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  1. 🤣 I meant to refer to mugs rather than personalities... John Ferguson might be up there, along with Messers Turner and perhaps Lyle Odelin, LOL. Roy was no matinee model either
  2. This is a case where I’m gonna go old-school and stick with the eye test. Mete is a bottom-pairing guy and his upside is limited IMHO. He’s analogous to Josh Gorges in the specific sense of being a serviceable bottom-pairing guy who tends to see his minutes inflated due to talent limitations on the Habs’ blue line. Now that Romanov (and Edmunson) are in the picture, it will be interesting to see how, or whether, he hangs on.
  3. I've often said as much. Today's coaches would, as a rule, keep Gretzky way down the depth chart. That is an indictment of them, not Gretzky, who was a transcendent genius of a player despite being slow, small, and "incomplete." Coaches would rather have a 50-point guy who plays "the right way" that a 212-point guy who doesn't.
  4. A pity the mask is unspeakably ugly, possibly the most hideous thing ever associated with the Montreal Canadiens, apart from Turner Stevenson
  5. "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble." - Matthew 6:34. We have the strongest team we've had on paper since 2014. None of our core pieces are over the hill, as far as we know. Given this, wringing our hands about possible cap trouble in 2-3 years seems quixotic. Yes, Weber can't have too many years left playing at this level (which is a notch below his prime years but still quite strong), and although Petry has aged like fine wine, he too can't have much more left. Price probably has 3-4 years
  6. If Price were left exposed, I'm pretty sure Seattle would take him. Expansion teams generally don't get the chance to add a big-name all-star with difference-making capability to their roster. And for good reason - teams generally aren't self-destructive enough to leave such players unprotected.
  7. My guess is that KK + Drouin would be taken very seriously by CBJ. The question is whether that's too rich a deal for our blood. It may well be. It's a pity that Danault is (as Commandant reminded me) on an expiring deal, because Danault/Drouin would entail less risk; less risk for both teams, in a weird way.
  8. While some teams do draft and develop better than others, there's a lot of truth in what you say. It may be true that the Habs have been disproprotionately disappointing on this front - that would be a question for investigation; if memory serves, under Timmins, we generally do a great job of generating NHLers and a substandard job of generating elite NHLers. But my real frustration regarding this is with fans who go all cowabunga for sexy prospects and young players (Savage, Bulis, Zubrus, Latendresse, Perezhogin, Kostitsyn, Galchenyuk, Eller, etc. - now KK, Poehling, and Caulfield) acting as
  9. We have a long list of hyped young players who disappointed in the end, not just Eller. That's why I always take a "show me" attitude before assuming that guys who have never yet done anything are suddenly going to do something.
  10. Fair enough...I haven’t been projecting a capopalypse, though, so not sure why you quote me in that post!
  11. I think we should ease up on the “throbbing” excitement created by a training camp. If, after 20-30 games, they guys we’re currently excited about continue to deliver, then we should really start to believe. Until then, I’ll just say, things look good - but nothing has been accomplished at all, yet.
  12. I have zero faith in Drouin, so the L side is still a bit of a problem unless Toffoli gets put there and thrives, as I hope will be the case. Anderson is a swing for the fences. Could be a huge, brilliant addition. Could be a 7-year cap millstone. If it doesn’t work, it will probably be the end of MB, but I do respect that he identified the guy he wanted, made the move, and went all-in. Allen, great addition after about six years of hapless floundering at the backup G position. Edmunson may or may not work out, but I don’t see it as crippling to the team i
  13. 93 goals, 123 A for KK for the all-time league record in single-season scoring
  14. Well, just for the sake of argument, what would "get 'er done?" Whenever I see "player X PLUS" I wonder about that plus. Danault + Drouin, perhaps?
  15. I'd like to read a contemporary pro scouting report on PLD. Is he a legit top-3 C? Top-6 C? Yes, he has a 61-point season as a young player, but he regressed last season. The thing is, it's not every day a French Canadian top-liner comes on the market...and even though the Habs suddenly have some depth at C, I'm not sure I'd look askance at a 60+-point C with size. If PLD is what his rep has made him out to be, the Canadiens would be stupid not to look very seriously at acquiring him.
  16. Canada has been so ridiculously dominant that I've found it hard to get excited about this tournament. This extends to the gold medal game, which is probably a foregone conclusion. This must have been how it felt watching the Habs in 1977.
  17. Good post - I was going to say the same thing. Domi is not a quality #1C on a strong team. I see him more as an 'expansion team' type, who can get minutes and put up points on a team that is in no position to be fussy about things such as faceoff % and defensive-zone play. Since PLD is generally regarded as having bona-fide #1C potential, this is an odd concern for him to be expressing. Then again Columbus seems to have a bit of a history of bleeding players, so maybe he is just the latest to want out...
  18. Hey, we’ll see. There’s a reason I’m generally cautious about prospects. So many fans pencil them in to jump into the lineup and be instant stars, but I’ve seen quite a few heavily-hyped prospects come to nothing, or next to nothing, in my time. Caulfield wouldn’t be the first.
  19. I think it depends on KK’s progression. If Kotkaniemi plays like he did in the playoffs for the entire season, then Danault will have to accept a reduced role, one where he is used as a pure checking C. And since he doesn’t want that, quite reasonably arguing that he is a top-6 C, the best play would indeed be to move him out, since he will not want to be part of the Habs going forward. Of course, we’re not likely to trade him during a playoff push, so that would mean that he walks as a UFA. The timing is tricky. What if KK shows flashes of Koptiar-like dominance, but also goes thr
  20. Could be, but Domi’s play dropped off considerably and he didn’t handle things with much grace. Danault, meanwhile, remains Mr. Consistency. Now if he keeps popping off in the media about how he is entitled to a top-6 role regardless of whether KK emerges as the second coming of Kopitar, that would flip the script, because then he would be irritating MB’s ego rather than stroking it. Anyhow: time will tell, but I say the Habs lock him up to a long-term deal which they will probably come to regret on the back end.
  21. That was the year they broke Richer’s hand, if memory serves. He was basically carrying the Habs single-handedly, so naturally they took him out with a vicious slash. Ludwig...I remember him most of all for brutal elbows. Man, the stuff that went on back then would never be tolerated today. Those were great teams - the 1989 club made the Finals, of course - but it took Savard’s brilliant GMing to acquire two top-6 FW in Muller and Damphousse in order to turn them from “very strong” teams to a Cup winner.
  22. Holy cow, those are some great stories. I have a lot of fondness for those late-80s/early-90s teams, so it’s cool that you got to interact with them. Did any player make a particular impression on you from that group -? Amazing that you’re with us when all the odds would have pegged you as a fan of the hated Bruins. Good choice! Welcome aboard
  23. My guess is that MB will be determined not to lose Danault, owing to two factors: one, Danault is the kind of player coaches and managers love (maybe a little too much; I dislike the nearly universal preference for reliability and defensive soundness over skill and panache, but it’s a fact of modern NHL life, a league where Wayne Gretzky probably have been consigned to the minors until he “learned to play the right way”). Second, MB made a trade to get him and it probably strokes his massive ego to contemplate what a canny trade that was, so he will be reluctant to part with this ongoing testa
  24. Beats me, but Lehkonen isn’t half the player Danault is, so he will not be a replacement for Danault even if he can play C.
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