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  1. They have a script doing the voting. This was taken from a poster on habsinsideout.com http://msgboard.pittsburghpenguins.com/ind...showtopic=25589 Here is what one of the posts in the link says: "1. Get Firefox 2. Install Greasemonkey: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/748 3. Install this script: http://www.gotdooced.com/nhl.user.js 4. Go to http://ca.fanballoting.nhl.com/vote - Make sure you have an account an everything. 5. Do whatever(Sleep, go to work...) 6. ??? 7. Profit! that is the original post on the canadiens message board when you do all that open t
  2. Did it get him in the throat or the face? It looked like he was grabbing his throat in the tunnel
  3. http://www.gazblogs.com/habsinsideout-file...key/Laraque.MP3 This basically confirms what tony said, what should he have done? pull a Burtuzzi on someone and get suspended for the rest of the season? Lucic is a punk and he showed his colors last night. But I would have expected Thornton to go with Laraque. And you know If he had not had to skate around Max against Ottawa, he would have fought Ruutu, It's just Boullion was the closest guy there and got to him first. Should he have jumped in and been the third guy in? Again your looking at another suspension there because of who he is.
  4. Lol you're making the same argument some habs fans made after last post season about why komi never fought Lucic, fact is the guy is a fighter. You don't have 13 fights in one season,being a hockey player first and a fighter second. And it still doesn't excuse the fact that he acted like an ass.
  5. Lucic is a fighter he had 13 fights last year. What reason did he have to go with Ivanans last year or Erskine or for that matter Tim Gleason, or any of his 10 other fights last year? Not exactly the cream of the crop in most of those. The fact of the matter is Lucic Pussed out when he was asked to go by BGL. And he acted like an ass when the game was already out of hand.
  6. No by true colors, I mean turning down Laraque when he was asked to go, and acting like an ass when he scored a goal and won a fight in a game that was over.
  7. That's my point. Lucic had no problem going with Komi. I know there's a bit of a history there but he's a douche. Any respect I had is gone, first on the goal, chatting with the fans, after her made it 5-1, then fighting Komi when he declined to go when asked earlier in the game with Laraque. He's nothing more than a punk.
  8. Seriously though, Lucic showed his true colours tonight, have you ever seen a habs win a fight then start screaming Woooo, Woooo. ######in pansy.
  9. Laraque tried to go with Lucic, and Thornton on multiple occasions, and they declined. I had no problem with that until Lucic fought Komi. That that tells me they were scared of BGL. That little prick needs to be taught a lesson, I say next Saturday Laraque shouldn't give him the choice, just jump him and Pummel that big ######in nose of his. Anyone else want to puke with the way Lucic was hammin it up after he scored the goal and after the fight?
  10. tsn's Ice chips says Halak is starting. Has anyone else heard this? I thought Price was getting the start.
  11. I honestly think this is what the habs needed. Maybe they'll realize talent cant get them points in every game, they actually gotta work for the points. And Grabs man what a little bitch. Maybe there was more to him being shipped out than was said. Saku gave him a hard time, and Sergie seemed like he wanted to tear him apart.
  12. There was forward motion the whole time. The goal was good. This game never should have gone to a shootout though.
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