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  1. All teams have a list of "ones that got away" when it comes to drafting. That said, the late 1990s were an especially abysmal time for the Habs' scouting department. What do you expect when that utter clown Reggie Houle is running the show.
  2. My thoughts exactly. Unless the Peg is in the hands of idiots, we're not getting Laine for castoffs. The return is going to hurt - as it should, when you're getting back a 22-yearold with four 30+-goal seasons under his belt.
  3. Pretty much sums up my feelings on every point. I find it hard to be bitter about McDonagh at this point, though, since he probably would have moved on from the Habs by now anyway.
  4. Drouin will almost certainly have a longer career than DD. He is much more talented than DD ever was. It is amusing to note, in this context, that as you say above, DD had a higher PPG average. That kind of proves my point - he was a guy who maxed out the limited talent he had, made the most of his opportunity, and surpassed all reasonable expectations. Like Byron in that respect. The other has done the exact opposite, playing chronically below the bar set by his own talent - to the point where people are now suggesting he needs to have his hand held by a 22-year-old sophomore C. We all hope Drouin figures it out, even though he's already have 350 games in which to do so. But my guess is that both will be minor footnotes in Habs history, the one a top-6 C for a few years when we didn't have any, the other being one in a long list of indifferent #6 FWs, like Bourque or Martin Ruscinsky.
  5. Yeah, I don't know where some of these beat writers come from. OK, yes, they go in the room and get quotes (which are very seldom of any value). Great. Beyond that, their work is mostly just a tissue of banalities with little insight, even though these guys have nothing to do all day except watch, think, and write about hockey. Then they eventually get canonized as a "legend" if they hang around long enough. Meanwhile, an internet poster like Commandant will provide more insight off the side of his desk than a Pat Hickey, even though Hickey is the one getting paid. Anyway - the trade offer in question is basically a clutch bottom-half material (a C who has been bumped to the 4th line, a #4-5 defenceman, an average-quality prospect) plus a first, for an elite young goal scorer. If the Jets are moronic enough to take that back, then of course the Habs should grab Laine and run. What is ridiculous is for Hickey to get paid money to propose such nonsense.
  6. Two thoughts on this... One is that it's sad that we are hoping a sophomore C can somehow "carry" or elevate a guy with 350 NHL games under his belt. If anything, it should be the other way around - Drouin helping to mentor Suzuki along. πŸ™„ But with wankers like Drouin, it's always someone else's problem. The other is that, while the MaxPac-DD analogy makes a degree of sense if we're looking for a past case where one player carries another, the analogy is quite grossly unfair to David Desharnais. The undrafted DD was a guy who surpassed all expectations and defied all odds to carve out a modestly successful NHL career for himself; he became more than the sum of his modest parts. Drouin is the exact opposite, a Ferrari with a Corolla engine. Richer is a pretty solid analogue for Drouin. Apart from his two elite seasons, Richer was a soft, unreliable #6 FW who made a career of being much, much less than the sum of his formidable talents. Of course we now know he had mental health issues; God knows whether Drouin has that excuse. And BTW, however different the context was in the 1980s, the Richer of 1989-90 was a dominating force who could control games single-handedly. He had that potential, but simply could not overcome the mental red tape so as to do that reliably ever again. Trading his soft erraticism for the high-impact Muller was a masterstroke which contributed directly to the 1993 Cup.
  7. Agreed. MaxPac was consistency itself from his 2nd season onward. He also had a ton of commitment and work ethic. Drouin is like Richer II, minus the two 50-goal seasons.
  8. I have no doubt MB sincerely told him that he intends to sign those guys. I also have no doubt that MB will trade them if it becomes convenient.
  9. True, and even if we overpay on the back end a bit, we are saving on the front end, because Petry is more than a 6.25 mil defenceman in my opinion. He is an absolute stud #2 defender.
  10. I love Petry. He was always a decent rushing D-man, but he has aged like fine wine, turning into an elite d-man in his 30s. I'm a bit nervous about the age factor. Not in a tizzy about it, but a bit concerned. I said all along that MB would not get imaginative with the aging D - rather, he will continue with the status quo - and this is right in line with that.
  11. What is really troubling about Mad Max is that this is the second NHL organization for which he's started strong, then faded in year two, then been put on the block. That's not a good sign.
  12. He's played 13 games and has 3 points. Maybe that's a home run for the 7th round, but in real terms it hardly qualifies as a bloop single at this point
  13. Wow. I can understand a GM not really comprehending the technicalities, but *someone* has to be involved in the decision-making who does. Not a good look.
  14. Liked the brief sample of work we saw in the playoffs. It will take a whole lot more before we can pencil him as an NHLer, of course.
  15. One thing I refuse to do is criticize (or praise) a GM because they supposedly wanted X but ended up with Y. E.g., there were credible-seeming reports that Gainey wanted to trade something insane, like Price + Pleks, for Lecavalier in 2010 and that it only fell through because TB's ownership vetoed it. Maybe Bob did and maybe he didn't, but you'll never hear me criticizing him for a mistake which he did not, in the end, make. Same here. Whether or not MB wanted Glass is immaterial. He got Suzuki. And thank goodness he did.
  16. I thought Habs29's point was pretty fair. It's been a prospect desert in Montreal since Gally came up. Nice to see Suze and, to a lesser degree, KK, changing that narrative.
  17. You probably are overthinking it. Vegas wanted Patches and got him. MB rightly insisted on Suzuki. It's a classic example of a good trade for both teams: VGK, a contending team and consequently all-in, got an elite scoring winger who has been a key driver for them, and the Habs, bottom feeding garb age in desperate need of top prospects, got an exciting young C. Other teams would have been in on Patches, so MB was well-positioned to get a return of that kind.
  18. I don't doubt that the taxes are a significant consideration. Look at that Duchene example - would you really leave $5 mil on the table? On the other hand, that may be an extreme example. I'm sure lots of other jurisdictions do have higher taxes than Tennessee. So $5 mil may be something of an outlier. And money is not everything. Even as a multi-millionaire, i wouldn't leave significant dough on the table to come to the kind of POS team Montreal has consistently been since 1997. Why would you? If, however, the Canadiens develop a reputation as a Cadillac franchise, a great place to be, with a realistic chance of winning, great internal supports, admirable management and coaching, strong linemates who will help you to succeed, etc. - that's when a few extra mil become less important. There will always be soulless turds like Lecavalier who don't want the limelight and don't want to be part of the extraordinary experience that being a Hab in Montreal can represent. F**k them. But if you're a guy like Koivu or Gallagher or Price or Subban, a guy who is open to embracing everything that that means, the money won't be determinant - provided the franchise is strong.
  19. Commandant wanted Hughes. Smart boy, that Commandant!
  20. Allow me to intervene in this argument between Habs29 and hockeyrealist as follows: Montreal was 19th overall in GAA for the 2019-20 season. That suggests a mediocre back end for sure. Montreal was also 1st overall in GAA for the 2019-20 playoffs. That suggests an elite back end for sure. http://www.espn.com/nhl/statistics/team/_/stat/scoring/sort/avgGoalsAgainst/seasontype/2/order/false What explains this wild contradiction? The most obvious independent variable is Carey Price. If Price shows up in Beast Mode, the Habs suddenly become elite defensively. (And unlike other guys such as Hart, we know from extensive experience that Price's excellence is never a "product" of the D in front of him. He is the difference-maker). That tends to support Habs29's view that our "elite team D" really boils down to one man being superhuman. There's another thought, though, which is that we have the kind of defencemen who can raise their games for limited stretches and become really hard to play against. Remember "The Trident?" No one was talking that way during the regular season. What happened was that old war-horses, in particular Weber and Chiarot, got some rest from the long stoppage and came back strong; their decidely average mobility is rewarded when the refs stop calling interference in the playoffs; and - maybe this is the real key - they are able to bring their physically punishing A-game night after night because they know it's only going to be a finite battle. They do better in a sprint than a marathon, in other words. The restoration of Kulak was also significant. Suddenly we had a decent second-tier rushing defenceman who could play meaningful minutes. It wasn't all Petry. If the above is correct, then what can we expect for 2020-21? The addition of Jake Allen - assuming that he is used properly - should increase the odds of a rested Price not crapping out. That alone should make a significant bump in our team defensive numbers, moving us, say, from 19th overall to perhaps low teens. The addition of Edmondsun may help to spell off Chiarot a bit. But I simply don't believe that Weber and Chiarot can play with that level of intensity over 82 games. Weber will be yet another year older to boot. So I'm not expecting the "Trident" or any equivalent to be a thing all season. Trident members will be what they were last regular season. Between a resurgent Kulak and Romanov, we should be able to meaningfully improve in the puck-moving, offence-from-the-back-end dimension. All things considered, then, I would not be surprised if the Habs turn in a better-than-league-average team D performance next season. We will be better than 19th overall; maybe we'll even flirt with the top-10. Calling the Habs' D "elite" (as hockeyrealist wants to do) seems a stretch, however: an unduly optimistic reading based on a ridiculously small sample-size of 10 play-in/off games.
  21. But that contract turned out to be very smart by the Isles. In other words, they were right to sign Streit, we were wrong to let him walk. As for Souray, I was baffled at the time that we kept him, given that the team at the time was garbage and had no chance of doing any damage even if it squeaked into the playoffs. He could have secured a king's ransom. God bless Bob, but he sure made a lot of mistakes. Letting Hainsey and Beauchemin go for nothing...giving up Ribeiro for free, when the franchise had zero C...letting Souray and Streit walk...losing Grabovski for a bottom-pairing D-man on a team desperate for C...the Gomez disaster, of course...it just was not an era marked by strong asset management.
  22. It’s ancient history, but those were very costly wasted assets. Either guy would have helped improve the blue line in their time. I guess Habs29’s point is that the Habs have a too-long-standing practice of squandering D-men. You could even add Streit to the list - allowed to walk as a UFA, he emerged as a very good puck moving d-man on the Island.
  23. Well, we know every team in the league is banging down MB's door to try and get Domi + Mete πŸ˜‰
  24. You know, Dumba was quite productive until he dropped off this season. I'm not sure I agree that he should be written off as a "defence only" guy. Rumours are flying hard in Van about a Boeser-Dumba move. One could argue that that makes sense for both sides. Count me among those who don't see MB getting especially creative with the D. I suspect we will stand pat and hope the Czar looks good.
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