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  1. How need to come out like this is game 7.
  2. Everything and every body to the net....
  3. Sigh. They need to pick it up...next goal wins.
  4. This is why we need some goal scorers. Julien has done a great job on possession and team defence, but he can't coach goal scoring.
  5. And there is the soft call. Guy dropped his stick. All the rangers did was hit from behind, interference, and punching to the face. Lol
  6. #### off refs... that was a hit from behind and dirty as hell.
  7. And there you go.. tied again. This team needs to start scoring and Price needs to step up a bit more. Not bad goals, it we need a few more huge saves
  8. Making me nervous that they are outplaying them so much but only a one goal lead. Rangers will be gaining momentum.
  9. Wow... ugly play in Byron. Burn these pricks.
  10. So another dirty uncalled penalty. Sucker punch on Markov earlier. At some points the refs need to protect players.
  11. Rangers sure have an easy time getting past our defence
  12. Now that is the effort we need from Pacs... what a hard working goal.
  13. Great save by Price to bail them out early... As for Pacs, he isn't playing great.. he looks slow and soft. He isn't playing at playoff intensity.
  14. This is becoming a problem. The rangers are focusing on Byron, Radulov, etc. Need pacs to be a threat and he just isn't.
  15. Pacs needs to be the difference. It isn't like he is playing great and snakebit... he looks out of it and lazy.
  16. Chucky has to stop the predictable stop and spin towards the boards shit, where he then blindly throws it to the high slot, giving it away every time. Shoot it or put your shoulder down and drive to the net.
  17. Pads need to step it up. sure wish they would start shooting and driving the net. Lots of rebounds.
  18. Pleks truly is useless. He is soft on the puck and does nothing. Chucky is really playing to get traded and a shitty contract.
  19. Refs are pretty inconsistent but the Habs are playing terribly soft in the second. Ranger took it up a notch and the Habs seem lost.
  20. Good move... given the few available options, CJ is a major upgrade.
  21. MT needs to go and fast... MB too if he makes a big move... for another depth defenseman... get a bloody centre!!!
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