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  1. The forwards need to be more aggressive in the OT... spend half their energy circling back
  2. Agreed... like it or not we are stuck with him so they better figure out how to get his groove back...
  3. He should have made this change at their week off and given THe coach some time to work on things... price... I hope tHiS is just a rough patch but I worry he is declining fast...
  4. Oh...and it will be interesting to see how price plays.., because he hasn’t been great. Did he not like Julien? Will he suddenly return to form?
  5. I think Julien needs a big bruising team that has so much offensive talent they score anyway... this team is too small and is built for speed... he was better suited to the old bruins. hopefully we can get a coach with a bit more balance... I think if we try to be too open we are going to look like the oilers.. defensive crap that loses games..
  6. I think the habs record was inflated, as were their egos, by playing Vancouver. They were flying high and confident by some easy wins... while the team did improve over the summer we didn’t go from a complete dog to a top tier team... this is a middle of the road team. They will have some good streaks and some bad streaks.. sad to day, the habs are not nearly as good as the leafs.. if we were in our regular division we would be on the bubble. Boston and Toronto are significantly better teams. still.. we have dropped two games to Ottawa... that is not a good sign...
  7. The second was a coaches challenge for goalie interference.. which was BS...
  8. Popped in to watch the end of the game and habs score a minute later... you are welcome. 😁
  9. I fear that Vancouver made our scoring look better then it really is...out shooting percentage was too high... mig back to reality..
  10. As predicted... scoring dried up and leafs pounce it’s two quick goals...
  11. Brutal... trip a guy with one second left... perhaps accidental but if the leafs offence wakes up look out..
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