK playoff hockey from the second-half of Game 3 onward. No more stupid penalties. No more stupid plays. Discipline, focus, cool-heads, smart hockey.


    Price...what can you say? His command out there is total. This is 2014 Price and my God, it is a thing of beauty,


    The other thing is, the D. I have been profoundly critical of the holes on our blueline. But with Price in full-on "Jesus" mode, Weber, Petry, and Chiarot brought everything you expect and need from veteran defencemen in the playoffs. They simply ground down the Pens and kicked the crap out of them shift after shift, while Weber and Petry also brought the offence. Outstanding. And the shocking re-emergence of Brent Kulak also makes a major difference - he offers a quality second rushing defenceman after Petry. That's significant.


    KK emerging as a legit power C has the potential to be a game-changer for the franchise.


    I don't understand PITS. They seemed defeated in the second period of Game Three and never recovered. I don't know if maybe Father Time has finally caught up with them just enough - if, collectively, they've lost a fraction of a step - or if, maybe, they need a coaching change. As stunningly, gloriously boring as the Habs played tonight, the Pens should have looked more dangerous than they did.

  15. 2 minutes ago, habs#4,9,10,33 said:

    Wouldn’t we rather see Weal over Weise? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll rather not have both in the lineup but I do understand and respect CJ decision to go with some NHL experience on that 4th line. hopefully we’ll see Domi up on the top two  lines as a winger, sooner then later... 


    Yes, I would rather have Weal than Weise. For whatever reason, CJ loves Weise.





















    Tomas Tatar - Nick Suzuki - Brendan Gallagher

    Jonathan Drouin - Jesperi Kotkaniemi - Joel Armia

    Paul Byron - Phillip Danault - Artturi Lehkonen

    Dale Weise- Max Domi - Alex Belzile



    Ben Chiarot / Shea Weber

    Brett Kulak / Jeff Petry

    Xavier Ouellet / Victor Mete



    Jesus Price





    Jake Guentzel - Sidney Crosby - Conor Sheary

    Jason Zucker - Evgeni Malkin - Bryan Rust

    Zach Aston-Reese - Teddy Blueger - Brandon Tanev

    Patrick Marleau - Sam Lafferty -Patric Hornqvist




    Brian Dumoulin / Kris Letang

    Marcus Pettersson / John Marino

    Jack Johnson/ Justin Schultz



    Tristan Jarry


    Lineup guesswork courtesy of




  17. 10 hours ago, hab29RETIRED said:

    What scares me is if they win the lottery.  Right now the are in cap hell.  If they end up losing to the Blue Jackets.  If the win the lottery they can afford to trade Nylander, who probably has to go anyways.  I would be really pissed if the leafs or oilers got the lottery pick.


    On the other hand I think Columbus is probably the most deserving team to win the lottery given how well they’ve played despite rolling the dice last year and losing Panarin, Duschane and Bobrovsky (which was a blessing- otherwise they would have grossly overpaid) and going through the number of injuries they did. Their GM is being rewarded by going against expectations and picking Dubois.  And man that Jones deal was a steal.  It’s too bad they are doing as well as they are, Id live for him to get fired and the habs to hire him as a MB replacement.


    It does feel as though the Leafs are bound to win the lottery if they lose. Hopefully this is just my paranoia talking. But I'd prefer they lose than win, because every win brings them closer to a Cup.


    Talking about Jarro whatsisname raises an interesting question: what if the Habs hired a European GM who could not speak French but wasn't an 'anglo?' Would the PR blowback be as severe if the new GM were (say) a Swede? 


    On the other hand, North Americans are peculiarly parochial in their refusal to learn any other language, so perhaps a Euro wouldn't have the problem in the first place - they'd pivk up enough French to communicate half-decently and move along with their lives. North American hockey people act like taking a French class is an inconceivable gauntlet akin to public flogging.

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