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  1. Pleks starts the year hot again.... Hope he doesn't go cold again like last year.
  2. I can't stand that Scotia bank "fifth season" ad with the Whiney teen.... I weep at the thought they are going to play it 5 times a game again this year....
  3. Well, typical slow start, but it was a road game against a shit team.... They won 3-1.
  4. Boys need to wake up,., terrible effort... Notice the refs ignored the blatant hold by Phaneuf earlier.... Haha.
  5. In the slow moe you see him throw himself long enough after the contact it was obvious he wasn't pushed. He dove... I predict goalies are diving constantly now since a goal will be challenged and any contact ends the play
  6. Lol... So goalies will be diving constantly now.
  7. Wow...so Bernier throws himself after a mild tap...after the tap... And watch the nhl buy it
  8. Weak call, but maybe they will wake up... Pretty poor effort so far.
  9. Babcock has one cup with Detroit.... Out in the first round..... The problem is this team lacks size up front and goal scorers...
  10. I have been dissappointed in Chucky, and being a centre would not have helped. I hope he continues to improve. This team needs another real sniper.
  11. And that does it.... Tampa has goal scorers and a power play.... Habs lack of offense finally did them in. Too many missed chances.
  12. Would be nice is the refs would call Tampa for some of their blatant penalties... Habs need a break to make this a game
  13. And there is goal two.... This is over...absolutely no push back by the Habs.....only a matter of time
  14. Sadly, I didn't have high hopes tonight and so,far those hopes are fading.... Habs are on their heels and are not skating.... Bishop is bored.
  15. Why don't these guys understand that shots need to be high.... Wide open and they shoot into the pads.... Now Tampa,gets the key goal...
  16. Chucky has to stop missing the damn net.... PP needs to click here.
  17. Too much sitting back.... They needed a second goal, instead that might be the series.
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