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  1. I am not sure what is worse.. The brutal reffing (how many interference calls can they ignore) or the mind boggling stupid passes by the Canadians. How many passes with zero pressure were behind the player or off the mark.
  2. Canada looks like shit...dominated by Sweden...
  3. That would be a good start for Carr....wow
  4. Chucky. Let's hope he goes on a run and builds his confidence.
  5. the team got a bit complacent. I hope Price is back soon. Maybe Pacs will show up too?
  6. Condon is crashing g back to earth,..hard.. 4th goal was a killer.
  7. Boys need to get skating and driving the net.... The refs are going to suck all night. Get mad and get playing...
  8. Nice... A down low power play... Weise does it again.
  9. The goal was scored because Anderson went out of the crease to push Gally well before the shot or gally being in the crease. Anderson lost the puck until it was too late...
  10. This rule will only work when Toronto makes the call...Chris Lee won't admit he screwed it up..
  11. What crap... Anderson was trying to push the screen away. Gally brushed him lightly... Anyone else besides Chris Lee and that was a goal..
  12. Anderson made contact well before gally was in the paint... Chris lee.... Sigh
  13. The grinders are sure playing well. As for Pacs, I figured this would happen. I doubt he was really in full condition for e season after the injury, so after 5 or 6 games it is catching up to him. I am sure he will be fine. Some great saves from the backup.
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