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  1. Sigh... They really need to get the PK working... Tampa was cold as ice on the PP and now they can't miss.
  2. Another interesting call.... Thank Prust for the refs doing us no favours
  3. I hope they get a few more and keep rattling bishop... Get the monkey firmly off their backs
  4. Finally they get it.... Get bishop moving then get the puck up... Way too many shots along the ice into his pads in the first three games... What they need is to get several goals and put this away early.
  5. People forget all those series we beat teams who outplayed the Habs but couldn't score, whether it was Price, theo, or Halak. Bishop is in the zone and in the players heads. 10 straight wins against us. It happens. Yes, we all know this team needs more top end scoring talent. It is hard to blame a coach for playing a defensive system when his best assets are the goalie and a few D. If they opened up they would get marginally more goals but way more against. If we had a staamkos and chuck was scoring like Johnson we would be praising the wins. MT can't do much with the roster. He doesn't have the horses to play offensively. If a few guys like Pacs and Chucky were scoring we win. They are not and like the PP, they are not going to turn it around over night. The team has no confidence on the PP and it shows. Maybe next year we can land some offense.
  6. This team is cursed against Tampa.... That is the series. Sweep
  7. Nice refs.... Okay...that wasn't a penalty
  8. Tampa is playing just like the Habs... Sitting on a lead counting on their goalie and D.... And we score...
  9. Unless someone runs bishop (Kreider him) we are screwed.
  10. Chuck might score if he could hit the net.
  11. Man, zero puck luck and the refs are blowing the whistle early for bishop.... We can't expect any breaks from the refs.... Thanks Prust..
  12. I want to be optimistic but they sure don't make it easy. Tampa and bishop is in their heads... I don't see them turning this around... I don't think our lack of offence is all on MT.. Too many of these guys are just playing terrible... Where is Pacs? Chunky... Ellen, pleks... Seriously...someone has to step up and start putting it in the net.
  13. Prust has not helped the team tonight... He needs to get his head out of his ass.
  14. Habs really shit the bed on this one.... I figured they were screwed when Tampa beat Detroit, but this game is pathetic... zero offence. No PP. Tampa has got their PP going so game and probably series over. While we really needed another sniper, our top players are invisible.
  15. That was a great snipe.... Something we are missing.
  16. Crap... If these guys don't start getting hot sticks this will be a short series... Too many botched chances.
  17. Habs don't have one offensive player who is hot....
  18. In a battle of two great goalies, Tampa has the better offence. Now can the Habs get a goal?
  19. Chunky may need to sit a game and think about things.
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