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  1. They were a .500 team in the playoffs... same in the season... this team needs more then some depth players... they need more young talent... another first round exit is hardly a sign of great things to come..
  2. Well they put themselves in a hole with those two shutouts... couple of lucky bounces and philly was able to shut them down for the win... frankly, no business being in the playoffs. Some good kids on this team but they need some more talent to start building a competitive team.
  3. I am not sure why people are surprised... 24th placed team... would rather admit we are rebuilding and get draft picks... more young talent to build on is needed...
  4. I agree... winning the cup is very valuable... we disagree that winning this moves us towards that goal... I want to improve our odds year over year by seriously rebuilding... that includes taking chances on higher round picks to build up the talent... a quick fix is not going to do it.. nothing guarantees a cup, but one can improve the chances... this team was 24th in the league for a reason... it isn’t very good... this win didn’t make them any better..
  5. They are now zero... and we still could have gotten a decent pick even if 9th... yes it is a gamble, but I don’t think we have a 12.5% chance of winning the cup this year.. oh and don’t expect management changes... we made the playoffs... 😂😂😂😂
  6. Sorry to disappoint, I was busy... I still think this is a hollow victory if they just go out in the next round... this team needs a youth movement and to add to that core... this year is a BS hockey season and I would have preferred a top pick... I want several years of being a top four contender in the league. Tired of the cup droughts and hoping for a miracle if we just squeak in. worse, if the leafs manage to lose they might win the top pick again.., and we will spend the next 5 to 7 years jealous of their talent level. Frankly, we already should be.., they will be contenders for a while. Doesn’t guarantee them a cup by any means but their odds are a lot better then ours. i don’t consider this being negative.., I view this as long term strategic thinking...
  7. Look. I like seeing a win as much as the next person, but I am tired of hoping for some unlikely win that never comes... we need to keep building this team. I 2amt a highly competitive team that is likely to win a cup for several years, not “anything is possible”. We might not get the pick, amen even if we do, it might not pan out.... but in the long run, play the odds.. a couple years of good drafting and there will be a great team around some of our good young players. now the odds also tell me we need a better GM and drafting team too, but that is another discussion...
  8. Then think beyond this season... this team isn’t winning Stanley....
  9. Honestly, hoping they get a shot at the draft pick... we need to build a better team, not squeak in to a single playoff round..
  10. Saku looks like he could still play....,Gallagher is going bald... lol
  11. If this opening doesn’t inspire them, I don’t know what will...
  12. Not an easy team to break a slump with, but then again, they got in this slump against crap teams. Maybe they will surprise us.
  13. And it’s all over... can’t put it away and then in they go... another snap to the top corner
  14. The shooters need some practice... every shot is right in the center of Rask. They need to pick the corners and make Rask work for it.
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