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  1. A general strike would be amazing, but American workers are so divided it would probably lead to massive violence and chaos...
  2. Chicken. I tried going vegetarian but lacked the discipline to give myself adequate protien, so I settled on allowing some poultry and fish. Habsworld! For all your exciting dietary coverage
  3. I just read that the Mariners are boycotting tonight, so MLB is coming. I agree with Hrudey, yes, the NHL should do likewise.
  4. As opposed to a fan of a league of subliminal racists, moral cowards and hypocrites like the NHL...
  5. Excuse me, but Koivu was a dominant, top-5 NHL player for those 50 games before suffering a catastrophic knee injury. I watched him before and after and he was never the same. He would have been a high-end all star without that injury.
  6. Yep, I pretty much agree with all of this. When Pleks aged out, that team collapsed and MB had nothing to offer, except to dismantle it. Everything hinged on one rapidly-aging Czech, while MB put his head in the sand and denied that "windows" are a thing. The MaxPac Habs were structurally flawed, partly because he was expected to drive their offence. That worked great when he was on a hot streak, but being streaky like all goal scorers, it meant the team really struggled whenever he did, and playoff success was disproportionately dependent on whether or not he was "on." And for an inherently streaky guy to be C did not help matters. None of this is a knock on Max. It's not his fault the team was constructed with him as the lynchpin at FW.
  7. Seems like a good signing on its own terms, but (as others are noting) if this is "it" for NHL backup then it represents yet another of MB's endless round of bargain-basement, cross-the-fingers-and-pray backup G. We need a guy who can play a solid second fiddle and reliably give the team a chance to win, not an experiment or a project.
  8. Haven't you heard? He's Patio-ready šŸ™„ Looking at his numbers, his career consistency is amazing. As long as he's healthy, the guy is a guaranteed 30+ goal-scorer good for 65 points. Every single season. And apart from one horrible playoff, his post-season results are solid too. I'd have to go and look at who beat him out at LW to determine whether an injustice was committed. We know Ovi has one spot sewn up...
  9. Is Domi + Mete in danger of becoming the new "Ryder and a 2nd?" Just asking šŸ˜‰
  10. Yeah, I ended up streaming the presser on my headphones while BBQing yesterday. A couple of questions did circle around the issue of the ages of Weber and Price, and as I expected, he just said they will continue to be elite for years to come; and he also made the (dubious) claim that their incredible Leadership will echo through the organization for ages hence. That's rather obviously false to me; the 1993 team had Muller, Damphousse, and other veteran "leaders," but within four years the team had degenerated into semi-permanent mediocrity. No reason it won't happen again after those guys retire or crumble. In fact one can ask what value should be placed upon Leadership given that this leadership core has led the team to atrocious results for a half-decade. I like that he affirmed the importance of a quality backup, though. Given his denial that the Habs have much cap room, it seems clear he will not be pushing hard for expensive UFAs. Meh indeed. The proof will be in the pudding - the actual off-season moves, and the season to come - not the press conference.
  11. "Carey Price at 33, Jeff Petry at 32, and Weber at 35, were the core of the defence this playoff. Given their advanced ages, what do you see as the team's Cup window?" He'll say he doesn't believe in windows, of course.šŸ™„ I might also ask about his expectations for the team next year, but maybe someone asked that; I don't waste time by watching his BS-filled press conferences
  12. Kapanen did score 20 in 2019. Although he's looked dangerous when the Habs play him, his first two seasons seem to have shown no particular progression - not that unusual in a young player, but then again he's 24, not 21. Is he just blocked by TO's depth chart, or is he "just" a flashy 45-point guy with no higher ceiling than that?
  13. Good post. But one thing to keep in mind is the difference between a short tourney and a grinding regular season marathon. I said going in that the Habs are a good team "when healthy and rested." Neither of those conditions applies over an average regular season, or a long playoff run. Agree. Even Weber - an absolute dominating presence this playoff - cannot play at that level over 82 games. He hadn't scored in 28 prior to the PITT series (for example). The two young C will help for sure, but the team may still need an overall talent upgrade in order to vault beyond precarious bubble status.
  14. Well, that's kind of what I said - that I expect Drouin to have a longer career than those guys, and don't anticipate him crapping out of the league the way Kosty did and Galy appears to be on the edge of doing. Hey, anything is possible. Playing with good linemates helps any player. That said, the cynical part of me reads your post and thinks, "yep, that's how it works with guys like Drouin - people always think that if somehow we can just get the all the stars to align, he will take off..." Players like him make entire careers out of that delusion. I think the safe play with him is to accept that he is what he's been his whole NHL career.
  15. Yep. Nobody disputes his talent. But he is what he is at this point. He is part of a long line of players who had the tools but no toolbox. Like Galchenyuk or Kostitsyn, he is a #6 FW who occasionally looks great but is a no-show most of the time. And while I think he will stick around longer than those guys, who eventually slipped out of the #6 FW slot in the NHL, he will probably never be more than that. Remember - he was acquired to be our #1C! ROFLMAO
  16. Actually, I'd meant to link this: https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/nhls-top-20-ufas-2020-latest-rumours-reports/ But you're not wrong. Krug would be an excellent addition, but I doubt he's leaving Boston. One thing about the Habs' unexpected playoff showing this year is that it may alter, ever so slightly, the narrative around the team, from "completely useless losers" to "team on the rise." And that may increase the interest level among UFAs, a little bit at least.
  17. Mete + Domi or Drouin might get them talking. And that's a conversation worth having...
  18. I don't know about "a big fish." This team could use an upgrade on every top-6 W except Gallagher. To my mind, that needn't be a stud superstar; you can improve just by adding better players than you currently have. That said, sure, if we can bring in a truly elite, impact player, you won't hear me crying about it.
  19. Yes...but then again, those deals are likely to burn us on the back end as well... Once you're signing guys who are well into their 30s, it's pretty hard to engineer a deal that doesn't entail pain on the back-end, unless the guy is willing to temper his demands.
  20. That would be an atrocious trade for Van. That said, they do seem to be less keen on Boeser than they used to be. If he is available, the Habs should certainly be interested, at least in principle.
  21. Nylander would look damned good in the CH if you ask me. I just doubt that TO would bite at Domi/Mete for him. If they did, I'd be all over it.
  22. Danault/Lehkonen could be the cornerstone of one of the league's finest defensive lines. Armia would fit right in. I like that idea lots. As others have noted, the emergence of Suzy and (hopefully) KK as legit top-6 C shifts the team's focus. Our W are not good enough. RW: Gallagher. Legit top-line W, fantastic player any team would give its eyeteeth to have. Armia- So-so second-liner, really better positioned as a grinding third-line behemoth with decent offensive upside After that: garbage LW: Tatar: quality top-6 LW during regular season, playoff dud, has one year left - not part of the plan beyond that. Drouin: serviceable soft skill #6 FW who can never be relied upon. A strong team would not consider him a core piece. Lehknonen: excellent 3rd-line C Bryon: injury-prone, old, two years removed from being anything like a top-6 piece, one-dimensional. As for D, it actually looks decent IF Romanov can step in, or else if Kulak can play like he did in these playoffs. The real problem back is the ticking time-bomb. The two best guys back there - two of the most important guys on the team - are ancient mariners. There may be some pretty-good W and D available on the UFA market. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/nhls-top-20-ufas-2020-latest-rumours-reports/ If I were Bergevin, I would not rule out any of them, if they're interested. We suck at W, and at RD we have a serious need to get younger. LD: I am "meh" on Mete, see Chiarot as a second-pairing guy maybe - he could be painlessly bumped to the third-pair - and Kulak is iffy. We could add a quality puck-mover there without impeding the path for Romanov's progress.
  23. Another question...how do we feel about Muller? In the tragic event that CJā€™s health forces him to retire- and the Habs grow the stones to work around his linguistic limitations- are we OK with him running the ship?
  24. Usually, in a playoff series, you look at the outcome and say the teams deserved what they got - or else that the better team got beaten by a hot goalie. In this instance, the winning team deserved three of its four victories, but won the clinching game by sheer luck. Frustrating. Hart did not impress me all that much. He is a good #1 goalie, but seems over-hyped - his numbers inflated because he plays behind one of the league's very best team-defense systems. Whenever that system faltered, the Habs shellacked him. Anyway... "The future looks bright"...maybe. My problem is, I heard this after playoff exits in 1996, 2008, 2011, and even 2015 - and each time was a mirage. So I'll say simply that Suzuki is a can't-miss kid, while Kotkaniemi showed that he clearly has the capacity to be a dominant power forward in the NHL. I didn't like KK's game last night, which bothers me a little bit. I'd have liked to see him slot right back in after the misconduct and pick up where he left off. I continue to worry about the bipolar nature of the way the team is built. We two high-ceiling youngsters, a middling guy in Mete, and some OK-looking additional youth in Evans (who definitely impressed), etc.. The Tsar, a possible #1 D, is in the wings. Caulfield will arrive eventually. But the veteran core - the rock on which the team is built - cannot realistically be pencilled in for more than about three further seasons of play at their current level. That includes Weber, Petry, Gallagher, and Price. So it will not be a matter of adding youth to a veteran core. It will, rather, be a matter of supplanting that core. To have those guys age out while the young guys mature is a recipe for lateral movement, a perpetual bubble franchise, not contention. So MB will need to do more than just sit around and have those guys age out; he needs to have a creative plan for what to do with these vets. It's my ongoing question: what is the Cup window for this franchise? I'm still not sure.
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