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  1. I don't think much of McGuire, but who knows, maybe he'll grow into the role.
  2. I remember liking Drouin's contract at the time. The logic was, lock the kid up at a reasonable rate before he hits his full stride. That's good practice in a cap system. Unfortunately he had already hit "full stride" - i.e., a soft, inconsistent, one-dimensional #6 FW. Oops. Domi is certainly not a $5 mil player on a strong club, especially with the cap flat and revenues looking terrible. I will be surprised if he is not traded this summer. He needs to go to a weak team, because, I believe, that's the player he is: a guy who can be a top-6 C on a team that has sufficient holes that they don't mind that he can't win draws, is sketchy in his own end, and - perhaps - may not be particularly coach-able. On the latter point, it's telling to me that he started strong with two organizations and then progressively lost standing with them. It's a bit like the Habs with Desharnais...we were so weak at that position that we kinda just shrugged and accepted DD's weaknesses because he could at least produce respectable #2C offence. The Buffalo rumours seem to make sense; they fit the profile of a team that just needs a C who can add some production, and forget about all that other stuff. Cowan is banging the drum for Hall, who Dreger sees as quite happy to sign in a Canadian market and willing to embrace all the razzle-dazzle that entails. Habsworld, what say you? Do we want MB to go hard for Hall? Discuss.
  3. I was only half-serious. But it *is* interesting to imagine some such configuration - giving the Canucks a bunch of middling guys in exchange for Boeser. He is, however, the weakest of the Canucks' big four (Petterson, Hughes, Horvat, Boeser), for just the reasons you state; which is why, of the four, he's the one who could conceivably be moved. The others are untouchable and rightly so. Hart is certainly a fine young goalie, but I am convinced his rep has been inflated by playing behind Vigneault's superb team defence. Carey Price, by contrast, has basically been thrown to the wolves his entire career in Montreal and has dominated regardless. Hart is not the next Price. Far from it, IMHO. On another note: I am surprised to see Dallas reaching the Semi-Finals. But I think Vegas is just too strong...I would not be shocked, not at all, if they win the whole thing. They seem to have no weaknesses, unless it be in net. How do we feel about the thought of MaxPac hoisting Lord Stanley's Mug?
  4. The fundamental problem with the Benning rebuild is that, while they've hit absolute home runs in drafting spectacular all-star talent, they have weirdly failed to develop secondary young talent. You either get Petterson, Hughes, and Boeser, or garbage - there's no middle. It's odd. That's partly why they have so many bad contracts.They shouldn't need to be carrying Sutter, Beagle, Ericksson, Myers, etc.; ideally most of those types of mid- to bottom-range guys would be brought up through the system. Instead they have to pay big just to fill those roster spots with NHLers. It's the opposite of the Habs' traditional dilemma under Timmins (all middling talent , no elite). And thinking about the way forward, I'm hard pressed to see how the Canucks can add that missing middle. If I were Benning, I'd probably be trying to bring in another young-ish D-mam, but that's not easily done. This may be as good as they get for the next while. It will be very interesting to see what they do in goal. Markstrom was originally supposed to be a placeholder until Demko was ready. But then he emerged as a late-blossoming elite starter, and Demko had ups and downs in relief. Now that Demko has shown he can dominate games under extreme conditions, do they still plough ahead and lock-up a 30-year-old Markstrom to a fat long-term deal? I predict "yes" because Benning is a plodding linear thinker. But the best chance they have of becoming contenders may be to bet the farm on Demko and invest that cap money elsewhere.
  5. Are the Habs even particularly small, taken as a whole - ? This isn't 2010. Gaudreau has 445 pts in in 464 NHL games. That level of production far outstrips any Hab. Who cares how small he is?
  6. Goaltending counts, my friend. And the Canucks are blessed with a surfeit of it...Markstrom is strong and Demko is a highly-touted young G. I mean, I agree with you that Vegas is a stronger club overall and that goaltending covers some deficiencies on the Canuckleheads. But it's wrong to discount strength at any given position. It's no less valid for the Canucks to win with strong goaltending than it is for Washington to win with Ovechkin or the Pens to win with superstars down the middle. Nobody goes, "well, if it weren't for Crosby and Malkin, the Pens would not have won those Cups..."
  7. My feeling is that if MB did not lose his job after the debacles of 2016-18, he will not lose it now. Next year will see the addition of Romanov and, hopefully, the further progression of KK and Suzy. If we miss the playoffs, the team will point to the 2020 playoff "run," to injuries, and to this young talent pool as proof that they're "on the right track," but that it's "tough" to make the playoffs annually in today's NHL. And a goodly portion of fans will swallow that. "Wait until Caulfield gets here..." That line will be enough for a critical mass of the fanbase which has, after all, long ceased to expect excellence from the Habs. And as long as the money keeps rolling in and he's not getting egged in the street, Molson appears to be happy.
  8. I'm not expecting MB to bother with big-ticket UFAs, based on his comment about worrying about cap space two years hence. I still think someone like Tiffoli is the likeliest bet.
  9. Gallagher for Gaudreau 🤔 That's a realistic proposal
  10. Haven't watched him closely, but 7 points in 10 games is not "disappearing" in this year's playoff. And the guy has scored at a PPG+ pace in the past. If Calgary is giving up on him, I'd definitely be interested. The return is - as always - a whole other question.
  11. $15 mil in G is indeed crazy, but what are you gonna do? We've had eight years of MB trying to score a quality #2 on the cheap, and the results have been horrible. I don't see giving up a 3rd as that big a deal and we have the cap room to carry that contract for one year. All due respect, I am less sanguine about a guy who was a healthy scratch on a team that desperately needed a good puck-moving LD. We know he can play great in spurts. That's not the same as changing the profile of the D corps. I can, however, see hoping that some combo of Kulak & Romanov is worth gambling on, going into the season.
  12. I wonder how Price feels about this? He might welcome it in the abstract, but on a bubble team nearly every game becomes important...how will he take to suddenly being asked to sit for X number of "key" games? It's going to be an adjustment for him, I suspect.
  13. 😄 Honestly, I'm unconcerned about the supposed "overpay"...the amount of time the Habs have gone without an adequate backup (or #1A) is ridiculous and has been costly to team success. We've finally got a quality solution to the problem. Thank heavens.
  14. MB finally adds a legitimate #2 G after 8 years of failing. Yay!
  15. Actually, I might well be willing to combine Domi + one of those two for OEM. That'd leave a hole up front, but try to sign a UFA W to make up for it.
  16. Intriguing idea regarding Ekman-Larssen https://lastwordonhockey.com/2020/08/29/canadiens-could-acquire-oliver-ekman-larsson/ He and Romanov would transform the D, I'm sure. The trouble, as always, is the return. I mean, Caulfield? No, but other options might be of interest.
  17. A general strike would be amazing, but American workers are so divided it would probably lead to massive violence and chaos...
  18. Chicken. I tried going vegetarian but lacked the discipline to give myself adequate protien, so I settled on allowing some poultry and fish. Habsworld! For all your exciting dietary coverage
  19. I just read that the Mariners are boycotting tonight, so MLB is coming. I agree with Hrudey, yes, the NHL should do likewise.
  20. As opposed to a fan of a league of subliminal racists, moral cowards and hypocrites like the NHL...
  21. Excuse me, but Koivu was a dominant, top-5 NHL player for those 50 games before suffering a catastrophic knee injury. I watched him before and after and he was never the same. He would have been a high-end all star without that injury.
  22. Yep, I pretty much agree with all of this. When Pleks aged out, that team collapsed and MB had nothing to offer, except to dismantle it. Everything hinged on one rapidly-aging Czech, while MB put his head in the sand and denied that "windows" are a thing. The MaxPac Habs were structurally flawed, partly because he was expected to drive their offence. That worked great when he was on a hot streak, but being streaky like all goal scorers, it meant the team really struggled whenever he did, and playoff success was disproportionately dependent on whether or not he was "on." And for an inherently streaky guy to be C did not help matters. None of this is a knock on Max. It's not his fault the team was constructed with him as the lynchpin at FW.
  23. Seems like a good signing on its own terms, but (as others are noting) if this is "it" for NHL backup then it represents yet another of MB's endless round of bargain-basement, cross-the-fingers-and-pray backup G. We need a guy who can play a solid second fiddle and reliably give the team a chance to win, not an experiment or a project.
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