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  1. That will be hard to do if the puck banks off Weber's ass, hits KK in the face, spins over the top of the net, conks against Domi's helmet and bounces back off Price's mask and into the net. You know - basically the same way Philly's other three goals have been scored
  2. Really disgusting how this game has gone, though...Philly with a completely unearned lead via flukey goals, Gallagher out...😤 If the Habs win it will be a clinic in overcoming adversity
  3. Suzuki is going to be a key pivot on this team for years to come.
  4. Like I said...puck luck. Hockey gods are punishing us for our unearned playoff entry. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.
  5. You do need a bit of "puck luck' to win. Philly has had most of the puck luck in this series.
  6. I seriously doubt this crew wins two games against that D without Gallagher.
  7. Right. So Philly goes up, they lock it down, we get shut out. We go up, Philly opens up, and we score a bunch. That's been the pattern for the series - no reason to think it won't apply in Game Six.
  8. I think what happens is that when Philly falls behind, they have to open up - but when they do that, our speed kills them and they get scored on in bunches. The key, therefore, is to break that goose-egg. Make them play our game rather than the reverse.
  9. Yeah..."it's just unfortunate that that stanchion decided to throw itself into Pacioretty's face" God love Vigneault, but I don't remember the NHL rulebook saying it's OK to crosscheck any player under 6'.
  10. I don't think the Habs can win game 6 without Gallagher, so I sure hope the broken-jaw rumours are false. As for KK, I really doubt a suspension is coming because there was no injury on the play. However, he has been a young kid raising Cain this playoff; if opinion among the Good Old Boys running the league is that he's a punk who is getting too big for his britches, then they may well suspend him. Because that's how aribtrary "justice" works in the NHL. Just like if a Flyer deliberately takes out Suzuki in retaliation for his head-tap on Hart, that will probably looked at as "all the kid deserved."
  11. Boy, that Weber is a beast. Random note: Evans is such an upgrade on Weise, it's not even funny. Great to see Gally back, even if he was spitting chicklets. Where ya been, buddy?! Awesome win. All things are still possible...however improbable
  12. Habs' two young guns playing great but also with the kind of cockiness that invites trouble. MaxPac shoved Chara after a goal and a few games later Chara came within an inch of permanently crippling him. An extreme case, but you get the idea. They need to channel that exuberance into hockey plays.
  13. The best pessimist is a creative pessimist! Good call, by thunder.
  14. FFS can we have one day where the word "tank" doesn't come up 🤪 Hard to be optimistic after having been eaten for breakfast two games in a row. To me, the question of whether the Habs can score a goal is more realistic than the question of whether they will win. Still, this bunch has surprised before...who knows, maybe they have one more shocker left in the tank
  15. You know, illWill has a point in a way. Drouin is a 15-20 goal, 45-50 point W. Yes, he is a soft, unreliable, inconsistent, one-dimensional 45-50 point W. But still, those are serviceable numbers for a 2nd line FW in the NHL. Analogies with Kostitsyn and Galchenyuk are not inappropriate; those guys also put in credible seasons in that role, and like Drouin, they never seemed to improve; they just kind of arrived in the NHL as #6 FWs and flatlined thereafter. Possibly the real problem with Drouin is that, on this team, he is expected to be a core piece and an offensive generator. What he really is is #6 FW secondary scoring. And this gets to something I've long said about Drouin. He needs to be the 6th FW on a good team, an "added bonus" weapon to a club that doesn't rely on him to be more than that. Sadly, Montreal cast him as our Most Talented Player and a guy who was expected to drive the offence. I mean, remember - he was originally brought in to be our #1C, fer chrissakes.😄 The mind reels. Perhaps if we had a stronger overall FW unit, we could carry Drouin and just be satisfied with his uninspiring point totals and his soft, inconsistent play, while enjoying those occasional bursts where he actually plays like an impact player. As it is, we traded a puck-moving top-4 LD to get him - creating an organizational hole without solving any organizational weaknesses, which compounds the pain.
  16. Well, you're not going to hear me arguing that Vigneault is not an excellent coach. Muller is doing what most coaches would do, but I have a fairly low opinion of NHL coaching in general: the tendency to overthink and over-coach, the tendency to let their own egos get in the way, the tendency to have arbitrary favourites/whipping boys, and above all the tendency toward risk-aversion. My guess is Muller is average. Julien is above average, and Vigneault is top-5...at least.
  17. I said, after five periods of being shut out. Which is correct. Muller cannot be criticized for the blender as such. If he had just left the lines alone and been rewarded with two consecutive shutouts, he'd also be criticized. And there's not a coach in hockey who would not mix lines after 100 minutes of offensively impotent hockey. Trades are ultimately judged by how they work out. I mean, the year before we got Denis Savard he had 80 points in 60 games; so on paper the trade looked defensible. But on the ice, it was a debacle. Similarly, if we'd gotten 70-point Gomez instead of a guy whose game completely cratered after one year in the CH, that trade wouldn't look so bad either. Doesn't mean the trade worked out. And this trade rather conspicuously has not worked out. Drouin has never topped 53 points in 5+ NHL seasons. That looks to be his ceiling, despite his undoubted hand-eye skills. Sure, he goes on hot streaks; so did Jan Bulis, Brian Savage, Andrei Kostitsyn, and Galchenyuk. So I agree with you, and against Drouin's defenders, I fail to see why we should pay more attention to an October hot streak in assessing this guy than in the overall pattern of his career, which shows him to be almost the prototype of a talented player you can never rely on to consistently deliver. As I've said before: big hat, no cattle.
  18. The only possible mitigating factor is that he may have had orders from Molson: "go get a French star, and hey, this Drouin is available." That's what happened when Serge Savard traded Chelios; he was bullied by that idiot Corey into doing it. Same was true of the Carbo trade. Absent dumb-bell ownership, MB just plain screwed the pooch.
  19. I suspect the trade was made primarily as a PR move after a disastrous season. Exactly like the Chelios trade, come to think of it
  20. While I think Drouin would be better placed as a 6th forward on a strong team - free of pressure and with his occasional bursts of offence taken for what they are, i.e., a nice bonus to an already-strong unit - you raise a good question. Maybe we can just not protect him in the expansion draft. I can see Seattle being interested. God, what a horrible trade.
  21. Philly’s success is above all a testament to Vigneault’s coaching. Can’t speak to Muller’s merits or demerits - and I think any coach would have pulled out the blender after five periods of being shut out. That said, I doubt he is in Julien’s class, let alone Vigneault’s. His track record is not promising. I agree with PM Koivu that Domi has probably played himself out of the Habs’ future, and hopefully Drouin has as well. And everyone and his dog can see that playing Mete in the wrong side to accommodate Oulette (!) is either a dumb coaching move or a testament to inadequate depth on D. That pairing blows.
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