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  1. Yes, but a diving call could lead to a warning and suspension later.
  2. Weak call on Nash, but how is that a dive. He even made a pass as he went down.
  3. Why did they sit back for a shootout without price in net???
  4. Good thing Babcock didn't take a defensive liability like PK. Lol. Canada has been brutal in this game with turnovers.
  5. More likely, that pairing will give Price another shot at the Vezina throphy.
  6. If the room was against PK because they were jealous of the attention he gets in the city and media, or his style, etc, then it doesn't bode well for the leadership in the room and management. Good leadership would have told the whiners to stuff it. PK has done great things in the city and takes a lot of heat and pressure off the rest of them. Good leaders would have stood behind him. If Pacs is slamming PK for making a big charity splash, then I don't have much respect for him. He needs to grow up.
  7. Weber isn't going to be terrible, no one is saying that...what we are saying is he currently isn't as good as Subban and will decline much sooner (injuries aside). He will still be a decent defenseman in a couple of years, but he won't be top ten in the league and PK might be top 5 still. This trade might have been better if Weber came with a pick or prospect, but straight up it is simply a terrible deal.
  8. This trade was MT not liking or knowing how to use dynamic and talented players. He wants boring defence only hockey. He wanted PK out and Berg got fleeced. He should have gotten a prospect or pick to go with Weber. Remember, Berg and MT don't believe in analytics and stats. They believe in "character" and "the right stuff". My prediction.... MT is gone in 18 months. PK will be awesome in Nashville, we will be treading water and this trade will look as brutal as we think.
  9. I am ready to give up..,what's next, we trade Price for Rask? I understand why MT likes Weber over Subban. He is less prone to errors. It is the same reason PK gets the shaft on Team Canada. MT wants to play a risk free, boring game and PK would often try to hard and turn it over. That said, the Weber deal is an albatross and will be a huge problem in future years as he declines. More importantly, when they fire MT and bring in a coach who wants to use speed, they will regret not having PK. Clearly there was an issue between PK and management or in the room, but I still think this is brutal and should not have been done given Webers decline and long contract. This day just keeps getting worse.
  10. Babcock doesn't like PK.... Simple as that. The last time he all but refused to use him.
  11. Have zero confidence. I expect a loss.
  12. This team really needs some scoring finish.
  13. A well earned loss...bad decisions by players constantly. A bad decision by the coach to leave in a goalie who was struggling and failing to calm the team down.
  14. And they had a pp, and Marner throws a punch and negates it... Holy shit coach.., call a time out or pull the goalie and rip them a new one... Just pissing away the game
  15. I know these are kids but they sure are killing themselves with stupid penalties...and now over the glass. 6-5. Still on the pp.
  16. Goalie is killing them. Everything g is a rebound. And we are down again.
  17. They need to pull the goalie. If nothing else, the team was in trouble and needed a reset.
  18. Well let's hope they turned the corner and start racking up some wins. Gally sure makes this team play harder.
  19. Sitting back in the third. They need to get it going again.
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