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  1. Mea culpa, for some reason, when I wrote that, I was remembering it as a 3rd-round pick. That's what I get for writing messages at 6:30 in the morning 😬
  2. I was shocked Vegas was dispatched so easily. That’s not a slag on Dallas, but Vegas seemed like a battle-tested complete team with depth up and down the roster. Oh well. Tampa’s injuries will complicate its path. A Dallas-NYI series might be the most boring Final imaginable, except for Barzal.
  3. Agree. The Habs seem to be banking an awful lot on Eyeontheprize's analysis of how Edmundson plays under a zone D system.And maybe it'll work out, at least until Julien is fired. But in the context of this constrained marketplace, that seems a mighty generous contract for a guy who will likely not have teams banging down the door to pay him over $4 mil. Of course he hasn't signed yet. But i don't like the rumour much. When you think they traded a meaningful pick just to have an edge in signing him...they must really like this guy. I know MB signed Petry, and thank God. But if you look at the kind of d-man he seems to prioritize, it's Weber, Alzner, Chiarot, now Edmunson - even though Petry and Kulak were every bit as important to the little playoff run we had as were Chiarot and Weber. MB threw away Sergachev and Markov and couldn’t play hardball enough with Subban before shipping him out. I'm not crazy about this apparent preference for D-men who resemble the player Bergevin was over guys who can skate, move the puck, and create from the back end, especially on a team starved for offence.
  4. The main argument is that Edmundson players better under a zone system, which is what the Habs use. The inference is that he may be a legit second-pairing guy in that context. (This is the kind of analysis you never seem to get from mainstream media). And yes, he seems to be a built-for-the-playoffs guy, according to the advanced stats.
  5. Excellent analysis here: https://www.habseyesontheprize.com/analysis/2020/9/13/21434309/joel-edmundson-video-analysis-advanced-stats-canadiens-trade-blues-hurricanes-defensive-system
  6. I'm pretty sure that Winnipeg can do better than a problematic #2 C and a #5 d-man and 'some other stuff' for an elite talent like Laine. Smart GMs don't trade a core player for a middling team's spare parts. Like I joked in another thread, Domi + Mete is the new Ryder + a 2nd...
  7. Ok well if that’s true then it’s a great deal - provided we sign him.
  8. Don’t get this deal...I suppose if we sign him a 5th is reasonable for a potential bottom pairing guy, but it has a faint whiff of ‘we have so many picks we can throw them around at will.’
  9. No, no, of course, Lehkonen is a fine player. A prototypical 3rd line, checking FW. I meant that he is sewage offensively, which is correct. And if Danault is looking at wingers like that, he is probably going "holy cow...I'll be lucky to get 35 points next season"
  10. "I'd consider moving Danault - no one is untouchable, and his comments about not wanting to be just a checker strike me as a bit ominous, if we see Suzy and KK as imminent top-6 C. But his departure would represent a really significant step back at C for this team. I could only see him being dealt as one piece in a high-impact deal bringing back major player(s). More likely by far, he stays put." The implausibility of going from that to the conclusion that I "want to hitch the Habs to two unproven but promising rookies" is what led me to conclude it was a smart remark. But no harm done, it's all good
  11. At least read my post before making smartass remarks
  12. True. But as it stands right now, our W are pretty weak - and a C looking at being on the third line is probably contemplating linemates like Lehknonen, Weal, etc.. Ugh. So no matter how much the coach says, "hey, feel free to play offence," if you're playing with plumbers, you're gonna get sewage.
  13. I'd consider moving Danault - no one is untouchable, and his comments about not wanting to be just a checker strike me as a bit ominous, if we see Suzy and KK as imminent top-6 C. But his departure would represent a really significant step back at C for this team. I could only see him being dealt as one piece in a high-impact deal bringing back major player(s). More likely by far, he stays put.
  14. The problem is that they reportedly want impact, NHL-ready D. We have two guys who qualify, one who MB almost certainly will not trade, and the other locked up only for one more year. The rest of our D is middling-to-mediocre at best. There's no fit. On your wider point, yes, it may be a propitious year to either sign or peel away an impact player from another club in cap/revenue purgatory. We'll see...
  15. I tend to agree with your analysis of what would tempt Winnipeg, but MB is not trading Weber. Especially not for a guy who has been a bit of a "problem." The only time he doesn't care about "character" is when he's trading away a stud defensive prospect for a francophone #6 FW. I will be shocked if Weber does not "age out" in Montreal, much as Chara has done in Boston. 99.99% sure Laine ain't gonna be a Hab.
  16. Hall is a legit top-line W, but if you look at his career stats, he's been quite inconsistent. That 53-point season in NJ raises the harrowing spectre of signing him to a huge deal and getting back a guy who gives you 55-65 points. That'd be just our luck. I am a huge skeptic, meanwhile, of "rumours" about "character." All I give a sh*t about is if the guy produces, not whether he conforms to the NHL's preferred ideal (which really only solidified in the 1990s) of a character-less robot. See Phil Kessel, derided for years as a fat slob and a "problem," but in fact a consistently dangerous and electrifying player who now happens to have a Cup ring - unlike a lot of the talentess androids/workout demons the NHL loves to canonize. Doubts aside, if the Habs do land Hall, I will be on board and hoping he delivers his A-game, rather than moaning about his contract. If you sign a big-name UFA you're going to overpay. It's practically an immutable law of nature.
  17. One never knows...but I suspect to land a big fish like Laine you're going to need to give back some elite or near-elite assets. I could see Domi + Petry + pick being of some interest, but Petry's age and contract status would probably kibosh the deal.
  18. Right. Trading for a player who adds value to your roster, and who as a bonus happens to be pals with a desirable UFA. that's one thing. Trading for that player primarily because it's part of a scheme to lure that UFA, even though the move doesn't really make sense on its own terms? No thanks.
  19. I'll give Habs 29 this much: the idea of a short-term, high-salary deal for an elite UFA makes more sense now than it ever did before, from the player's perspective. Normally a UFA is looking to max out his lifetime earnings at the one moment of his career where he can write his own ticket. But right now the market is going to be significantly deflated due to Covid circumstances. Taking a short-term deal at a huge ticket would allow you to (hopefully) ride out Covid and re-enter the market when it's on the upswing. In the meantime, you rake it in. So this is a rare moment where that option could be attractive to players. Whether or not the Habs are considering it, or have the wherewithal to clear the cap room to make it work, I don't know. As for the idea of acquiring RNH in order to make Montreal more appealing to Hall, that seems very far-fetched to me. The RNH deal would have to make sense on its own terms, because I seriously doubt anyone is making a major life decision on the basis of having a buddy in a particular city. Unless Hall and RNH are lovers or something, that's a huge stretch.
  20. None of this addresses my question, though, of why he is considered so qualified. I suspect the real answer is that the NHL is an old-boy network of contacts and connections. I'm sure he has a huge (virtual) Rolodex of contacts which he has diligently nurtured over the decades: calling the powers the be on their birthdays, checking in, stroking egos, remembering their kids' names, just constantly keeping himself in the loop. Add to that the facile image of himself as some know-it-all expert, and the fact that he is little more than a blowhard broadcaster by trade becomes secondary to the clowns who run NHL franchises.
  21. I think the playoff drive flipped the script on the Habs a bit around the NHL. We're now suddenly perceived as a team which combines up and coming stud young C with the kinds of vets anyone would be happy to play with. Since (as I've long argued) NHL players operate by reputation rather than independent analysis, Hall might well be interested in that. That said, i'll concede that I have never been one of those who believes Montreal is axiomatically unattractive to top UFAs. I think the problem we've generally had is not Montreal per se, but that the team has had minimal positive buzz around it. We have a bit of that buzz now. If Hall is the kind of guy who wants to be where the action is, in a market that loves hockey, then maybe we can get him inked - especially now, with so many teams likely to be hyper-conservative due to flat cap and dead revenues. It's almost sure to be a contract that sucks on the back end, however. There's no getting around that: you sign an elite UFA, you are in for an overpay, especially in the twilight of the contract. That's just the way it is.
  22. It's interesting...what qualifies McGuire to be a GM? That he watches a ton of hockey and pontificates about it? Thinking about the GM gig, one of the most important attributes isn't actually hockey knowledge but rather an ability to manage people. Consider Goat - a good hockey mind, deeply knowledgeable, but terrible at managing human beings. By contrast, guys like Serge Savard or Bob Gainey ticked both boxes. Bergevin also had a c.v. that suggested both qualities. There isn't much in McGuire's resume that I know of which suggests that he can organize, manage, and lead a team. He was a complete disaster as a head coach and undistinguished as assistant coach. And that was only for five or six years. The rest of his experience has been hollering into a microphone. Indeed, from what I see, McGuire has a massive ego. Add that to minimal managerial/leadership experience, and I don't see it as a formula for success. Now, he wouldn't be the first guy to come into a gig with questionable qualifications and nevertheless do well at it. He might learn and succeed. I'm just saying that, based on his profile, I don't understand why he keeps getting cited as a GMing candidate.
  23. I dunno...I heard MaxPac derided as "Max Patio-ready" for years in Montreal...look at him now. Gally had 1 goal and 4 points in 9 playoff games. One could argue that he too "disappeared" in the playoffs. We know that that was because he was hurt. But who knows what Johnny Hockey's story has been when he's struggled? I don't have the answers, but I do think that when a guy with Gaudreau's pedigree becomes available, a talent-starved FW unit like Montreal's has to give it serious consideration. Ditto Laine, of course (although as Habs29 notes, it's hard to see a deal there). As for return, in terms of Gallagher specifically, we also have to ask how much faith we have that his body can continue cashing the cheques he's been writing with it.
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