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  1. I think my point was that, assuming no injuries, we have little depth on the left side - unless you slot Toffoli in at LW to begin with. Otherwise put, I’d rather have Armia as #3 RW (where he is excellent) and Toffoli on LW than waste Armia on the 4th line and hope like hell that our left side can hold itself together with duct tape. Of course, this assumes that Toffoli can bring his A-game on the left side, which ostensibly he can, although most of his experience seems to be at RW.
  2. Well, exactly. That comment about Gallagher being on a “Marchand trajectory” UNTIL THE LAST COUPLE OF SEASONS (lol!) exposes the entire fallacy of confusing hypothetical projection with reality. Gallagher has not become Marchand because, frankly, he is not as good offensively as Marchand and never will be. The end. You’re elite when you produce like an elite player. Not before.
  3. Normally I don’t give line configurations much thought. They are highly fluid and change several times per game anyway. Still, I was looking at our depth chart this morning, and we must have what is absolutely the most hard-to-play-against right side, all the way down the line from #1 RW to #6 D, in all of hockey. Ah, but the left side. There’s the rub. The LD will hopefully be less of a joke this season, between Edmunson and Romanov: we have to hope that the former is a very canny insider-knowledge type pickup (acquired on the premise that the Habs’ system fits him bet
  4. I believe DON was offering an assessment of how the Habs’ roster stacks up in light of the Perry signing. His comment that we lack elite offensive talent is accurate and could well prove to limit any Cup pretensions we may have. Most of the other Canadian division teams have at least one elite offensive FW; we don’t. So it’s fair comment. I agree that we are unlikely to fill that hole any time soon. Maybe Caulfield can grow into the role, but by that time many things will probably be different. It’s OK. I like the depth on our roster, especially on the right side, and b
  5. All DON said was that the team lacks elite offensive talent. He is completely correct.
  6. Gally is a tremendous hockey player, but any time you get into that sort of fine-grained distinction - he’s 14th in even strength scoring, ergo he is up there with Panarin - it’s special pleading. The reason nobody thinks of Gallagher as one of the league’s absolute elite offensive forwards is that he’s not one of the league’s absolute offensive forwards. I’ll grant you that his impact on games might, in toto, be the equal of what most of the league’s offensive stars bring. But in terms of pure offence, he is not in the same league as those other guys. Perry is unlike to help on th
  7. It is wildly premature to slot Suzuki in as a PPG or elite offensive player. He may become that - maybe this year, maybe some future year. But no sensible analyst would say, “yes, the Habs have an elite offensive talent akin to Marner or Dreiseitl because they have Suzuki.” 🙄 Wish-fulfillment is not analysis. Right now he is a 13-goal, 41-point guy with lots of upside; he’ll be a PPG player when he is one, not before. That said, there is no doubt in my mind that the kid is a legit top-6 C and seems a safe bet to get 60+ points. He should be a key part of scoring by committee this y
  8. Yeah, that’s why I think the parallel with those ‘80s teams is apposite. Those teams lacked elite offensive talent as well. The Perry signing is about depth. What’s appealing about it is how it fits the profile of the team we’ve constructed, which is full of big bodies (along with Gally, LOL) who are unpleasant to play against.
  9. Like I said in another thread, the 2021 Habs are shaping up much like those boot-sandwich Habs teams of the 1980s. Big, strong, ill-tempered, a nightmare to play against, with lots of depth, and backed by a stellar goalie. While I prefer up-tempo high-skill hockey, this kind of bruising and relentless game can go a mighty long way toward success. Sure, there are question marks, of which KK is the biggest; but basically I’m a believer in this roster. The Habs are going to surprise a lot of people this year.
  10. Toffoli is light years better than Old Man Kovalchuk. Trust me on this. Cam Neely: Vancouver fans still go on about the One That Got Away. In fact Neely has become like a strand in the DNA of the fan base. Every time they have a forward with size, they are terrified of losing him in case he “becomes the new Cam Neely.” They’ve said this about Jake Vrtanen FFS. Neely was an absolute scoring machine and a daunting physical presence. He and Andy Moog were primarily responsible for shattering the Habs’ 40-year playoff winning streak against the Bruins; and if the Habs had
  11. Interesting. This will be very difficult information for Vancouver to process, as the organization and its fans have profoundly internalized the notion that they are chronically disadvantaged by travel and schedule. The Habs' positioning shows just how crucial the Allen acquisition was.
  12. I’m sure we could give Bryon away. I just doubt we’d be getting meaningful assets back.
  13. A baffling move for sure. Not a bad one, inasmuch as he’s cheap and cost nothing to acquire. But at 32 he gives every indication of being a once-useful player whose game has gone off a cliff. I guess MB wants “veteran depth” and this is the best he could muster.
  14. Personally, I think the whole “locker room cancer” argument is overblown. I’m not saying it never happens, but I suspect that fans and media suggest that it happens more often than it does. Like “character,” it tends to be a somewhat lazy argument which distracts us from what is really important, i.e., actual results and play on the ice. As for Patches, that trade was a win for both teams. VGK, in “win now” mode, got one of the league’s top goal-scorers and the “intangible” benefit of Pacioretty’s years in the pressure-cooker in Montreal. Montreal, in “retool” mode, got a core piec
  15. Would Athabasiou be an upgrade on Weal? Just asking, because I have no idea. I’ve heard a few commentators now say that MB is “not done.” So another signing would not surprise me at all.
  16. Yeah, but when making prognostications it’s hard to give weight to “intangibles.” I’d probably go TO, Calgary, then Montreal in predicting the divisional ranking. EDM’s goaltending is a dog’s breakfast, WIN also seems a bit spotty, VAN has great young stars but lost some significant pieces, and OTT is OTT.
  17. Looking at it dispassionately, I think the Leafs are the most talented team in the division and therefore a rational choice to pick to finish #1. Those who are dismissing the Habs are doing so on the basis that the Habs generally suck, rather than on a reasoned assessment of their actual roster, which is one of the stronger rosters on the list.
  18. I’m hearing a lot of doubt about the Canadian division owing to variable provincial health restrictions. If it fails, I will be really disappointed.
  19. On the other hand, his charisma levels are definitely turnip-like 😉
  20. Interesting that VGK are shopping Patches. He’s basically their best scorer...seems a slightly odd choice. In any case, I doubt they get many takers; the current climate is so weird and so revenue-free that teams are liable to be hyper risk-averse.
  21. Agree on the last part. "NHL regular with big upside" - sure, but that doesn't mean he'll be more than a #5 (say) this particular season, by and large. When TB acquired Sergachev in that bad joke of a trade, nobody was going "well, this fundamentally changes the profile of that team," even though they had just acquired a rookie D who was "an NHL regular with a big upside." The point is that - apart from outliers like McDavid - you don't point to the impact of untested rookies when making projections for a team's performance in an upcoming season. That's why the prognosticators are
  22. While I often find the "expert opinions" to be quite blithe, in this case commentators are smart not to allow the hype around Romanov to influence their assessments of the Habs. I get that he is well-regarded, but very few rookie D can step in and make a real impact. Only rarely does a Subban or Quinn Hughes show up. If Romanov is one of those, why, that's a huge bonus. But the smart, conservative money is on his having ups and downs and not really being a difference-maker, at least not this year.
  23. I agree that the Habs are, on paper, a "serious team" as you put it. Yes, KK is a question mark, but most teams have a key question mark or two. I think the reason so many prognosticators are being cautious in highlighting the Habs as a real threat is simply that the team has been mediocre so chronically for so long that it's hard to flip that mental switch without any tangible proof.
  24. Me too. And it seems like that would be an absolutely terrible business decision - potentially causing the league to lose ground in the North American marketplace. Plus, I think the "Canadian division" would be a lot of fun, and it would be a shame not to experience it at least once.
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