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  1. Saku looks like he could still play....,Gallagher is going bald... lol
  2. If this opening doesn’t inspire them, I don’t know what will...
  3. Not an easy team to break a slump with, but then again, they got in this slump against crap teams. Maybe they will surprise us.
  4. And it’s all over... can’t put it away and then in they go... another snap to the top corner
  5. The shooters need some practice... every shot is right in the center of Rask. They need to pick the corners and make Rask work for it.
  6. Nice shot but price needs to stop going down so much. Top corners are always open... nonsense call too... sadly, the have have no confidence and fragile...all Bruins now.
  7. Needed a big save there but sure wish our guys could pick a corner.
  8. I said our D sucks since the start of the season...
  9. Price hasn’t been great this year... few very good games, many brutal ones... Not playing to his potential. as for tonight he was getting rocked on every opportunity. It wasn’t his night...
  10. Halak made a couple great saves when the Habs were all over them... price is stopping nothing more then what a backup can stop. i don’t blame him for all the goals..this team has many other problems. That said, the top paid player isn’t earning his money he is suppose to make up for mistakes.
  11. Sorry..but Price is playing like a backup... not making the big saves... for $2m you could have a starter playing just as well... use the money to get a defenseman. of course that was not a bad goal, but it wasn’t a great save either.., 10m should be getting us some game savers..
  12. Little late for the makeup call... giving freebies to the 3rd best PP in the NHL is not acceptable...
  13. And another pp goals for Boston. Ref should apologize for that BS...
  14. Smart move by Boston to play Halak...
  15. it wasn’t... lately they are struggling a bit.
  16. Scoring is drying up... losing two I a row... could be an ugly December if they don’t get some guys going.
  17. One of the worse reffed games I have seen in some time... they call all those weak penalties but not tripping on Subban? I agree on the non goal. But the refs called so many crap penalties there was no flow at all.
  18. I was wondering the same thing.... or trying to out do each other with weak calls.
  19. Refs are sure one sided tonight...the refs saw the high stick on Drouin. Looked right at it and then the bench.. he didn’t call it because he was mad at Julien. That should be dealt with by the league as unacceptable.. in fact the bench minor was a shit call too... that said,,, the Habs didn’t show up for two periods so they are lucky to get a point.
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