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  1. 4 hours ago, DON said:

    So, by shipping out Tatar & Danault and with Gallagher out of commission, you obviously are looking to TANK TANK TANK!!! 



    Yes... I would have tried to unload price and Weber for prospects and picks... but it will never happen. 

    Bergevin does just enough to be on the bubble and getting nowhere. If he thinks that trade was all we needed to compete he is smoking something powerful.

  2. Well I stated my opinion a few weeks ago... Bergeron should have done a rebuild... lose bad, get good draft positions, trade the stars... he choice to add fading stars as bandaids... he seemed to think this team was a veteran or two away from being a contender... He is wrong...


    we need a new GM, IMO. Honestly, this team would be near bottom if we had the old divisions. 

  3. 11 hours ago, xXx..CK..xXx said:

    This is why it’s a good thing you have nothing to do with making decision for the Habs organization. Go prefer the Sens situation. Go enjoy it. 



    There really is no coherent advice being given within this post. 

    Why do some people bring up the draft every losing streak? I had to go all the way back to Matthews, McDavid, Mackinnon, Stamkos (2008) and Patrick Kane in 2007 to find any meaningful 1st overall picks. In fact, Stamkos/Kane are the only meaningful picks that have actually accomplished anything as a 1st overall pick.  


    Matthews is the most recent pick and 4-5 years later, the Leafs have still accomplished nothing.


    What have the Sabres, Edmonton, Toronto, Florida or New Jersey accomplished thanks to their amazing positions in the recent draft? How about the New York Rangers? Oh, but I understand that some people would probably “prefer their situation” regardless of the reality that they have accomplished squat since 1994 as well.


    If we were to “tank”, as you literally suggested in your post, the evidence shows, that nothing would come out of it for another 5+ years. In my opinion, Colorado is the closest to be coming out of the mole hill, and there’s still nothing close to guaranteed for them.


    The Habs have been a “middling team”. You can’t just have everything you said a team needs, goaltending, solid depth, and tank simultaneously. You have to actually be a bad team.


    What I am hearing is that we should expect the Habs to have the best of both worlds, “decent team, but tanking with high draft capabilities”, which is simply an irrational thought.

    What’s even more worrisome is that some of you have already been dreaming of this situation for 5+ years. It’s mind boggling from a neutral standpoint.

    First, it isn’t the losing streak..I have been saying this for two years... people told me the habs were going to be much better once our young talent was playing (or if we got a coach who would use them). Well,,, here we are... 


    second.., first you get the young talent... then you build the depth around them... I never said get everything and then tank... that is your strawman.... 


    trade price.. Weber.... etc.. get picks and prospects... tank... get some top talent... start rebuilding...


    people who don’t understand that model have cried about that not working for thirty years... sorry, but if you don’t have top talent in this league you are not going to be a top team.. it doesn’t happen overnight either.


    if you honestly think this team is top tier or if we jusT need a good trade or two then you are entitled to your opinion. It is the same opinion as Bergevin. How is that working out?


    yes, it will take five years... and there are no guarantees. How many decades now have I seen tHis mediocrity. If we win the cup in five years I would be happy... it might take eight.... if we keep repeating the same old bubble team approach I might not live to see it. 

    so while you are entitled to your view, my view is hardly radical or crazy.. bergevin has twice tried to reset this team. He has failed over and over again... he had a choice.. reset or rebuild.. he chose reset and IMO, he made a mistake... 


    he isn’t the guy who will build this team into a real top tier team..he is the guy who will get you a playoff series every couple of years.., I would fire him and tell the next GM to rebuild.


    and again.. it isn’t the losing streak.. just like I didn’t think we were cup contenders in the first ten games either... 


  4. 10 minutes ago, alfredoh2009 said:

     Oh yeah, the Buffalo Sabres recipe 🤞 

    it is no guarantee but talent is talent.., the leafs are loaded.. Edmonton is loaded...


    you still need to find solid goaltending and depth players and IMO, He is capable of that.. what is missing is top tier talent and unless you really get lucky, it is generally found in top picks.


    Frankly, if they tanked they would still fill the barn... at least for a year or two... 


    all that said, you have to draft well and trade assets well to be successful at that. Instead, he took a mediocre team and is treading water... this summer was better versus his previous years of finding fourth liners, but I don’t think we have a single player that would crack the leafs top line.

  5. He had a choice... sell assets and load up with picks... let the team tank and get great young talent..


    I think the real issue is he keeps thinking he is a trade or two away frOm a top tier team.  They were a few trades away from a bubble team... failure to initiate a real rebuild two years ago means several more years of mediocrity.

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