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  1. OK, but it won’t be long before half the fan base is denouncing “Ducharme’s blender” and complaining that players can’t be expected to produce if they are not given the opportunity to “develop chemistry” with linemates. 😉
  2. It seems like a valid concern. Despite his rep with the refs, Burrows seems to have a halo around him among hockey people. That may partly be "Vancouver" talking, but it seems to go beyond that. Presumably MB has loved what he's seen of the guy. It is absolutely bewildering. I kinda wonder whether CJ would still be coach if he'd taken the bull by the horns and fired the assistants responsible for the PK and PP. Of course, we seldom hear of a coach firing his assistants, especially mid-season, so I guess that would have been a real long-shot. (There's also the
  3. No evidence except poor play, and the analogy with what he did under Therrien. Note that I started my post by saying "IF he is sulking..."
  4. 100%. I'm as big a Price fan as any, but if he has been sulking because of slight reduction in workload, then he is not a team player and should be stapled to the bench until he grows up. I am also tired of arguments like, "oh, maybe he needs more games to find his mojo." Players should EARN THEIR FRIGGING ICE TIME and that includes goalies. This is the second coach Price gets fired. Time for him to put up or piss off.
  5. Anyone remember this? That decision was rich coming from a league which deemed this goal to be just Jim Dandy.
  6. I will take any player on the Habs who is an impact player. Even gorillas like Chara and Lucic or dripping pieces of putrid human vomit like Marchand. Therefore, would I take Tkachuk on my team? Absolutely, 100%, no questions asked. And it's not like we haven't had our share of irritating jerks over the years. A lot of folks would rate Gallagher in that category. Anderson is regarded as a mean SOB. I'm in no hurry to dump either of them, myself. As for the whole "they should have drafted Tkachuk" thing, that to me is a media manufactured controversy. What I remember at
  7. All I can say about Burrows is that in Vancouver he is widely regarded as a sure-fire coaching prospect. Of course, so were Muller and Carbo. But he's like that - a former player who strikes everyone who deals with him as coaching material. Two years of AHL marinading, so bringing him up does not seem unreasonable.
  8. I expect that the team will have success and start rolling and that Ducharme will get a longer-term contract before the season's out.
  9. The problem is that Weber is declining and so, from all appearances, is #31. Their window is closing and it’s far from clear that it will not slam shut before the windows of Suzuki, KK, Romanov, and any additional young gun we bring up open wide. I think this explains MB’s sense of urgency. Next year, we lose Allen and may not be able to scare up a comparable replacement, and Weber and Price (and Petry) will be one year older. This season could well prove to be THE season.
  10. I think the change will help. I like the new bench configuration too. That said, the more I think about it, the more I think the Habs are relying on too many inexperienced guys to have absolutely key roles on a team that is supposed to be in "win now" mode. -A sophomore C as your #1; a guy who has never done anything in the NHL as your #2-3 C; -A raw rookie being an important puck-mover on your back end; -A head coach who has never been a head coach at the professional level -an assistant coach who has never done any coaching in the NHL It's h
  11. Another interesting sub-plot: will Price suddenly stop sucking, like he did when Therrien got canned? How much of this firing has to do with Price’s having turned against them?
  12. HOLY SH*T. This is a MAJOR shocker - most organizations would wait longer. (Although I guess you can argue that timing has to be pro-rated in a shortened season). I have a lot of respect for both men and am sort of sorry to see them go. (I will always love Muller for 1993). On the other hand, I also have a ton of respect for the no-BS attitude that canned them because the team has been under-performing. Succeed or you are gone. That’s the right attitude. It will be fascinating to see how the team responds and what changes Ducharme makes. I’m betting a reshuffling of the
  13. I simply do not understand that interference call. It’s as if the NHL has suddenly become super prim with goalies. Huh? But dollars to donuts, when someone runs Price, it’ll go uncalled. Anyway: the 4th Ottawa goal was inexcusable. I’m frankly sick and tired of waiting for Carey Price to stop letting in back-breaking softies. A piss-poor outing from a team that appears determined to scrape the bottom of the barrel before it starts playing well again.
  14. Sure, but they attained perfection with this one. Anything else would be uncivilized. http://www.smilepronto.com/i.php?https://robertptome.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/montreal-canadiens-replica-centennial-jersey-194546-white-n4041_xl.jpg
  15. Glad that Kulak is in, hate that the top four remains stable. They have two puck-movers bunched together in the bottom pairing, and two cement-footed D on the top pairing. What's the definition of insanity again - ?
  16. Great post, tom. As I've said in the game threads, I didn't think we played badly either against TO or Ottawa. The PP drop might be sufficient in itself to explain the recent losses, really. Like they always say, it's a "fine line" between winning and losing. Weber has not been getting his shot off, and when he does it hasn't looked as terrifying as in the past, IMHO. That may be a significant part of the PP collapse. The very low team shooting % during this skid also tends to confirm my impression that we're getting chances, just not burying them.
  17. I think Tatar has looked better since he was scratched. That's a small sample size, though. The evaporation of Danault and Tatar, and to a lesser degree Gallagher, is happening at the same time new players have stepped up (Suzuki and even KK) or been brought in (Anderson, Toffoli). This may not be a coincidence. Those older guys are still getting major minutes, so that can't be the problem per se. Has something in their usage changed? Or - and this had better not be the case - are their noses out of joint because suddenly they're no longer "the" guys up front? Or is at as simple as
  18. I doubt Danault is "in decline" at age 27. His issues are almost certainly contract-related. But you make an excellent point about Weber and Price. The clock has been ticking on them for a while, and it is certainly realistic to think that they are now definitively declining. I have been furrowing my brow at Weber all season, really; even during the hot start, when he was getting points, I was struck that he wasn't getting his bomb off like before, and he looks clunky in his own end. Also of note, Tatar has sucked and even Gally has been so-so. The team’s veteran core i
  19. Whatever hurts the Rangers is good for the Habs (assuming that we return to something like the old Conference alignments post-Covid) so I'm not going to cry over their problems. That said, the Panarin thing is alarming, on a human level. A guy who allegedly beats up women is human garbage; but a guy who takes a stand against that thug Putin is admirable; so he makes a complicated case for sure.
  20. OT was a disaster. That clown Tony Marinaro was breaking down the GWG on the radio this morning, and he made the point that none of our guys knew who their man was on that goal. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that that atrocious OT has coloured fans' response to that game, a game which, to my eye, the Habs were the better team overall. The Canucks are desperate for cap space and would certainly be eager to discharge that comically dumb contract. We might even be able to get a pick thrown in. But I'm not sure it's a good idea to have that $3 mil on the cap
  21. Yeah, when you have one good face off man, it is impossible to use him in every situation where we need a FO win.
  22. While I’m not a Julien hater by any means, I don’t think this is the first time he’s thrown slowfoots out there in OT. I can’t document this, and may be talking through my hat, but it seems a fairly regular occurrence that I find myself asking “why is so-and-so out there in OT?” during his tenure. And in general, I find myself growing a bit frustrated by the way our D are used. The coach seems to identify certain guys as “reliable defencemen” and then use them in any situation, irrespective of whether they seem to be too slow for that situation. E.g., -he keeps shuttli
  23. Agree on KK. I don’t know the minutes totals from this game, but at this point I would like to see KK used as our #2C and Danault framed as a primarily defensive 3rd line C. KK is rounding into form, Danault is providing all the offence of a Brian Skrudland.
  24. Well, geez. I honestly thought we were the better team for most of the night. Sens did a good job of collapsing in front of their net and blocking out the slot, and our PP stunk. That, plus some poor execution in OT, made the difference. They have too many offensive passengers up front - Danault and Gallagher need to produce, man - and maybe most critically, the blueline is simply not providing much supplemental offensive push. It is time to get Kulak back in the lineup for sure. AND KEEP HIM THERE. I don’t like Mete’s game down low, but I still say I would leave him and Kulak in a
  25. Given Danault’s mysterious evaporation, and Suzuki’s rather less mysterious quietude of late, we really need KK to step up. Good that he’s showing signs of doing so - keep it up KK!
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