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  1. I have a lot of trouble seeing the Oil as a structurally strong team. You know me, I always look to the back end, and theirs is simply not great. This is a short season and as others have observed, it can spin away from you very quickly. This game is disproportionately important for a second game of a regular season...a loss means furrowed brows, deepening concern, and the spectre of a disastrous Western swing putting them behind the 8-ball early. A win puts things on a even keel.
  2. Good post. You have to put yourself in the other team’s shoes. If the Habs had Dubois, the fabled young and skilled #1C with size, and he wanted out, would we *possibly* accept Danault/Drouin in return? No. In fact, we would string Bergevin up from yardarm if he did that - selling out the franchise cornerstone for a two-way 50-point C due for a big raise, and an erratic 55-point winger who has not once in five seasons shown himself to be a player to count on. Frankly, I am surprised by the KK rumours. If I were CBJ, I would insist on Suzuki, period. I like KK, I am cautiously optim
  3. See, folks in this thread have argued that both Suze and KK will be better than PLD. One, I can see, but both? I doubt it. Sounds like “two in the bush” logic regarding young players to me. In fact, if KK evolves into a 60-point pivot we will probably call that “potential amply fulfilled.” The Gazette was mooting KK + Drouin. They note that Drouin and Domi are pals, apparently. I don’t like the hole that leaves at LW, but yeah, I pull that trigger and don’t look back.
  4. Loving the belief in Suzuki on this thread. I have no idea whether his ceiling is higher than PLD's, myself. The KK/Mete/+ idea is one I would jump on for sure. It's just that I'll be surprised if CBJ settles for that.
  5. Sure, just like we did with Lecavalier. 🤔 If you want the kid, it’s now or never. Well, what *is* an overpay? Suzuki, to me, is the minimum that CBJ should ask for in return. There would probably need to be additional assets involved. Suze + a 1st? What is the “plus?” And at what point does it become an overpay?
  6. True, true... I’m not saying don’t do it. Maybe my reluctance is really just my being emotionally invested in Suzuki. Rationally, you probably do have to flip Suze+ in return for a big, young, legit #1C who just happens to be francophone.
  7. I hate to say it, but the Suzuki rumour makes sense. If I’m CBJ I insist on him as the return: a likely #1C in return for an already-established #1C. No way would I take KK, who is not self-evident #1C material. And yet something about PLD makes me a bit nervous. I know, I know, he was a PPG player in the playoffs. I know, he had a 27-goal, 61-point season as a 20-year-old (!!). I know, he’s francophone and has great size. He literally *is* the big, talented C the franchise has been looking for since about 1995. And yet also regressed last season and has only cracked 50 points once
  8. The stupid fake crowd noise reminds me of the atrocious old video game “Blades of Steel.” They should have gone in the opposite direction: mic the players and coaches, and use the bizarre empty arenas as an opportunity to take us as close to being “inside the game” as possible. Oh, well, at least they knocked it out of the park with the Canadian Division (or “Dollar Bill’s Discount Money Lenders North Division” or whatever the hell they want to call it).
  9. Yep, I think denouncing Anderson’s penalty as “dumb” is a bit over the top. Penalties are gonna happen; a call should not mean instant denunciation just because a guy plays a power game. Anderson had two goals and was a force all night. It seems silly to focus on two PIM. Indeed, Suzuki’s penalty was much costlier (and dumber), and Weber was the guy who shot the puck into the bench to make a 5-on-3. As for Anderson, his highest PIM total was 89 some years ago, and he had 60 in his 27-goal season. He does not have a track record of huge PIM numbers. There seems to be no particular r
  10. TO took over toward the end of the game. Didn't like that. Really bad luck on the tying goal - which sucks, and explains more than anything else why we lost. In a close game, breaks matter. Romanov looked GREAT. As others, that mid-seam pass was pure Markov, or Subban. It's a long time since we've seen that. I have a thing for smart, skating defencemen, so I expect to be a fan of his by the end of the season. That said, I worry that the coaches will make too much of "risky plays" and whittle away his confidence. I expect his game to drop off perhaps around the 15-20-game mark.
  11. Sportsnet appears to have finally figured out how to do a first period intermission. Good chemistry, good insights, good stuff.
  12. No question which was the better team that period. I think I'm gonna like Romanov... Anderson and Suze - two guys that we need to do well if we're gonna have success. Great start!!
  13. The main thing is to take the crowd out of it early! Oh, wait...🙄
  14. Assuming KK delivers, I really like the way this team is constructed for the purposes of a playoff run. The trick will be to get into the playoffs. I’m confident they can do it, but it will be a tough battle, all right, and some good Canadian teams are going to be left on the outside looking in.
  15. That’s a good point. Everyone likes chippiness until their guys start getting penalized for it. As I suggested earlier, the true value of Perry - if he has any - will show itself in the playoffs, when the idiot refs shove the whistles up their buttholes, and where washed-up vets will often find an extra gear, knowing that they only have to play at that level for a limited period of time. (A similar principle holds for many veterans - look at Shea Weber, who played with a level of intensity in his own zone during in the play-in which we haven’t really seen him bring on a day-in day-out basis s
  16. What's appealing about Perry is his rep as being a really unpleasant SOB to play against. That seems to fit the modus operandi that Bergevin has gone with...a critical mass of guys who just drive the opposition bananas. Of course, in order to be an effective agitator/grinder, he still has to be able to play a certain number of minutes on a semi-regular basis. But his value, such as it is, will probably be most obvious during the playoffs, which is when guys on their last legs often find another gear.
  17. I tend to agree with you - provided they use Toffoli on the left side. Otherwise, we will need Byron to be on form when “something happens” to Drouin (either a major injury or a huge slump or a fight with the coach or some other problem) as it probably will. Because Drouin. But yeah, if Toffoli flourishes at LW then it is pretty hard to see Byron anywhere other than Line 4.
  18. No doubt, but Theodore was basically the *only* NHLer to be drafted anywhere near McCarron. It would be easier to criticize them for picking McCarron if there had been a meaningful number of quality picks in his general vicinity. Expecting them to just know that Theodore was the BPA is the kind of precision that can’t really be demanded of teams when drafting.
  19. Yep. The worst way to look at a draft is to say, “we could have had X and instead we picked Y!” (Well, except in rare cases). It’s the overall pattern you have to look at.
  20. But also underrated by the coaches, it seemed, who downgraded him considerably for most of last season before rediscovering his merits in the “play-in.” I like Kulak. I like skating, rushing defencemen and I thought he was awesome in the post-season last year. But the coaches clearly have been unconvinced. If your numbers are so strong, what explains this - ?
  21. I'm fine losing Juulsen, but he does, unfortunately, enter the list of a long line of 1st-round bomb-outs for the Habs. Sigh. In terms of salvaging the run from 2009-2016, a lot depends on Anderson panning out. As for Kulak, he can certainly play quality minutes, but I guess inconsistency is his bugbear. Calgary viewed him as a marginal player and our coaches appear to have flip-flopped on him quite radically from his first to his second year with us. This seems like an important season for him: does he consolidate himself as a legit #4-5, or is he definitely a bubble p
  22. The Hainsey-Beauchemin dumps were very costly errors which ramified for the franchise for years to come. Really unfortunate under-the-radar moves by Bob. As for these waivers today, Juulsen is too bad - less because it’s a mistake to waive him than because he has been a bust - but the rest are no-brainers. Weal is sort of an interesting player, a guy who, when you first see him, seems to be fast and effective. But then you gradually realize that this guy simply cannot complete a play. It’s an odd combination.
  23. Ugly Roy plus ugly jersey plus ugly outcome for the franchise for decades to come = the ultimate concatenation of Habs-related ugliness. But hey, Price’s new mask is still damned ugly! 😀
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