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  1. 15 minutes ago, Commandant said:


    Is Halak's defence making passes to Gallagher in the slot. 

    Did the habs have any wideopen backdoor one-timers?  Actually yes, they had one, and Weber scored. 

    But come on now... the D has to do a bit more.

    I said our D sucks since the start of the season... 

  2. 16 minutes ago, Habsfan89 said:

    I guess you're one of those when price is playing well his the best when he's playing off his game you say he sucks 

    Price hasn’t been great this year... few very good games, many brutal ones... Not playing to his potential.


    as for tonight he was getting rocked on every opportunity. It wasn’t his night...

  3. Halak made a couple great saves when the Habs were all over them... price is stopping nothing more then what a backup can stop.


    i don’t blame him for all the goals..this team has many other problems. That said, the top paid player isn’t earning his money he is suppose to make up for mistakes. 

  4. Sorry..but Price is playing like a backup... not making the big saves... for $2m you could have a starter playing just as well... 


    use the money to get a defenseman.  

    of course that was not a bad goal, but it wasn’t a great save either.., 10m should be getting us some game savers..

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  5. Refs are sure one sided tonight...the refs saw the high stick on Drouin.  Looked right at it and then the bench.. he didn’t call it because he was mad at Julien. That should be dealt with by the league as unacceptable.. in fact the bench minor was a shit call too...


    that said,,, the Habs didn’t show up for two periods so they are lucky to get a point.

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